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Now let me be quite clear here for the thousandth time: I am more than ready to attack both sides of politics. I look forward to the day when I can mock Labor and The Greens equally before whichever side I’m mocking will accuse me of being on the other side, as though somehow they’re further apart than George Christensen and his electorate. HOWEVER, the current mob of miscreants that masquerade as members of the media make it very hard to do anything but be critical of the Coalition because the media still seem to be behaving as though Labor is the party that have to provide all the answers and that The Greens are dangerous extremists who don’t understand that when Santa puts a lump of coal in your stocking it’s because he wants you to stay warm.

I guess the thing is that the Liberals aren’t really thinking things through…

You can’t blame them, of course, most politicians aren’t very good at looking beyond the election cycle. What is it that sporting coaches say? “We’re taking it one election at a time…”

Anyway, Kristina Keneally is quite the little attack dog, isn’t she? Wasn’t she premier of NSW at one point? But then she ended up in federal politics. Is that the reason that Liberals are telling the media to go after Dan Andrews and the media are happily complying? Do they hope to have the Victorian premier move to Canberra?

Remember this accusation about the Liberals providing journalists with questions wasn’t made by some lefty lunatic on Twitter; it was made by Steve Price on “The Project”. Or have we moved to the point where Price is considered part of those who have a Marxist agenda to destroy western civilisation?

Once politicians feared journalists. Their wrongdoing may have been exposed. These days, it’s more like let me give you a better scoop, not just yet, but if you’re a very good journalist, I’ll rub your tummy and let you know what’s going on.

Journalist: Your family trust benefitted by the Treasurer’s recent policy change to the tune of several million dollars, would you like to comment for a story I’m writing.

Politician: Look, my family trust is off-limits. You should know that families should be given personal space and not subject to the rough-and-tumble of politics.

Journalist: Sorry, you misunderstood. I’m not going to mention the family trust. I was wanting your comment about what a great announcement it was and how it’s going to help Australia...

Here in Victoria, the media seem to be trying to create a sense that Dan Andrews is facing a revolution when most polls suggest that people understand that he has a difficult job and he’s doing the best that he can. The media, on the other hand, seem to be playing gotcha.

On ABC radio this morning, Virginia Trioli asked the police commissioner, Shane Patton, whose decision it was to impose a curfew. He replied that it would have been the Chief Health Officer’s. She then played a clip of the Premier saying that it was his decision, leading to the frightful admission that Patton hadn’t heard Dan Andrews comments. Ok, so the point was? I mean we already know that Andrews made the decision and that it wasn’t at the behest of the CMO. I mean, we already know that we’re living under a dictatorship worse than anywhere and that anyone criticises Andrews is sent to a gulag for re-education. I happened to say that I thought he should be wearing a tie the other day and the secret police questioned me for days about who I was working for and…

Anyway, I can just picture Dan Andrews standing up in a press conference and telling them all that he’s had enough and he’s off to Hawaii. Can you imagine the volume in the Murdoch media being dialled up to eleven and all the ABC copycats joining in to condemn Dan for leaving when we’re in crisis, even though many of them have been asking for him to do so on a daily basis … Actually, I can’t picture it growing any louder. I suspect that if we get an out of control bushfire this summer, the media will be demanding that the premier tell us when it’s going to be brought under control, before asking if it’s really necessary to stop tourists from driving to the area because of all the business that’s being lost.

Meanwhile nobody in the media seems to be harassing Scotty about opening up Australia’s borders. While it’s prudent to stop international travellers from arriving on our shores and potentially spreading the virus, the borders of Queensland, WA and Victoria should be thrown open. South Australia seems to have been forgotten in all this and Tasmania, is after all, not part of the country. (That’s sarcasm, before I get correspondence from Tasmanians who don’t understand irony.)

Although the gods do seem to starting to say that it’s about time your luck ran out, Mr Morrison. Big announcement on vaccines, then a few days later the trial is halted. Ok, it’s always likely that there could be a glitch and that there needs to be a pause in a medical trial. That’s why it takes so long to get a new drug or vaccine on the market. I’m just amused that the timing was so soon after the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Usually the Liberals make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and it’s some months later when we discover that only $27.38 was spent out of the $2 billion announced owing to people not filling in the application form before the due date which was two days before the form was released to the public.

However, just so you don’t think I’m not being fair: in the spirit of bipartisanship, let me defend Morrison, who gets accused of running out on press conferences if the questions get too hard. In actual fact it may not be the questions; after all those curries he may need to make a hasty exit.

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  1. Keitha Granville

    this Tasmanian thanks you for actually mentioning Tasmania at all !!

  2. New England Cocky

    What are you on about Rossleigh??? Expecting Georgy Porky to reside in his electorate between sittings of Federal Parliament? How unreasonable!! That would spoil his image in the Phillipines as The Ugly Aussie.

    You obviously do not understand that Mainsteam Media-ocracy journalists prefer to sit in a bar rather than do research for original articles, so they simply paraphrase press releases to maximise unimpeded drinking time.

    I know Kristina ”I am nobody’s girl” Kenneally the former Premier of NSW but who is this Steve Price fellow, the brother of Parramatta Rugby League former star, Ray Price?

    Perhaps you need the vision of the little boy and the King’s New Clothes ….. Scummo is at best a clear cellophane replica of Trumpery and probably just as dangerous, certainly equally self indulgent.

    Just remember Murdoch wants to kill off Our ABC so that we should use the limited time remaining to rely upon their less censored news reporting. Sadly, the unthinking self-indulgent individuals who have spread COVID-19 across Melbourne can reasonably point their finger at NSW and ABF for causing the initial outbreak.

    So Scummo takes the Goebels approach and tells fake news to obfuscate his lack of policy ideas. When will there be the next Liarbral ”leadership” upheaval? It must almost be due again …..

  3. Kerri

    We are yet to hear Dan Andrews suggest the media leave him alone as he deserves some time with his wife and kids before he heads of to a rugby game without them or whatever sport is his fancy.
    As for Frydenberg?? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Now there’s a man/boy who fails to read the room.

  4. David Evans

    All Victorians owe Daniel Andrews. When, if, IF, this is ever over I’d suggest a nice family holiday in Hawaii for he and his family, at taxpayers expense. HE has well and truly earned it.

  5. corvusboreus

    Meanwhile Victorian posties and police are seriously pissed at Pauline Hanson and her stooges for trying to send residents of a public housing estate currently under quarantine lockdown ‘comfort packages’ (aka one nation promotional stubby holders) as a trolling pseudo-apology for her slagging them off over social media.
    I shit thee not.

  6. wam

    The ABC is confirmed as left wing for showing dan/annastacia/mark and gladys/scummo as they are. The former calm, confident, caring, informative, patient and unflagging the latter impatient, political, rhetorical, selective and disingenuous with criticism. and, as expected, praised by the media including the ABC,
    Our election showed the bias for the two rightwing parties and hopefully qld will echo ours.

  7. RomeoCharlie29

    WAM means the Northern Territory which, Rossleigh, you neglected to mention but as Territorians we have come to expect that, though usually from the mainstream media. Being essentially virus-free, apart from a few cases in quarantine, we have been well served by our (Labor) Chief Minister, Michael Gunner (a Carlton supporter) and his border lockdowns. However it seems our good luck is being exploited by some unscrupulous southerners who want to use our taxpayer subsidised quarantine system to gain entry to other states with whom/which we have porous borders. Gunner is now thinking of requiring these carpetbaggers to pay full tote odds for their quarantine. My better half suggests we make them stay an extra week and spend some money supporting the local tourism industry which, like the industry elsewhere has been hit hard by the lockouts.

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