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The U.S. Presidential Election: Observations of an Australian outsider

I begin writing at 6am on Friday, November 6 with the United States presidential election undecided but with Joe Biden having the clearer pathway to victory.

The result may come in as I write, but that will not change the fact that Donald Trump will, if necessary, challenge every vote in any court willing to hear him.

He is even insisting that voting be stopped in many states. Both sides are passionate but so far only Joe Biden is showing any dignity in the process. Trump, as is usual, is showing all the petulance of a young boy who has had his toys taken from him.

While the votes are still being legally counted, we can only speculate about what we know thus far.

One thing is clear and that is that the process must be valued; that the long-founded institutions be respected and not open to abuse.

So, here are some observations about this much anticipated election.

What we know so far is that this has been an election confirming the political divide and the partisan attitudes of the American people.

Of the two contenders only one is worthy of the position of President of the United States of America.

One is a narcissist of the highest order – and arguably mentally ill – while the other is a nice, reasonable man nearing the end of his political life but still with the potential to bring back some sanity to American politics.

I have nothing against a reasoned old man and everything against a slightly younger narcissist.

One thing that stands out to me is that the system of government (the Electoral College system) cannot continue where one side receives so much more of the popular vote yet doesn’t receive any proportional recognition.

This cannot continue election after election without tensions reaching boiling point. In 2016 the Democrats won the popular vote by 3 million votes and their lead in 2020 is approaching 4million: with 6 million being within grasp.

It looks as though the Republicans will retain the Senate which, if Biden wins, means that – as it did with Obama – the GOP will block any Biden legislation they want. Well, maybe.

Having said that, they cannot afford to continue to be a wrecker party as they were with Obama otherwise they will just become a party of obstructionism.

At around 10am Australian time Joe Biden hit our television screens and in the tradition of Obama “cool” asked that America remains calm and remind people that the election was continuing to be held under the rules of each state. I’m beginning to think that some sanity might soon come back to the presidency.

Then around 12.30am Donald Trump alleges that there was wide spread fraud in the process. It was the greatest dummy spit by any president ever. The election is being stolen from him, he says.

Which is of course all rubbish. He declares that he has won and wants all counting stopped.



If Biden does in fact defeat Trump, we will have a lot to thank him for. To not have to listen to his daily lies and his high opinion of himself will be like a breath of fresh air.

In a brilliant essay for The Guardian on Saturday Katherine Murphy wrote:

“Trump was trying to make a case that there is a conspiracy against him. Fake votes. Fake polls. Fake news outlets pretending the fake votes aren’t fake. Obviously, this is a florid fantasy, but Trump is speaking to supporters, American citizens, who also hold these views. He’s validating voter predispositions, not inventing them.”

Trump’s assertions were made in his typically ugly manner. No facts, no truth, no legality. It’s all sour grapes. That the Vice President wasn’t at his side was telling, and a few hours later fellow Republicans began to crab walk away from him. 2012 Presidential challenger Mick Romney more or less told him to grow up and shut up.

My wife is ecstatic about the likelihood of a Biden victory. I take a bit of time off from writing to look at the excellent ABC coverage.

I see a young man with a placard saying “Jesus Saves” on a day that 115,000 new COVID-19 cases are announced. I find that both upsetting and questionable. The virus has hardly rated a mention.

Trump has never, as President, expressed the grief of the nation. Nor has he ever done anything about it.

There was speculation that unhappiness with Trump’s handling of the virus might depress turnout among conservative voters. That has not eventuated.

The day brings forth a few relevant facts. It is a record turnout for an American election. More women voted than ever before. Twice as many young people have voted that in 2016. Biden has won more votes than any other candidate in history, breaking Obama’s record.

Democracy is alive and well.

I’m at my desk at 6am Saturday and tune into the ABC. It seems that overnight nothing much has changed although things seemed to have firmed up for Joe Biden.

They are saying that Biden may make some comments at midday so I continue thinking about the consequences of a Biden victory. I’m assuming at this stage that he will win.

By this time, I’m thinking whether the Republicans will become more amiable without Trump in order to show that they have indeed changed.

Instead of just blocking everything, will they compromise? McConnell and Biden have worked together for over 40 years so there is opportunity for some give and take.

At this stage in the voting it looks as though the Democrats will have a reduced majority in the House but the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans.

My thoughts take me from one thing to another.

It has to be said that the way in which Americans elect their political representatives needs to be re visited.

Deny the science, don’t wear masks, don’t social distance. All these instructions to the population and others have contributed to the deaths of many. The President’s own dismissal of the virus itself is tantamount to a recklessness beyond belief. His stupidity-gullibility and refusal to consider advice from medical experts when he could have, makes him – some will argue – a mass murderer by negligence. That is the truth of it.

It is time that those with the capacity to change laws that might prevent the mass deaths of people – and refuse to do so – were made to account. After all, they are as guilty or as mad, whatever the case, as the perpetrator himself.

Mid-afternoon Trump is digging in. He tweets:



His logic continues to confound.

Joe Biden announces that he is on the cusp of victory but asks for calm. And in what appears to be a dig at Trump he reminds everyone that the counting processes are evidence of democracy at work. He too turns to Twitter:



Now we sit back and wait for the next chapter in this amazing election.

And knowing Trump, anything can happen.

My thought for the day

The best one can say when looking for a reason as to why Trump lost is to say that he lied his way out of office.


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  1. Terence Mills

    Fox News the last bastion of Trumpery has called the election for Biden and it has been alleged that Murdoch is not taking calls from Trump.

  2. wam

    I wish your thought was the truth, lord, but lies got him and many of our pollies, into office.
    Trump got beaten in the 2016 popular vote by a couple of million this time about 4 million but that leaves 70+m republicans plus children that is a lot to be stirred.
    Congrats to Kamala, as the first woman VP, only a heart beat behind the president.
    sinidinos talking, what a laughing stock hockey and now this twit.

    I am remembering the priestly intone
    PATER noster, qui es in cœlis; sanctificatur nomen tuum: Adveniat regnum tuum; fiat voluntas tua
    and giving up the dominalis sexakalis watchawalla betcha my old man plays dominoes better than your old man can

  3. New England Cocky

    Well, JL at 0600 hours Sunday ABC News 24 television called it for Biden based on US networks calling it for Biden.

    Naturally the vote was rigged because had the electoral office only counted Republican votes then Trumpery would have won hands down. Seemingly, the CIA did not bring their polling skills into the USA (United States of Apartheid) to get the necessary result to favour US multinational corporations seeking to exploit the natural resources in America.

    The alternative explanation may be that McConnell, the power behind POTUS, has no further use for Trumpery now that McConnell has been returned for a further 6 year term.

    Now which US corporations will benefit from supplying a COVID-19 vaccine to the US government?


  4. New England Cocky

    @wam: Ok Smartypants, would you like to translate the Latin into English for those of us who had the benefit of schooling free from paedophile priests?

  5. wam

    Good to see the lemon and the copper man giving credence to a murdoch investigation and I loved the turnbull quip to rudd “we agreed on a climate policy”.
    Wonder what happened to that, lord????

  6. mark delmege

    the world is normal again. a cia friendly corrupt war criminal is back in the chair best of all he is media friendly and the stupid ignorant liberal sheepl will finally shut up for the next 4 years. But if you thought trump was bad and he was this bloke if you open your f’n eyes will be even worse.

  7. wam

    haha sorry NEC often I am silly but I didn’t think diben would beat rumpt and searly in the week wrote something about god if joe won.
    the latin our father who art in heaven holy etc but it is pretty well a lie of omission because after my dad came back only the women went to church dad and I went fishing or chopping wood for the stove and cooking the sunday roast

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Delmege…… why don’t you do us all here and the rest, a favour, and just F**KOFF.

  9. mark delmege

    nice Henry now you sound like michael taylor.

  10. mark delmege

    My best guess is you were blind to the crimes of Obama and never criticised him because you thought he was on your side and you dont believe how rotten Biden has been over his time either. Guess what … none of them work for you. And if you are unfortunate enough to live in a country with a progressive government or heaven forbid a socialist government he will take you down too.

  11. DrakeN

    …which is a lot saner, nicer and more logical than sounding like mark delmage.

  12. Matters Not

    mark delmege – sometimes I have sympathy for your views BUT it’s also pretty obvious you desire to live only in an ideal (political) world. In this (political) world, you have to make choices. You don’t have a choice not to choose. It’s an imperative! It’s inescapable – because a choice will be made – whether or not you choose to actively participate or not. By choosing not to (actively) choose, you are in effect letting others choose for you. A type of passive choice. Perhaps by others who are not so intelligent? How do you feel about outsourcing your choice to others, albeit via default? (Yes I know it’s a bit of a ramble.)

    Be interested to hear your response. And again you have the choice of an active or passive response. Either way, readers will give meaning etc. They will choose – consciously or not.

  13. Roswell

    mark delmege, I disagree. I think Henry sounds more like I do.

  14. mark delmege

    No I dont have to chose between either bastard because I dont vote in the elections in the (nv) USofA. Its quite simple really. Trump for all his rottenness didn’t invade another country though he did maintain forces in war torn countries that were started by others. Not only that he pretty much ended US support for the worst of the worst head choppers which were promoted by Obama to tear apart Libya and Syria. You lot seem to be OK with that. I’m not. I fully expect Biden to resume normal operations and bomb who ever he likes and I fully expect his apologists to turn the same blind eye like they did during Obama’s years. Tell me I am wrong. Frankly how dare you tell me I have to support either the dem or repubs. Have you no intelligence?

  15. Matters Not

    mark delmege – perhaps I should have made clear that what I was referring to was a principle. A theoretical or hypothetical exercise if you like. Forgive me – I thought you had enough intelligence to work that out all by yourself. So pardon me for making such a gross overestimation. As for daring … you really need to get a life. Hilarious!

    Then again I’ve noticed you can’t even handle apostrophes as evidenced by what appears to be best described as random usage. Have a nice day!

    As for ending support for head-choppers – try to keep up. Remember Jamal Khashoggi for example. And the bombing of Iran. Double dare you. Shakes head.

  16. mark delmege

    Comment deleted by moderator. Claims that a person is a criminal when they have not been found guilty of a crime in a court of law can lead to litigation.

  17. John Lord

    It boils down to what is not an easy question. What would you have done?

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