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Turnbull is Toast!

Butter him!

Spread your choice of jam!

I’m tempted to say he won’t last till the end of the month, but it is the 28th February and that only leaves a couple of hours…

Anyway, Tony was attacked for his comments by former supporters.
This means that some of them have decided that he has no hope and they’re other hoping to be the next PM. Or else hoping for a promotion under the new leader because they’ve shown that they can be loyal, even to a jellyfish like Turnbull, so what would they accomplish under a real leader…

Then today, George Christensen resigns as whip…

All right, he may have just got rid of the whip so that he could have his own float at the next Gay Mardi Gras, where overweight men men in singlets and glasses all model themselves on him, but I tend to think that, much and all that George is trying to outdo Kylie as a gay icon, this is more about politics than personal choices. (Um, have they got rid of that “insult and offend” thing in 18C yet? No? Ok, then I’ll watch what I say about George, in case I have to invoke 18D about the protections for satire, etc.)

So, George is sending a shot across the Liberal’s bow… if you’ll pardon the expression.

Basically, he’s saying that he hasn’t defected… Yet!

I could go on…

But I won’t.

Malcolm can’t…

But he’ll try!

Let’s face it. When you sell yourself on the grounds that you’re a winner, once you start to lose, you’ve got to depend on your friends…

Malcolm’s friends? Well, he wasn’t prepared to condemn a preference deal with One Nation, so maybe they think that he’s a bit more agreeable than John Howard.

Mm, the peasants once complained that they had no bread, to which the Coalition replied, “Well, if they have no bread then they certainly don’t deserve cake. Look at how well profits are growing and even though wages are shrinking, once you pass the company tax cuts, then the rich will decide that they have enough and workers will get a pay rise…”

But, now Malcolm is toast and there’s enough bread to go around because we can all have a piece of him!

Ok, I rather like strawberry jam. But if you prefer marmalade, then it’s up to you…

The Liberal Party, on the other hand, may prefer a rotisserie.

Either way, stick a fork in him and turn him over, he’s done!


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  1. Matters Not

    Spread your choice of jam!

    Malcolm prefers FIGJAM. Always has.

    And with all types of ‘toasts’. It matters not whether he is sitting or standing – with glass in hand.

  2. kristapet

    The worry I have, is the crumbs left in the house………no good pickings among the lot of them …….and, not, a single, one, of, them, will do much, except, continue to toast the poorest of us ……all of them should be burnt to a crisp …….need to start with a new lot altogether, preferably, ones, with an egalitarian and inclusive, mindset!

  3. silkworm

  4. brickbob

    Trumble is toast without the Vegemite……..

  5. 245179

    Mal ol son, in these last days you’ve got….call a snap election, that’ll set the cat amongst the pidgeons…..go on, dare you. Then cut loose, tell voters some painful truths, expose the rancid swamp within. Voters know they’re being made fools of, hell you might win some friends.

  6. longwhitekid

    George Christensen is nothing but a blob of rancid pie grease wrapped in polyester.

  7. passum2013

    Don,t Barnaby always look Drunk

  8. Kronomex

    I can picture Duncehead Dutton as leader and PM, he has as much spine as Mal Function and, I think, will be easily controlled.

    Scumblob George has effective control of the federal LNP and will make certain that he milks it for all its worth to “help his constituents” because he cares so much about them.

  9. David1

    Great picture of the soon to be not even remnants of a crust,Rossleigh. Turnbull captured the faithful as a redeemer taking the disciples out of the Abbott wilderness. But soon to be captured by the forces of his own ambition and the fall has been short and great.
    He will lose the prize he sought after wrecking it beyond repair. He will now be remembered as an incompetent, weak, out of his depth fool. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving recipient, what a tosser.
    The popcorn is tasty

  10. ozibody

    If Mr. Turnbull is on his ‘ last legs ‘ as P.M. , watch closely because he’ll be doing his utmost to redeem his $ 1.75 MILLION he invested to BUY his post !

    I remember Kerry packer remarking that he would not risk his life by standing between M. Turnbull and a bag of $ Money $ ….. and K.P. would know !

  11. Miriam English

    I don’t normally wish harm on anyone, but jeeze I hope Christensen has his heart attack sooner rather than later. He is poison.

    Turnbull is a non-entity, a placeholder. What a pity. He could have stood for so much and been a force for good in Australian politics. Imagine if he’d stood up to the religious extremists in the LNP. Imagine if he’d pushed for renewables and winding back of coal and gas. Imagine if he’d spent on infrastructure. Imagine if he’d told the IPA fanatics to go screw themselves. Imagine if he’d been a true conservative instead of one of those radical Tea Party morons. What a waste.

    In a decade nobody will even remember his name… perhaps even in less than a decade.

  12. Ella Miller

    Question is which bottom dweller will take his place ?

  13. helvityni

    And that is the question, who? The Inane, the Nasty, the Fast Talker; can we rent or borrow one, or just pick a name out of a hat…

  14. Michael

    ozibody, he has paid $1.75M to date for the PMship – and LNP being astute money managers will now have to evaluate Trumble’s $$ conversion (say, based on LNP approved precedent conversion used by CentreLink – fixed amount for fixed period, fixed minimum plus variable, eg, linked to points in polls, etc) – oh, to be a fly on the wall!

    Miriam, based on performance to date, Trumble is pure and simply untrustable.

  15. ace Jones

    If Turnbull is toast then his opposite number is mere breadcrumbs .. nothing on the menu is appertising

  16. David1

    ace Jones…your justification for the Shorten breadcrumbs comment?

  17. Lance

    Who is it in the press that calls me?
    I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
    cry “Caesar!” speak,caesar is turn’d to hear

    Beware the Ides of March.

    What man is that?

    Rupert Murdoch

  18. Deanna Jones

    Great analysis!

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    Put this disgraceful prime ministerial chump in a chaff bag and dump him out at sea.( Thanks jonesy, great idea, You might want to join him, enough space in the bag for many more)

  20. Henry Rodrigues

    David1……aceJones is typical of liberal supporters who can’t face their leader’s dismal performance and try to go off at a tangent. by denigrating the other guy.

  21. 245179

    Turnbull goes, yes, so which one of the tossers hiding in the wings replaces him. They are a mob of arrogance personified. I doubt they know their neighbours name, let alone care. Canberra is awash with career politicians, filtered through the party base, emerge fully indoctrinated. “Vision” extends to the next election, until now, this time they have truly cooked their own goose. Labour keep your heads down make no waves, this upcoming election is yours for the taking.

  22. David1

    Cheers Henry…as expected the lib troll Jones had nothing, just another L-NP tosser devoid of intelligent comment

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