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To Whom It May Concern,

I’d just like to let everyone know that this is about me and recent resignations in NSW and Victoria are not influencing my decision in any way. I”m making my own decision and I’ve just decided that it’s time that I quit my job to spend more time with my family. Not much more time because they’re working and I only see them when I get up to go to work and when they come home, but I’ll be able to spend more time with them if they even have a day off or if they too, hand in their resignations over nothing at all.

I’d just like to make it absolutely clear that I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m still highly respected and the only reason that I’m resigning is because I have very high integrity standards and these standards mean that I had to hand in my resignation even though I have, in no way, done anything that requires anyone to sack me.

In particular, I didn’t sign any contracts or take any money or interfere with any selection processes. Neither was I intoxicated when I didn’t drive into a fence. However, I must point out that had I driven into a fence it wouldn’t be because I was over the legal limit, it would be because I was crying and my tears blurred my vision causing me to swerve to avoid what appeared to me, a large dragon in the middle of the road.

The money I didn’t request from a donor wasn’t an attempt to circumvent the political donation laws. If such money had existed, it would have been for promoting business interests, but not the business interests of the person who wasn’t giving me any money. It would have been – but wasn’t because no money changed hands – for business interests generally and not for any particular developer.

Similarly, there was no political interference in a recent job appointment and I was at no time aware of this lack of interference.

It’s clear to anyone who looks at the facts here that I had nothing to do with any of them and if anyone were to suggest that I had, then they’re just a Labor stooge trying to deflect from the corruption on all sides of politics.

I look forward to the lack of an investigation which will undoubtedly exonerate me of all the things that I’m not accused of, and I would ask you all to respect my privacy at such a time, which isn’t difficult in any way, because I haven’t done anything wrong.

Yours sincerely,



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  1. pierre wilkinson

    oh dear, they just can’t help themselves,
    still it is always good to have a fall guy when accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of…
    glass houses anyone?

  2. Kerri

    Gold as usual Rossleigh.

  3. Terence Mills

    Interesting how the family fortunes of politicians can be affected by political comings and goings.

    As a couple Stuart Ayres and Marise Payne were doing OK when she was a minister in the Morrison government and he was, until yesterday, NSW Deputy Liberal leader.

    But how things change – a dramatic fall in their joint salary. Almost overnight, Ayres’ earnings have tumbled from $333,072 to $172,576. Payne also lost her $364,410 ministerial salary, and is now on a humble $217,060.

    Even so, they’re still doing OK by community standards.

  4. GL

    LNP: The chronic dysentery of Australian politics.

  5. totaram

    TM: You bet they are doing very well by “community standards” (whatever those might be). Never in my career as a Uni academic did I get even the lower of those two salaries, (even though I retired over a decade ago). Notwithstanding a Ph.D., research publications etc. etc.

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