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The Omicron Murders?

So who will speak on behalf of the dead?

Will they ever lie as forgotten sacrifices in the putrid side gutters of the golden path to profit and mindless economic growth?

Who decided to let a sickness reign unfettered across our land? Was it a collective decision? Did the People agree? Or did one person grab the power and decide to unleash the tide?

Who decided that profit is more precious than life?

Death by accident is accidental death not planned. Death by murder is a crime. But death by Government Policy?

Political fingers at a deniable remove. It wasn’t us. No overt signs of blood on their grabbing strangling hands.

It wasn’t Corporate us. Without growing profit, nothing will trickle down to where nothing ever has or will. We deserve our rewards.

It wasn’t little old Investor us. Who cares if that’s another grandmother, or grandfather, or mother, or father, or child, or stranger, gone. We’ve six houses and we want more. Open things up. Give us our freedoms.

We voted for them. But it wasn’t us. They cater to us because we vote for them. Give us money, more tax breaks, feed our avaricious aspirations. But it wasn’t us, we are just voters. Not killers at all.

Culpability. Hard to define. Hard to pin in place.

The Old and Sick are quietly expendable. More deaths today. More tomorrow.

Government Policy. Who decides it? Who supports it? Who profits by it? Who are these proxies?

Because murder by proxy is still murder indeed.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    The article deserves notice, and widespread too, for people must remember that the orders, decisions, attitudes, commands, policies, preferences and leanings of political decision makers leads to death, misery and destruction, as well as to benefits and positive change. All “big” leaders in governments and corporations can be, and probably are, executive killers and thieves, for too many decisions are selfish, careless, bent. Civilian deaths, the innocent and vulnerable, are usually too high, well above military ones. Consider the recent histories of intrusive war in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Now “we” fight Covid and similar, not well, nor fairly, nor even sensibly, depending on one’s perspective and information. I’m old; why should i die as a “category” in some politician’s scheme? NSW is led by a repulsive, ineffective, distorted, uncivilised, undereducated, unaware savage with primitive instincts and a taste for ritual, faith, dreams and submission to an old Roman bachelor. Disgusting.

  2. Keitha Granville


    Every day now the death list is announced, and more often than not there is an additional line ‘ some of these people have underlying health issues ‘ . As if this makes it OK.

    All of us have ‘underlying health issues’. I known that they mean significant ones, but it is demeaning and depersonalising to suggest that health issues or old age are a good enough reason to make it ok that they died from pandemic. They were PEOPLE, with families, with more life to live. They are becoming a footnote to the important news of the day – we are moving forward, we are pushing through, we are flattening the curve, the economy is strong, unemployment is historically low, we are open for business, blah blah blah, insert any other meaningless rhetoric.

    All of this simply immunises us to the horror, the reality, of death from disease that our government was and remains totally unprepared for. And doesn’t accept that responsibility.
    Health professionals have been ignored, health workers are being worn down to the ground with the relentless every day disaster.


  3. Kerri

    And yet he turns to the people he abuses to solve his problems?
    16 year olds should fill the place of workers struck down.
    Like sending troops to war.
    If some fall by the way, just send in more.
    Well said Keith Davis.

  4. corvusboreus

    Midst muddling messages, the government member for Kennedy and envoy to Manilla, Gorgeous George, continues to bray that travel restrictions are ‘economic suicide’, mask mandates are ‘insanity’ and vaccine requirements are ‘tyranny’ justifying violent opposition.

    Apparently the ultra-religious sex-tourist with the surgically stapled stomach reckons natural health and selection processes will sort the problem out.

    Meanwhile the PM & his deputy dawg continue to deny that this persistent noxious flatulence eminating from the arse end of their own body is in any way stinking up the room.

  5. Ken

    Who indeed ! The all mighty dollars rules. How sad.

  6. Keith A

    I agree Keith D, the LNP don’t care about the number of deaths. Profit is more important than other considerations. The people holding Australia together at present are the front line workers; they get little consideration . Also, Medical staff are getting little consideration being pushed to the limit by decisions made by politicians. Meanwhile LNP politicians are doing little except feeding their mates with the potential to create extra profits at the expense of voters. On social justice matters the LNP has a dismal record.

    The Rapid Antigen tests being a prime example of poor management. If people still believe the LNP are good economic managers they have not been paying attention.

  7. Kaye Lee

    Australia’s chief medical officer has conceded that children returning to school could create an increased risk of Covid transmission to their families, saying there would be “trade-offs”

    “We do expect that transmission potential, as we call it, will increase as schools go back. But that is something we need to deal with,” chief medical officer, Prof Paul Kelly, said.

    “All my colleagues in the states and territories agree that the most important thing is to get schools back.”

    Meanwhile, 286 early education centres were on Thursday closed temporarily due to a health emergency.

    I have ZERO faith in Paul Kelly who sounds much more like a Liberal politician than a health professional and obviously has ZERO understanding about staffing schools.

  8. calculus witherspoon.

    Put it elsewhere but think it applies somewhat here:

    People will “get” it, or not..

    Organised irresponsibility

  9. K

    Murder by Proxy
    Just as Duterte declared war on drugs resulting in only low income users and pushers being murdered so too has the Morrison being conducting a program of murder by proxy against low income Australians.
    To persist with policies that drive persons to taking their own lives due to Robodebt; Parents Next and Indue card and other privatisations of our social welfare system is tantamount to murder by proxy.
    There has not been any expressions of empathy for the suicide victims and their families. There is a dearth silence in the privatised media and only the abc has shown any articles relating to these and especially the robodebt.
    A government that persists with policies driving its citizens to suicide is not fit to govern.
    So Morrisson and the LNP do have a policy: It is to drive as many Australians to suicide!!
    Without getting caught.

    It is important to not only to speak of the number of suicides alone.
    It is time to have a website with their photos their names their status: brother; sister etc and the phrase underneath photo: Morrissons murder by proxy!
    Without images they are just numbers.

    Is Morrisson the most evil of all persons in our parliament ever??

  10. Topenda

    Hey Corvus, I think you’ll find George is the member for Dawson. Kennedy already has its own loose cannon (Katter) to deal with, unfortunately. Sigh… 🙁

  11. corvusboreus

    Oops, Dawson it is.
    Subtropically stoopid of me.
    Appreciate the correction.

  12. Terence Mills

    Morrison has adopted a very risky, ill considered strategy of let it rip and his ministers appear to have been instructed to follow talking points which are at complete variance with what is happening in the general community – with the notable exception of WA who they are sledging because they have kept Omicron at bay and adopted precautionary measures to keep their population safe.

    Morrison is telling the world’s backpackers to come on down for low paid work entirely ignoring the fact that the European Union and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) are both recommending people not to travel to Australia.

    The CDC have put Australia on Level 4: COVID-19 Very High classification from 18 January with the recommendation – Avoid travel to Australia.

    The EU have removed Australia from a list of countries for which travel restrictions should be lifted.

    So, while this prime minister is encouraging young people to travel to Australia these international bodies are saying quite the opposite.

    West Australia is keeping COVID at bay and what rational person would say that this is the time for WA to open up its borders. Yet Morrison is snarling at “the Labor Premier” for not giving in to the let it rip policy that he has adopted.

    This man is delusional and this is causing death and disease throughout the nation. Time he was removed from office and placed in a secure facility where he won’t be a danger to himself or us : seriously !

  13. David Stakes

    An essential wake the fuck up read

  14. corvusboreus


    We’ve bountied the shelves with omicron sickies,
    so we need some cheap hands to fill up the fruitbaskets,
    (at wages and conditions few strayans will accept),
    we’re renowned worldwide for gulags and deportment,
    and the inta-nashnal heathos reckon we’re really lettin it rip…


  15. Regional Elder

    An important read.
    Thanks Keith.

    No doubt, when this pandemic is done and dusted, and should the Liberal Party is still on power, these political friends of big money will erect a memorial to those who so selflessly gave their lives so that the economy might thrive.

  16. Fred

    Who and when had the discussion about what the “acceptable” death rate is?

    It certainly didn’t include the general population and I’m positive that politicians are not the best people to make the decision.

    Apart from 1 set of numbers, the modelling has been kept secret (if it was ever commissioned). While I’m at it, it isn’t the LNP’s money they are wasting, its ours entrusted to the Government to spend wisely. Our money should be used to buy RATs as clearly the PCR testing system is unable to cope with the volume. A 5 day old PCR test result is about as useful as Scummo.

  17. corvusboreus

    I think a publicly accessable bulletin-board web site for info on robodebt victims of differing degrees is a good idea.

    I was personally nipped with a few hundred $ bolt from the blue. It hurt the pocket a bit for a week or two.

    A lady behind the bankcounter said she copped a $30,000-ish red letter. It cost her marriage and home.

    I have heard that, in other autogenerated cases, the cost for the recipient human in recieving a letter of demand for an inexplicable but unpayable debt by power of authority with legal threats attatched, was situational hopelessness triggering mental collapse causing enactment of suicide.

    Of course, class action in highest court found that the gernerating algorithm of robodebt was entirely illegitimate (generic annual aggregation of fortnightly specific payments) and means of garnishment illegal (onus of proof ignored).

    All debts leveed under robodebt autogeneration were ordered to be repayed.

    Consolodated revenue repaid citizens defrauded by governance.

    I got my few hundred back.

    I hope the banklady got her $30,000 back (sorry about the house & family).

    I do not see any way to adequately refund the lost and their bereft, but some accountability for those bearing ultimate responsibility would be a good start.

  18. Roswell

    Keith, that was brilliant. I enjoyed every word.

  19. John Hanna

    Lest we forget there is an election coming, all cards on the table and collateral damage means nought.

  20. corvusboreus

    Keith’s broadside was impeccably aimed and sequenced, delivering nought but palpable hits.

    Bureaucratic us escaped relatively unscathed, but we were just obeying the suggestive directives attatched to our leveraged appointments.

  21. wam

    We have accepted the truth of “…that profit is more precious than life?” for as long as I have been politically aware.
    Recreation, health and safety laws are continually being avoided and workers/unions/carers are complaints usually are briefly heard when workers die.
    Labor should have been on the morning shows kicking up a stink about the robodebt mistakes that resulted in deaths and trauma to thousands.
    My sister sent me:
    The private hospitals are ready to rort and their god is profit..
    ps Keitha it does make it OK because those people died of something else which not only devalues the number of ‘covid’ deaths but fuels the conspiracy theories that abound.
    ‘Another far-right meme is the idea that COVID death rates are being inflated and therefore there is no reason to observe lockdown regulations or other social distancing measures.
    Prominent in promoting this myth is Dr. Annie Bukacek, ….’… ‘she’s actually a far-right anti-vaccination and anti-abortion activist, previously noted for bringing tiny plastic fetuses into the Montana state legislature. ‘ (

  22. corvusboreus

    Here in coastal Northish NSW, our public hospitals were already critical health hazards long before these wave pandemics hit.
    This has been a trend since the strip’n’sell 80’s.

    Coffs Harbour levelled the old Hospital on a ridge (admittedly it was under a flightpath and filled with asbestos) and replaced it with a slab sitting in a swamp near sea-level.
    Rising damp, general dank, everpresent mosquitoes, and subject to periodic flooding without factoring projected searise.

    The grand entrance to emergency admittance features architectural whimsy in the form of Y shaped steel tubular supports (vertical pillars are SO passe), offering ample opportunity for head injury on arrival (DONG!)
    No one picked that up that glaring flaw at any sign-off stage.
    The fupduk theme continues inside.

    Personal experience of the general admittance of a family member for precautionary checkup on slight offbeat included:
    *alteration of heart medication inducing hemorage reaction in eyeball [👍]
    *exposure to recurrent projectile vomiting from copatient later diagnosed with MDR enterococcus [👍]
    *overdose administration x2 of overprescription x2 (ie 4x recommended) of stattins inducing ministroke in facial musculature [👍]
    *profferings of food in conditions likely to cause poisoning (take frozen fish, thaw & cook, refreeze, recook, leave to cool on trolley outside room for 1 hour, reheat, offer to patient) [👍]

    If I thought I was sick with infectious, I honestly think I’d be better off sweating it out in a cave than admitting it to the local hospital.

  23. Canguro

    CV, your tales of the amateur-hour theatrics and incompetence at your local hospital remind me of an anecdote relating to the hospital further up the coast at Byron Bay; an acquaintance took his partner there to have her baby delivered, and the obstetrician on duty was visibly (and admitted to being) ripped on some local sinsemilla. Stone the crows! Admittedly, it was more than three decades ago, so presumably workplace practices have improved.

  24. corvusboreus

    My tale was factual recount of the experiences of my biological mother during a single admission that aged her by over a decade during the course of less thab a fortnight.
    It occured less than a decade ago.
    I deliver her story without exaggerative filter, but in giving mostly 2nd hand, neglected a few items.

    *registar of nurses reacting to patient strenuously objecting to attempted administration of heart slowing medication when attatched moniters showed a heartbeat of under 50bpm by angrily switching off the monitor [👍]

    My own recollect: During the enterococcus chapter of the tragifarce, we had to put on hazsuits to visit mum.
    I watched staff clean the vomitus from where mum’s previous neighbour had been spraying soup for a few hours.
    They too wore hazsuits as they conducted a deep clean.
    As they dekitted upon finish, one realized the curtains hadn’t been done, and quickly donned gloves and mask to give the puke-slattered plastic sheets a quick wipedown.
    Only reality of circumstances denied an almost over-whelming desire to facepalm.

    As I said, a stay in a cliffcave packed with gullshit would offer far safer hospice option than a visit to Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

  25. Max Gross

    Today is the 30th of May and Flu has joined the threat of Covid-19.

    ABC News online reports ‘Free flu jabs will be made available to everyone in New South Wales from Wednesday in what authorities are describing as a “month-long blitz” to combat what is anticipated to be a horror winter for influenza. There has already been a huge surge in flu infections, with more than 1,100 reported cases of respiratory illness in the past week and 150 presentations and admissions to hospitals… There have been 1,195 confirmed cases of influenza in SA this year, compared with 12 cases for the same period last year.’

    SBS news online reports ‘COVID-19 deaths are again on the rise with Australia recording 88 fatalities over the weekend. Victoria reported more than 7,300 new virus cases and 16 deaths on Sunday, NSW more than 6,500 infections and four fatalities. There were 3,047 cases in Queensland and two deaths, 7,100 infections and seven deaths in Western Australia and one death in Tasmania. This follows the nation having reported 58 deaths in total on Saturday along with almost 34,000 cases. Australia’s active virus caseload is almost 305,000, with more than 2,700 patients recovering in hospitals.’

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