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Tony Is A Good Man (Part 2)

Just to show you futher evidence of how good Tony Abbott is, here’s a the letter to Fred Nile. (Click to enlarge)


Photo: Facebook screen shot

I wish to particularly draw your attention to the last comment:

“Marriage is about walking the same path together. It is a profound, rich and fulfilling journey that should draw out the better angels of our nature.”

Have we ever had a Prime Minister that talks about angels so often? But more importantly, we see through this simple paragraph, Abbott’s view on marriage.

It’s a journey.

Along a path.


Must be hard for him then, with Margie in Sydney, and no room for her at the Police Academy when she comes to stay. (No room at the Inn? If only she was a virgin, we’d have a real Christmas story there!)

Yes, I guess that’s why he opposing same sex marriage so strongly. Two people of the same sex can’t go on a journey together. Or walk down a path. It’d just be wrong. If you see two men or two women walking together today. Just tell them that it’s ok to walk together but not to have a journey. Or anything profound. Or rich and fulfilling.

And, if any of them should tell you to clear off and mind your own business, take ’em to court!

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