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Worth a thousand words

A picture can be worth a thousand words. Sometimes, you get tired of writing at length on the stupidities, mendacities and offenses of the Government, and the Tony Abbott government is giving us plenty of length to write. But sometimes it’s not the most literate or well-written essay or a finely-tuned turn of phrase that can have the greatest impact and be the most memorable criticism. Sometimes it takes a bit of sarcasm, or perhaps even a picture or two.

The following memes are thus offered for all to share. Feel free to copy, put them up on Flickr or Facebook or Google +. Distribute, copy, and feel free to suggest more.


No surprises? No excuses.


Meme based on original photo by Jane Caro


What’s $7? “One packet of cigarettes costs $22. That gives you three visits to the doctor. You can spend just over $3 on a middy of beer, so that’s two middies of beer to go to the doctor.”


Compilation based on images from abc.net.au

If you want to complain about my independence, take it up with the Speaker.


“The unemployed, the sick, the welfare recipients hit by the budget, they’re not going to be dancing, are they?”


Photo: memegenerator

“Mates help each other; they don’t tax each other.”


Photo: tumblr.com

Just a blight on the landscape.


Compilation based on images from abc.net.au

Coincidentally raising my hand just before the Speaker stands up. Oops!



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  1. john921fraser


    The Abbott gang are laughing their heads of.

    And Shorten is cracking poor jokes with bad delivery.

    Time for a new LOTO.

  2. Ricardo29

    I said elswhere about another similar themed photo, Abbott giving his daughter a stack of money, that it would make a great poster for the next March.

    I expect we’ll see a few of these appearing, deservedly I might add.

  3. Don Winther

    That really is a good looking cigar, a bit more than $7. Tax payer funded?

  4. M-R

    Why are the pensioners being forgotten about ? – this bloody worries me !!! And so SOON !!!
    I stand to lose $100 out of every age pension payment if these utter swine get their way. Not worth commenting on ??

  5. Möbius Ecko

    Abbott being shown up as an idiot.

    Does this sound familiar? “In an exercise full of confusion and mistakes.”

    Yes it does describe Abbott and this government.

    It’s in light of the revelation that the search for MH370 has been in the wrong area, an area that Abbott said was credible and other Liberal ministers were making hay out of in what they believed would make them look like heroes on the world stage, especially Abbott.

    In a time of supposed budget crisis and financial doom and gloom no amount of out tax payers money was enough to throw at this search in the wrong place to make Abbott look good, and it was all wasted, like all the other money that’s been spent on Abbott.

    You want to help this budget that’s not in crisis, get rid of the greatest impediment to it, Tony Abbott.

  6. Stephen Tardrew

    This Will Be a Government of Lies;

    There Will be Endless Surprise;

    You Will Hear Poor Desperate Cries;

    While We Rich Oligarchs Poke Your Eyes;

    As Good Old Democracy Dies.

    You Old Buggas You Need Be……d.

    Well no more need be said.

  7. miriamenglish

    I think a better caption for the 5th one down (the one that currently says “Mates don’t tax each other”) would be “My precioussss…”

    It fits well with the evil smile and undercurrent of greed.

  8. bobrafto

    The only thing I agree with Hockey is that those wind turbines are not only a blight but are a high source of noise pollution.

    Who is going to get rid of the millions of turbines when this inferior technology is superseded?

    I bet the cost will fall on the govt. of the day but we shouldn’t think that far ahead, should we?

  9. OzFenric

    Bob, I’m not a huge fan of turbines; I think that photovoltaic is probably the energy source of the future (although there are other, novel energy sources also in development). But I’m not sure there’s going to be a rush to decommission wind farms any time soon.

    I can’t comment to the noise pollution issue as I have no direct experience of them, but I understand that there’s usually a buffer between the turbines and residential areas in any case? Is it really that much of an issue?

  10. OzFenric

    M-R, I will add one re: the age pension shortly. Inspiration has struck again.

  11. Don Winther


    Bob have you had a look at the holes in the ground around our power stations, that would be a much better pic with Joe and Tony at the bottom of them.
    Dont worry I will take down the wind turbines when the wind stops blowing and you can fill in the holes when we run out of coal.

  12. john921fraser


    @Don Winther


  13. Stephen Tardrew


    They didn’t quite get to the point that Abbot will go down as a lying environmental criminal other than that about bloody time.

    Its almost word for word what we have been banging on about day after day.

    At least its a beginning.

    Abbot is a: Tea Party Fundamentalist Libertarian Terrorist

  14. bobrafto

    Oz fenic

    No issue at all, it’s my opinion.



  15. john921fraser


    @Stephen Tardrew

    Every bit counts.

  16. Don Winther

    John it is truly amazing how Abbott is so disliked everywhere. There is a good artical on The Drum as well. The Age readers dislike him but AIMN readers really hate him, I feel more at home here.

  17. DanDark

    Am I dreaming, did I read the age article right
    “Abbott is a liar, a big fat liar”
    Things maybe looking a bit lighter 🙂
    After the darkness this lying phoney gov slammed us into

  18. DanDark

    Yeah, we not only hate him, Don W
    We are angry, at what he has done to this very smart
    Great country

  19. Don Winther

    What ever? Well I dont think the wind will stop for a while.

  20. Don Winther

    Yep I Love Austraila. Just love it and hate Abbott. Its a good balance.

  21. CMMC

    I was talking to a Liberal voter from Stockton, near Newcastle, the other day.

    I said Abbott would destroy Medicare, she maintained that Neville Wran tried to do the same.

    This is the problem; a tragically uninformed electorate, or perhaps precisely the scatter-brained swing-voters that Murdoch sluices into Coalition support.

  22. DanDark

    Wind beats open cut coal mines
    Just ask the folk of Morwell
    Not sure turbines will evacuate whole town of over
    10 thousand people, like fire did back earlier this year
    Because of the dangerous levels of all sorts of toxins and carcinogens in smoke and ash
    That they were blanketed in for over a month, they are still cleaning the inches of ash up
    It’s a mess, the whole thing, now we have the cover ups coming out

  23. Don Winther

    The fire is still burning under ground, it is not out yet. Thats what happens when politicians sell our public assets to the highest bidder and tell us that they have fixed the economy.

  24. DanDark

    Yep they can burn underground for bloody long time.

  25. DanDark

    can someone at AIMN delete my last post on here please
    I accidently put wrong link up

  26. uknowispeaksense

    Bob, nevermind the noise pollution, those things caused my cows to get crossed beaks and my toenails to grow fungus.

  27. jagman48

    Yeah and while you clean up the wind farms fix the vapour trails. I am sick of wearing tin foil hats all the time. 🙂

  28. Dja Crowmanic

    Doesn’t seem to matter what is said or how often by so many different individulas and credible sources, about this current collection of elitist “puppets” we call our Govt, the fact will remain, they will pass through their time of infamy and “leadership”—as many of their predecessors have/do—with their retirement packages fully intake, bloated and extra-generous, courtesy of the generosity of “us” the tax-paying citizens, and “they” will continue to be the self-centred, selfish, and psychopathic ingrates they are bred-to-be … and be assured, they will never care about fairness, justice, honour, let alone having any semblance of integrity, simply because, they cannot, these “humane” qualities are not instilled within them, and are therefore beyond their capacity to embrace or to demonstrate towards others not of their kind.

  29. JustThink4Once

    My Tony loving parents informed me that rooftop solar is a blight on the landscape that makes the streets look ugly. Of course there’s no problem with power poles and lines down every street!
    What upsets them most however is the compulsory super glut that’s reducing the performance of their own share portfolio.
    Liberal voters – Thank Goodness it’s not passed on genetically.

  30. bobrafto

    Thanks for the facetious remarks guys.

    But have a ponder at this.

    SA has of 2012 15 wind farms with another 24 in the pipeline.

    As of 2012 there was over 225,000 turbines worldwide and they are proliferating around the globe like rabbits.

    Consider the thousands of hectares needed to generate electricity and this is where the inefficiency lies.

    How many trees does one see on the many hectares of these wind farms? Look at the pic above not a tree in sight, unless you want to classify 10 storey turbines as trees.

    And regardless of whatever reports, there has to be an effect on the environment. A bird friendly or other flying creatures environment it isn’t so there has to be an effect on the biodiversity.

    Where is the long term strategy that considers when this technology is superseded in how to remove these blights which could be in the millions from the ‘scape?

  31. Anomander

    Hate is not a strong enough word for the contempt and disgust with which I hold Abbott and his divisive, destructive government.

    I’m not sure there will ever be a word in the English language capable of fully expressing my true anger and feelings.


    Who is going to pay to dismantle the dozens of coal and gas-fired power stations when this inferior technology is superseded?

    Who is going to pay to remediate the environment once all the coal mines have outlived their usefulness and the owners walk away with their pockets lined with money from our resources?

    Who is going to pay to clean-up the polluted aquifers from the CSG extraction, or the Barrier Reef from dredging, oil-spills and ocean acidification?

    Who is going to pay to replace the hundreds of species killed and the ongoing health effects of airborne pollution?

    The answer to all these questions is us – the people. Once the corporations have lost interest or the ability to make massive profits from something, they simply dump it and walk away with their profits intact, leaving the local community to deal with the aftermath of their destruction.

    Before you mindlessly gripe about a few windmills and renewables, remember the legacy of big oil.


  32. bobrafto

    Once the corporations have lost interest or the ability to make massive profits from something, they simply dump it and walk away with their profits intact, leaving the local community to deal with the aftermath of their destruction.

    Thank you for providing the words I wanted to say but you’re wrong when you say ‘a few windmills’ and everything else stands as well.

  33. pimmento

    Working full time, in the dark distant past, I had to take time to go to Tullamarine, couldn’t put it off and the journey took me past a butcher, as I worked night shift it meant that I would have no sleep till the next morning, so I need to stock up and there were so many customers I was dismayed,why weren’t they at work, hell, everyone must be on the dole. I did not stop to think that there were more that five people working in that butcher shop and all being employed it was good stuff. Years later struggling on the dole after a lengthy time as a family carer I often think of that, when no one has any money to spend then more and more people will be out of work…then they can join me in life long learning…if its affordable to people who cant find work or pay for it the way they want it now…

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