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The Wonderfully Compliant Druggie Dole Bludger!

Channel 9, when not hosting Liberal fundraisers, are one of the nation’s top investigative units. Take “A Current Affair”. More than twenty years after they found the Paxton family and managed to portray them to the nation as work-shy bludgers, they’ve found another candidate for the public pillory.

The promo for tomorrow’s episode tells us: “HE’S UNEMPLOYED, 30, ON WELFARE AND HE SPENDS IT ON DRUGS!”

After this guy, Adrian, tells us that he spends his money on other things like tobacco, rent and food first and drugs second (let’s not get pendatic about tobacco being a drug), we’re told that this is the bloke that ScoMo has in his sights. I presume that this will be explained in the episode as meaning that rather than being simply one individual, he represents the sort of person that the drug testing and Indue card are aimed at, and we can safely presume that our PM hasn’t turned into a sniper. The promo then has the guy answer the question about losing his welfare by telling us that if that happened he’d start working again. Yes, the best form of welfare is a job and I can just see employers lining up to give this guy a chance once they hear that he’s back on the market now that he can no longer afford to buy drugs… Or to eat.

So, you see, Scott Morrison is on the right track. It’s only because we give this guy money that he’s on drugs and not working. Take away the money and hey presto, he’ll get himself a job. This guy has just been scamming us for years. What a clever bastard!

Although it does seem that there is a little flaw in his genius. Now, I’m no expert at fraud but it does strike me that it’s sort of giving the game away to go on national television and confess to your sins unless you are actually planning to do a complete mea culpa. Whatever, he can be the first to benefit from Morrison’s “compassionate conservative” agenda. After all, he’s told us that he’s on drugs so he’s saved the authorities the time, trouble and expense of drug testing him. He can go straight to the rehab that’s been promised for people in his position.

Of course, some of you may think that this would put him in the same category as those boat people. It would make him a “queue jumper”. I mean why should he get help in front of all those people who’ve had to patiently wait for it. That would be unfair and maybe we should use him to set an example. Perhaps he should be jailed for his drug use or better yet, we could send him to off-shore detention centre indefinitely and that should give him a chance to clean up his act.

At the very least he should lose his dole payment. We should all write to our local member demanding that this man is ostracised and forced to find work, even if he has to move to wherever our Deputy PM says people should move to, in order to do that. I’m not sure where that is, but Mr McCormack seemed to think that there were places.

Yes, he’s taken an enormous risk to expose his recalcitrant behaviour. One wonders why he’d do such a thing. I mean, it’s not like he’d have been paid for the interview or anything. No, he would have done it out of a sense of community responsibility, just like Channel 9 did when they ran that fundraiser!

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  1. New England Cocky

    “Take away the money and hey presto, he’ll get himself a job. This guy has just been scamming us for years. What a clever bastard!”

    I wonder if this strategy would work with Barnyard Joyce, Adulterer-in-chief for the Nat$, paedophile protector for the church whose tenets he ignores, and Chief-f*cker of the MDB allegedly for the benefit of 10 MDB irrigators taking about 83% of MDB water flows and growing bumper cotton cops in a no pumping season. “At the very least he should lose his [parliamentay retirement allowances]”.

  2. totaram

    Misspelt “Wonderfully”, unless you did it on purpose. However, you have just proved my point that with the entire MSM now firmly in the coalition camp, including large parts of the ABC, the idea any “policies” Labor develops need to consider the electorate etc. is just bollocks. No matter what the policies are, what the electorate will hear is what the coalition wants them to hear – lies, smear, and fear.

    Labor is complicit in this situation because they never tried to do anything about it and now it is out of control. Until they can fix it, or find an antidote, they might as well resign themselves to being in opposition for decades to come. They may have won the odd battle, but they have comprehensively lost the war, and if they think they can win another battle by being “coalition lite”, they are asking for a miracle.

  3. Andreas

    And that is the end of the Australian dream…

  4. Phil Pryor

    There are so many conservative politicians doing cunning stunts and never earning a decent dollar, that one wonders about all this, for commercial T V has been known to pay out for crap stories, surely bribery and corruption. The owner of most shares in one commercial T V station is said to be a druggy bludger, never works but does intrude when he is coherent. On the piss, on the dole, on the taxpayer, on the donors, on the advertisers for cash for comment, endless bullshit, lies, conniving, careerist cowardly rapacious reptilian ripoffs.

  5. Lyndal Breen

    In the meantime, what has this fellow’ s job search agency done to get him into work. There is some agency out there that has been paid handsomely to work with him to make him ‘job ready’

  6. Florence Howarth

    Does anyone else think the numbers don’t add up? How much is a packet of cigarettes alone?

  7. Rossleigh

    Whoops, typo, totaram.
    Fixed, thank you.

  8. David Bruce

    The first thought that crossed my mind was “how much are channel 9 paying him?” I seem to remember that 9 was extremely effective with cheque book journalism! Exactly as PP comments…

  9. Joseph Carli

    A theatrical set and enactment…it will come out in a few days that it was a production from the props dept’ of channel nine….like no drugies den that I’ve ever visited…and I visited more than a few back in the seventies…

  10. Luke

    This is bullshit, I have applied for 100’s of jobs, and been to multiple job search agencies and they can’t find or help me get any more. I am so over it. Australia fcking sucks.

  11. wam

    It may be remote but ch9 might have stretched their true-lies too far and given Albo a chance to laugh at scummo and his ch 9 mates???

    I’m with you david,I presume, he will remove his Rolex and ch9 will keep 45% unless he produces a tax file number?
    The rabbott had an easy task to deal with the msn because he is welcome on the morning shows 9 is the lnp preferred and sunrise takes seconds so scrabbles after the even less able xbenchers.(the principle is wrong but setka called me an arsehole to sorry principles)
    The most vehement supporters of the legislation, on my pages, are members of a union which claims almost 100% membership. The arrogance is obvious in their assurance ‘the laws will not apply to us.’

    jesus poor old albo
    The slimy ambitious white-anting arsehole of the gillard days collegiate crawling with a throwaway line next to mcCormack deserves a knock down.
    thank bobby nearly 10 years of no global warming action and scummo.via townsville tragedy.

  12. Karyn Meaker

    Unbelievably stupid to think that drug testing will work for New Start. Given how expensive a drug habit is, most people on New Start who are genuine addicts supplement their income through petty crime. Committing crimes and being a part of the drug sub culture all require above average concealment skills. Thus those who are most likely to be addicted will also be the ones most likely to have the skills to avoid detection ie fake a screen. Those who get detected are going to be people who show a false positive due to an innocent substance ie they are not going to fake a screen for something that was not illegal, like a cold remedy. If the focus is helping drug addicts and providing opportunities for rehabilitation by urine sampling they need to go after the employed who can afford to use drugs with out resorting to petty crime. These people have less experience in faking it. Just ask AFL player Willie Rioli how the hell he though Gatorade would pass as urine? But is it unbelievably stupid to create a story that does not make logical sense? A drug addict who can afford to pay his rent, feed himself, and support a nicotine addiction all on $40 per day can’t be much of an addict. Maybe it’s a part time hobby. No sadly it’s not unbelievably stupid to promote a dubious and questionable image of a New Start recipient it will be sucked up by every polemic non critically thinking voter as the indisputable truth. Meanwhile the truer image of New Start recipients these days is some one between 55 and 67 years of age living in poverty after years of having a go working and then being told he or she is too old to have a go any more. These are the most risk of homelessness if New Start is suspended for even a week while the cough medicine appeal is launched.There are fewer options between 55-67 years of age for flatting with other young drug abusing work avoiders.

  13. Zathras

    If. as statistics suggest, there are fourteen applicants for every job advertised then no amount of dehumanisation, humiliation or ridicule is going to help those other thirteen but perhaps we comfortable taxpayers will somehow feel better about ourselves.
    Bad luck about those unemployable over-fifties though – not much hope for them.

    It’s a bit like former US President Lyndon Johnson said – “If you can make the worst white man think he is better than the best black man, he will vote for you”, except it’s less about race and more about employment status and another example of Tory “compassion”.

    Once they’ve screwed over the Unions and the unemployed, who will be next?

  14. Paul

    We will slide into a recession and it will be those bloody dole bludgers fault….
    Oh, and of course Labor….

  15. Josephus

    New England Cocky I find you cruel and ungrateful. Beetroot head has style, even a good business sense. Why, he has auctioned off the lump of coal he bandied about in the House for $800, enough to pay for nappies for his 2nd bawling and puking brat after his first four.

    But didn’t our PM also show off a lump of coal in the House? Morrison can auction that too. I suggest that he send the proceeds to the Caymans, seeing that the PM he got rid of sent his savings there . This is all beyond clownish. Comedians are being outdone.

    We need a modern Swift. Wait, some of our AIMN writers are doing quite well, as is First Dog in the Guardian.

  16. Wobbley

    Anybody remember ACA’s dole army story quite a few years ago? I smell a stench so contrived it IS laughable. These fascists and their enablers are pathetic, but guess what? How many morons will believe it even when it will become apparent that this shit is what it is, a total fabrication and more damage has been inflicted on the fabric of Australian society. The timing is impeccable!!!!

  17. Grumblebum

    A pouch of tobacco plus papers = at least $50 (was forced to give up years ago) yet he’s brandishing tailor mades
    Rent = $200 if you’re lucky & I’m talking a share house room
    Food = well he looks quite the chonker so that’s anyones guess
    Bills = I put money aside every fortnight but due to winter led a very chilly existence these last few months & still missed more than a few meals.
    So now we’re into negative figures & this class traitor still finds money for not only weed but the ads had him brandishing an ice pipe.
    F#ck channel nein

  18. Ian

    Just another money laundering scam. Indue profits will flow right back to Liberal party coffers. That’s against the law, but we all know that laws are just for plebeians.

  19. Kampbell

    Must be cheap drugs then. It is a full time job dealing with Centrelink. Rubbish story from a rubbish network.

  20. Wayne Turner

    Channel 9 with yet again using the con job of “cherry picking” – Take one case (If it’s even the truth? And/or whole story?), and then claim/imply that this is the norm for most/all in this situation. A total con job, from the Coalition’s channel 9.

    I’d love to find out who this guy really is? And his real whole situation? If he worked for the Libs behind the scenes,and is just an actor I wouldn’t be surprised.

  21. ex dole recipient

    What is wrong with Adrian’s story? If he spends his money on anything, that is his prerogative, it is his money to do with as he likes. Throw it in the toilet or bury it, who cares? If he wants to smoke pot, who cares? I don’t. He still spends his money on local economy and not sending to overseas relatives. He may have psyche issues or other health ills we know not. If…If we want to regulate what he does with his money then don’t give it…issue food stamps instead. With every form of prohibition or regulatory control, something nasty raises its ugly head to create worse. Let him do what he wants and when he wants without big brother eye on his privates. Helping him scratch creates worse itch.

  22. iggy648

    Adrian, move to Dubbo. Plenty of jobs there. (Bring your own water).

  23. iggy648

    Also, I agree with Grumblebum. Adrian is so good at managing money, the Liberal party should employ him!

  24. Giddy

    Forget Adrian and the Channel 9 ACA fabrications, what about the poor guy who is in a wheelchair, half a leg amputated with only partial hearing, had his claim for disability rejected. Shame on the Australian Government for frivolous spending on their bourgeois society, leaving those Australians who really need help to suck it up and suffer.

  25. hmmm

    The nine bullshit is as believable as it is truthfull and relivent…Lets flash to whoever owns the job network member and reaps 10x the newstart rate for this guys jobreadiness? oohh na thats a rich guy…we demonize pleebs here not demons

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