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Tim Wilson Can Go To Hell!

No, I haven’t started playing rugby. I’m suggesting that Tim Wilson can go to hell for reasons which have nothing to do with his personal life. Nor am I asserting my religious freedom by judging others.

Although that does beg the question that if I actually suggested he was going hell because he was gay and that Scott Morrison would join him for allowing such a man to be part of his government, would the Liberal Party still support my right to free speech?

This has to do with Timmy Wilson using his recent swearing in to express his religious views to the world. In case you aren’t aware, the book he held in his hand was “Capitalism And Freedom” by Milton Friedman. Now some held a religious tome; others chose to simply swear an oath. As far as I’m aware Wilson was the only one to raise Friedman’s ideas to the level of the Bible, the Torah or the Koran. Apparently Wilson is suggesting that Friedman is some sort of latter day messiah. Why else hold the book in your hand while being sworn in?

Good on him, I say. At least we can check his holy book to understand where he comes from.

While many of you may be aware that many conservative politicians follow the teachings of Saint Milton, how many of you are familiar with his gospel?

Saint Milton has lost many followers in the past few years… mainly because they’ve discovered that his ideas just don’t work in practice. However, a few – like Timmy -stubbornly stick to philosophy like doomsday cultists who wake up to find that the world hasn’t ended as predicted. Like doomsday predictions, Friedman’s disciples always argue that it should have ended and if it weren’t for government intervention then the divine properties of the free market would have destroyed us for our decadence…

On a side note, isn’t it interesting that Josh the Treasurer tells us that it’s good that he and his government will have a surplus but why don’t you people go out and spend your money so that we can and you’re the ones who end up with too much on the credit card…

Ok, ok, I know that we have religious freedom on the table and my mocking may soon be against the law. So in the interest of fairness… No, not the sort of fairness that Hitler liked. The sort of fairness which demands that when the ABC publish the truth, they also give the Liberal Party equal time.

Anyway, here’s some random thoughts from St Milton the Freid…

  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
  • Well first of all, tell me, is there some society you know of that doesn’t run on greed?
  • The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.
  • There’s no way a government could land on the moon so it must have been a made-up thing!

All right, that last one I made up. But he would have said it, if it didn’t make him sound like the looney that he was. Although he did say: “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.”

That was the one that Donald re-tweeted…

You see, while his ideas are dead, thanks to his followers, they keep rising.

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  1. Kaye Lee

    There is an interesting article about Dick Smith and franking credits today. In one year he got a $500,000 refund. He wrote to the ATO saying it was an outrageous waste. Might have been good if he had been a bit more public about his outrage before the election. He suggests that the excess franking credit refund should be capped at five or ten thousand.

  2. Henry Rodrigues

    Thanks Kaye Lee for the direction to the video. What caught my eye was those gray haired bludgers willing to resort to aggressive behaviour to protect their undeserved largesse, at the expense of the millions of working taxpayers. These are the financial bloodsuckers created by that evil Howard and Costello. I’m already preparing myself for the reintroduction of the GP co-payment and 15% GST. The avarice displayed by those selfish people is revolting.

  3. totaram

    The continuing “debate” about franking credits proves to me that our civilisation has got so complex that the ordinary people who vote cannot understand it. That is sure to result in a disaster, but hey I will be gone by then.

    Just imagine how some of these people would try and understand power systems and “baseload power”, and don’t even think about “reactive power”. They will be bamboozled by any MSM that keeps repeating some bullshit. This has become so pervasive that people are now running courses on how to “detect bullshit”. Unfortunately, people who don’t even know how to do arithmetic or simple accounting properly are unlikely to attend such courses or even profit from them! By the way, when I mention accounting and arithmetic, I refer to most people on this site, who seem unable to understand the 3 sector financial accounting identity.

    I am sorry if this opinion sounds arrogant, but it does seem to reflect the truth to me.

  4. margcal

    Sorry, Rossleigh, I find this a bit “all over the place.”

    At least we can check his holy book to understand where he comes from.
    …. as we can for any Christian, Jew or Muslim. My constant gripe is that there are too few challenges, particularly in the MSM, to those who loudly proclaim a religious faith but live and make politics contrary to those beliefs. Marginally more attention is currently being paid to Morrison and his happy-clappy prosperity variety of (un)Christianity but that’s rather too little, too late. Abbott got off scot free.

    However, those criticisms aside, it’s good to see some attention being paid to Wilson. There should be more of it.
    I look at Wilson and how he’s got to where he is and that makes me think he is a/the face of an evil future … along with his fellow IPA-ist Patterson (who looks very like a Nazi in the photo attached to this article .)
    The pair of them are the face of the future if we don’t do something about them now. I was disappointed that GetUp! didn’t lobby against Wilson during the election campaign, rather than concentrating their resources on the obvious suspects who were bringing themselves undone anyway – or not, as the Murdoch directed voters delivered.

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