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Ya gotta love a good conspiracy theory!

Unfortunately the only good one I’ve ever heard is about a society so secret that not only does nobody know who they are, but nobody even knows why they exist and what they’re ultimate aim is.

Generally speaking, I tend to steer clear of people who use the word “sheeple” when they try to convince me that I’m just fooled by the mainstream media and I’m incapable of thinking for myself. Of course, when people tell me that I shouldn’t trust the government, various multinationals and other organisations, I do understand where they’re coming from. It’s just that when someone says, “I’m a discerning individual who suspects that we’re being deliberately fed misinformation and here are the facts!” I’d be more inclined to take them seriously if they hadn’t decided to believe everything contained in that Plandemic video without watching it because someone they don’t know posted stuff on Facebook that warned them that 5G towers were the combination of billionaires and communists trying to take over the world. “Green starts with “G” and it has five letters in it, so The Greens are clearly behind the 5G and it won’t be long before we’re all required to have vaccinations containing moon rocks that didn’t come from the moon because that’s another thing that was clearly faked.”

So, anyway, when the Internet went down in my area, I did wonder whether it was some conspiracy by the NBN to hide how terrible speeds were now everyone is working from home. However, my attempts to create something to rival the rag-tag group of protesters on the steps of Victorian Parliament who were demanding that golfers be allowed to play, that 5G be stopped in its tracks, that the lockdown end and Donald Trump be made supreme leader of Australia so that we can arrest Bill Gates, hit a brick wall when I discovered that the reason for my lack of Internet was workman accidental cutting through cables.


As for the protest, it was interesting to hear Scott Morrison assert that it’s a free country in response. This was quite different from his announcement after the climate protests where he told us that he was going to be looking at measures to stop these protests from interfering with people going about their business. Yep, people flouting the laws about social distancing were ok, because it’s a free country but climate protesters need to have measures introduced to stop them. Seems a bit of a double standard, but then that’s been Liberal policy for years. We don’t just support standards; we support double standards.

Yes, it’s not the time for politics… unless you’re a Liberal who wants to have a crack at the Victorian Premier. Tim Smith managed to raise the tone of political debate by writing that Andrews wasn’t opening the pubs because he had nobody who’d want to drink with him. He then referred to him as “Lurch” from the Addams Family. I guess that makes it all right to call Dutton, Uncle Fester or will the Liberals once again raise their double standard.

There was an article in today’s paper about potential public sector wage rises and how these would adversely affect the economy. Ok, I’ll immediately concede the point that maybe it would be better to spend the money on a targeted program which helped get people in jobs. Maybe something like putting more people on the phones at Centrelink so some people will be able to get onto Jobseeker before they are eligible for the Age Pension. However, the final sentence confused me.

“Griffiths University economics professor Tony Makin said pulbic sector wages in Australia were cut by 20 percent in the Great Depression and should be cut again.”

Now, I’m not an economist but I do know that most of the things that they did during the Great Depression actually prolonged it and that cutting back programs and wages didn’t actually help, so it struck me as rather odd that somebody would argue for something that was shown to be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, but it does seem like his ideas are either a) worthy of an explanation that helps us understand why he’s rejecting the prevailing wisdom about the Depression, or b) complete bullshit.

Whichever it is, this does seem to highlight the problem with discourse in the 21st Century. Politicians and journalists dismiss Twitter – frequently by tweeting their dismissal – but there’s often not much more analysis than could be contained in a 280 character tweet. This enables politicians to “reject the premise of the question” and not explain their thought process, and to ignore the nuances in any discussion about COVID-19. “We did Health last week; this week we’re discussing the economy so don’t you go talking about second waves because that’s part of last week’s talking points.”

It does strike me as a little premature for the Treasurer and others to start saying that whatever we spend now will have to be paid back. While we need a nuanced discussion about the best way to get the economy roaring along like the turtle it was pre-Coronavirus, to tweet something like that seems a bit premature. Like a doctor telling a family just before someone has surgery that the bill will need to be paid even if the patient dies.

It’s true, but it does make him sound as though the main thing on his mind is the health of his bank balance rather than the health of his patient.

Finally, I couldn’t let the occasion pass without mentioning the retirement of Alan Jones and adding my voice to the tributes. People have said that even if you disagreed with him you had to admire his ability to engage his audience. Mind you, they said the same about Hitler. Of course, it would be unfair to compare Jones to Hitler because the latter was responsible for the deaths of millions whereas Jones only occasionally called for the assault or execution of people and he would have been shocked if anyone had carried out his wishes even though he expected politicians to do it on a regular basis. So good on you, Alan, may your retirement be filled with chaff bags and socks and all those things that have given you so much pleasure over the years.

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  1. Vikingduk

    What you don’t seem to realise is that Bill Gates is a lizard person in disguise and that him and the goannas are perfecting a vaccination filled with bio bots and really tiny mainframes to control every facet of our lives and do really nasty things all controlled by that 5g thing. How dare you mock, I’ll have you know I am a really stable genius and I really get all that science stuff and if it wasn’t for those nasty reporters asking those nasty questions the world would realise that work will set you free and you would never question again oh shit I pooed my nappy again wah call a wambulance nurse get here you bloody au pair floozy pick up me dummy change me nappy the dutton thing will hear about this plenty more where you came from and I really don’t accept the premise of your facts at all we have camps for malcontents such as you not to be confused with roberts or turnbull mals oh no you silly goose and of course if we weren’t testing for the virus it wouldn’t really exist and all those deaths never really happened but no ya want more tests Bugger nurse ratshit says it’s time for my meds.

  2. Freedomlover

    So why can’t the public be allowed to view an open debate about the quality and accuracy of the Covid testing, the safety and effectiveness of the Covid treatments, the push to inflate the Covid figures, the safety and efficacy of all vaccines, the dubious ethics and agendas of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and any other viewpoints that main stream media hysteria is silent on. There are expert people out there that are telling us that Governments have got it wrong in so many ways, yet they are silenced. Why are they not allowed to be heard. Why is it so necessary for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc to demonise and take down the accounts of anyone that does not agree with the seemingly corrupt W.H.O., so that we only hear a parroted dialogue from a central source. Are we not allowed to think for ourselves anymore, and make value judgements from more than one source. Or do people who are allowed to think for themselves get in the way of the politicised “greater good”.
    If you blindly believe what you are currently being fed from the main stream media, and from self-appointed medical expert Bill Gates, get ready to enjoy your Covid vaccine and a new reality of global social control.

  3. New Bruce

    I would rather have had adolf on the radio for all of those years, even if I can’t understand german.
    Maybe if aj had sported a Chaplin style moustache……

    How long will it be do you think before the jones/bolt love affair breaks on mainstream media. Ugly pictures of ill-fitting women’s wear that would make mr Laidly blush spring to mind, and leave me looking for a bucket. I wonder who is on top ?

  4. James Lawrie

    Freedomlover; you are truly a master of satire

  5. Vikingduk

    Freedomlover, why don’t you elaborate? Perhaps start by informing us on the dubious ethics and agenda of Anthony Fauci. Then perhaps explain how Bill Gates became a mind control demon and just continue on from there. Whilst I am no authority on what this site will publish, I would like to hear your truth, some of which seems to come out of the trump demented ravings that seem to be inspired by that repulsive focker, murdoch.

    Why is it that this farce of a government just wasted $10 million on useless virus test kits. The kits that greg kHunt assured were the best, top class, we don’t buy no shit. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the chaff bag for motormouth morrison? A “man” that lies so confidently, so assuredly, so easily, even when there is recorded evidence showing this shithouse rat for the liar he is? The increasing authoritarian, condescending, smirking jerk’s refusal to answer questions, his increasingly loving embrace of the demented style and ravings of donny dumpster, when the liar from the shire prays, he prays to be more like you don the con, a junior trump, grab em by the pussy, should be home doing the ironing not asking nasty questions, where’s albo? Is there still an opposition party? Used to be called the Labor Party, didn’t it?

    This bullshit is over, this putrid mess called democracy as practiced by the deranged, demented, focking batshit crazy politicians worldwide is reeking, needs putting in the bin. Are we totally rooted? Is there a way out? Can we end this nightmare? Is it too late? Nature’s climate change nipping at our heels, hot breath caressing, nature pissed, coming for us, relentless like rust, never sleeps, just keeps on and on. Too late to wake up? Too late to change? Time will tell, of course.

  6. Andrew Smith

    Interesting, on one hand enablers demand that climate (science) and environmental protesters should not demonstrate, but now demanding that people should.

    We know of Chomsky’s quite valid claims of ‘manufacturing of consent’ through various media (and Martin Curtis ‘engineering consent’ in Century of the Self) to support commercial and socio-political objectives.

    Nowadays, maybe it’s more ‘manufacturing confusion’ by conspiracy theories, astro turfing, fake news and scrambling people’s brains or ability to analyse?

    Don’t think it’s any coincidence, yet still organic, that we observe transnational demonstrations highlighted by media against lock downs (and govt.) in the name of personal freedom, etc. by anti vaxxers, ‘patriots’, radical right and/or loony left, climate science denialists and white nationalists; they are not mutually exclusive, nor are their silent enablers in the background.

    If people won’t follow or exercise their beliefs in the powers that be, religion, nationalism or entertainment, then encourage conspiracy theories…. Interesting projection how the usual RWNJs e.g. describe environmental concern as a religion which suggests their own understanding of the world is beliefs and religion…. aka Erdogan’s Turkey, Putin’s Russia, Republican’s America etc.

  7. Flogga


  8. paul walter

    People are too dumb to see that the Gates conspiracy theory is actually about a push by Trump and Murdoch to regain support for Trump in an election year.

  9. Brozza

    Speaking of the internet, since nbn Co. said that they would increase bandwidth so that all those people working from home could do so effectively, my download speed, (which my ISP told me was at it’s maximum of 30 MB/s most probably due to current infrastructure), has magically increased to 37MB/s, which seems to point to the fact that nbn.Co was deliberately throttling back internet traffic.
    Just need to find out under who’s direction nbn.Co was forced(?) to act as it had.

  10. Rossleigh

    Interesting, Brozza.
    But then the response to Covid-19 has led to a lot of things that we were told were impossible actually happening. It’s strange that when we had a smaller percentage of people unemployed, we couldn’t afford to raise benefits but when it grows to an enormous number we support even more through JobSeeker and add JobKeeper to the mix.

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