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The rebirth of Donald Trump has biblical overtones, but can he win?

Who else but Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be game enough to shape up to Donald Trump? A man who encouraged a pack of lowlifes to overthrow the Government because he felt (and still does) he had been robbed of a presidential victory. Millions of his followers side with him, despite the evidence to the contrary.

One thousand men have been charged, and one hundred have been convicted over the invasion by supporters of then-President Donald Trump when they swarmed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021

He is the only President in history to be impeached twice.

A jury of six men and three women recently awarded the writer E. Jean Carroll $5 million in damages after finding him guilty of sexual abuse and defamation. Trump called the verdict a “disgrace“. Carroll now seeks an additional $10 million after the former President called her a “whack job” in a town hall meeting.

It gets worse. He will also:

“… face a criminal trial on March 25, 2024, over charges he falsified business records to conceal money paid to silence porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

That means Trump will be going on trial during the heart of the 2024 presidential nominating primaries, when he and his rivals to be the Republican candidate will be criss-crossing the country to drum up support among the party faithful.”

And so the story of this brainless cote continues. Trump is now in his second coming. Like Lazarath, he has risen from the dead to again challenge for the Presidency.

His first coming was like that of a Messiah, “I am the way the truth and the life“. Without wanting in any way to compare him with Jesus, one cannot but help to notice the similarities with Trump’s messianic messages.

Jesus was a messiah who wanted to rid the world of its sin, whereas Trump sang “My Way”, as if he had some sort of ownership of righteousness.

I’m not suggesting comparisons of virtue, but analogies of each one’s place in the world say that Jesus was all grace, compassion, and forgiveness. Trump had narcissism deeply embedded in the maze that is his brain. He admitted to being a genius. It’s my way, my truth, and only I can restore the great American dream.

Who but a narcissist would say such things? Who but a climate denialist would appoint acolytes with a long history of climate denialism to his cabinet?

But his troubles mount:

“In April, the New York Times reported that in an extraordinary appearance at the Criminal Courts Building in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, Mr Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts related to his role in what prosecutors described as a hush-money scheme to clear his path to the Presidency in 2016.”

More will be added, yet this man with a “mental illness” will again run for President of the United States despite all his abuse, convictions, lies, and denial.

Only a sick man who thinks he is “the way, the truth and the life” would dismiss an established scientific view without training in climate change. In fact, one would have to be gullible in the extreme to do so.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps it takes a man with a messianic message that says, “Greed is good.” That nothing, repeat nothing, comes before the great American dream of the land of milk and honey. That everyone is entitled to be rich above and beyond all other considerations. That regulations only get in the way. Science has a place if it enhances wealth, but it must be ignored if it prevents it.

Only a man who thinks he is some sort of capitalist Messiah would say such things. He had a cabinet of old white men and a few women who followed the Messiah’s teaching, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” In their lust for wealth before enlightenment they created an arrogance beyond measure; a vulgar display of wealth and success designed to impress a world in meltdown.

The former President is a recorded serial liar, yet millions still believe him and will vote for him. Only in America.

During his years in office Trump made the most outrageous claims to exaggerate the extent of his accomplishments. He overstated his achievements on everything from tax reform to manufacturing investments.

Venerable writer and commentator Robert Reich has likened him to Senator Joe McCarthy, who called hundreds of people communists during the 50s, thus ruining many lives. McCarthy’s advisor was attorney Roy Cohn, an expert at character assassination and mentor to Donald Trump.

Can this seriously flawed sex-crazed excuse for manhood win the Presidency in 2024? Currently, incumbent President Joe Biden is the favourite at most betting agencies. Biden has around +135 election odds. Donald Trump is about +250 at most sportsbooks, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is +550.

As an outsider, I find it disturbing that a political party like the GOP, or any political party, would allow a person with Trump’s gutter personality to represent it, knowing what they know. And secondly, how is it that a country like the United States of America is so embracing of his condition that its people might reelect him regardless of his questionable mental capacity.

Can he win? I don’t know. Strange things happen in a country that allows its children to be murdered in its schools. Where religion dominates its politics and its debt reaches thirty-five trillion dollars. Where black lives don’t matter, and women don’t either.

“Only in America” rings true.

My thought for the day

American exceptionalism is a concept that should not be included in the same sentence as making America great again.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Great to have more Lord insights into the craziness of world media. Certainly ”Only in America” rings too true and the fanatical chasing of ”the American dream” of individual personal wealth beyond imagination has been shown to create the ”nightmare on Main Street” for too many others in the community.
    The scary thing is that Trumpery as a convicted criminal is still eligible to run for POTUS in 2024.
    However, there is an alternative view to the Biblical version of Easter and subsequent alleged events that suggests an armed Palestinian uprising against the Roman conquerors that was put down with the usual great force. But here is little surviving contemporary evidence, written or otherwise, remembering that the most recent gospel dates from about 70AD.

  2. GL

    I belive he’ll lose and when he does we can expect a apoplectic (apocalyptic?) Trump enraged ramp up and possibly even more violent rerun of the great steal of 2020. If he does lose I also think the GOP will start doing rats on a sinking ship impressions on The Donald because the blow to his ego may well tip him over the edge of the high thin cliff of sanity that he stands on.

  3. Terence Mills

    It seems Donald Trump may have broken a U.S. federal law and a Georgia state law against election tampering by pressuring the state’s top officials to find him the extra votes he needed ; remember those phone call transcripts ?.

    This issue, of all the Trump legal wrangles, is the most important and potentially destructive for Trump’s future aspirations. The Fulton county district attorney in Georgia is expected to ask a grand jury starting in mid-July to return charges against Trump and dozens of people involved in efforts to reverse his defeat in the state of Georgia.

    My guess is the the GOP won’t want to risk supporting Trump and will get behind Mike Pence.

    Watch this space !

  4. Canguro

    Believe shmelieve… as my dear departed stepmama once told me, ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch.’

    America, being the land of the crazy, might just re-elect the orange turd to the White House, given that he’s – if he gets to poll position – running against old ‘fall down’ Joe, and when it comes to invigorating the crazies, the OT beats FDJ by an American mile.

    Whatever. Like everything American, there’s bound to be surprise, controversy and heartache when it comes to the actual contest.

  5. Harry Lime

    One wonders when Satan will tire of propping the Orange Clown up.As for ‘fall down’ Joe,they’ll have to do a bionic remake before he’s running anywhere.America…where Hollywood trumped reality years ago.Cut and run Albo,before we’re sucked down the gurgler with them.The entire planet has been poisoned by Uncle Sam.Can the cretin Trump win? No..rugs ready to be pulled are lined up everywhere…including the one on his repulsive head.

  6. Phil Pryor

    One hopes, in self delusion, for gradual improvement in the world, as if it had been promised, guaranteed, by goodwill, material improvements, education. But this is not so, with imperious warmongering, deceptive and dishonest behaviour, political deviates, social evils like mass murders, pollution and degradation everywhere, pointless overpopulation pressures, untrustworthy public and political life. Two of the worst types ever may be USA candidates for office soon. Superstition still abounds and fuels much irrationality. Media, soon to be “enhanced” by more I A, is totally untrustworthy in doing duty. Sick selfishness has new power, and a Bezzuckermuskosberggatesmurdochism threatens actual sanity. Trump, Putin, Johnson, Morrison, too many sick fools. But they get endorsed, corner votes and donors.., while we notice apparent decline in all areas of social and political observation. But, only the poor are killed and jailed, not the rich and powerful. Steal a loaf, go to Botany Bay, but steal Bengal and become a governor.

  7. Geoff Andrews

    “But they all grew idle & hard to please
    And easy to swindle & hard to please”

    A line from C. J. Dennis’s “The Stones of Gosh” that refers to Australians in the poem but applies easily to Americans.

  8. GL

    DeSantis is more of a concern to the US because he’s a bigger, more rabid fanatic, anti-abortion…well, anti everything that doesn’t skew to his way of thinking and isn’t hard core right wing GOP.

  9. Canguro

    Let this video, taken on the 28th May 2023 at the EU Parliament in Brussels speak for itself. I can’t comment on whether there is yet widespread promulgation via MSM but I suspect there won’t be. It has been uploaded to both YouTube & Twitter.

    The header above the Twitter embed reads as follows:

    “Dr. David Martin, addressing the European Parliament at the International COVID Summit III, made a startling assertion that the COVID-19 pandemic, responsible for millions of deaths worldwide between 2020 and 2023, was a pre-meditated act of domestic terrorism. Speaking before the audience, Dr. Martin presented evidence supporting his claims and highlighted the historical context of the pandemic.”

    It would seem that the combined troika of capitalism, Big Pharma and politics, as manifested within the United States of America, have combined to pull the wool over the eyes of the world’s citizens; preferencing profit over human health, falsely accusing China of being at the aetiological pointy end of COVID, raking in the bucks while the planet went into meltdown, and bearing the responsibility for trillions of dollars worth of damage along with millions of human deaths and immeasurable suffering.

    We were lied to, folks, again & again & again. People need to be put up against the wall and shot, publicly. Anything less is an injustice. If Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos gets jailed for 11 and a bit years for her fraud, what should the Pfizer execs along with their military and political co-conspirators get? Life plus a thousand years? It’s hard to get one’s head around how evil this whole phenomenon actually is, and what a profound case it makes for a complete rethink on management of social and commercial behaviour…

  10. GL


    Martin has a PhD an runs M·CAM®, an international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. His credibility level is, in my opinion, zero. He was heavily involved in the the two Plandemic farces…I mean documentaries and appeared on that rabid nutcase Stew Peters online show. He joins such luminaries as Lin Wood, Roger Wood and other nuts. Like I said, zero credibility.

  11. Harry Lime

    Thanks for that Canguro…absolutely gobsmacking.Should we be surprised? Probably not.The pursuit of money rules,no wonder America is fucked.I refer to my earlier post.Doc Martin gives a very good impression of credibility in public…I wonder if he travels in an armoured car.

  12. leefe

    As scary as it is to imagine the Mango Mussolini back in the White House, DeSantis is far, far worse – not least because he is smarter than DJT. The downward trajectory of USAnian society and politics keeps accelerating …

  13. John Lord

    Martin is very impressive. How is it possible l kept asking myself.

  14. John Lord

    This sums the man up.

    Mike Pence and Donald Trump go out to dinner at a nice steakhouse. The waiter comes over after they have perused the menus and says, “And what will you gentlemen be having tonight?

    Pence says, “I’d like a nice big steak, medium rare.”

    The waiter replies, “Very good, sir, and for the vegetable?”

    Pence says, “Oh, he’ll have a steak, too.”

  15. Karl

    John, there’s always people, fortunately few in number, who think their lives are more important than anyone else’s. They’re hardworking and surround themselves with smart people who it seems, for the right price, look the other way. They all seem to lack a common trait most people have, a ‘do unto others’ outlook. I don’t trust the Pharma industry now.

  16. Cool Pete

    Can he win? God, I hope not!

  17. Bronwyn Grantham

    John Lord – unfortunately the above article on Trump needs a copy editor, or perhaps you need to do some serious study of spelling and punctuation. Even your comment above ‘Martin is very impressive. How is it possible l kept asking myself.’ needs a question mark on the second sentence. These constant mistakes interrupt the flow of your work, as well as causing confusion and irritation to the reader; the mistakes even devalue the content you are expressing.

  18. wam

    The pool has been cold for weeks, lord, welcome back.
    Trump is assuredly the base man of your words.
    Your thought points to MAGA for the greatest slogan and trump’s persona rely on the school dogma of ‘we are exceptional’.
    As a 75 years resolved americophobe, Desantis, as a far right extreme christian, is easily the best man for President.
    But if not god bless trump.

  19. Canguro

    … and in breaking news, it’s now been reported that the Bible has been banned from US schools ‘due to vulgarity, violence’.

    Bwaaah hahaha… the hilarity of the ironies that erupt on a daily basis in the USA never cease to split my consciousness; po-faced moralists decide that the Bible is too confronting for the kiddies, despite it having had a goodly run across the Christian landscape for… lemme see now… around 500 to 1,000 years depending on the measure of availability, yet now, in possibly the most intellectually liberal era of humanity’s existence, it’s been deemed too confronting for the littlies of sensitive America but hey… mass shootings, poll position globally on societal murders, drug-based deaths ditto, as well as utterly corrupt politics, war-mongering, environmental vandalism & destruction, looting, raping & pillaging, one-click availability of pornography, all within a framework of social breakdown, infrastructural degradation, homelessness, unemployment, massive and seemingly unfixable chasms in social equality & equity.. but hey… that’s okay… we’re good with that, apparently; just that damn bible and it’s nasty images, alongside those all-so-threatening sexually fluid folks and those busybody pests who keep harping on about the end of the world due to Big Oil and the greedy oligarchs. Jeez… what’s their problem?

  20. Roswell

    Canguro, not just violence, but fake news.

  21. Harry Lime

    Yeah Canguro,but they have their good faults too.

  22. leefe


    It’s not just about the violence etc. That mob do not want people reading the book from start to finish, because doing so is the most effective way of turning people off, not just their particular brand, but chrisitianity as a whole. As long as the plebs don’t read and think, the movers and shakers of whatever flavour evangelism it is can make the most outrageous claim, say “it’s in the bible”, and their mob will swallow it.

  23. wam

    roswell maybe the boys lost a rib?? But whatever women didn’t count so eve could have had a dozen girls??.

  24. Fred

    Wam & Roswell: Interesting, but lets skip over the obvious anomalies – have faith – starting with immaculate conception, how Adam’s 3 sons propagated humanity unless one was a hermaphrodite or an unmentioned sister was involved in contradiction to Leviticus 18.

    Mind you there are good reasons why brothers and sisters should not produce offspring with each other or their parents, vis. first-degree relatives, as the outcomes are 40+% with serious birth defects and 10+% with mental disabilities. The Adam and Eve clan must have been fun in the early days. I wonder if natural selection may have had a hand in weeding out the malformed and/or idiots.

  25. New England Cocky

    @ Fred: Thank you for providing the scientific knowledge that explains why COALition supporters are the way they are.

  26. GL

    @June 4, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    You forgot to add another reason for banning it: Begattings and incest galore.

  27. Canguro

    The 2004 documentary Outfoxed • Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, made almost twenty years ago, hasn’t really aged inasmuch as the commercial position of News Corp then and now is essentially the same toxic stew of ‘whatever it takes to stay on top’, viz., fake news, right-wing promulgation, anti-democratic scheming, pandering to the deplorables (thanks, Hillary), lies & more lies, and to misquote Bertrand Russell’s protagonist on what holds the earth in its place, debasement all the way. The machiavellian billionaire’s planetary legacy is akin, I believe, to a forest fire that began in the Adelaide Hills in the 1950s and has steadily burned across continents and countries ever since, with an effective extinguisher yet to be deployed.

  28. Harry Lime

    On the same theme Canguro..a piece lifted from today’s Guardian has a quote from Arthur Calwell from the early 1940’s, who said the Australian press is”owned for the most part by financial crooks,and edited for the most part by mental harlots” Quite fitting really.

  29. GL

    The Donald appears to be having a bit of a problem finding prominent and reputable lawyers to represent him. He could always rehire “Release the Kraken” Powell and I’m sure there are many bottom feeders who would be than prepared to jump on the Trump wagon without a care or thought about totally trashing their names. Better yet, he could hire the DoNotPay AI Robot Lawyer that works for chips.

  30. Terence Mills

    Trump is giving every appearance of being a ‘foreign agent’. He steals secret papers from the White House without offering any explanation. He goes out of his way to hide these top secret documents from the FBI.

    Is the Donald the reincarnation of the Manchurian candidate ?

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