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Politics is the art of the possible according to some…

Personally, my favourite dramatic quote was from Tom Stoppard:

“I learned three things in Zurich during the war. I wrote them down. Firstly, you’re either a revolutionary or you’re not, and if you’re not you might as well be an artist as anything else. Secondly, if you can’t be an artist, you might as well be a revolutionary … I forget the third thing.”

And I guess that’s what they all hope…

I mean the bit about forgetting the third thing.

Whatever, Scott Morrison is fatally wounded and even his mates in the media know it, therefore there’s a bit of: “Listen to us: we know his time is up and just because we told you to vote for him as recently as my time in Zurich where I learned three things, we’ve not changed so much as, well, I forget the third thing…”

The only argument in the Liberal Party is who should take over.

I mean, Petey Dutton wants it but not if he’s facing a wipeout. Same for Josh.

No, what they want is someone who’s prepared to lose but who will help save the furniture…

Ok, maybe not all the furniture but at least the prized piece that’s stood in the hallway forever and if Dutts decides to take that job at MovieWorld where he pretends to be Voldemort and gets a bonus because there’s no need for makeup, wouldn’t it be a shame if the first person to lose it was good old Josh who’s pretty ineffectual and as loveable as they come? No, I know that it’s hard to believe but many people love Josh…

The only question as far as the Scott Morrison is concerned is this:

Should you stick a fork in him and turn him over because he’s done on one side… but then why would you when the other side is burnt to a crisp?

Or should you hope that some form of sashimi would be more palpable and offer them something so uncooked that it’s raw?

Mm, maybe Bridget Archer would be their best option as leader going into the next election…

Or Trent Zimmerman.

Or Tim Wilson?

Nah, Timmy can just go to Hell, and let’s be real here: he actually voted for my right to say that, as long as I’m connected to some organisation that hates people in a systematic way.

Which, thank God, I am, now that I have my own religion where you can send me nine percent of your income on a regular basis, which is a real bargain when you consider that a tithe is ten percent. And when I say “Thank God”, I mean that in the most literal way possible just so that He or She is on my side and if I’ve implied that God might be transgender, I’d like to apologise to all the people who feel that the very existence of transgender people is an affront to their belief in a divine being whoever She may be… Or He…

Mm, maybe starting your own religion was the third thing, but I was never in Zurich so I can only repeat the quote and not pretend that I’ve lived it.

I’ve decided to be a be an artist because I’ve seen what happens to revolutionaries…

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    In the world of politics, there are many situations where ‘The Minister’ screws up, or simply screws and the press await. In many hundreds of such instances, whether it be rail carriages too big, millions of dollars of P.P.E. thrown on the rubbish heap, they do what men do best- they send in a woman. Let the press shout at her. Let the disparaging remarks and barbs be levelled at her; after all she is just a woman. When things cool down, ‘The Minister’ returns. Interesting times.

  2. Phil Pryor

    Tim Wucking-Filson??? Mr. Kristyan Putrid-Ponce is a retarded regressive molecular midget of no known morals, ethics, decency. An S S type, a Shit stirrer, a Stupid slag, a stunning sloppo, a shameful sham, a shocking shabby stupido, a serial selfsatyrising splop…a squirted squit.

  3. Kerri

    God wears a dress doesn’t she?
    And Jesus spent most of his time with 12 men and a hooker?
    And today’s religious authorities would not be seen dead without their dresses and smoking handbags.
    Just sayin’.

  4. Lambchop Simnel

    Tim Wilson?

    I wonder what role he played in the Schools farrce?

  5. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh an artist? Such a waste of comedic talent!! Does that also mean that Rossleigh would take politicians seriously and believe every last word they utter because G*d is on their side?? But spare a thought for poor little Timmy, denied his birthright to marry his boyfriend for so many years ….. now which party was responsible for that?

    Rossleigh an artist?? But surely you know that ”laughter is the best medicine” especially when we are in desperate political times like the present when even Rupert recognises that Scummo is a lost cause waiting to happen. Why with a bit of humour, Australian voters may be encouraged to laugh Scummo out of office ….. as we did when Little Johnnie Howard lost government and his Bennelong electorate in the same evening!! The vintage champagne came out as we celebrated the political demise of only the second conservative Prim Monster to achieve this great feat since Federation.

    Rossleigh an artist?? Naw, too much experience shredding self-serving politicians and making voters laugh at their self-indulgences ….. all at taxpayer expense.

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    Rossleigh Thanks for that very amusing insight into art, revolution and whatever else you wanted to be .As for that ultra smug shit in his face Tim bloody Wilson, if ever there was an under achieving ponce who imagines he destined for greatness far above his capabilities, he should consider those more crafty and sinister than he himself, the rodent and jugears, who proved that ambition and mendaciousness would one day be their downfall. Both lost their seats, they thought were theirs for eternity.

    Tim f**king Wilson. Argh !!!!!!

  7. Bit

    The show-pony is desperately galloping around Goldstein as the Z-Force grows and grows. Will we see a former very safe Lib seat change hands due to the arrogance and ignorance of Little Timmie?

  8. Harry Lime

    Tim fucking Wilson? What a shameless, detestable little prick.GL,have they promised a special telephone exchange just for her? You know, the one where you eavesdrop on all the dirty linen being aired in private?Be right up her alley.No need for a tractor, either.

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