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Turnbull and Dutton wage war on women

When Tony Abbott was Prime Minister it was difficult to imagine myself feeling more contempt and loathing for any politician than the contempt and loathing I felt towards him.

The emotions one experiences for public figures are paradoxical: they can be fiercely visceral and at the same time entirely abstract, as the relationship is not a personal one and the individual is unknown, except superficially. Nonetheless, they can keep you awake at night if the anger provoked is strong enough.

Tonight my contempt and loathing meter has exploded with the news that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have conspired to secretly remove a raped and pregnant refugee, brought here just a few days ago for an abortion, back to the scene of her rape and the purview of her rapist, whose child she is now almost certainly doomed to carry to term.

The woman had, on the advice of psychologists and doctors conveyed to her through her lawyers as the government did not permit her to see either professional, requested counselling for both the sexual assault and the termination of the pregnancy it caused, before she underwent the procedure.

No counselling was permitted by the government. The date set for the procedure passed as she repeatedly begged for precursory assistance. The government then disingenuously decided she had refused the abortion, and whisked her back to Nauru on a chartered plane without allowing her lawyers to speak with her.

If you have been sexually assaulted, if your body has been, against your will, violated by another, it is going to be traumatic to undergo any subsequent procedure that involves the penetration of your body, even if it is with your permission. Only people of immense stupidity or immense, unspeakable cruelty could fail to appreciate this reality.

What Turnbull and Dutton have done is truly horrific. It ought to make every woman tremble in fear and rage. This is what powerful men can do and will do to women, in the pursuit of their own interests. This is how they still despise us, devalue us, abuse us and use us. This is a war on women, expressed today and in this manner against a Somali refugee, expressed tomorrow against whichever woman who in some way they fear presents a threat to their hold on power.

I happened to be at Question Time yesterday when Turnbull gave a splendid performance of urbanity, sophistication, confidence, superiority, authority, intelligence and charm, self-deprecatingly admitting his financial privilege which he attributes to fate, and nurtures in the Caymans. Hockey and Abbott sat side by side on the back benches, grim as the two evil fairies at the christening. The contrast between Turnbull and Abbott could not have been greater.

And yet … Abbott was the iron fist in the iron glove. Turnbull is the iron fist in the velvet glove. Turnbull denigrates woman as much as does Abbott. He’s simply a lot more sophisticated in his ability to conceal the denigration. He’s simply a great deal better at paying lip service to women he believes will further his cause than Abbott ever was. Turnbull has as much of a double standard towards women as did his predecessor. There are still women of calibre, and then there’s the Somali refugee.

I can only hope the feminists in this country will stop fighting about who is allowed to call herself a feminist and who isn’t, and the eternally fraught questions of body hair and breast implants as symbols of hard-won choice, and instead turn their energies towards fighting Turnbull. With Abbott we at least knew where we stood. Turnbull will trash us with charm and blinding eloquence, and we won’t even notice until it’s too late.

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.


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  1. evacripps

    I am sickened by Dutton and Turnbull’s actions. Truly appalling.

  2. richard grant

    Decent Australians will hang their heads in shame.

  3. paul walter

    The story was out last night (not a Monday) and it gobsmacked me. Dr Mengele could not have done worse, for sheer brutality.

    It is classic TeaParty stuff that probably has its origins in the nutty religious and fascist right of the Coalition. If it is meant to bring Turnbull into line, the jellyfish appears to have complied without even a murmur, ice-cold prick that he is.

  4. Florence nee Fedup

    My anger is raging.

    How dare our elected government remove this ill woman from the country because they wanted to deny her access to legal process, that allows one to challenge and hold government accountable.

    It is about denying people access to the legal process which is protects our democracy.

    It says, what they are doing, is likely to be illegal.

  5. guest

    There is that quotation from Shakespeare, something about how one may smile and smile (or smurk) – and be a villain! I am sick of Turnbull already.

  6. Daemon Singer

    @Richard Grant, can I point out that based on the numbers, over half of voters, voted for this bunch. Among them are one supposes “decent Australians”.

    Occasionally I still meet folk who admit to voting Liarberal. But I have to ask what changes will occur if that funny little chap facing front from the seat of the Alternative Liberal Party take office next time?

    Based on our watching over the past 2 year, there will be no changes, because both are guided by the long term unemployed of Western Sydney where they both held “focus groups” and from which arose the issue of “Stop the Boats” as a vote winner.

    So, a corrupt government, supported by a corrupt opposition doing the bidding of multi-generational unemployed of Western Sydney, are speaking, at this moment, on behalf of you and me.

    The only answer is to get out from behind the structure of your keyboard, and make a noise.

    It won’t change because as we know the only reason for the 2 party system is to continually employ the basically unemployable, at ever rising salaries with no let up in sight.

  7. Deanna Jones

    How can this go on?? This is literally making me shed tears of rage! Can people not fully grasp the gravity of what we are actually doing here? Too busy puting up on Facebook pictures of their margueritas.

  8. babyjewels10

    Totally agree. I feel like I’m drowning in the loathing I feel for this government.

  9. Deanna Jones

    We need a snap protest.

  10. mars08

    A few days ago Malcolm Turnbull told the nation: “It is not compulsory to live in Australia, if you find Australian values are, you know, unpalatable, then there’s a big wide world out there and people have got freedom of movement… ”

    Australian values? Hhhmmm… I think Malcolm is asking me to leave!

  11. keerti

    “What Turnbull and Dutton have done is truly horrific. It ought to make every woman tremble in fear and rage. This is what powerful men can do and will do to women, in the pursuit of their own interests. This is how they still despise us, devalue us, abuse us and use us. This is a war on women, expressed today and in this manner against a Somali refugee, expressed tomorrow against whichever woman who in some way they fear presents a threat to their hold on power.”
    Every man who is a man should stand up and fight these arseholes! I have witnessed some disgusting things in my life, but this is up there with the worstof them.

  12. David

    Turnbull the PM of Australia, surrounded by advisers, all the best up to the minute tech gadgets, instant communication to his Ministers 24/7(Dutton)… but this tech savvy PM would have us believe all he knows about the wretched distressed rape victim brought from Nauru, desperate for medical attention and counseling, all this toff knows,SHE CHANGED HER MIND!!
    You make a fatal error Mr PM if you continue to treat Australians as the mugs you have been last over the last 5 weeks. We indicated loudly and clearly we do not suffer open blatant liars as PMs, ask Abbott!! and you have form.

    I say to you Mr PM, you are a liar. People who know are telling social media, this lady was offered no contacts with a social worker, no lawyer, no doctor, her only indication has been she wanted to take time to think about her position. For goodness sake she has been through one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can experience, that request for time alone stinks of pressure from Dutton’s officials. Obviously that has been all your thug Dutton required to put her back on the plane and send her back to that same prison where the perpetrator is, along with all the memories of a crime this Govt is determined to sweep under the carpet.

    My revoltion for you PM, Dutton and this Govt knows no bounds.

  13. Florence nee Fedup

    We don’t have a two party system.

    Yes, two major parties love to give that perception. Both at all times will do all in their power to create perception, that somehow minor parties and independents prevent good government.

    Claims such parliaments to be unstable, illegitimate and wrong..

    This is not true. Time we woke up to the fact, they are conning us.

    Our system is not, and should not be winner take all.

    The Gillard govt with minorities in both house was more productive than most in recent times.

    After two years, for the first time we have seen both houses dealing with legislation after Abbott has gone. So must that Labor was caught out over taxation bill.

    Winner take all government leads to bad and poorly formed legislation.

    All MPs elected, to represent their electorate should have some say and input into all legislation.

    A party does not past anything. It is each MP on the floor of each house that makes law. That includes minor parties, Opposition and independents.

    What’s more, the system includes the parliament to pass laws, the judicial system to keep them accountable.

    legislature,executive and judiciary. This is what protects our democracy. When the executive attempts to bypass the legislative and judicial, it is acting undemocratic.

    Executive: Make laws through executive orders
    Legislative: Make laws through legislation
    Judicial: Make laws through court rulings.

    Executive orders can be reverse in the house.

  14. Florence nee Fedup

    A week ago, this woman was too ill to travel. One has to ask, without counselling, support she trusts, how could she be expected to make an informed decision. Not possible.

  15. Geoff Andrews

    More of your/our anger should be directed towards the women in the coalition. How many of them privately approached Dutton or Turnbull advocating for this abused woman?

  16. evacripps

    @Geoff, I am wondering the same. Where is Michaelia Cash, the so-called Minister for Women? Where is Susan Ley, Minister for Health? Where is Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister? As much as I deplore Turnbull and Dutton’s action here, there are senior women in Parliament who are remarkably silent. Thank goodness more ALP members and senators are speaking out about the atrocities they are forced to ‘officially support’.

    I don’t think this should be a gender issue, it should be a human issue. It is yet another example of this government treating other humans as nothing more than disposable trash to help it stay in power.

  17. Roswell

    Cash has been busy telling public servants they’re out of touch with reality. She’d know.

  18. David

    Two words for Cash…contempt and loathing

  19. Terry2

    Maybe I’m being naive but I’m giving PM Turnbull the benefit of the doubt – at least for the moment.

    Turnbull is a person who respects the rule of law and what we have just seen – in the act of flying this young woman out of reach of Australian courts and the protection of our legal system – is a flagrant act of contempt of our courts by Peter Dutton and his department. To Dutton, this comes as second nature, he would have been schooled in flouting the courts and our judicial system as part of his indoctrination as a Queensland copper. But it would be abhorrent to everything Turnbull, as a barrister and servant of the courts, has stood for so far.

    Before we jump to judgement on our new Prime Minister I suggest we wait until he returns from NZ and has a chance to address this act of bastardy so analogous of the Abbott era.

    Over to you Malcolm (and Lucy).

  20. David

    So Terry2 do I take it from your faith in this PM who carries some heavy baggage with him from a previous life Gretch, utegate and is already excelling in the loose with the truth stakes, was completely anaware of this woman’s situation until social media and refugee advocates made so much noise Dutton, who is responsible to the PM, finally got off his chuff and reluctantly allowed her to be brought to Australia for medical assessment and counseling.
    Whatever his Ministers get up to, in whatever capacity, the buck stops with him. I stick to my earlier comments, which I take, you disregard.

  21. diannaart

    I had to listen to media reports before I could make out what had actually happened to this young woman. She wanted counselling, was refused counselling and then returned to Nauru without any support, understanding and blamed for missing an abortion deadline!!!!!!?????!!!!

    She needed help, before any medical intervention – she had been raped – FFS why would she be expected to go in for further invasion without the support of people who actually understand what being a human is like?

    Cannot believe…. actually I can, I know from personal experience how powers-that-be will twist anything said or assumed into something else entirely… enough about that.

    Who is more at fault? Turnbull/Dutton or the scant few women in the Liberal pack?

    All of ’em.

  22. Geoff Andrews

    .. not to mention Kelly O’Dwyer and that woman looking after da fence, Eva.

  23. mars08


    Turnbull is a person who respects the rule…

    So far as I can tell, the government’s nasty, inhumane treatment of “Abyan” falls within Australian law. In the same way as everything that Hitler did between 1925 and 1945 was considered legal under German law.

    BTW…. it’s 2015 and Godwin’s Law can get stuffed…

  24. trishcorry

    An excellent piece. Thank you.

  25. paul walter

    No, Terry. This capitulation of Turnbull, probably imposed by the conservative right within the coalition (that’s the only weak excuse I can think of) happened at the end of the week, when bad news is released while the public soaks up the weekend. The coincidence is too great, it was contrived and is disgusting.

  26. Clean livin

    To think I was considering giving MT my vote. I thought he may be reasonable and responsible, but no, just another arsehole politician.

    Bye bye member for Dobell!

  27. Lesley

    When are you boys and girls going to grow up an APOLOGISE TO MOTHERS.
    Blow off the cobwebs and Start addressing correctly the medical, moral and emotional pain of MOTHERS.
    THE APOLOGY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT MOTHERS…… Not Joe Blogs or the grocer on the corner street.
    Investigate FULLY and CORRECTLY the abusive power of the Medical, churches, and Social Workers who profited from our TRAUMA.

  28. Steve

    Everything the LNP do disgusts me. They are a loathsome pack of sub-humans, oxygen thieves.

  29. xiaoecho

    Re: Daemon Singer

    Can we please put to bed the myth that ‘most people voted for the Coalition’ The coalition won the election on preferences. Labor were the party with the highest primary vote. The majority of Australians DID NOT vote for this government.,_2013

  30. Terry2

    Just to be clear : the department of Black Shirts knew that lawyers were seeking an injunction from the Federal Court to ensure that this young woman was not removed from Australia : Dutton arranged for an aircraft to fly her to Honiara, Solomon Islands (en route later to Nauru) before any pre-termination counselling could take place.
    The Federal Court have since stated that they had no jurisdiction – i.e. she had already been removed from Australia and thus from the court’s jurisdiction.

    I am incredulous that this could happen in Australia without being considered contempt of court and I cannot believe that our Prime Minister would be complicit. I may still be proved wrong but I hope not.

  31. guest

    So here we are getting very upset about a single event which adds to the list of bizarre events perpetrated by this Coalition government in the past two years. But beyond the Nauru-Manus debacle there are other matters to disturb us as well.

    We are yet to hear of the real costs and delays in the roll-out of the diminished NBN while Turnbull was Minister. Now we have the matter of the Cayman Island tax haven. Is Turnbull a leaner? We remember, too, how Turnbull spoke against Abbott for Abbott’s failure to address economic matters in our country before the spill and yet stands up in Parliament as PM and praises Abbott for the great foundation Abbott has laid going forward.

    And then there is the matter of Climate Change. Turnbull made agreements with Labor in the past about dealing with Climate Change, but now has Greg Hunt as Minister with the Direct Action plan as policy. So why is Turnbull allowing Hunt to get away with the coming Adani mine in Queensland? If the Adani mine company succeeds in doing what it hopes to do, the burning of the coal produced will knock the DA policy into a cocked hat. If the proposed mine does not succeed, the project will be a very expensive stranded asset. There is also the fear that the operation of the mine will have deleterious effects on the environment, including the Great Barrier Reef.

    Then we have other matters still to come to fruition. Free Trade Agreements are notorious for allowing the big corporations an inordinate amount of power and advantage.

    There seems to be little hope that earlier promises for the building of submarines in South Australia will be fulfilled.

    Meanwhile, we have the impending collapse of the car industry in Australia through lack of subsidies. (although subsidising Adani is apparently acceptable)

    There was very a large list of gaffes, lies, misinformation, flip-flops and stuff-ups compiled in the Abbott era. It looks as if the Turnbull era could produce an interesting list as well.

  32. gangey1959

    What a complete disgrace our representatives are
    What turnbullshit and dutton have done deserves the worlds condemnation.
    @Mars08. Re A few days ago Malcolm Turnbull told the nation: “It is not compulsory to live in Australia, if you find Australian values are, you know, unpalatable, then there’s a big wide world out there and people have got freedom of movement… ”
    He has plenty of un-taxed cash squirreled away in the Caymans. He is the one who, by his very actions has found Australian values unpalatable. He is the one who should just piss off outta here. And take his COALition mates with him.

  33. mars08

    @gangey1959… I believe that taking advantage of a tax rort as close to as Aussie as you can get in the 21st century. Certainly excites the suburban aspirationals!

  34. Rossleigh

    Um, Andrew, sort of like the Independent/Green/ALP coalition which Abbott thought was illegitimate?
    No wonder the Liberals had to remove him, he also didn’t understand how the system worked. I guess you’d approve of that.
    But then I notice that you don’t have a capital “A” for your name, so it seems that you don’t understand how the English language works…
    Your surname wouldn’t be “Bolt” by any chance?

  35. Möbius Ecko

    andrew it’s obvious you know little of the Coalition as they do run against each other in seats. Liberals, especially at the State level, specifically target NP seats as they are often pissed off that Nats get senior portfolios and DPM out of proportion to their votes only due to keeping Libs in power.

    For example Kennett in Victoria all but wiped out the Nats for a while to the point Victorians couldn’t name the the Deputy Premier.

    Seem to me the person calling others idiots is projecting here.

  36. David

    I was going to respond in a few well chosen words to the troll andrew re his imbecility over the Nauru rape. I see however the comment has disappeared. The troll should be grateful

  37. Florence nee Fedup

    Andrew not unusual for police to say no rape. Rape in many cases comes down to the woman’s words.

    They say no sperm or injuries.

    They say she wouldn’t cooperated.

    Wonder how they know the above,

    One thing for sure, that baby has DNI. There wouldn’t be many suspects among a small population on a small island.

    This woman has hostroy of being raped or in danger being raped before she fled her country.

    This woman has reacted to the pregnancy in a way that has put her health and life in danger.

    Even Dutton said she was unfit to travel.

    Losing over 10 kilos in short period time. Being near unconscious when they intervened with medical treatment.

    None on the Island appear to trus the hospital, regardlress money Dutton said has been spent.

    Many are showin signs trauma.

    These, I believe are facts.

  38. annamccormack3

    Good piece except for the first sentence of the final par. I’m fed up with people from the right and the left making false claims about what feminism is and what feminists do. The author has NO IDEA of the work feminists are doing in this space. But feels fine about trying to alienate and denigrate activist women. Listen, learn, understand before making silly claims about people whose politics you have no clue about J Wilson.

  39. Jockster

    I consider Dutton to be below the level of pond scum. Always have. The most recent product of the most violent and corrupt police force since the Rum Corps. Turnbull, well I suggest you read his Wikipedia entry to see who his mates are and dispel the self made man bulldust. Didn’t hurt to marry old Tom Hughes daughter either. As for the coalition women, except for Marise Paine they are as bone headed and unpleasant as the men they replaced. Fiona Nash and Michaelia Cash are both airheads. This is a rubbish government with a second rate opposition. One post talks about Turnbull’s respect for the law. Hmm he worked for Goldman Sachs, that concept would be impossible.

  40. Sen Nearly Ile

    Their god absolves these typical men, especially for their actions against women.
    Women loom large in the electorate and it may be hard to believe but millions voted for the coalition secure in the belief that gillard was a disaster. Equally secure in their religious belief of their god given affliction which makes them inferior, in society, outside the home.
    Strong in their belief that a life has been saved and motherhood of an innocent child will overcome the trauma of rape,
    These men operate in the sphere where the women are compliant or exceptional. Where women are vehement against quotas because that would demean their accomplishment “in getting there on their own”.
    When I listen to the vicious screechings of michaelia cash I remember she was the woman in the two man team of the ministry for women.
    The men of the coalition and of religion are frightened that women will form a political block and act like men. Oh how I wish a pankhurst could be found to realise that fear.

  41. Georgina Curr

    Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. If not intentional, Turnbull has taken ill conceived advice from Dutton. This young woman has not only been violated by her own country Somalia, then by Naurans and now she has been violated by Australia. I thought we were better than that, didn’t you??? Watch for her name on the list of deaths in Nauru, it will be on Turnbulls head.

  42. RosemaryJ36

    No man can ever know what it is to become pregnant as a result of rape by a stranger. For a woman whose culture does not look kindly on rape – it must be the woman’s fault – and where hospital procedures relating to late term abortion are unknown and frightening, this woman must by now be totally suicidal and desperate. And all she sought was a safe haven. Any Australian who can countenance this government’s actions in this matter is not worth knowing. And if politicians of any denomination do not speak out against the government then they should be voted out of office.

  43. Deanna Jones

    Annamccormack3, you are right. Many of us have been raising awareness of the most significant of feminist issues, that of all forms of violence against us, for many years now. We use social media and other internet platforms and we put up with all kinds of male abuse for this. A snipe at those males rather than us would have been a fairer idea.

    As to Abyan, I have just scanned the SMH and can see no sign at all of anything to tell the australian people about this governments latest atrocity. For shame, MSM.

    The women supporting women on Nauru group is holding a protest at the dep of immigration tomorrow at 12.30. Perhaps AIMN could promote this?

  44. Jennifer Wilson

    annamccormack3, I have a a great deal of knowledge about the work feminists are doing in this area, and have had for a few decades.

    My comments are directed towards *media* feminists, and women who co-opt feminism as a lifestyle choice.

    There are many who describe themselves as feminists, with platforms, who will not speak one word about this issue, or about child sexual abuse, or about domestic violence. These “feminists” have, IMO, denigrated the word to the degree that it barely means anything anymore. My objection to and critique of this popular brand of “feminism” is entirely appropriate and personally informed, having been publicly slandered by them for my own position.

    If you know you are not one of them there is no need for you to take offence.

    An ideology that cannot withstand self-examination is on the road to extinction via the avenue of co-option by the hegemony. I think the comments you’ve made to and about me are representative of the very fighting I appeal to feminists to cease, in the light of a desperate and bigger picture.

  45. Deanna Jones

    My apologies, it is the refugee action coalition sydney holding the snap protest.

  46. mars08

    Deanna Jones:

    …I have just scanned the SMH and can see no sign at all of anything to tell the australian people about this governments latest atrocity. For shame, MSM…

    Ha! What did you expect? It’s the weekend, and the SMH is entirely focused on sport and the real estate market… as usual.

    That said, I doubt that any story appearing in the msm would catch the attention of the average reader/viewer. When it comes to the suffering of asylum seekers, the Australian public has been thoroughly poisoned and desensitised by 13 uninterrupted years of government misinformation and media hysteria. Sadly, most Australians couldn’t care less.

  47. Adrianne Haddow

    While we permit these gross inhumanitarians to remain in government, the argument about feminism seems to derail the whole issue.

    This is about a revolting ex-cop being put in charge of humans who have no rights, no hope and no future in his eyes and the eyes of his colleagues. Sir Scotch Mistrey wrote a very accurate character description of the mind set of this creature in a post last week.

    The agenda for these neo conservatives who profit nicely from the mess they helped create in the middle east makes no distinctions about individual circumstances. Crimes against women and children don’t affect this soulless creature and his party. It is all about playing to the fear they engender amongst the flag wrapped cretins who voted for them.

    The ABC reports Turnbull as saying the victim decided not to go ahead with the termination, therefore had no reason to stay in Australia.
    Meanwhile a previous report (ABC) stated that the Nauru police intend to charge Abyan with falsely reporting rape so perhaps the hasty removal of this young woman had something to do with getting her back to face those charges.

    The fact that these asylum seekers are treated with such contempt by the Australian government is reflected in the treatment they receive from the men who are natives of that hell island.

    It is time for all good people to stand up to this fascist government, inundate their Facebook pages, clog up their emails, don’t let them get away with this whitewashing of their despicable acts which are performed in our names.

  48. Deanna Jones

    Adrianne, agree with much of what you have said above. Your initial assertion that arguing about feminism derails the issue is one that you have not qualified.

    mars08, exactly what I did expect, sadly. But I won’t stop being critical of something just because it was expected. I fully expect the announcement of the 70th australian woman to die by way of violence, any day now. It is what I expect but I will continue to challenge things that maintain the status quo or existing social order instead of just shrugging and expecting them.

  49. Adrianne Haddow

    Deanna Jones, my point re feminism is that these Issues go beyond feminism.
    The acts perpetrated by this government deal with a lack of humanity.
    Yes, it is about enforcing men’s will on women, in this particular case, but it is also about enforcing this government’s will on both men and women.
    To turn this discussion into an argument about which style of feminism one aspires to, makes it about us and takes the focus away from the plight of this sad, abused young woman and the crimes against humanity which this government is committing.

  50. diannaart

    Our government could not grant a place of quiet where Abyan could recuperate from the unimaginable stress of living on Nauru, a place where she could consider her options (pitiful though they are) with the aid of sympathetic counsellors (not bureaucrats!).

    Instead she was told, “not ready to have an abortion straight from the plane? Well back to the camp for you, where you can face false rape claims as well”.

    All this woman did was to flee danger, instead was sent into further danger at Nauru, where she experienced further abuse… I can’t even begin to consider how Abyan can recover from what has been inflicted upon her simply for her having the temerity to escape. Don’t we admonish women to flee abuse all the time, then blame them when they don’t.

    A lone woman of Somalia damned for each and any decision she makes.

    Both the LNP and Labor have created this road to nowhere for innocent men, women and children…. words fail…

  51. Jo

    Feminists in Newcastle have fought back and waged war at Dutton and Turnball. Today women gathered at Fort Scratchly, Newcastle which is a war memorabilia venue high on a hill overlooking the city and the coastline. It is a place with many cannons. One cannon actually fires at 1pm each day. We were told we should not go in with our placards “Bring back Abyan – Women’s Action for Refugee Rights” as it was too political. They even called the police. We went in anyway. We were in complete solidarity with Abyan and each other. We recommend women all over the country do the same. Join the page, meet with other women and post your pictures of actions for the govt, media and all to see.

  52. Deanna Jones

    Adrianne, I don’t think we are talking about Feminism per se. It is possible to view any and all social justice issue through a feminist lens.

    Jo, nice work. There is a protest in Sydney today at the department of immigration.

  53. mars08

    How amazing was the Caulfield Cup? I see there’s been a lot of deadly brown snakes spotted in SE Queensland in the past month. Whitney and Andrew are blitzing it on “The Block”, aren’t they? What’s everyone doing for Halloween? The neighbour’s pug dug up their flower garden yesterday.

    There’s so much going on in Australia. It’s really hard to keep track of it all.

  54. paul walter

    Mars has forgotten the real issue..why Brad is sleeping with Dorian behind Josie’s back, in Home and Away.

  55. mars08

    Oh wait… Brad is doing what??? That’s un-straaayn, mate!

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