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Turnbull – A Friendly Mushroom and a Destructive Seagull

“You’re not saying anything Tony” a famous statement by a journalist in an interview with Tony Abbott, really summed up the former Prime Minister’s inability to defend his bad decisions, words or actions.

“You’re not doing anything Malcolm” is the thought that appears to be in almost everyone’s mind summing up what they think of Turnbull’s Prime Ministership and leadership qualities.

When people start reminiscing that Tony Abbott should come back, then that is a sure sign that Turnbull’s leadership has failed miserably.

The really sad thing about all of this, is Turnbull promotes himself as a great leader through his self-portrayal of positive leadership archetypes. It is almost as if he has a little read of popular coffee-top books about ‘great leadership’ and then pops up in public and acts out his newly found knowledge about ‘what makes a good leader.’ I’m not sure about you, but he always looks so fake and staged to me. It is my biggest annoyance with his ‘style.’

He has promoted himself as “The Change Catalyst” when he removed Tony Abbott and promised great change. He has promoted himself as “The Communicator” promising everyone with pomp and splendour and great verbosity, that he has the communication style that appeals to those within the party, has great appeal with the public and the communication style desperately needed to discuss important issues with all the friends and best friends and bestest of best good friends in other countries.

Most famously, he has promoted himself as “The Innovator”. He really got into character for this one. This one was like a full dress rehearsal – Apple Watch and reeling off a full gamut of tech apps. He was very careful not to include apps like Tinder, to give the impression he just ‘wasn’t just rattling off apps’, but he was an active app user. However it seems that everyone is now swiping left. Sorry Malcolm.

The disconnect between how Turnbull displays himself as a positive leadership archetype, to the negative leadership archetype he actually delivers, appears to be vast.

Turnbull in my view is a collective of negative leadership archetypes which are used to symbolise toxic, bad, poor, weak or useless leaders.

Turnbull’s leadership behaviour can be summed up as collective of the negative leadership archetypes of “Friendly, mushroom, destructive seagull” leader. His leadership is so poor, that it is difficult to pick just one which describes his current failure in leading this country forward and providing good Governance.

The Friendly Leader

Although this sounds like a positive trait, this negative leadership trait is the most discussed amongst the media and other politicians. The Friendly leader is too scared to make waves with others he disagrees with, out of fear of being derailed or losing power. This leader enables subordinates to hold power over the leader and this leads to poor decision making through trying to keep the most powerful subordinates onside. These poor decisions include unpopular decisions for the majority but favoured by the sub-group ‘in power.’ The leader ends up losing control and powerful subordinates end up being the defacto leaders. When people start asking “Who is really running the country?” it is almost certain a weak leader has enabled defacto leadership to occur.

The Mushroom Leader

The mushroom leader kind of fits Turnbull, but also kind of doesn’t. The Mushroom leader effectively “keeps everyone in the dark and feeds them a load of manure.”

The problem is with a mushroom leader they have an agenda, but don’t communicate it to anyone else. So, what happens is only the leader knows what he wants to achieve, but everyone else….does not! This creates a lot of confusion and disarray (Pyne! Pyne! lock the bloody doors mate!)

A good example of this is the GST debate, where it was on the table, not taken completely off the table, back on the table, a thought bubble to gauge public opinion, and then Turnbull announced he had killed his own idea, because it was umm…not a good idea? Confused? I bow before Mark Kenny who had the ability to be able to describe this debacle with a straight face.

The conundrum of using the definition of a Mushroom Leader, is does Turnbull have an agenda he isn’t sharing; or does he have no agenda at all? Regardless, would there be consensus that we are being kept in the dark and being fed a load of manure? I would personally put my hand up for that one.

The Destructive Leader

Turnbull is more a passive-destructive leader in the way he has a clear absence of any agenda, be it the progressive agenda he pretended to promote prior to becoming PM (that is a story for another day) or a conservative agenda many in his own party value. The negative trait of insincerity speaks to this. Destructive leaders are about short term gain, usually to their own benefit. They are driven by egoism and ‘the desire to take their rightful place.’ It doesn’t matter that they don’t know what to do when they get there, they will either bully or blame others and manage from a distance and avoid responsibility. A destructive leader does not understand nor champion the strong values of those he leads and is a danger to ‘destroying the brand.’ We are hearing strong arguments from those who truly value conservatism on this as Turnbull’s biggest failure. We are hearing strong arguments from the general public, on his inability to champion what Australians see as important issues to champion, through his complete lack of vision and agenda.

Unless of course, I am wrong and the discussion of favourite TV shows in the Senate today are indeed matters of serious importance and this was not due to the lack of matters of serious importance to debate!

The Seagull

The most famous of all negative leadership archetypes is the beloved Seagull. The Seagull is defined as the leader who ‘flies in, craps all over everything and takes off.” The interesting thing about the Seagull as related to describing Turnbull’s leadership is:

How do they fly in?
They normally appear (sometimes out of nowhere) puffed up, brave, resilient and knowledgeable in times of trouble, ‘as the hero who can save the company – or in this case – the country.’

How do they communicate?
Seagulls make a lot of noise. Normally about themselves to deflect any attention away that they have no idea what they are doing. They need constant attention and spotlight to talk about themselves, so they appear important. Squawk. Squawk. Innovation. Squaarrk. (Sorry Mr. Pyne, but Mr. Turnbull wants us to believe he is the real fixer!)

How do they relate to others?
The Seagull (when it is impossible to talk about himself to avoid responsibility) blames others. They will target others as a source of their anger and the Seagull never accepts blame. It is unusual in politics for leaders to blame their own party members, so deflection of blame is usually, on other parties, members of other parties, or even the Media (Yes ABC – Sorry Turnbull had to cut all that money from you, but….Squark!)

Sometimes they will have hysterical fits and take things away from others (Sorry Scott, but Malcolm couldn’t talk about himself to get out of this one, so he just had to take that GST play thingy off you!)

When do they fly off?
I don’t have a crystal ball on this one, but to stay true to the Seagull form, Turnbull simply cannot be deposed (Put that thing back in the top drawer!). The genuine style of the Seagull is he would need to take a much more glorious job offer of much more importance (global position? Innovative start up which will be the cure all unemployment in Australia?), where his skills are in great need to solve greater problems than the ones he has offered to solve now. In true form he would tearfully wave goodbye to all those who adore him, with a great big long speech about himself and take off.

Once Turnbull takes off, the questions are:

What mess will he leave behind? and…

Who will fly in to steal your chips at the beach? Abbott, Morrison or maybe Bishop?

Only time will tell.

Originally Published on Polyfeministix


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  1. paulwalter

    The conservative split is between neoliberals like Turnbull, actually a cold Ralph Nickleby type behind the smile and the cracked Tea Party soc-cons, including immensely irrational, destructive figures like Abbott and Corey Bernardi.

    The resultant and shuddersome abnegation of the Senate to farce yesterday is the latest symptom of the feuding factions willingness to shut the country down even, if they don’t get their own way, very much like the Tea Party cranks in the USA over the last eight years.

  2. Trish Corry

    I honestly did not think that I would ever see anything worse than the problems that Rudd-Gillard-Rudd had with Abbott yelling in the background as well. The beautiful thing is Shorten does not have act like a loudmouth to add to any of the goings on. They are managing fine all by themselves.

  3. Michael Taylor

    I was concerned that Abbott (as an opposition leader) might have kicked off a horrible standard, in that future opposition leaders needed to be loud and nasty. After all, it worked for Abbott. For two years people were critical of Shorten, believing that he was doing it all wrong. After all, why wasn’t he adopting Abbott’s successful tactics? Thankfully for Australian politics Bill ignored all that and proved his critics wrong.

  4. Möbius Ecko

    Thankfully for Australian politics Bill ignored all that and proved his critics wrong.

    Yet probably thanks to the MSM, Shorten’s satisfaction rating has gone down and dissatisfaction up in the latest poll. The only positive is that Turnbull’s figures were slightly worse.

    If anyone has any doubts as to where the ABC’s allegiances lie they can be dispelled by an ABC political reporter from Canberra saying that it’s early days and if an election were held now it would come down to the two leaders with Turnbull still well ahead of Shorten as preferred PM so would win.

    I vocalised, “what the f*ck” loud enough to startle the dog. If it were a case of the polls on preferred PM winning elections then Turnbull should have won in a landslide. Preferred PM does not win elections and I wish we would get away from this irrelevant presidential style of politics the media have led us into.

  5. Stephen

    Möbius Ecko I must say I agree with you. The ABC has slowly but surely deteriorated over the last decade or longer. Taking on a MSM manner more and more, I used to see and go to it for a honest and clear view of what was going on. Now although they are many areas of excellence still, the rot is slowly spreading and will I fear worsen quicker as it grows. It is hard to recognize exactly when it started I think during John Howard’s period as they saw anything less than total agreement as bias against them. The outright political appointments of board members and ChairPersons didn’t help, with funding cuts and publicly attacking anything seen as critical of them, to avoid addressing the points also worsens the situation.
    Along with commercial media who have always opposed the ABC as it challenged their domination and showed what could be done.
    I long since gave up on newspapers commercial radio and find myself withdrawing a bit at a time from the ABC as it worsens, a few websites such as this this one exist but they also can be lost in the shitstorms blown up by the MSM where to next?

  6. bobrafto

    The man is hollow, notice when he pumps his fists he does so without conviction.

  7. Alan Baird

    Yeah, the ABC has worked assiduously towards rendering itself a worthy candidate for privatisation, able to seamlessly fit in with a corporate raider and ready with plenty of IPA invitations for opinion. So comforting to see it NEVER rejects those constant harpings from News (VERY) Limited that Aunty is left wing (AS IF)! At the very least News (VERY) Limited is typically lying but the ABC still remains craven. With the constant whining from the Libs about Getup being an unfair assistance for Labor, it’s never pointed out that a PLETHORA of “think tanks” and similar exist for the Liberal Party but let’s ignore that, nothing to see there. We do NOT need to go down the road of the USA where the “milquetoast left” regularly seize defeat from the jaws of victory and embrace the neoliberal trickle down hogwash so as to stand for nothing worthwhile. Bernie Sanders was a symptom of that terminal frustration. We all know that Hillary would do the status quo shamelessly. Just as the ABC will do a US-Toothless-Public-Radio-and-TV-Clone without frightening someone like Eric Abetz. Er, as long as he can STILL complain about it being left wing even with CEO Alan Jones in charge.

  8. paulwalter

    Enjoyed the pithy comments from Alan Baird. All a bit too much contingent, this”reform” guff.

  9. diannaart

    …and yet we still hear bleating from the BU (Bigots United aka the LNP), the ABC leans far too left… I guess when Auntie starts showing public flogging, from our ‘correctional centres’ in prime-time the RWNJ’s will STFU, but probably not these are hollow people.

    Decades Of Conservative Pressure On The ABC Are Paying Off

  10. diannaart

    Now what type of “leader” is Chrissy Pyne? A seagull or something else?

    Liberal sources told The Daily Telegraph that the Leader of the House Christopher Pyne has ordered that all eight exits of the Parliament be manned by a staffer to stop any Coalition MP leaving the house before the adjournment of business for the day.

  11. paulwalter

    Seagull is “old”slang for scabs on the waterfront, of course.

  12. Stephen

    Pyne is to quote others from this site the mouth that roars and the brain that stutters, resulting in witless brain farts he thinks are witty and humorous. When I see him losing track of what he is saying and turning red I think of Alf Garnett with apologies to Warren Mitchell a great actor who played the character.

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