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Unashamed spiteful gloating is such fun

In boardrooms across our nation the CEOs are ‘tut-tutting’ and shaking their heads. Stock and insurance brokers are taking long lunches. Some are drinking too much. Bankers are fearful, secretaries are worried, and most right wing think-tanks have taken the phone off the hook.

The corporate and ruling classes arranged an election, much the same as all the elections they’d arranged in the past; yet this time neither of their authorised political parties had won! This time, fully half of great unwashed citizenry voted for someone other than one of the official, genuine, ridgy-didge, authorised, time-tested, corporately controlled and funded political parties.

So now what? Nobody knows what to do. The peasants are revolting!

It’s something that has never happened in our country before. Or at least not since our current crop of corporate owners took over a couple of generations ago. In fact it hadn’t even occurred to most of the members of our ruling class that the citizenry might even have an opinion of their own. But now, out of the blue, apparently the great unwashed masses seem to not only have their very own opinions, but want to talk about them, in public, and in our parliaments! It’s outrageous. This has never happened before.

Corporate Australia is losing sleep. It’s understandable. The potential for total chaos, economic meltdown, social disorder, godless communism, and a flood of all things our mothers warned us about, is palpable to our leaders. After all: if our country allows the barbarians to storm the citadel – then all of the proud and venerable political traditions of the two parties will be trashed. What about corporate tradition? What about trickle down economics? What about business incentives? Or corporate tax breaks? Superannuation? Private schools? Private hospitals? F’r chrissakes; who will be left to wash the Volvo?

So while the majority of Aussies see the election results as being a demonstration of democracy in action: our ruling classes see it as a slap in the face. If one of their political parties goes into partnership with one of these unruly independent mobs that are springing up all over the shop – it could very well mean the end of total corporate control of the political process. And with ‘unqualified’ people in control who knows what might happen?

If the ‘people’ get to set the agenda then corporate Australia might even see some of their greatest fears realised. Climate change science rather than partisan politics might lead to a lot of ‘negative’ economic outcomes. Workers might demand a piece of the corporate pie. Executives might have to justify their salaries. Bankers may have to assume responsibility for their own advice. Corporations might even lose their special ‘amoral’ status so executives and decision makers may have to adopt a personal as well as a corporate liability for their decisions.

Oh dear!

No wonder our ruling elites are in a tiz.

Right now Australia is on the verge of engaging in unrestrained democratic negotiation regarding who will run the country and so assist in setting the agenda for our parliaments and so our democracy. This is a dangerous new precedent. Our politicians are currently getting so confused and disoriented they are stabbing each other in the chest! On live teevee. And they’re running out of people to blame.

Mediscare, Unions, Get-up, and the campaign are certainly to blame. So is Tony Abbott. Especially the Peta Credlin part of Tony Abbott. Plus general moral decay, the teaching of transgender Marxism in our primary schools, and a whole bunch of other things that are entirely apart and distinct from any policies that the LNP might have taken to the election.

Of course the bloodletting and blame game is mainly being played on the right side of politics. Yet the craziness of our right wingers is only the most apparent of the delusional responses on display.

In the days following the poll the Labor Party have also constructed a small and well appointed reality of their own, and have spent all the time since cruising around visiting all the scenes of their purported ‘triumph’. Of course the rest of us have been looking on in mild amazement at this ability to not only walk past a graveyard whilst whistling, but to also apparently entirely miss the fact that there is a graveyard there at all.

The Labor party have been typifying their lowest primary vote since Whitlam was knee-high to a Tory as being proof positive that they are actually beloved by the huddled masses. So the antics of the left have been no less delusional than those of the right – just a little less hysterical. And for as long as the focus is on the ‘other mob’ then their ‘narrative’ will remain largely unexamined.

Of course the press have been dutifully reporting on the antics of the little ALP circus as it has criss-crossed the country yet have refrained from pricking their balloon. This unholy alliance is explained by the need for the press to also propagate the same illusion as the ALP, namely that there are only two viable choices available to the voting public. The MSM will continue to typify every vote for an independent as an invalid and wasted vote being cast for a weirdo by voters who have been either wilfully reckless or tricked into wasting their vote.

It doesn’t matter if Jesus Christ and Stephan Hawking are on the same ticket. For the MSM in Australia, if they are independent, they are losers. So even a loss, with the lowest recorded primary vote in their history, is continuously reported in our mainstream press as being a triumph for the ALP.

So we do not know who is running the place while all the potential members of any probable government, a government that will need a positive vote from every member on every bill presented to it, are all currently fighting like dogs and cats. Yet while the right-wingers are baying at the moon, baring their chests in public, and engaging in fits of public flagellation, the Labor party are also just as delusional. Only a little less hysterical.

We certainly do live in interesting times. Our professional politicians all look like they are deluded or neurotic. Our MSM seems to be reporting on an entirely different election campaign entirely, and the public are wondering if they will ever see anyone form an actual government.

Yet I can offer no comfort except to observe that this whole process has had a corroding effect on both the body politic as well as my own morality. Over the last few days I have at times been overcome with scurrilous and evil fits of glee whilst watching the right wingers in our midst tear each other to pieces on our television screens.

Yes our democratic process might be at the crossroads. Yes both of our major political parties and all of the MSM might be off in la-la land. But even as the whole edifice threatens to fall atop of our collective heads we can all take a little time out to thoroughly enjoy the misfortune and current suffering of those that we dislike.

It was positively refreshing to watch a whole episode of the Bolt Report (or whatever it is called) and be entertained all the way. Yes it is possible to see this election as being a really positive thing for all those who think in a reactionary or progressive manner. But don’t let that stop you from also doing a bit of spiteful gloating and revelling in the discomfort of others. It might not be healthy but it is a whole lot of fun.

Also, having lived a long life, I know that these moments of righteous political retribution are as rare as a pay rise in modern Australia. Very soon the politicians will once again be the ones making us suffer. So enjoy it while you can.



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  1. Shelley

    Fear not my friend, you’re not alone. I have been delighting in yelling suck shit f^&kface at all the Wyatt Roy billboards. Ahhh so much fun ???

  2. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I love your writing, James Moylan. I agree. I love the sweet taste of “Unashamed spiteful gloating” too.

    The Libs/Nats Degenerates are licking their wounds after their massive fright and realisation that the majority of Australian people hate their guts.

    Labor has been told by the Australian people that they need the assistance of the micro parties on the left, centre-left and in the centre to grasp power from the LNP Degenerates.

    Both of the Lib/lab dinosaurs have become accustomed to playing musical chairs over the past century and especially the last 4 decades of neoliberalism which they have gladly shared. Now, it’s time for political change and diversity which will advance alternative priorities and values.

    It is the opportunity for democratic socialism to return to Australian politics. Byebye neoliberalism!

    Go The ALLiance!

  3. cornlegend

    Jennifer, your interpretations vary wildly to mine
    “that the majority of Australian people hate their guts.”
    Well, they look like winning a majority in their own right , and that is the determination, under this system, an election that tell us what the “people” want
    “Labor has been told by the Australian people that they need the assistance of the micro parties on the left, centre-left and in the centre to grasp power from the LNP Degenerates”
    Who told them that ?
    The rise in this election has been the Right with One Nation getting a few, Hynch, some religious nutters and a yet unfinalised rag tag bunch .
    That was the rise
    The fall
    was the Greens”worst Senate result since 2004. The party has already lost a Senate seat in South Australia and there is a chance the party could lose two additional senators, in Tasmania and Western Australia where the Greens saw swings against them. In South Australia the Greens have blamed Nick Xenophon for their worst result in 15 years”.

    The only ALLiance shaping up is LNP/Katter/maybe McGowan /maybe Xenophon and the occasional Wilkie .

    I think you need revise your expectations, or maybe phone Mal with your ALLiance proposal

  4. Freethinker

    Nice article and I agree with the comments.
    It is a shame that a lot of progressive people made the decision in starting many micro parties with very similar policies or views instead of been together as a unique force.
    That disunity is what help the opposite side in politics have more seats in the senate.
    The “non alliance” worked against progress and I hope that this will be a good lesson for the net election to see all this micro parties together in one.

  5. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    Labor needs to heed the example of the LNP/Katter/maybe McGowan/maybe Xenophon.

    If Labor had listened to common sense of which there is an abundance, we would not have had Labor and Greens fighting in public over the same seats and we could have had a more formidable force against the Libs in key seats like Higgins, Corangamite, etc.

    Instead of the strong fortress forming of the LNP/Katter/maybe McGowan/maybe Xenophon, it could have been conceivably the strong ALLiance of Labor/Greens/maybe Xenophon/maybe even Katter/maybe even McGowan, as Katter and McGowan aim to represent all their electorates.

    Yes Freethinker,

    an ALLiance of autonomous, proportionately representative parties from left, centre-left and centre Progressive positions.

  6. cornlegend

    “If Labor had listened to common sense of which there is an abundance, we would not have had Labor and Greens fighting in public over the same seats”
    Rubbish !
    It was Greens going for Labor held seats.
    Did you talk to them about that ?
    They actually spent a third of their NSW campaign budget trying to unseat Albo and Tanya, and you wonder why some don’t want a bar of them ?

  7. James Moylan

    Fck’n hell Shelley. I spilt my coffee. I’m still giggling.

    As f’r people hating or not hating politicians
    perhaps the scoreboard is a pretty good indicator.
    currently we are a week out from an election and nobody won?

    So obviously it is all a result of an active disdain for the voting process,
    or a personal timidity or failing,
    or an irrational rejection of patriotic duty,
    or confusion due to mental illness,
    or a lack of god,
    or a union official stole a vote
    nothing to do with policies or hating of guts

    🙂 (serious gloat)

  8. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Despite Wilkie’s stance that he won’t make deals, I reckon the ALLiance of Greens/Labor/Xenophon/conscientitious candidates like McGowan and Katter would attract the honourable Wilkie more than anything the LNP Degenerates would, as long as it meant proportional representation and NOT domination by larger parties.

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    instead of attacking me for trying to educate you on how making friends with the Greens might be good medicine for Labor, you need to tell your Labor mates to stop trying to blame the Greens for your narrow defeat.

    Labor needs to be on the phone to Di Natale right NOW to plan how the ALLiance will win us ALL the next imminent election to wipe the LNP Degenerates off the map.

    If Labor shows they are grown-ups, then we might not have the same contests for Labor held seats such as Grayndler won again by Albanese.

    Instead, together the Greens and Labor can harder target seats like Higgins in Victoria held by Kellie O’Dwyer and even McMillan held by Broadbent and ofcourse Corangamite held – again – by Sarah Henderson.

  10. cornlegend

    proportional representation would give each a 1 in 70 or so stake.
    Even if the minor voted in a block thery would be 5 in 70ish.
    That won’t happen because 3 of the 5 will vote with LNP more often than not

  11. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    I’m not blaming the Greens, they have enough of there own problems.
    They just aren’t relevant or come into play in any Labor discussion.
    I personally don’t see an “imminent election” anymore.
    I think the LNP and friendly Independents will go 3 years
    NOWHERE have my “Labor mates to stop trying to blame the Greens for your narrow defeat. ”
    don’t make shit up
    “If Labor shows they are grown-ups, then we might not have the same contests for Labor held seats such as Grayndler won again by Albanese.”
    The Greens will contest ANY seat they think they might win, and they would be stupid not to if the want to survive as a political party” Would be nice if they spent equal effort on LNP seats though

  12. Dan Rowden

    Instead of the strong fortress forming of the LNP/Katter/maybe McGowan/maybe Xenophon, it could have been conceivably the strong ALLiance of Labor/Greens/maybe Xenophon/maybe even Katter/maybe even McGowan, as Katter and McGowan aim to represent all their electorates.

    That weed you’re smoking is way too strong, Jennifer. Cornie described your “analysis” as an “interpretation”. That was pretty generous as ordinarily interpretations have some relationship to reality. I think “inventions” is a more apt term.

    For a start, Katter and McGowan are both conservatives. Their respective electorates are deeply conservative. In Indie Labor lost ground and the Greens vote barely moved. In Kennedy KAP and the LNP attract 73% of the vote between them. The notion of Katter or McGowan entering into a “strong ALLiance” with Labor, Greens and sundry pseudo-progressive minors is grossly delusional.

    You might be better served by addressing the counterproductive splintering of the “progressive” vote by all these minor parties. You might also wish to give some thought to why the Greens appear constitutionally incapable of increasing their national vote beyond a 10% plateau. If the Greens can’t achieve that, and indeed have lost ground in the Senate, where does that put your notion of a progressive Alliance? What real momentum is there for such a thing?

  13. Freethinker

    IMO what have worked against the Greens was the policy of bringing 50000 refugees to Australia.
    That noble policy is not what the majority of the Australian people want.
    They have to tone down that policies if they look for more support.

  14. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    ‘Hating of guts’ is my dramatic way of explaining how Malcolm Muck and the LNP Degenerates lost the election despite the MSM’s blatant support of them.

    One Nation’s success can to some extent be explained as a realistic reaction by many mixed, marginalised people, who otherwise feel ignored by the dinosaur duopoly aka Lib/Labs. Amongst them are the poor and displaced, who could perceive unabated immigration of economic migrants as arguably dangerous when it means the taking of their jobs and access to affordable housing.

    People in secure employment and homes would not understand the daily grind to attain or retain these basic human rights. Neither of the dinosaurs have paid near enough attention to providing dignified safety nets against excessive migration.

    Neither of the dinosaurs have provided welfare safety nets to the poor, who have fallen through the cracks into unemployment; Lib/Lab Dinosaurs have allowed unethical Job Services agencies to infiltrate and further bash struggling people.

    Unfortunately, some struggling, scared people might fall victim to the bigoted messages of One Nation and their ilk because they also see them as at least seeing the same events, even if the interpretation of those events would otherwise be explained in non-racist and bigoted ways by others.

  15. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Even if my language is enthusiastic and optimistic even in these dark days of an undeserved win by the LNP Degenerates, Labor has to change. Don’t dismiss what I’m saying.

    Labor needs to keep up the momentum and publicly visit the seats like McMillan and prepare the constituents for the possibility of McMillan becoming a Labor held seat with the likes of good people like Buckingham, as their representative.

    Labor must seek the hearts and minds of marginalised people in non-marginal seats. These are the people that Hanson is skillfully sweeping up.

    Labor also must NOT turn its back on its allies in the Greens or any upcoming Progressive parties.

  16. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    pragmatically, I can understand why you would suggest the Greens tone down their language on 50,000 refugees but I would not stomach such a move and neither would any other true Greens supporters.

    Their defence of vulnerable people seeking asylum and vulnerable people on welfare are the defining reasons why the Greens are an honourable party, which sets them apart from the dinosaurs.

    The solution therefore, is to significantly REduce the numbers of economic migrants who are leaving safe places to seek their fortunes and compete for jobs with vulnerable Aussies AND … INcrease significantly the numbers of refugees hence 50,000 is NOT excessive.

  17. Freethinker

    Well Jennifer, if that it is the case, unfortunately the Greens will be a small minority for many years to come.
    Some times it is necessary to do one step backwards to have more that 2 up at later stage.
    The pigheaded attitude with the carbon tax was another mistake by the Greens instead of support the ALP with the other option.
    One day, I hope, they will show more political maturity.

  18. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    What was wrong with my solution?

    However, I don’t condone everything the Greens do and your carbon price example is a fair one just as is the recent ill-timed Senate changes bill, which helped Malcolm Muck.

    Vulnerable people under NO circumstances are acceptable political pawns.

  19. cornlegend

    Dan Rowden
    “Cornie described your “analysis” as an “interpretation””
    I tread cautiously with JMS
    Last time I disagreed she accused me of using numerous nom-de-plumes, although that had been hit on the head my Michael Taylor ages ago, then a “liar” regarding the same nom-de-plumes
    You do realise Dan, the ALLiance, lives solely in JMS ‘s head.
    There are no others, signed up, committed, etc just JMS, and she just won’t accept the reality of the situation,
    Shorten, Albo, Plibersek, Bowen, State Premmiers, Tasmanian ALP rank and file have all said no deals with Greens, but that is water off a ducks back

  20. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    You don’t need to tread cautiously, cornlegend. We can be great mates when you agree that the Greens and Labor would reap the benefits of working together to defeat the LNP and should have done so before this last lost opportunity of an election.

    Repeating “Shorten, Albo, Plibersek, Bowen, State Premmiers, Tasmanian ALP rank and file have all said no deals with Greens” does not make Labor look good.

    Even Anna Burke on ABC Midday News Today, as I write this, is saying there needs to be alliances “to win back voters we have lost”.

  21. cornlegend

    “We can be great mates when you agree that the Greens and Labor would reap the benefits of working together”
    Well, I guess we will never be mates :-{
    I still fail to see why , with your so morally pure Independents ,Greens , others would ever want to come into the tent with
    those Lib/Lab flipflops duopoly {or the Lab half anyway} that you find so repulsive, so often
    Sort of like prostituting themselves out for a wee taste of power wouldn’t you think?

  22. cornlegend

    I would like to see more attention given to the Pirate Party.
    They have some pretty good policy, are growing world wide and could amount to something

  23. Freethinker

    cornlegend, IMO the Pirate Party, The Since Party and the Progressive Party should get together and form only one party.
    There are others in the the “Alliance for Progress” ( that also should join the 3 above.
    If they have done it in this election at the very least they will have one senator.

  24. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I admit my vehemence can be judged as a wee bit irate against Labor at times, so I don’t blame you for being surprised that I would want The ALLiance to work between Labor and the Greens. :-{

    My vehemence is borne out of what I know Labor has been with Gough and true believers, as well as my disgust at the infiltration of the neoliberals into Labor.

    Also, as stated already, the demise of the dynamic duopoly is underway and it is important to acknowledge that proportionate government is a much preferred form of governance. Allowing diverse, proportionate voices be heard in government would be a way to appease many angry, silenced voters who are feeling ignored.

  25. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I see your wisdom but they each want their respective autonomy. As they develop, I would be surprised if they don’t go down the road of a working Alliance together.

  26. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer Smith
    So voters may well have been a bit disillusioned with your Lib/Lab flip flop duopoly and you may have convinced some of that.
    You may well have encouraged people to put the micros/minors/independents ahead of Labor as you had so vocally advocated.
    The problem was those that took your advice thought they would give Pauline and her One Nation, Derryn Hynch, some religious nutters etc replacing people like Muir ,Lazarus etc.
    “In the Senate the Greens performed poorly. On current figures the party is on track for its worst Senate result since 2004. The party has already lost a Senate seat in South Australia and there is a chance the party could lose two additional senators, in Tasmania and Western Australia where the Greens saw swings against them. In South Australia the Greens have blamed Nick Xenophon for their worst result in 15 years”

    Now these Greens and Indis are gone,replaced by a few Hansonites so where do you think policies like Asylum, Climate Change etc are headed in the next 3 years?
    You got your Indies and micros you wanted, just not the right breed

  27. SGB

    See we have a problem too, the progressive left do not know if they are arther or marther.

    We spend so much time and effort promoting individual partiesthat we confound the progress collective.

    Fact :
    The ALP recorded its lowest ever vote:
    The LNP will retain government (unless there is a miracle)
    Yes there is a resurgent of Right wing extremism.

    So my thoughts are that;
    unless the Left stop confusing everyone and start presenting absolute truth about the neolibral agenda (how we find cast iron evidence is problematic) we will keep giving the Right more air to continue their end! (The race to the bottom)

    We on the Left must convince the ALP that they are almost as neoliberal as the LNP, and will never therefore receive the votes all progressives.

  28. silkworm

    Some here are complaining about the micro-parties because they split the progressive vote. Well, the same could be said about them splitting the right-wing vote.

    And what’s this about Katter and McGowan being “conservative”? They are not “conservative,” whatever that means. They are independent.

  29. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    that is disingenuous of you. I wanted The ALLiance of Greens, Labor, Progressive micro parties, sane Independents. I quite liked Muir, Lazarus and never advocated One Nation or any of parties that reflect bigoted, right-wing agendas.

    I read the article you linked to and think it has interesting insights. I would support the Greens to go left and to pull Labor with them.

    The battle continues and the LNP and neoliberalism are the targets.

    Go Democratic Socialism!

  30. jantonius

    An Alliance is simply impossible – in current and foreseeable circumstances.
    As you no doubt you noticed, Albo – who is not without influence in the Party – would prefer an alliance with Murdoch.

  31. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear SGB and silkworm.


    my best wish is Democratic Socialism prevails with wise parties joining forces to make it work.

    Anybody who would prefer Murdoch and Big Biz would not be welcome.

  32. jantonius

    Well Jennifer, there goes the Labor Party.
    ‘The progressives’, (or whatever a modicum of honesty can call itself these days should it ever get organised), are not going to leave the great sprawling protective nest to venture into any Alliance. Even if the nest stinks.
    It would be political suicide.
    The concerted attacks on the Greens are no accident. Particularly the lie that the Greens were involved in preference deals with the Libs. There are those in Labor very diffident about this muckraking – but they did not make the loud noises. This asymmetry runs politics.

  33. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Time will tell. Sense and sensibility must prevail eventually.

  34. cornlegend

    “And what’s this about Katter and McGowan being “conservative”? They are not “conservative,” whatever that means. They are independent.”
    anyone coming from what she describes as a ‘conservative” electorate. votes with the LNP on 440 pieces of Legislation and Bills {90+%] and votes in support of Bronwyn Bishop on the no confidence motion as McGowan did sort of falls into the category, “walks like a duck, looks like a duck…”
    As for Katter, let’s take past political history, his total apathy when Oakeshott and Windsor were negotiating with Gillard and the millisecond it took him to decide To give Turnbull confidence sort of puts him on the conservative column to me

  35. cornlegend

    the ALP preferenced the Greens ahead of the Libs in all seats {although funny business took place in 1}
    The Greens preferenced Labour in all seats except for 11
    But for the NSW Libs stepping in Kroger {Libs} in Victoria was willing to preference Greens and it was unclear how the Greens would have jumped at the time
    “The concerted attacks on the Greens are no accident”
    If you happened to be in Grayndler or Sydney electorates, the attacks were in no way one sided
    Di Natale even held the Party campaign launch in Albos seat {Grayndler} and spent one third of the Parties total state budget in those two seats and one other

  36. jantonius

    It was quite clear what the Greens would have done. As they said time and again.
    Labor uses Kroger as its excuse? A very poor one. Sort of slimy.

    What a major sin for a Party to contest for seats. Now why would they want to do that? Just maybe they thought they had better policies than incumbents. They should not be allowed to?

    “Well may Murdoch say ‘Save our Albo’… “

  37. cornlegend

    “What a major sin for a Party to contest for seats.”
    No it isn’t a sin and as a Party they should contest whatever seats they like.
    I have argued that continually as Jennifer could attest .
    I would just prefer to have them get on with whatever they want, and its supporters support them in doing so,
    I am just sick and tired of the Greens and supporters trying to tell Labor what to do and expecting Labor to take them into some alliance so as to give them a bit of political power they themselves can’t achieve
    Labor do not want any alliances with the Greens.
    They have made that abundantly clear
    As for” Save our Albo’…
    Labor Anthony Albanese 67.1%
    Greens Jim Casey 32.9%

    We DID 😀

    And Tanya too

    Labor Tanya Plibersek 65.4%
    Green Sylvie Ellsmore 18.5%

    A shame the Greens spent almost a third of their state campaign funds on such a result

  38. guest

    I am amazed and disappointed that Labor supporters would be so fickle as to ridicule Labor. It looks like a return to the sour grapes exhibited here not so long ago when Bill Shorten was described as a dud and lame duck.

    Now there is this belly-aching about the lowest number of votes in living memory, forgetting how many seats have been clawed back in less than three years after the most disgraceful and relentless attacked based on lies, deception and personal vilification ever seen in this country. That attack was continued when the perpetrator was in power demonstrating what a thorough ning-nong he is. Even after Abbott was unseated, there were his supporters who continued to praise his idiocy as as virtue – saying that he was the saviour and it was all Labor’s fault. Labor came back to within centimetres of a win, despite the smaller number of votes.

    Of course Labor was wary of seeking an alliance with the Greens because the Greens themselves are greatly vilified by the business-as-usual conservatives. The Coalition espouses lower taxes, as if, were we to wait long enough, they would not tax us any more. So the Carbon’ Tax’ agreement with the Greens to unplug the hung parliament was an easy target for global warming denier idiots. Yet the Tax/Price was lauded internationally as the best approach to reduce carbon emissions.

    The Greens are Labor’s nearest cousins. We might not like all their policies, but I think they are a little too far ahead of the population; the reality of their policies is still to be realised by a large part of our population, especially the business-as-usual pundits and especially with regard to Climate Change and the environment.

    That these kinds of matters – climate, environment, fracking, coal mining in prime agricultural land, the NBN – are prime concerns in Barnaby Joyce’ electorate, as they are in so many others, along with SSM and treatment of refugees. There are fracture lines across the country (not only for Barnaby) which separate Labor/Greens/ some independents from the regressive Liberals and Nationals.

    As Bill said: “The Labor Party is back!” It is staring the Coalition straight in the eye. The Coalition has a tough 3 years to come. Global economic problems, threats to Oz economic ratings, loss of the car industry, internal bickering, the results of its hasty FTAs coming to fruition, climate change confirming, Coalition policy disintegrating…

    We should be gloating. No point in bagging Labor.

  39. Harquebus

    “These remarks express the growing hostility within ruling circles—not just in Australia—toward democratic forms of rule.
    The uncertain election outcome has brought to the surface of political life the simmering frustration and anger within the ultra-wealthy.”
    “In other words, the sentiments of ordinary people must be suppressed and not permitted to find any political expression.”

    “In essence, for those who believe they are born to rule, Brexit signals the need to limit democracy to ensure that important decisions are left to self-certified experts. European Parliament President Martin Schultz was refreshingly clear: “It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”.”

    Satyajit Das: What If Anything Does Brexit Really Signify?

  40. jantonius

    There you go. The partisan does nothing if he cannot assume any objection as partisanship.

    No wonder Party membership is so far down. The insularity might also be part of how the first preference vote is languishing, despite resources that come (distant) second to the Libs – and multiples in front of the Greens.

    Are you willing to thank Murdoch?
    You should.
    He has enormous power over the mug punter.
    Albo – warrior for capitalism. Not at all compromised? No, of course not.

    You want to get fixated on something useful, like better arranging postal votes. The Party that I voted for, for the retention of my HOR member, has been totally dudded on postals.

    The ALP have just lost another election. I am not content that they seem OK with that. Particularly as they lost it to the biggest pack of lying hoons, a rabble of a Government.
    I want Shorten in power as soon as possible, with a workable majority – but not at the cost of being able to criticise some bad and even loathsome campaigning.
    Pick on the Libs. They are the big kid in the schoolyard.

  41. cornlegend

    Bill Shorten did well, healing divisions picking up more than a dozen seats and putting Labor within striking range after the next LNP balls up and they implode, the Global crisis looming etc.
    If ever there was an election to lose, but get close, it was this one

    I have spent most of my lifetime picking on the Libs, nothings changed

  42. cornlegend

    “We on the Left must convince the ALP that they are almost as neoliberal as the LNP, and will never therefore receive the votes all progressives.”
    NO, Labor and it’s members will decide direction
    I would suggest you spend less time worrying about Labor and trying to inflict your beliefs on them.
    Your time may be better served trying to get your party and alliances to have a hard look at themselves as they sure as hell didn;t shine, or win many hearts and minds ,election 2016

  43. cornlegend

    Albo put the Greens 2
    The Greens put Albo 7

  44. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Now that Labor has lost the election and still refuses to entertain The ALLiance with the Greens, we have 3 years to organise an even stronger alternative front to provide an effective and ethical elective option for governance.

    The LNP Degenerates need abolition: NO argument about that. However, since Labor appears happy to have another 3 year rest in Opposition while the majority of the electorate suffer the consequences (of having a cocky and indifferent or deliberately harmful LNP regime back in power to see whatever else they can destroy), the Alliance For Progress is a good breeding ground for providing the grassroots of the stuff that The ALLiance is made of.

    Hence, I want to see the Greens building bridges with their alternative, natural allies in the upcoming Progressives.

    But beware!

    Disgruntled Labor which has denied any possibility of Labor forming such an arrangement, would then also attempt to deny that possibility with the Greens and those Progressive micro parties, by reminding everyone of the ill-timed Senate reform bill.

    When people emerge from the awful reality of this ugly LNP Degenerates back in power and start to work in the ALLiance direction, it will be sour grapes on Labor’s part if Labor tries to wedge them.

    Good riddance to the Dinosaur Duopoly.

  45. Bighead1883

    cornlegend July 8, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    I see Cathy McGowan has thrown her Katter hat firmly into the LNP ring guaranteeing plenty of breathing space in a minority government
    The 5 close seats look likely to deliver more to Labor but LNP will have a minimum of 74

    Peter Slipper has just jumped into this conversation on Twitter reminding people that both Katter`s and McGowan`s seats are conservative and so are they

    The LNP/Greens so called Senate reforms not only amounted to nothing but assisted in the creation of NXT and the resurrection of One Nation on steroids
    None of these can be counted on to support Labor in the Senate and only after preferences are counted will we know the make up

    So it`s game over well and truly for Labor in this contest and one hopes Shorten`s correct in his prediction we`ll be back at the polls within a year

    Australia is the loser and this is truly the case of they know not what they do

    Comrade Cornie this scenario you played out the other day could all so easily fit into the bizarre make up of government which is #Ausvotes2016

  46. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Comrade Bighead,

    cornlegend has already said he believes we are destined to LNP austerity for another 3 years. Bleak news all round, don’t you think?

  47. Bighead1883

    Well James you said rightly So now what? Nobody knows what to do. The peasants are revolting!”

    They`re the washed ones you`re talking about

    The great unwashed positively reek and throw excreta over each other in their discombobulation seeking something they already had but threw away to apathy

    This article offers nothing tangible to this reader because you trash the great things Labor has done for Australia
    Every social grace globally won has been done by Unions combined with Labor Parties

    You so called Progressives and ALLiances are just on a fools errand –proven
    Have a look what your STUPIG Greens party has just done-HAVE a f*vcking good look as Medicare-NDIS-Gonski-Jobs-SSM-NBN etc all go to HELL in a HANDBASKET

  48. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Comrade Bighead,

    you are allowed to say my name, don’t you know.

    Why is it you only enter the discussion at the last minute when the participants have done the work and made their own commitments?

    You scoff but you’re just another wannabe toff.



    now the LNP Degenerates will scare the opposition wannbes with further wedge politics by seeing our collective internal anger at each other.

    Ok I confess but I continue to loathe ALL neoliberals in LNP and Labor but especially the LNP.

  49. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    Jennifer, you seem to forget the populus rejected your Greens and other parties you put forward, to an even greater extent than they did Labor.
    This was the Greens worst result in the Senate since 2004 .
    No other party you threw your ever changing support behind even raised a bleep on the radar.
    What is clear is, those parties and Independents that you proposed went backwards and we saw the rise of the Right.
    Despite all that Shorten united the party and brought it to a position that it can build upon.
    Now, Labor can’t be held responsible for whatever carnage and destruction the LNP and its merry band of Independents who have jumped on the Malcolm bandwagon bring down upon the heads of those in need, low income earners, the sick, those dependent on decent Broadband, those with major concerns on inactivity on Climate or the gathering gloom of global economic collapse, a gutted education sector, nursing homes budgets cut to only enable starvation rations for its clients, and on and on the list goes.
    I was hopeful that this LNP mob mightn’t last long, but with Independents shoring up their numbers, I see no reason now why they won’t go full term .
    When 2019 rolls around Bill will be there a united team and ready to win the next election.
    The big problem is, will there be anything left for Bill and Labor to save, and just how many changes will be irreversable?
    Bill and his team may be wonderful :-D, but they aren’t wonder workers.
    I only intend to spend a month watching the initial fun and games

  50. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    you and Labor have lost the opportunity. You’ve let the LNP Degenerates retain power and the RW indies & RW Minors gain a legup with the Degenerates.

    Labor just wants selfish power. Your way or the highway.

    NOT good enough.

  51. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    many people will blame Labor anyway for not having taken EVERY opportunity for beating the LNP Degenerates.

    NOW we’re stuck with the fat pigs for another 3 years standing on all other vulnerable people’s heads.

    No doubt, you’ll be ok on your overseas trip with your missus and your assorted investment properties.

    Talking about vested neoliberalist interests!!!

  52. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    “You’ve let the LNP Degenerates retain power ”
    I hate to use the line, but please explain
    Not even you can believe that statement

  53. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    I’ve yet to meet a poor Lawyer, or as some one put it, “ambulance chaser”

  54. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Respond to my last comment.

    .. and what the f* are you saying @ 7.31pm coz it doesn’t count.

  55. cornlegend

    I did
    “You’ve let the LNP Degenerates retain power ”
    I hate to use the line, but please explain
    Not even you can believe that statement

    Hey Jennifer, I have Bighead, king meme maker designing me a meme
    “Hey, don’t blame me , I VOTED LABOR”with a decent animation.
    I’ll get a few thousand printed as stickers for the loyal Labor warriors

  56. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-SmithJuly 8, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    Respond to my last comment.

    .. and what the f* are you saying @ 7.31pm coz it doesn’t count

    “No doubt, you’ll be ok on your overseas trip with your missus and your assorted investment properties.
    Talking about vested neoliberalist interests!!!”

    and this is ok?

  57. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Ok cornlegend,

    go on your merry way o/s for an extended enjoyable holiday while YOU know many, many people are actually suffering the austerity measures of LNP neoliberalism which is not nice for anybody.

    Don’t worry though, I’m sure your martinis will be suitably soothing while on your luxurious cruises.

  58. cornlegend

    Don’t blame me I VOTED LABOR

  59. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Comrade cornlegend/bighead,

    try to enjoy your Interim-in-Importance …

    while people decide who are really to blame.

    Obviously, it is predominantly the LNP Degenerates

    but it is also YOU? Oh no! what can we do?

    Now, we must start the process

    of kissing and making up!

    ALLiance only!

  60. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    you voted Labor yes.

    So did I but in a different way.

    Better agreements before election by people like you would have gone further.

    Don’t abscond from responsibility.

  61. cornlegend

    I voted Labor ! , can’t do more than that
    I’ve got NO responsibility.
    I voted Labor:-D

  62. Michael Taylor

    I’m sorry, Jennifer, but how the hell can you blame Cornlegend for what has happened. He was out there for weeks campaigning for Labor and he probably worked harder than the rest of us put together.

  63. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I’m sorry too, Michael Taylor.

    I don’t really blame, cornlegend personally and I hope he knows that.

    But I do blame the Labor party machinery he enthusiastically supported and now that they have lost, the others of us outsiders, who are vulnerable will be like that for some time yet.

    Thanks a lot,Labor!

  64. Michael Taylor

    Perhaps you should be asking the Greens why they threw all their resources at trying to unseat Albo. No wonder they lost a lot of friends in the Labor Party and among their supporters. It turned me off the Greens a fair bit.

  65. cornlegend

    Michael Taylor
    Sorry, I’ll end this discussion here, there is just no reasoning…

  66. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Michael Taylor and cornlegend,

    whatever I’ve asked Labor, I’ve also asked the Greens.

    Whatever I expect of Labor, I expect of the Greens.

    So, why now the questions?

    During the recent election campaign for ‘saviour’ government would have been more opportune for you both to demand responses to your questions before election.

  67. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Is this now the end of the discussion?

  68. The AIM Network

    During the recent election campaign for ‘saviour’ government would have been more opportune for you both to demand responses to your questions before election.

    You haven’t been paying attention. The AIMN has been doing that for three years, as have the individuals you name.

    Is this now the end of the discussion?

    It certainly is. It’s over.

  69. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-SmithJuly 8, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Is this now the end of the discussion?
    It ended when you lost the ability to “discuss” and brought in personal insult, and personal attack, mixed with a bit of deception {Comrade cornlegend/bighead,} re nom de plumes, which Michael Taylor settled months ago

  70. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    In my humble defence, cornlegend,

    I think even AIMN is taken over by robotics. Some of my comments stated are not translated in my words.

    By the way, don’t give up on communication with your Greens Allies and others.

  71. Bighead1883

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith July 8, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    I can assure you for my comrade Cornlegend that he has NO Greens allies

    I also know you mean every insult you throw

    “Some of my comments stated are not translated in my words” Oh FFS what a liar you are .

  72. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Do NOT call me a liar, Bighead1883.

    I apologise to Michael and Carol for my robotics comment last night. It was a clumsy way of expressing myself.

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