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Tony Abbott: is the cur taking a whipping?

This could well be wishful thinking on my part, however…

Yesterday, as I watched the anointing of the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, I could have sworn I saw in the face and body of Prime Minister Tony Abbott the sullen demeanour of a whipped cur, already plotting his devious revenge.

It seemed to me that in his petulant insistence on yet again prime ministerially exonerating ex-Speaker Bronwyn Bishop of what is potentially criminal behaviour (if anyone ever bothers to seriously direct their investigation in that direction) Abbott reinforced his profound political and emotional identification with Ms Bishop, and his outrage that for a mere mistake or two she has been so ignominiously ejected from the Chair, only to land on her corseted arse in the back benches where she can surely have very few friends.

Abbott is given to prime ministerial exonerations of his mouldy mates. Rather like the Pope speaking ex cathedra, once Abbott has written a character reference or stated in Parliament or out of it that you’re an all right fellow or gal, any formal performance of justice is in his opinion rendered unnecessary, and the courts merely unbelieving saboteurs, damn their eyes.

Bishop was Abbott’s Captain’s pick for the prestigious position of Speaker. This time Abbott was just another party member, and it is rumoured that he isn’t too chuffed about his party’s choice, Tony Smith. This must be a bitter pill for the authoritarian PM to swallow, after all, this is the second time in six months he’s been forcibly reminded that he isn’t a party of one supported by a few potentially duplicitous but for the time being supportive henchmen and women.

In other words, this is the second time in six months the PM has been put in his place by his party and as he sat in the House glowering while the new Speaker promised fairness and admitted to friendships on the other side, Abbott’s lips closed so tight I thought he’d surely swallowed them. The man has little control over his facial expressions and his body language. I’m stout of heart, but there are times when the barely repressed dark fury that emanates menacingly from his physical being almost scares me.

I am slightly heartened by Abbott’s capitulation to public opinion and the demands of his party. Another Captain’s pick for Speaker, or anything much else given the disastrous nature of every pick thus far, may well bring him entirely undone. The man has a tin ear. He is tone-deaf. He is wilfully ignorant. He has an ideological agenda, and lacks the intelligence or the desire to understand its limitations. Like every crazed ideologue, he believes he can force others to adopt his beliefs, simply by the relentless exertion of his will. He runs the country like an old-style priest runs a parish, sermonising to the flock at every opportunity from a position of steadfast denial of reality.

But reality bites, and I dare to hope it has begun to nibble at the PM’s quite remarkable capacity for obduracy. He and Bishop are a perfect match (the expressions on both faces were eerily similar, the grim, thin-lipped smile, the coldly enraged eyes) and that is no recommendation for the character of a Prime Minister. I dare to believe that the majority of the Coalition are not on the same page as either Bishop or Abbott, and that they are, at long last, prepared to take a stand for something more evolved than rampant self-interest.

But hey, what do I know? Like everybody else, I can only live in despair, mitigated by the occasional flash of hope. Hold on, sisters and brothers, and trust in hubris and the karma bus.

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.



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  1. Möbius Ecko

    The scowling dirty look he gave the new Speaker Smith when Smith said he had worked with and spoken to the other side was the most telling thing of all.

    As one spokesperson said this wasn’t a 51:22 vote for Tim Smith but a 22:51 vote against Tony Abbott, and the angry look on his face in parliament confirmed that.

    As has also been pointed out every one of Abbott’s captain’s picks has turned into a disaster bringing into question his suitability to lead.

  2. M-R

    I was ASTOUNDED by Abbott’s expression when Smith very gently stated that he has friends among the Opposition, Jen ! Only a man who believes he is above it all could allow himself to show such bad humour, surely …? It is e’en as you say of him, in fact.
    I await the arrival of the karma bus with desperation, myself …

  3. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, she looked like one totally pissed off person.

  4. flohri1754

    Yes, the displeasure quite noticeable on both Abbott’s and Bishop’s faces when the Smith assumed the chair was, well, very noticeable. An thank goodness that the string of religious Liberal surnames has been broken!

  5. Rod Wise, Armidale

    I wouldn’t write Abbott off too soon, folks. He has a couple of high-value cards up his sleeve. The most significant is the possibility of an early election, whether a double dissolution or one for the House of Reps alone. If the prospect of an end-2016 poll is thought likely to concentrate the minds of an edgy Coalition back bench, you can only image the fright (and the consequent closing of ranks) if it is brought forward to November 2015. In fact, I believe this is a more likely scenario than Abbott passively seeping blood for another twelve months. So watch this space for the next so-called Islamic “terror” alert. And also the report of the trade union royal commission … Bill Shorten should be preparing a piping hot shower to clean all the dirt off him that seems inevitable from that orchestrated little witch hunt.

  6. Stephen

    I find the fact that he uses a term like Captains pick very telling, a Captains picks are really orders handed down to subordinates to comply with.
    The position of Prime Minister is or should be more like a Team Leader or Project leader if you will, coordinating the best people for each function to fulfill the goals set by the group.
    He sees it the way a Feudal Lord saw things, divinely chosen over others with supreme authority over others. Freedom from question, dispensing largess to his followers and toadies.
    He feels offended when he is questioned by others and when he is reined in and has to accept the decisions of others he is plotting revenge and getting back to what he wants.
    Because he sees himself as entitled to give orders he never sees himself as wrong even when he mouths the words sorry and I must do better etc.
    He believes it is others that are wrong if only he can make them see it, that’s why every time a policy or captains pick bombs with the public he always says we need to sell it better, never we were wrong.

  7. Mark Needham

    It is good to see at least one of the ‘snouts in trough” has repaid her excesses.
    Just don’t ask Tony Burke, if his little trips were over the top, Hey!
    Why do we have our blinkers on. What is good for the Goose….
    Tony Burke, is a proven pernicious hypocrite., but ‘sok ’cause he’s labour. The left side of politics really have their best blinkers on, when it comes to us ‘n them.
    But in the eyes of most on this site, there is no evil, other than the other mob.
    My mob, they’re good blokes, Hey!
    Hypocrites, verily an honest hypocrite.
    Yes, it is good that Bishop has been pulled into line, but why do you mob just leave it there…?
    Skin ’em all alive.
    Mark Needham

  8. roaminruin

    Fan mail:

    Love your wording and the sentiments it captures.

  9. Möbius Ecko

    Mark Needham. Quick look over there at Labor, not at Abbott, Pyne or any of the other Liberals, just one Labor pollie.

    What a lame attempt at a distraction away from yet another monumental Abbott failure in Bishop.

    And Mark you do know that the Murdoch media lied about Tony Burke’s expenses and put up an apology for doing so?

    Too little too late and the mud has stuck as shown by your rant.

  10. David

    Praise and a recommendation from abbott is the kiss of death… Kathy Jackson, Arty Sinodinos. So yesterday he kissed the corpse of Bronnie but unlike the miracle of Jesus (much to abbotts disappointment) there will be no ‘come forth Lazarus’ for the ex Speaker.
    abbotts words “dead, buried and cremated” are aptly applied in this case. Figuratively of course 🙂

  11. Florence nee Fedup

    Mark, if Burke is so bad, why are you not naming what would be worse offenders in your eyes. We have seen Pyne, Hockey and Dutton mentioned for worse. Maybe it is only wrong when a Labor person takes advantage of MP family entitlement that has been around for decades. By the way, the Burke allegations occurred when he had very young family in 2009. Time when the portfolio he held took him away from home, travelling all over the country.

    Attack the entitlement. Unfair to attack those who take advantage. Maybe because of his wealth, one could have a prod at Hockey.

    Be more concerned that Abbott has asked that attending party fund raisers be included as an entitlement. The one that found Bishop broke the rules. A no no at this time.

  12. Möbius Ecko

    Rod Wise, Armidale. Yes a double dissolution election for the end of this year is likely, but an early election is not.

    The double dissolution will be on unions, with Abbott using the bill on holding union leaders to the same standard as industry leaders as the trigger. This bill has already been rejected once.

    A double dissolution with a half senate election will appeal to Abbott even if he takes a big hit. It will elect several more micro parties and cost the Greens. Even though this means Abbott if he wins will have to negotiate with a lot more individuals he will think this is preferable to having to continue with the Greens and Labor.

    Read this from David Bowe but can’t find the link. His article seemed logical.

  13. Mark Needham

    Möbius Ecko ahhhh, there was no trip to Uluru, with the kids.?

    My sincere apologies.!

    “My rant” what the ? That bishop has been hung out to dry, or don’t you agree…?
    Mark Needham

  14. Michael Taylor

    I think there are bigger fish to catch than Burke.

  15. Roswell

    I might have missed something, but I didn’t see where this article was about Burke. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I tend to agree with Mobius. Talking about Burke is a “hey, look over there”.

  16. mysay

    It is going to be very interesting to see how question time operates now that Abbott’s pick has left the chair,will he let Chrissy rule questions out of order ,or will they be made answer them ,
    will the opposition be able to ask a question ,or are we going to continue to get dorothy dixers,very interesting times ahead,cant wait .

  17. Mark Needham

    Florence nee Fedup this is exactly what I am saying, why do we stop at only one.
    I am not sticking up for anyones “snout in the Trough”.
    I am questioning the inability to see the same wrong doing in “our mob”. It is a matter of balance. One in, then all in.
    Please understand, I am merely raising the thought that both sides are in it up to their purse strings. I am not about Right or Left politics.
    I am about being ‘Fair Dinkum” when it comes to Skimming and Scamming by anyone.

    Our servicemen and women spend say 6 months away from their, also very young families, but they don’t get to take their children with them. Because they are doing a job, you say, well that is exactly what our politicians are supposed to be doing.,their Job.
    For pities sake, lets have some balance in this argument.
    Yes, Pyne, Abbott, Lambie, Alexander, Bird, Danby, Dutton all 150 of them. Please, can we open both eyes for once, leave our heart at home, and put our collective brains into gear. They are all laughing at us.
    Check pickerings site, good cartoon, which reeks of “Yes Minister”

    That we let them all get away with it, is tantamount to being a crime committed by us, by letting them succeed.

    Nah, you are right, I’ll bury my head in the sand. It is just not worth it, Hey!
    Mark Needham

  18. Mark Needham

    Roswell Talking about Burke is a “hey, look over there”.

    Exactly what I am saying.

    Keep him blinkers on, Hey!
    Mark Needham

  19. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Tony Abbott’s face was priceless when Tony Smith declared he actually liked MP’s on the other side. OMG!

    My new business idea is to print t-shirts, tea towels, shopping bags with Abbott’s dark frown with the words: Do you know how much Tony Abbott hates us all?

    I’m taking orders. Who’s first?

  20. Shogan

    “Möbius Ecko – A double dissolution with a half senate election will appeal to Abbott”

    NO, a Double Dissolution is a full election of both houses of parliament!!

  21. Roswell

    So you’re admitting it’s a “hey, look over there”. Hmm, that’s interesting.

    Might I offer a couple of suggestions, Mark? If you are that desperate to talk about Burke then perhaps you should seek out an article about him somewhere that allows comments.

    If you can’t find one, then you might like to write one yourself and submit it to the AIMN for publication.

    You might be surprised to find that a lot of people might agree with you, that they don’t have blinkers on like you say they have.

    I don’t have blinkers on. It’s just that this article isn’t about Burke.

    I don’t want to talk about whale migration either. Does that mean I’m wearing blinkers?

  22. Florence nee Fedup

    A DD involves both houses. If Abbott took this option, could end up with worse, much worse senate. No signs it would be better. Could even lose lower house election on present polling numbers.

    Abbott cannot have ordinary lower house/half senate election until middle next year.

    He can call lower house only as Menzies did.

    Menzies only had one seat majority. Wanted to up the numbers.

    Not the case with Abbott. On present numbers, would at the very least, end with smaller majority.

    Abbott really has few options. Time is running out for him. Too many chickens coming home to roost.

    I wonder, after watching him yesterday, his body and face expressions oozing fear of a desperate man. It was surreal. The PM didn’t appear to be a part of the proceedings.

    It was as if his backbench had taken the reins and moved on from him. Question time today will reveal all I believe.

    Up to now, Abbott has great belief in himself, that all is needed is for him to rerun the last two election campaigns. In fact, has been doing so since February. He doesn’t seem to realise, the world has moved on, people actually want to deal with carbon emissions. All the cuts he has made to community based bodies are becoming apparent. People from now on will begin to feel the cuts he has made. Most due to come into play 2016.

    Neither a DD or Lower House election makes little sense when it comes to Abbott. He might believe he is the miracle man when in comes to elections. Others are not. A Morrison maybe could pull it off. That would be sad.

  23. Florence nee Fedup

    Not often do we see the Telegraph apologising, especially when it comes to Labor. One needs to keep in mind, Burke was an extremely hard worker, when dealing with the Murray/Darling water problems alone. Had to be on the ground, in remote destinations continually. His use of charted planes shows this. No alternative available.

    Not so for Abbott, flying around the nation, crisscrossing it daily, for stunts and daily photo ops.

    Abbott should take into count the cost, when making such commitments. Why did he need to fly to Brisbane Sunday afternoon to announce $4 million handout to renovating a football arena?

  24. Annie B

    Jennifer Wilson – – – An excellent article, written so very well.

    When the new speaker took ‘ the chair ‘ – Abbutt looked like a petulant child … disgruntled and giving dirty looks – giving himself away, quite completely.

    He seems to imagine himself, the be-all and end-all of dominance and control … and add that to petulant childishness, and we have a seriously damaged and dangerous person.

    If we all can see this, then we can be assured – the opposition see it – not to mention the entire LNP with one exception – Bronnie in the back row, stalwart little follower that she is.

    The way he is going, Bronnie will end up being his one and only BFF, in the LNP.

    Even Pyne stood up to him today ( from ABC on-line reported 19 minutes ago ) !! .. He accused the Abbutt of ‘branch stacking’ over the gay marriage issue ” in a messy party room meeting “.

  25. Mark Needham

    So where is the article that has been written about Burke, here on the AIM network.? No blinkers here, Hey!
    Yet to find an article having anything discerning to say about the Labour or the left wing at all. No blinkers here, Hey!
    Sort of like the catholic church and their self regulation of their bent, wayward priests and child molesting. Hey, let’s not look over there.
    So, I should submit an article, say on “Balance”. Yes, sure to get posted, I am sure.
    My comment at 10.36am, is as close to an article as I have ever written. I am an electrician, retired, not a writer or wordsmith.
    I am forever correcting my self and my stance on subjects. I know that I make more errors than correct statements. To be an author to an article, is to say that I have got this pretty well down pat. I do not have the confidence, as being right, in my thought that you people seem to have.
    Which is why I ask questions, make statements, so as to get feedback on my thinking and to adjust as I learn.
    Blinkers, I hope I don’t have them on, but it is self evident when others do.
    Mark Needham
    PS. It is sort of like ” do not mention the war”., taboo subjects.

  26. kerri

    unions, with Abbott using the bill on holding union leaders to the same standard as industry leaders as the trigger. This bill has already been rejected once.
    Mobiusecko. I disagree! Unions are the one area where Bill Shortof shows loyalty and strength. I seriously doubt Abbott would tackle an election on unions? But he is the biggest idiot we have ever had at the helm so???
    Mark Needham i agree with your assertion that both sides are up to their snouts but I think the ALP snout is a little shorter than the Libs. But one overriding condition that needs to be made with entitlements is that family reunions operate on the same conditions as Gina’s FIFO workers or the 457 visa holders or the refugees granted brdging visas! Abbott says he wants entitlements to be based on industry entitlements! And I would not look at any drawing by Pickering. The man is a pig!
    Mark if you believe both sides are equal in their theft read this.

    Political donations: how Labor got crushed by the Liberal money machine

  27. David

    News through, Libs have called a special Party room meeting for 3-15 EST…no indication yet why? Am monitoring Sky News and other sources. There is huge unrest over Abbott hijacking the Same Sex Marriage discussion this morning.

  28. Florence nee Fedup

    The matter SSM was raised after Abbott said no. He got rolled. Has now called joint party meeting where he knows he has the numbers. Pyne has angry called him a branch stacker.

    When party room meeting ended, it was thought that meeting would be down the track. Something has happened since, to make Abbott call it this afternoon. Has he been given notice.

    From next Monday, no IPhones etc are being allowed into party room meeting. Uhlmann on ABC gave blow by blow comments on what occurred this morning. One would think he was in the room. Not good meeting for Abbott.

  29. Annie B

    We can but hope …. something must be afoot, for another meeting to be called so very quickly. … If he tries to lay down the law – I don’t think it would go down very well at all.

    Figure someone gave the heads-up to Uhlmann this morning … and it could only have been a Lib.

    ( maybe Bronnie is taking a swing at him, too !! – LOL ).

  30. David

    @Florence..corret Florence, my source advises the Coalition Party room will decide their position on marriage equality in that special meeting at 3:15pm today!
    Abbott was advised it will happen or face the consequence….whatever that is?

  31. Mark Needham

    Kerri. yeah,re pickering, keep your blinkers on. (the cartoon is on his site, but not one of his.)
    and where is the theft in the article..?
    The whole system to entitlements, are a sham, a Piggery of Gluttony.
    Mark Needham

  32. Terry2

    I saw the new Speaker in action today in Question Time : I had to walk away as what I was seeing was the Speaker capitulating to Abbott and his crew instead of setting a clear and emphatic marker that could have distinguished him as a fair and impartial Speaker.

    Perhaps it’s early days and Abbott is testing his limits but it’s not looking good.

    One early misstep that was pointed out to him by the opposition was that the inevitable Dorothy Dixer should not include and invitation for the PM or Minister to contrast opposition policy in their answers : he let that one through even though it had precedent.

  33. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry Shogan you are right. I lost where the original article was and the reasons Abbott would want to go to a double dissolution based on his unions legislation rather than try to hang out for an early election, and got part of the reasoning two mixed up.

  34. David

    @Terry2…to be be fair to Speaker Smith he did quote Labor Speaker Jenkins re that ruling and Speaker Smith ruled just as Speaker Jenkins did…in favour of the question. need to include all the facts I feel

  35. paul walter

    I see a couple of comments relate to Abbott up close and personal with Bishop. The most fascinating bit came at the end when Abbott kissed Bishop on the cheek and the look on her face after it happened.

  36. totaram

    I still don’t agree with the thrust of the article that :

    ” I dare to believe that the majority of the Coalition are not on the same page as either Bishop or Abbott, and that they are, at long last, prepared to take a stand for something more evolved than rampant self-interest.”

    No such luck. They are run by the same forces that fund the IPA which, in turn, produces the policies they should implement. That TA has been less than efficient in getting those policies through, is his shortcoming. And Uncle Rupert has noted that and you can see how the Murdoch press is no longer all praise for TA. Someone better at the job might be ScoMo and in that case we will be worse off. He may manage to implement more of those policies.

    They have to all go, just to save what is left of the furniture.

  37. Terry2


    I heard it differently but I stand to be corrected : I’ll have a look at Hansard when available online.


  38. David

    Terry2…ditto me 🙂

  39. Bilal

    Apparently Scott of Manus Is. chose the IPA speaker of the House. His stocks are rising as those of the Jesuit recalcitrant fall. He is as cunning as that s.h. rat and will be a much more formidable and slippery rival that the present moron. I well remember his concentration camps past before the present smiley face loving daddy. I hope they keep the present Dear Leader in place until the election.

  40. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Bilal,

    as much as I loathe the condescending and reprehensible Abbott, I detest Scott Morrison more.

    Scott Morrison typifies a sadist in my books for growing in power for the pain he inflicts on others and I’m fully remembering the despair of asylum seekers and acknowledging the pain of vulnerable people on welfare.

  41. David

    Morrison would be a disaster for the country….be compulsory happy clapping for starters and 10% of income donated to the happy clappers bank accounts

  42. Fiona

    But David, Jesus wants scrott morriscum to be rich . . .

  43. David

    Hi Fiona, my recollection of Catechism class and the Nuns of the Sacred Heart, there was no mention of Happy Clapping, odd clap around the ear ole from Sister Annuncia, what a wonderful woman. She really was as gentle as a lamb, with a gruff exterior once overcome, a joy to be taught by. She could kick a rugby ball like an All Black fullback, I can still see her running flat stick, long robes flapping, rosary beads flaying at her side, crucifix waving at the breeze as she pursued the loose ball.

    Learnt a good deal from that lady besides how to be a good Catholic…sadly me now not so good as I realised in later years it didn’t all add up. However some still does.
    Actually she may have enjoyed the singalong and a drop of ‘happy clapping’ but not too much, she had a beautiful singing voice, much more suited to Ave Maria.

    How the hell did I get on to that? 🙂

  44. Fiona


    Lovely reminiscence.

    The happy clappers add up even less (except in one sense) than most other Christian sects.

  45. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    David, I agree with Fiona,

    you have shared with us a lovely memory of Sister Annuncia. She’s my kind of person.

  46. David

    Morrisons outfit, they stretch the definition of a Christian Church, it reminds me of a certain TV Ministry, Channel 7 I think screens early morning about 5am. The preacher is a hell fire and brimstone negro who goes by the name Creflo Dollar, I kid you not thats his name. Has thousands of mainly black followers, who eat out of his hands and fill them with dollars. I don’t know if Morrison’s clan is like that, but with the recent Bronnie Bishop love of air travel revelation, this story came to mind of Mr Dollar, who is no stranger to happy clapping… he needs a new plane and not your regular 2 seater Cessna

  47. Fiona


    I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch. I’ve had a torrid few months with my mum. As of last Friday she is now being much better looked after than I could manage (and I think is far happier). Not that things will get quieter – I’ve just (today) started my most hectic teaching time of the year.

    Best wishes.

  48. Fiona


    The happy clappers have a long and unlovely history, especially in America. See Sinclair Lewis’s Elmer Gantry by way of introduction, and it has been thus both before and after its publication (the Bakkers, Swaggart, Haggard, to name but a few: and Australia has plenty of examples of similar people – hypocrites with regard to money and sex, not to mention their professed “religion”.

  49. David

    Fiona interesting you mention Elmer Gantry. Book was used as a literary project in 6th form, these days year 11 I think. Was quite a revolutionary exercise for a Catholic College as I recall at that time, late 60’s

  50. Fiona

    David, my parents had an open bookshelves policy – I could read whatever I liked.

    Elmer Gantry was there, and I read it when I was 12 or 13 (mid-late 60s).

    It would have been a revolution indeed for a Catholic college at that time.

  51. paul walter

    If you are the Fiona I know, you have had a tough several years, not just lately. I really hope things finally start to work better for you.

    You were a kind friend to me when I needed one and didn’t deserve one.

  52. lawrencewinder

    Ahhh, Liarbrils… consistently unimaginative and on the wrong page in their ideological corruption of society, may they slowly drown in their own bile.!

  53. crypt0

    Don’t worry, folks, all will become clear when the Finance Dept releases the results of their enquiry into our (allegedly)rorting politicians.
    Uh,oh … who would have thought?
    “The Department of Finance will keep secret the outcome of its investigation into the questionable use of taxpayer-funded entitlements by three prominent federal politicians”.
    What will the AFP have to work with when they start their investigation (a la Slipper), based on the Fin. dept. findings?
    Will they have to raid the Fin. Dept. to gather evidence ?
    Is our fearless captain still ensconced at the AFP training college in Canberra ?
    Will phony intervene to ensure the truth comes out and those (allegedly) rorting the system have their day in court to clear their names ?
    Stay tuned … for the next completely uneventful episode …

  54. David

    The coverup is well and truly in operation. I suspect not even applications using Freedom of Information will be allowed. Abbott has obviously issued instructions, why would all his claims up to 2010 have been deleted from the record already?

  55. Harquebus

    Goodonya crypt0.
    I will keep a look out for your next report.

  56. Terry2


    This matter of Dorothy Dix question that tack on a request for the Minister to comment on alternatives – usually to slag the opposition policies- still seems to be moot and the new Speaker does not seem inclined to rule on it in the same way as other Speakers, in particular Harry Jenkins.

    This is the section on procedures, see page 555 .


  57. Terry2


    Sorry, the extract from the rules, page 555 reads :

    “As is clear from the above examples, it is not in order for Ministers to be questioned on
    opposition policies, for which they are not responsible. The Speaker has been critical of
    the use of phrases at the end of questions, such as ‘are there any threats to . . .’, that could
    be viewed as intended to allow Ministers to canvass opposition plans or policies, and
    has ruled parts of questions using such terms as ‘are there any other policy approaches?’
    and ‘what risks are there?’ out of order on the assumption that they invited comments
    about opposition policies or approaches.”

  58. David

    thanks for taking the time to find appropriate rule, appreciate. Speaker Smith had a very poor 2nd day I thought, as did his counterpart in the Senate, who is as titties on a bull. A poor example of a Senate President. Be surprised if he stands again once his term is over after Govt defeat.

  59. David

    Apologies Terry, omitted to include you as the recipient.

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