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Trump! Words Fail Me… And Him.

Well, it’s been an interesting week. We had that moment where the Turnbull government and the ABS achieved consensus on the cause for the problems with the census. Yes, they certainly put the “con” back into consensus. Serial idiot Neil of Sydney complained that this just showed how terrible the lefty public service were, which is strange because Turnbull and the ABS were blaming IBM for the whole fiasco.

Whatever, I’m wondering if Turnbull’s tactic of getting angry and blaming someone else will the way that the Liberals approach everything from hereonin… Oh silly me, that’s all they have. From Abbott blaming the Labor Party for everything from industrial accidents to deaths at sea to the GFC, and Hockey blaming them for his inability to make any progress in returning the Budget to surplus to Peter Dutton suggesting that the asylum seekers on Nauru were just reporting sexual abuse to make him look bad… I wonder if he used to try that line when he was a cop… Anyway, it’s modus operandi of the Liberal Party. (That’s latin, for the benefit of anyone like Neil of Sydney who has trouble dealing with anything that happens outside of Australia!)

And speaking of outside Australia, did you happen to catch Trump’s performance this week. Trump suggested that President Obama was the founder of ISIS. At a later interview where it was actually suggested that he meant that Obama created the circumstances which allowed them to develop, Trump insisted:

“No, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS. I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award. I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton.”

Now that would seem fairly clear to the average person. When I said that he was the founder, I meant that he was the founder.

Of course, we are talking Donald here. Or The Donald, as some refer to him. Personally, I would have thought that “The Donald” was Donald Duck, but I guess Trump is more deserving of a definite article than a cartoon character.

Anyway, apparently, when The Trump said that he wasn’t meaning people to take him literally. Like, he didn’t mean people to think that Obama was a person of Islamic faith who was trying to destroy America. No, no, no sirree. As The Candidate explained, he was being “sarcastic”, and it was all the fault of the media…

Mm, maybe he picked this up from Turnbull. When there’s a stuff-up and people might blame you, get very angry at somebody else and say that heads will roll… Although, that’d probably be a mistake when talking about ISIS because people might consider it tasteless.

To quote The Rump’s tweet directly:

“Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) “the founder” of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON’T GET SARCASM?”

Which is a strange accusation, because – apart from the fact that ending the tweet with a question mark tells us that Trump doesn’t seem to get punctuation – sarcasm means saying the opposite of what you mean. Sort of like when I say, “Andrew Bolt is a genius”. Clearly, that’s wrong and I’m using sarcasm to suggest that only someone who believes that the Liberal Party has no factions could seriously think that.

So it seems that The D.T. is the one who doesn’t understand sarcasm. I suspect that the word he was searching for was “hyperbole” where one exaggerates for effect, but I can’t be sure. I mean, The Trumpster goes back on what he’s saying faster than Turnbull changes taxation policy.

Whatever, we can be sure that words fail Trump. I’m waiting for him to suggest that it was Obama’s decision to invade Iraq that led to the planes flying into the twin towers.

But then, we still couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t sarcasm.

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  1. Labluv


    To refute trumps claim of sarcasm, the guy who wrote trumps book, “the art of the deal” , informs that trump has zero sense of humour and never jokes.
    I consider that a sense of humour is vital for a capacity for sarcasm.

    Also perhaps some intelegence which would exclude trump.

    The bloke who co- wrote the book, now informs it is the major regret of his life that he portrayed trump as competent and now acknowledges him to be a psychopath

  2. mark delmege

    Actually Obama and Clinton did create IS and continue to nourish it – from the prison camps to the arms deliveries – but if all you read is the beltway propaganda then I am sure you missed it. This is a ‘reserve army’ that has had many faces in many countries – and is an ongoing operation.

  3. Annie B

    “Personally, I would have thought that “The Donald” was Donald Duck, but I guess Trump is more deserving of a definite article than a cartoon character.”

    Nah – ya got that one wrong Rossleigh. Trumpf / Dumphf / Grumph is way way less than a cartoon character. And you should apologise to Donald Duck ( if you can find him ) …. for such a suggested character assassination.

    Poor Duck. … what did he ever do to deserve being put in the same boat as that … er … ( what-the-hell-ever) ….

    Guess I should leave it at that … 😛 😉

  4. John Boy

    Strangely everyone seems to enjoy the ignorant Irreverent Trump, Pauline Hanson or Tony Abbott for that matter.It seems the masses can’t distinguish between an insulting comedian,shock jock or a sociopathic politician.
    It,s all on TV and we watch it like some mindless sitcom that we laugh at then we turn the TV off and go on with our pathetic miserable lives because we are all so numb and dumb down.

    And the other reason people are enjoying all this as all our souls are so sick of hearing the same old rhetoric from the Major political parties.

    Because even if these people are ignorant f*cken bigots. They know these people are giving their own truths.
    What we seem to have a here is a communication problem as intelligent human beings cannott communicate their solutions in a manner that masses can understand. So we end up with the society we have now,

  5. mark delmege

    The thing is the real criminals in all this are the leaders in Washington and it doesn’t matter who is in charge – Democrats or Republicans are two sides of the one coin. The show goes on though just maybe Trump – as much as he is distasteful might break with that past if he had the chance– but he will never be POTUS for that very reason. Good video here if you want to know more on just one little operation involving Turkey – to give you a taste of what they are up to. Forget the MSM – they haven’t a clue – they are incapable, uninterested and not allowed to inform on what is really happening in the world. Think I’m nuts? Are you sure? I bet you think al Qaeda dropped a plane into the Pentagon – 9/11 and all that.. don’t you. You believed that didn’t you? Think again – something so obvious couldn’t possibly be a lie. Well it is. Do your own research.
    Anyway back to Turkey…

  6. Davidbruce

    There was an interesting note sent to me yesterday about Trump, Hillary and Kaine. It seems there is a plan. Hillary will be elected, but then, before inauguration, she will be indicted for whatever reason. Kaine can’t be appointed as president, so Obama and Biden will continue, as is. Trump is just another main stream propaganda distraction, similar to Beiber’s hair, Kardashian ward robe malfunction, or other trivia.

  7. wam

    As if trump is not scary enough, ‘sarcasm’??? donnie hasn’t a clue.
    Rossleigh knows ‘
    we still couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t sarcasm’

  8. Kronomex


  9. helvityni

    Thank you Rossleigh for NOT putting up a photo of Trump , I’m still reeling after having seen and heard Dutton mouth untruths on telly last night.

    I have to say that I detest him even more than Trump; after all Donald is over there somewhere, but Dutton is HERE.

  10. Steve Laing -

    Having lived in the US for a year, I can categorically state that most Americans struggle with both irony and sarcasm. It just goes right over their heads, and got me into trouble on more than one occasion! I once stated that someone was being cheeky, and they had no idea what I meant. An odd lot.

  11. Joan

    How could anyone mistake Don Trump for Don Duck ?? The Duck is a Genius….. compared to the Trump AND he has a decent hair cut .And he says what he means !!

  12. Sir ScotchMistery

    Many years ago, I met an idiot.

    He constantly performed a particular act, each time expecting a different result. I gave up discussing it with him eventually, but he was a particularly nice chap. Just stupid.

    I find it unfair on that idiot to have Kneel of Sydney cast in the same light.

  13. Wunfarlung

    You’re being a bit hard on Neil, Rossleigh
    You know the poor bugger isn’t the full quid
    Think of him as comic relief

  14. Annie B

    Steve Laing …

    I found the same thing while I was there – and that was decades ago. ,,, so nothing much has changed.

    They will NOT take helpful and well meaning advice at any price … not from ‘outsiders’ … they do not understand anything about humour unless it comes from something ‘made in Amaarica’ and they have little tolerance for ‘aliens’ ( visitors to their country !! ) unless they can call all the shots – personally. They can be very kind and considerate, but only as long as they see their self appointed rightful place – i.e. control over the underlings. As for irony, British, Australian or other humour – forgeddaboudit. … I believe there has been an increase in the showing of British humour in recent times, and that ( hopefully ) is a good thing. … I doubt however, that most of them would ever really ‘get it’.

    So very sad … but relates back to the way they are educated, which – from the cradle, is ‘everything American’ and nobody and nothing else, is worth consideration. They learn next to nothing about the rest of the world, although in fairness there are a % ( of the 324,000 + people there ) who pluck up the courage to depart their comfort zones and venture into travel or schooling in other countries – where they learn soooo much more. And it leaves them gobstruck. “There IS another world out there – Wow “.

    It has or is, coming back to hit where it hurts most ? But – as on a carousel, they go round and round and end up in the same spot – with : “Russians are evil” … “We are ‘exceptional’, unique and head the world”, “Nothing equals us in any way” … etc. etc. …. They are raised on these mantras. … They are taught this narrow-mindedness. ….. Not to mention ( while they do have remarkably adept and brilliant people in medicine, science, physics, etc) … they also ‘brain drain’ other countries with lucrative offers of places in University education, because from their vast population, there is just not enough.

    Is it any wonder then, that it is all coming back to bite them in the bum ?

    An extremely sad situation, and about to get sadder, I am loathe to suggest.

    p.s. I could tell many many stories of my time there, and my continued friendship with many, but it would take up waay too much space on AIM. !!

  15. Joe

    Serial Idiot Neil of Sydney. GOLD

  16. mark delmege

    As I said above, the US (Obama and Killery), created IS to serve a purpose and our media are in full support. Maybe you say the boy in the ambulance? This was an AMC media production – an outfit run by al Qaeda (aka IS) using the ‘white helmets’ and pushed by the ABC and SBS. I have been writing about this mob for a while. It is as plain as day for anyone following events but our state broadcasters continue to push al Qaeda propaganda.

    Ask why! Ask why both – actually all major parties except this state of affairs – even the Greens have said diddly squat. What game are they playing? And why are they so complicit in allowing the promotion of al qaeda propaganda into our homes? It’s a serious question.

    I’m posting a link from a conservative source but dont let that distract from what many others are also saying – others that is outside the MSM. The Imperial (fake) Left aren’t much interested but that is their problem.

    BREAKING: Julian Assange PROVES Obama Working With ISIS, Leaks Secret Memo

  17. mark delmege

    damn typos – sorry about that

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