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Tony Abbott: the ‘million dollar’ man

It has been widely reported that in the last 12 months Tony Abbott has claimed more than one million dollars in expenses. Nobody from the mainstream media has cared (or dared) to tap Tony Abbott on the shoulder with a ‘please explain’ in spite of it being one of the hottest topics in the social and independent media.

The man is untouchable. He can do or says what he wants as far as the mainstream media is concerned.

But not with the rest of us. We have questions for him. We want to give him that little tap on the shoulder.

The only way we can do that, in the current media environment, is to use social media or independent sites to voice our concerns. It’s a waste of time voicing them on the mainstream media sites as they have no hope of people published.

Below is a letter to Tony Abbott from one very concerned citizen (thanks to I.M.M. for this anonymous source) and we are more than pleased to publish her thoughts. That’s what we like about independent media: the opportunity to be heard.

Dear Tony (pardon the pun),

I have asked myself many times what the hell the LNP think they’re achieving by keeping such a disliked man as their leader, a man many believe to be the biggest sleeze that Australia has ever imported, a man brimming in negativity who prefers circus stunts over political debate. It’s not as if the LNP could ever win government (in its own right) whilst the looney-right faction are running the Party so, without the possibility of an election win what on earth could be keeping you there?

Up until today I have taken the rationale, that with all the looney-rightwing rhetoric flying around the LNP Members must actually believe they are going to win (what a laugh!). Not so any more. No, instead it seems whether in power or not, our politicians are on a good gig, in fact a really good gig, indeed.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend copious amounts of other people’s money, especially if you can use it to further deceive the people and destroy the Gillard government along the way in an effort to gain power by any and all means necessary eh Tony?

Now Tony, I know you don’t like reading but just a quick glimpse of your expenses for the previous year will show you that you spent more than one million taxpayer dollars within the last year, most of which was put down as “office expenditure”.

Tony Abbott, just one MP, you, racked up 1 million dollars in expenses, in just 12 months.

Now I knew your old boss, friend and mentor John Howard presided over the most wasteful government in history but come on Tony, as his poster-child you are better than that aren’t you?

You and I know, when it comes to government “expenses” that means every single cent of it is OUR money being spent Tony.

It would be hypocritical for you to suggest you will “end government waste” Tony whilst at the same time you rack up ONE MILLION DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY ON GOD KNOWS WHAT, ALL BY YOURSELF! Well wouldn’t it Tony?

Not to mention all that pork you provide for your corporate mates, also at our expense mind you, but on top of that we taxpayers, and I do include you in that Tony, paid you $350,000+ in wages, even though you are simply “the opposition”.

Hell, you even charged us for your “volunteer work” expenses, and your circus stunts! Surely that is more than just a bit rich.

A pretty good lurk that one is eh Tony? Indeed.

I have to ask Tony, what has Australia gained now that you spent a million of our dollars over this past year on “office expenses”? Apart from a political wedge, driving a wrecking ball of no opportunity through our small business sector and the general economy, a constant negativity telling us all (consumers) how bad we have it now and constantly bringing down the chances of major success everywhere we look (all the while not coming up with any progressive legislation of your own) Tony. I repeat, what have we taxpayers actually gained here for that million dollars you spent?

I will take a leap here Tony and I will guess that much of that million dollars you claimed to have spent on “office expenses” was wasted on costs for “investigating” spurious AWU claims made up by known criminals, and of course there is the many other nefarious ways you have tried to bring down a Gillard government this year as well, isn’t there Tony?

How right could I be Tony?

It is rather sad watching you lead the LNP into demise Tony, taking away our chance of a credible opposition and very surprising that other factions within the LNP haven’t yet purged your particular mischievious faction from the Party altogether, if only to stop the constant downward spiral the LNP is in and to provide them some hope of the LNP being elected into power again.

Taking into account the right’s penchant for dirt digging I have considered your dirt unit may have too much information on some LNP Members which is keeping them quiet or from standing up against you bullies. I know one day we will find out the real reasons for their silence for sure.

Logical Australians accept you don’t have the numbers to get there on your own, let alone the integrity required of a PM. More than half the country abhors you Tony, it seems many more just ridicule you.

It is obvious to many that the only hope you have of actually gaining government in Australia is by bringing down the current Gillard government mid-course. Going with the Fraser/Whitlam tactic, hoping the Governor-General may replace her with you perhaps eh Tony, because you know, just like we do, another “regular” election cycle will mean yet another LNP loss?

With all this in mind Tony, during your faction’s quite serious attempts at bringing down our PM by any means possible, may I suggest you and your team take a serious lesson out of #AshbyGate. The lesson being that you and your ilk will never be above the law and you will most certainly be judged by all of your actions along the way.

Our justice system (as well as most Australians i’m sure) can see right through you Tony. Indeed we see right through the whole lot of you, the far-right looney faction of the LNP, and I for one do thank GOD for that!

Yours respectably,

There are many among us who have a similar story to tell. We will be more than happy to publish your story too and feel free to email them to us via the Contact Us facility.

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  1. Stephen

    I’m also concerned….for the sanity of the author of this drivel.

  2. Steven Subhash James

    there you are stephen, now tell me, whats it like to have a leader ? who is to scared to have a policy debate with our PM ? you know the him , he runs away from any difficult questions ! now do you have the guts to answer this question, or will you just carry on with garbage like you usually do ?

  3. eleanawi

    Typical Stephen, can’t understand the simplest logic. Logic = drivel. Ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Steven Subhash James

    yes stephen, your fearless leader is a coward ! or is he just plain stupid ? I think both ! and you know like attracts like… your a coward and stupid just like him !

  5. Michael Taylor

    Stephen, I will pass on your concerns. They are sure to be greeted with much hilarity.

  6. cuppa

    I love this blog.

  7. dave the brickie

    Try some betadene wash on your chin will help with that Liberal rash on it from your continued dribble.I notice you won’t allow any access to your site.Gutless like the LNP.

  8. Michael Taylor

    And we love you too, Cuppa.

  9. GeorgeMitchell

    I’m afraid I’m with Stephen here, not so much on the author’s sanity, but on his style. What is the point of publishing this? I have no truck with Abbott or the ship of fools that he captains, but this kind of writing won’t get anyone anywhere. It’s just smart-arsery. The author seems to have some knowledge of what look to be Abbott’s outrageously high expenses. In which case, a piece providing evidence – or a link to a credible source for the evidence – and putting serious questions might serve better than this.

    I know if I ever got a letter like that, light on evidence but heavy on sarcasm, I’d ignore it. I’ll bet those who you would like to read it will feel the same. You might get the standard reply from his office, but this sort of thing couldn’t be taken seriously and wouldn’t cause Tony Abbott a second of worry. He needs to be expose,d although that happening seems unlikely. I’m not sure that this sort of thing will do the trick and I’m not sure why you published it.

  10. GeorgeMitchell

    Sorry – I realise the author is a woman, not a he, and that you don’t spell expose,d with an apostrophe.

  11. mischmash1

    Love it! – Keep turning back the Abboatt!

  12. Michael Taylor

    George, it is the aim to publish stories on what people think, not to question their writing style. Sure, I could have tidied it up a bit, but I felt it best to leave it in its original state.

  13. GeorgeMitchell

    I should have put it better. It wasn’t the writing style or the question of tidying it up a bit that I had an issue with, but the tone. The author’s thinking is pretty obvious but the idea that writing anyone a letter like that would elicit a serious response is fanciful. That was my problem with it I guess. As you say, the aim is to publish what people think, and that is what I thought – nothing more.

  14. Carlos

    I agree with Stephen, I question the sanity of the writer.
    I will be clear and state that I really (really really) hope Labor win the next election, so Im not an evil bad guy…but this is article/letter is a boring, inarticulate, unconvincing rant. Piers Ackerman has binned better than this.
    Please try harder and don’t treat people your reaching out to in social media as idiots.
    Next thing in my feed as crap as this. Ill block you

  15. Michael Taylor

    Carlos, we can’t force you to read it.

  16. Michael Taylor

    And neither can we please everybody all of the time.

  17. Michael Taylor

    Point taken, George. But regardless, I’m happy to publish this person’s view. It is very frustrating for people to have their opinions binned by the mainstream media purely because they have a different agenda. On that note, have you seen some of the innane rants they publish if the opinions agree with theirs.

  18. GeorgeMitchell

    I sure have, way too many of them and it’s very concerning. That’s why I come to sites like this and thank God they exist. I guess the difference is that I rarely like what I read in much of the commercial press and, sadly, the ABC too these days, but I often like what I read here. This time I happened not too.

  19. Roswell

    I agree with George, and I agree with Michael. Does that make any sense?

  20. Fed up

    I have been asking for over three years, who has been paying for Abbott’s continuous

    These stunts, and they are no more than stunts happened at least five days a week.

    Who put the petrol in that fire truck, he took to the South Coast.

    No one seemed to care.

    I am sure, he did not cycle from state to state.

  21. Fed up

    Michael, I believe you might have hit a tender chord with this one,. Nothing like hitting the spot, to bring them out of the woodwork.

    This, added to another, listing day by day, expenses claimed by Abbott, on his charity bile ride, says it all.

    I suspect, there is much amiss with those who support Mr. Abbott.

  22. Wayne

    I lost interest after Dear Tony, even then it was obvious the author has a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, it’s really no wonder Juliar got into power when nut cases like them are allowed to vote. I just hope Labor don’t do the smart thing and cut Juliars strings and instal another muppet before the election, I’m not sure the people would actually fall for that again like when KRudd was knifed but then again, there are people out there with a few loose screws like the author of the letter, oh and the moron who published it.

  23. Bob Evans

    MSM, censorship by omission.

  24. Fed up

    Those who disagree so passionately maybe they could tell us why.

    Tell us what you disagree with.

    Look past the spelling errors, and read the context.

    To call a person such names, one should have good reason, and add why.

    I have noticed on most occasions, those that come in calling people morons, are unable to say little m

    I believe that the Liberal party are cashed up, and any electioneering, that Abbott has been doing for three years, should come out of their pockets, not the taxpayer.

    I say this, as Mr. Abbott has made a great thing of knocking back,a bill he agreed to, that was going to increase the taxpayer’s contribution.

    Sadly also in the bill were many other things that are badly deeded, such as more scrutiny of those who donate. Of course many in the Liberal party could not allow that.

    I do know one thing, if with substituted the PM name in this article, it would be across the front pages of every newsreader, and heard all day on the TV.

    PS. I know my English is lousy, and I have probably have typos. Don;t bother pointing them out.

    I ask, opnce again, what do you disagree with in the post.

  25. CMMC

    Abbott is just flaky. Everyone must have worked with somebody like him at one stage,lazy vacillating dill who can’t be relied upon for anything but always get promoted.

    Usually it turns out that he is the nephew or son-in-law of the CEO, and you just have to carry the sorry bastard and keep your mouth shut.

  26. Terence

    Michael, If these ‘allegations’ on Abbott’s expenses are correct and if there are any that are illegitimate or over the top then I would expect you to provide detailed documentation. I’m not necessarily doubting you but when we have Peter Slipper being dragged through the courts over $9000 in dodgy expenses then I think it is only proper that you provide evidence and hand it to the AFP.

  27. Marcus

    @ Wayne. Anyone who uses the term Juliar has immediately lost the right to be taken even remotrly seriously-as they’re clearly just puppets with Alan Jones’ hand up their @$$. Your beloved leader-& his clown of a flopposition front bench, lie almost *all* the time-yet we don’t hear LibTard trolls like berate them over it. Now, Wayne, why don’t you skedaddle back to that loony bin known as Menzies House, where you & your fellow LibTards belong?

  28. Joy Cooper

    Those that have been attacking the messenger seem to have not the slightest problem with Tony Abbott’s extortionate expense claims which I find astounding. The usual Liberal barrackers seem to think Abbott is beyond all scrutiny. Imagine if this were our PM’s office expenses claim.

    There is the widely held belief he allegedly claims for accommodation & expenses for his much hyped annual charity bike rides, Pollie Pedal. This is not only against the “rules” of the charity ride but also questionable in regard to claiming for “work” expenses while doing something in your own time. There is also the question of charging the taxpayer for his accommodation & expenses when doing his promotion of his scintillating opus “Battlelines”. Sure he probably threw in a chat or two with local people to make it look as though he was also “working” but it was still a tour to promote his book.

    This is the point. Not whether you think the letter from the heart is a fine piece of writing or that it fits your political ethos. Wayne is a fine example of rabid right wing scumbaggery but he has a right to spout his brand of pure crap even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with the original post.

    The writer of this article was rightly furious at these exorbitant expense claims & I do heartily agree with their sentiments. These claims should be forensically scrutinised, as should those from previous years, to see how much of them are truly work-related or are just campaigning in disguise. Remember the mini-campaign??

  29. Marcus

    @Terrance. Oh yeah, give the evidence to those “Keystone Cops” who are still too lazy to investigate the very serious allegations surrounding Ashbygate. What the *hell* would that achieve?

  30. Joy Cooper

    Terence, there is one zero too many in the amount you say Peter Slipper has been charged with the alleged misuse of cab charges. It is $900 NOT $9000. Big difference which is why these charges appear to be politically motivated.

  31. Marcus

    Also, Terrance, whether these expenses were trchnically within the “rules” is irrelevent. What *is* relevent is that no government MP would be able to get away with such expenses without the MSM going over it with a fine tooth comb-so why no similar scrutiny of Abbott? Especially as Abbott is the one who keeps banging on about “waste”. Let him clean up his own house first.

  32. Möbius Ecko

    I also agree with George and Michael.

  33. CMMC

    When is NSW Finance Minister Greg Pearce going to be arrested and strip-searched?

  34. thelegendone

    most of what he does, int it for chairty ie the pollie pedal, VOLUNTEER fireman??? if julia gillard even claimed a dollar there would be an outcry by this loser and he’d have her sacked while pryssy pyne stops QT to ask her to explain.

  35. Roswell

    If anybody doesn’t know about Abbott’s extravagant spending habits then I’d suggest they’ve been asleep for the last six months.

  36. Roswell

    Möbius, I love the irony. It is also refreshing.

  37. helenmarg

    Unbelievable that he can get away with this.I beg everyone not to vote for this despicable lot. I wonder how many fires he has fought.Fancy wanting to be paid for Pollie stunts. Any one else would do it for nothing.Please think before you vote. I do not agree with everything the government has done but the alternative would be horrific.Imagine pyne connected to education.

  38. Roswell

    Pyne connected! Now there’s a laugh.

  39. staffordhall

    Pyne connected to anyhting is a laugh!

  40. Min

    The thing which I dislike is the attitude of entitlement which Abbott has displayed throughout his public life. It’s all a personal ego trip for Tony Abbott – best explained by there being two sets of rules, one for Tony and one for the rest of the world.

  41. Joy Cooper

    Yes, Min, Abbott certainly has the sense of entitlement in spades as do most of the Coalition, especially his shadow ministry.The only reason he wants to be PM is the “power”, salary & perks, not for any altruistic reasons. He has no talents worthy of a gig in the top paying echelon of business or law as his previous non-political employment wasn’t much to crow about. Sure hasn’t utilised his top-of-the-line education.

  42. cuppa

    MSM Watchdog:

    This article is from 2010. Howard leads the pack in former PM payouts. Looks like it is a Liberal Party tradition to be profligate spenders.

    I did some research on that one some time ago. Howard has topped the Most Expensive ex-PM stakes for several years running. 2013’s figures aren’t out yet (to my knowledge), so will be watching with interest to see if he maintains the title.

    2012. Howard the most expensive. Other ex-Liberal PM, Malcolm Fraser, comes second.

    2011. Howard the most expensive. Other ex-Liberal PM, Fraser, comes second.

    2010. Howard the most expensive. Fraser second.

    2009. Howard the most expensive. Fraser second.,27574,25869725-421,00.html

    “Stop The Waste”

  43. Fed up

    Mini campaign that has gone on for three years????

    I ask once again, who is paying for it?

    I am sure that Michael has taken those figures from public records.

  44. Möbius Ecko

    Don’t forget folks, and those lamely trying to stick up for Mr Privileged Abbott, that Abbott also claimed for expenses whilst going around the country promoting his book.

    In no way was that related to his job and was purely a rip off of the tax payer for personal gain in promoting an enterprise that is also for personal gain.

    As others have pointed out the hypocrisy from the right, as it always has been, is astounding. If any Labor, or indeed non-Coalition, member had attempted a fraction of what Abbott gets away with the right wingers, MSM and Coalition would be up in arms demanding sackings and an election.

    For some totally unfathomable reason it’s perfectly OK for the leader of the opposition to rort and scam the tax payer for any amount of money, but heaven help anyone else outside the Liberals and their toadies who get one cent wrong in their figures.

    Imagine if these were the facts:

    Keating the most expensive ex-PM year on year ever. Far more expensive than all other ex-PMs combined year on year.

    Gillard as LOTO runs the most expensive opposition leader office ever, more expensive on every front except for foreign travel than the PM’s office.

    The outcry would be deafening, so how come there’s no deafening outcry in that those horrific waste of tax payers monies are being undertaken by two Liberal leaders?

  45. Min

    Joy, Abbott personifies the expression *because I can*. This is not politics, this is looking at the character of the person. And this is what has happened this election cycle – the person who believes that he is beyond all censorship (and we all know of the psycho reaction which happens whenever he is caught out), combined with a media who believes that irrespective of the leader, irrespective of right or wrong, irrespective of Australia’s future, that it’s win at all costs – then we have the leader *perfect* for the occasion, someone with no conscience.

    Yet there are some caught up in the thrawl of it all, people who perhaps a little more gullible than most who cannot see beyond the surface – who forget about past performances – who perhaps optimistic that all will be right in the end, will think let’s give Tony a chance to prove himself.

  46. Joy Cooper

    Oh so very true, Min. There are those who have swallowed, holus-bolus, the MSM hagiography, particularly from the Murdoch rags, that Abbott is an outstanding husband & father, a giver of himself, freely, to the community with volunteer works & charities galore & is pure of heart with a driving ambition to return Australia to its former glory,. Hallelujah!!!

    God, it made me ill just typing that crap.

  47. Waz

    Julian is evil and delusional, she reminds me of Adolf Hitler, now holed up in her bunker refusing to concede defeat and soon the Russians (Shorten) will blow her up, the only question is will she show the same guts as Hitler and pull the trigger before the Russians (Shorten) gets to her? Watch out Juliar, the Puppet Master is coming for you and will dispatch you as ruthlessly as he dispatched KRudd.

  48. Min

    Waz..come on there, get a’s just politics. 🙄

  49. cuppa

    Waz desperately wants the Liberals to WorkChoice his grandkids and loved ones.

  50. Heather

    Talk about right-wing nut jobs, Waz or Wazza. Crawl back under your rock please.

  51. Bob Evans

    Lol Waz, wrong blog mate. Bolts blog is just down the road there. Open arms and other fellow mendacions await.

  52. Min

    Joy, a case of where the publicity is about as far from the truth as is possible. But aside from all that and the cult of personality which is mostly manufactured anyway, the thing that I want to know is Policy and with a capital P.

  53. doctorrob54

    Oh Heather you are far to kind,Waz or Wazza or WANKA, Adolph Hitler and the Russians,this is the twisted mentality of a true blue Coalition loony,when the last example of dictatorship in this country was when JWHoward controlled the house of reps and the senate.This must never happen again.

  54. Stephen

    Thanks for passing on my concerns Michael. I’m also a bit worried about Waz down the bottom. I would reply to Steven James but couldn’t make sense of the comment.

    Dave the brickie, you can’t access my site because I don’t have one. I have a job and a family. Far better ways to spend my time than running a website which 3 people would read. Does everybody have a website on here? So lame.

  55. CMMC

    Concern trolling is very concerning.

  56. Waz

    Waahhhhh wahhhhh, the nasty MSM won’t say anything nice about Juliar, just the truth so I will make a website and write pro Labor propaganda and call it Independant Media!
    Boo hoo, ding dong the witch will soon be dead, I do hope she makes it to the election, I want to see her cry and call all the voters mysoginists.

  57. Fed up

    Waz, I believe you are going to wait a long time to see this man cry.

    She is not Rudd, or most of the males, that have been beaten in the past.

    The one I am dying to see beaten is Abbott. Just hope there is no glass around when he does.

    I still Saviour the first time, that Howard did not win. Was a delight to see.

    Come to think of it, Abbott did not take it too well the last time. Still throwing tantrums after three years. Same goes for Rudd, when one takes time to think.

    No the PM might lose, but see her cry, I think not,.

    I also believe not many here will be tears. Yes disappointed and concern for the country’s future, but not into crying.

    What one does, when beaten, is congratulate the winner and wish them luck.

    One then starts training for the next event.

    There is always another day.

    That is the difference between adults, and those who behave like immature adolescents.

  58. CMMC

    Waz, I did write elsewhere about the difference between bullfighters and bullshitters.

  59. Bob Evans

    so I will make a website and write pro Labor propaganda and call it Independant Media!

    And you probably think you are reading “news” and not “views” when you read Murdochs manifesto.

  60. socksfullofsand

    Office expenses is such a broad category of costs.
    It would be interesting to know how much of that million dollars actually covered printing costs. And how much of that printing consisted of electioneering material for use in marginal seats not currently held by the LNP.

  61. Ana Milosevic

    Tony has been SPONGEING of the TAXPAYER for a LONG, LONG TIME.

  62. CS still censored

    andyrob65 wrote:

    This was back in 2012. Can not wait for this years figures.

    No Rob, that was 1 January to 30 June 2011.

    The latest figures available for Parliamentarians Reporting is 1 January to 30 June 2012. And the results (of course) blow this silly article out of the water.

    Gillard: $778,204.08
    Abbott: $471,123.80

    Whoops-a-daisy. Another Labor smear campaign runs headfirst into the facts.

  63. doctorrob54

    Not at all Wazza,all we want is the same scrutiny applied to all,Slipper $900dollars ,Reith no explain $50,000.Nothing about Ashby/Brough using courts for total BS,I know you don’t give a shit so I’ll just wait for your congratulations after JG wins election and Juliar Bishop remains opposition deputy,Turnbull new opp.leader and Abbott peddles to the fire station and becomes apprentice firemen.

  64. Waz

    I was at the shopping centre the other day and a woman was looking for a parking spot ..I was standing near a disabled bay and I waved her in…she yelled at me and said ..I’m not disabled !! And I said sorry love i saw the ” I love Julia Gillard” sticker on your bumper !!!

  65. Waz

    AND the Slipper thing is a POLICE matter, are you saying that the Opposition decide who the police investigate and prosecute….idiot

  66. Waz

    doctor rob, I believe your delusional, Juliar will suffer the biggest election loss in history IF she makes it to the election.

  67. doctorrob54

    Thanks for your reply Waz,we wil see after Sept.who is the most delusional.Your continuous repetition of A Jones terminology re JG does not give you much credibility,cheers.

  68. Justphill

    I have been asking myself for three yrs who was paying for the cost of our PMs shadow Tony Abbott. He has been to nearly all her overseas visits either before or after & I was of the belief that the expense for these trips should be accounted for through donations (declared), LNP funds (declared) or out of his own pocket which I’m sure he can afford on his salary. Now I know, he has been stealing it off every Australian. Put this with the revolt he was demanding re: the Slipper affair says to me that he is nothing but a traitorous, lying thief that expects the Australian people he has lied to, stolen from & destabalised for 3yrs to elect him to run our country. I hope every Australian wakes up to his antics before 14 Sep or we will all need his gods help.

  69. rwthorne

    CS – I just had a look at your links. Sure Gillard’s raw figures are higher, but when you remove travel expenses (which is fair given that as PM she must travel) then it looks as though Abbott still beats her. His expenses are more than $200,000 above hers. Look at a comparison of office expense facilities: Gillard $48,600, Abbott $154,600.
    How do you like those facts, CG?

  70. Joy Cooper

    Rwthorne, you most likely will not get a response from CS. Like 99% of Abbott’s enablers they tend to be allergic to such truths.

    They prefer to fiddle data to suit their narrative & don’t accept any other version apart from their own. Obdurate comes to mind as a perfect description.

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