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While Trump Doubts Russian Hacking, Bishop Is Certain That Socialists Brought Down Ley!

Yes, while some have expressed considerable doubts about CIA reports that the Russians attempted to help Trump, Brownyn Bishop is in no doubt that it was the “socialists” who are behind Sussan Ley’s troubles.

Personally, I’m inclined to believe the CIA in this case because, if there’s one thing that the CIA should be an expert on, it’s interfering in elections. I know that saying that I believe the CIA leaves me open to attack and that someone will suggest that I’m niave and a supporter of Hillary. Just as I’m sure that if I say that I think Donald Trump actually did “mock” that disabled reporter, someone will point out that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and how can I criticise Trump when America has such a terrible past.

So I’ve decided to move on from Trump for two reasons. The first is that any criticise of Trump seems to taken as an endorsement of his opponents. The second is that I’m worried that he may catch wind of me and respond by calling me “over-rated” and other nasty names and I’m a very sensitive guy. I’ve noticed that Trump still uses Twitter to attack to anyone who says anything bad about him. In fact, the only people he’s positive about are his supporters and Putin.

Anyway I was quite taken aback to discover that the “socialists” in Australia were still so powerful. As Bronwyn Bishop said:

“… I do know that there are socialists out there who want to attack free enterprise and anyone who sticks up for it. And I know that socialists, like alcoholics, will blame anyone but themselves. And whereas alcoholics can damage their own families, socialists can destroy the whole country.”

Now, as well as her renowned impulse purchase, Ms Ley – as Assistant Minister for Education – apparently had a couple of trips on New Year’s Eve to discuss the jobs network with Sarina Russo, a Liberal donor who runs Jobs Access, a training provider. Nothing suss in that. Why wouldn’t a busy woman feel it necessary to meet with the Assistant Minister during her gala party. I wonder if they took minutes…

Bronwyn Bishop went on to tell us that we should wait for the inquiry before rushing to any conclusions, because “I was within the rules, she was within the rules.”

So if I have this straight, the ex-Minister for Kerosene Baths lectures us that we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions because – without knowing any of the details – she can assure us that Ms. Ley was “within the rules” and it was the socialists who had brought her down. I also inferred that Bronny thought that the socialists may have had some role in her demise, too, although I was struck by the irony that she implied that it was the staff who made travel arrangements and that it’d be their fault if there was some problem.

Of course, this leaves the question of who are these socialists of which she speaks? How do we identify these “enemies of the people”? Right, well, Bronwyn listed three things: 1.They are responsible for her having to stand down as Speaker. 2. They never take any responsibility prefering to blame others. 3. They attack free enterprise.

Mm, well, I thought that it was Tony Abbott who asked her to stand down and it was Malcolm “Empty” Turnbull who didn’t put her in his new ministry. And it was the Liberal Party who failed to endorse her in the last election. Surely she’s not accusing them of being socialists!

But wait, she told us a couple of times that the socialists blame everybody but themselves. Didn’t Tony and Joe Hockey (remember him?) persistently blame Labor for their inability to get the Budget back in surplus. Actually, come to think of it, they blamed Labor for just about everything. And Malcolm has continued with this strategy, taking it to whole new heights with his election night speech where he not only blamed Labor for his poor showing, but also suggested that maybe they’d get the AFP in to investigate fraud over their campaign. Apparently, he was dissuaded from going down that path when it was pointed out that Labor might retaliate and they had a much better case because the Liberals had been fraudulently claiming that Malcolm was a leader.

So the first two boxes are ticked. But free enterprise? My understanding of free enterprise is that things are primarily left to the market with little government control.

We could conclude that the socialists were the current government if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re right behind “free enterprise”…

Except for wind farms. They’re ugly and unsightly. They certainly shouldn’t be subsidised. Not like fossil fuels which attract government help, because they’re “good for humanity”. Actually that doesn’t sound to free enterprisy!

Come to think of it, opposition to marriage equality is the sort of governmnet control that’s stopping a whole new market. Think of all the business same sex marriages would generate. Preventing seems pretty totalitarian to any true believer in the laissez-faire system.

And asylum seekers! How often have we heard the Liberals tell us that they were determined to “smash the people smugglers’ businsess model”? Yes, that’s the very antithesis of a free enterprise government. Indeed, they’re whole policy on people coming here by boat is the exact opposite to their policy on Health, where they encourage people to jump the queue by having private health insurance. Unfortunately, even their Health policy has socialist elements because they subsidise those with private health insurance.

All three boxes ticked. Yep, Bronny’s right. These socialists are ruining the whole country.


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  1. Steve Laing - makeourvoiceheard.com

    Damn those socialists! Damn them to hell!

    Good old Bronny! I’m glad she is still here to remind us that the Coalition is a safe haven for the intellectually impaired.

  2. economicreform

    As Noam Chomsky has accurately observed, Trump is all over the place on a range of issues. His plan do dismantle Obamacare without announcing an alternative program is worrying. And yes, he is racist, misogynist, narcissist, and has a tendency to speak without engaging his brain. Having said that, he has announced a commitment to an enhanced program of infrastructure spending, to tax reductions, and to dismantling the TPP. Those commitments, if implemented, would have a very beneficial effect on the overall health of the U.S. economy, would enhance the welfare and standard of living of the average citizen, and would reduce under-employment and poverty. Lets give him six months to see whether his actions can match his promises. What is very unclear at this time is whether Trump can survive, either politically or physically. The recent antics of Obama, the CIA, and indeed Trump’s enemies within his own party, seem to be signalling the possibility of an impeachment motion in the near future.

  3. Peter F

    ” I wonder if they took minutes…” I would suggest they took some hours.

  4. Kronomex

    The dead rictus grin of Bronnie Bishop hides the fact that she still has the shits (and of course it’s everybody else’s fault) that she got caught shoving her undead face into the neck of the public feed trough for so long. Sussan “Anabelle” Ley has been badly mistreated and deadite Bronnie wants to let us know that the lefties and socialists are to blame for her downfall. What a nasty, spiteful and petulant elitist.

    Drumpf has the all the emotional stability of a 16 year that happens to be inhabiting the murdered tribble and orange body of a 70 year old man. Will he make to the end of his 4 year term? No.

  5. 1petermcc

    I love the way Bronnie keeps popping up to remind us about taking responsibility while clearly not doing so herself.

    She is the gift that keeps on giving. Thinking about Kronomex’s comment, I suspect it is deliberate Abbott-like attempt to punish her Party. Either that, or she really is incredibly dumb. We may have to call for the developed print to make the final call on that photo finish.

  6. Rossleigh

    1petermac, as with many politicians, I suspect it’s not an either/or proposition!

  7. babyjewels10

    If only that were true. Socialists seem too lazy to get off their butts and fight off this creeping fascism. I hope that the day eventually comes that socialists have the power to throw out those who hold the people in such low esteem and respect that they rob them blind while removing, bit by bit, all the people’s services and assets. Bah!

  8. Graeme Henchel

    When one is Bronwyn Bishop

    When one is Bronwyn Bishop
    The rules do not apply
    When one is madame speaker
    One simply has to fly

    When one gets caught out rorting
    One does not apologise
    One simple turns one’s nose up
    One tells a few white lies

    When one’s obscene excesses
    Come to the public eye
    One simply ducks for cover
    One hopes it all will die

    When one’s party suffers
    From one’s haughty ways
    One digs one’s high heels in
    To make sure that one stays

    When the plebs remain so angry
    They want one to resign
    One feigns a fake apology
    To save one’s own behind.

    When one’s party is bleeding
    as one’s excesses turn to farce
    One’s snout gets taken from the trough
    to save one’s leader’s arse

    When one’s leader drops one
    One does not return his calls
    One simply waits for one’s first chance
    To kick him in the balls

    When one’s time is over
    One resists all calls to go
    One clings on to the very last
    One, is one, you know.

  9. Florence nee Fedup

    There is one window of hope. Is oldest President ever. Fear could be who replaces him.

  10. Steve Laing

    Brilliant yet again Graeme!

  11. helvityni

    …yes, Henchel is very good, makes me smile amongst all the misery and bad news.

  12. helvityni

    …as does Rossleigh, many thanks you two. 🙂

    ( is Bishop senior wearing real fur..? Detestable creature)

  13. Kim Southwood

    Totally in agreement with you, helvityni. Good to have a laugh through the grimness.

  14. Zathras

    I was born in a socialist public hospital, was educated in a socialist public school, travelled to work on socialist roads and was a consumer of socialist electricity and water utilities but nowhere did I receive any specific socialist-inspired training on how to topple capitalist MPs who get caught with their snouts in the socialist-paid-for trough.

    I have to assume it was all their own non-socialist work and an example to all us undeserving commoners.

    Apparently capitalism is fine unless you get caught.

    Never mind Bronnie, we’ll keep paying through the nose to keep you for the rest of your wonderful non-socialist life.

    Keep up the good and socially valuable work (you acerbic harridan).

  15. Jaquix

    Great words Graeme! Applies now to Sussan Ley, another one who “has to fly”. After all, has to keep her flying hours up to keep her pilots licence, might as well charge the public purse.

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