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  1. CMMC

    He sure enough leads a party of Munchkins.

  2. Möbius Ecko

    So the story I heard on the news this morning is that the government is going to compromise on some of their major budget measures and significantly pare them back.

    Abbott’s smoke and mirrors at play yet again, and watch the spin that comes out of it.

    Abbott has always been without conviction, swaying whichever way a perceived populist move swings him, and here it is on show again.

    From well before the budget was released we were conditioned for a hard budget that was according to the government absolutely necessary to save the nation. Only second to Hockey in this spin was Abbott often spouting his conviction and steadfastness that this was absolutely necessary and he wouldn’t compromise in any way. How often have we heard that from Abbott only to see him not only compromise but often completely back down and reverse direction in another smoke cloud of spin.

    And here we have it again, back downs on policies that could not be compromised in anyway as they were vital to saving this nation. We saw it with the touted as his signature policy of PPL where he made a tokenist reduction, but nonetheless a backdown on something he said he would never compromise on.

    So apparently the nation is now not in the dire situation that had them saying just a few weeks ago that any compromise was inalienable. But watch the spin come out of it portraying Abbott as a saviour, a man who can compromise for the good of the people he loves so dearly. I believe if they take the opposite tact of spinning it as a forced compromise that will be doom and gloom for Australia will backfire.

    On another part to this I picked up this morning. It was pointed out by Kaye from memory that Hockey gifting $8.8 billion to the RBA out of the blue was a gamble on the Australia dollar going down.

    That gamble might be paying off. An economist on ABC New Breakfast this morning stated that the budget has had a direct effect on the Australian dollar and it has gone down appreciably because of it. The Australian dollar is predicted to go down if the budget is passed as it stands.

  3. Matters Not

    Möbius Ecko said:

    heard on the news this morning is that the government is going to compromise on some of their major budget measures and significantly pare them back

    That he would ‘cut and run’? While I agree that he is without ‘principle’, I think this time he nailed his colours to the mast, so to speak. His credibility among his supporters would be shot, along with the already loss of credibility among the average punter.

    Would he want to be seen as losing to the ALP et al?

    PS, I hope it’s true.

  4. Rob Alan

    Yes, we know the compromise or fall part of the game is coming. Gotta fill the next few years with some thing right?

    I do have an idea Abbott would like, coz it involves the free of accountability market.

    Does anyone out there have the phone number of that firm used to out our elected govt of Geoff Whitlam? I’m thinking we the people could pass the hat around.

  5. Fed up

    Just seen a shot of Obama being offered some food, handing over a twenty dollar bill to staff, saying he never accepts free food.

    Illustrates what is wrong with this PM and government.

    When one looks at the present ICAC inquiries, they seem to have lost the ability to know what is right and wrong. When it comes to politics, the prudent pollie knows it is abut perceptions.

  6. Fed up

    The senate hearings, over the next few months will be compulsory watching for those that care. I suspect, even with the new senators, the government will not get control there.

  7. Fed up

    What seems to be emerging, is the fact, this is a big spending budget. All that is changed, have been the priorities. We at the bottom are being asked to pay for this governments excesses.

    We are being asked to take less, so Abbott down the track lowers both company and personal tax.

    Both moves benefits only those on the top.

    They already have more, with years of sluggish wage growth. They seem to want the whole pie.

    Abbott is moving government expenses and debts to the private sector, to the individual.

    He is making health and education more expensive to the nation in the process. Only difference is that government no longer pays.

    Yes, we are being conned.

  8. Fed up

    Was listening to Dutton at AMA conference. He has a very good speech writer indeed. Would love to hear the address that Catherine King gave, Would like to hear both in full.

  9. scaper...

    I’d be more interested in what gets revealed shortenly at the RC into unions. Some explosive stuff will be coming to light.

  10. john921fraser


    Hold your breath "scaper".

  11. Rob Alan

    ‘So what is really going on here?’

    The accumulative nature of deceit and consequences for the many have become way too heavy this last hysterical twenty years of worship the wealthy policy. The LNP have expanded it’s target area is all from the ground up sparing the chosen ones for exemption as always.

    The expanded target area have instant support from a whole bunch of folks who walked away a long time ago. Consider just one example of ‘msm not happening’ and how we are reduced to nKorea style childish feudalism, Brics.

    Whilst the west has been stagnant with adolescent feudalism and global currency war opportunities through building up usefull NGO regime change industry networks, Brics seems to be doing well with the collaboration method. Does look more efficient than our method of bombing civilians to protect civilians.

    The LNP need be frozen and stored in a museum. Dull distraction at best.

  12. Rob Alan

    ‘So what is really going on here?’

    Going broader,

    ‘As our existing historical system is in the process of dying, there is a fierce struggle over what kind of new historical system will succeed it. Soon, we may indeed no longer live in a capitalist system, but we could come to live in an even worse system – a “rough beast” seeking to be born? To be sure, this is only one possible collective choice. The alternative choice is a relatively democratic, relatively egalitarian system, also seeking to be born. Which one we shall see at the end of the struggle is up to us, bottom-up.’

    Bottom-Up Politics in World Crises
    Establishment Elites Are no Longer in Control

  13. Joe Banks

    Fed up at 10.42am. I believe you have it in a nutshell: “…they seem to have lost the ability to know what is right and wrong”.

  14. Stephen Tardrew


    Not just simply right and wrong they have stepped right over what are considered our humane moral obligations to our fellow citizens and refugees.

    This is a crisis in the making for if you shift the moral goal post to the right any more who knows what the hell is coming next. These are con-men and charlatans driving an agenda of gross inequity and oligarchic elitism.

    They have, without a doubt, taken many steps too far and progressives are going to have to fight to bring the cultural paradigm back to the left.

    This could mean decades of suffering for low income workers, the poor and marginalized.

    It is time to appeal to the core of love and compassion that makes sophisticated communities functional and egalitarian institutions.

    That so called Christians are the ones driving this process is an abomination against the teachings of their master. They are undermining all rational common-sense, reason and justice.

    These are truly dangerous people who will willingly cause suffering by many with false immoral unconscionable justifications.

  15. Möbius Ecko

    scaper. BOO! Unions.

    Obvious diversion.

    Now we have Abbott promising income tax cuts sooner if we pass his budget.

    Do people understand the absurdity of the conflicting messages Abbott is putting out? You have to suffer now, immediately, and suffer hard taking a substantial hit to your cost of living. You have to do this, but not the wealthy, because the country is in dire straits and will collapse in a decade if you don’t. Yet if you do this for just two years you will be given a reward that will severely cut into government revenue, and this goes with the other things we are doing that are hurting revenue and not paying off debt, some increasing it.

    I could go on about the contradictions, many have already been tabled here and elsewhere, some even in the MSM but they illustrate how bad and incoherent this government is. Back flipping and changing the message now, which is what it appears they are doing, will shred every last small piece of credibility and trust they have.

    But as scaper has shown what will now happen is what happened at the end of Howard’s reign. Unions BOO! Watch this ramp up if the polls keep being woeful and Abbott’s popularity remains in below the sewers.

    It failed for Howard and it will fail for Abbott.

  16. Stephen Tardrew

    Mobius Ecko;

    Spot on has been my prediction for a while. Once the leopard has shown his true spots there ain’t no washing them off. I wouldn’t mind betting that the public is going to drag the media screaming towards a more rational account of the debt and more justifiable solutions to tax reform and increased revenue gleaned from the well off. The Australian is a lost cause however, as the facts coalesce, people will come to see them for what they are.

    Corporate shrills.

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