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The lioness vs the weasel

Since I began writing for The AIMN I have tried to present facts and ideas but there comes a time when you just have to say “F*CK OFF, TURKEY”.

The treatment of Gillian Triggs by Abbott and Brandis is the straw that broke this camel’s back. How dare they.

For the chair of the Senate Committee, Ian MacDonald, the man who wore a coal mining shirt into Parliament, to say he “didn’t bother” reading the report on children in detention is indicative of the government we must endure.

Having witnessed Abbott in full flight at Sydney University, I can assure you, nothing has changed. Tony is throwing punches at Gillian Triggs just as he did at Barbra Ramjan, and Brandis is the sycophantic follower slavishly cheering him on.

Tony never did anything on his own. He always needed his band of bovver boys to hurl insults and shove people as he intimidated and denigrated anyone who didn’t think he should be president. I don’t think he ever got over not being picked for the First XV at school. That’s how it appeared to me at the time – someone unable to reconcile the reality of mediocrity with the expectations that he had been encouraged to believe about himself.

I can only speculate about why Brandis is behaving so deplorably. My guess is he has never had any power before in his life and is determined to flex muscles he patently doesn’t have. He just ends up looking like a mean, sneering, little man

These men hold temporary positions by the grace of the electorate but seem to feel that they have ultimate power.

Well let me tell you, sunshine, your days are numbered.

You wonder why you have lost any credibility with women? Because we have a survival instinct that sets off alarms when men like you come around. Dragging your daughter around China Town or having your wife stand behind you nodding at doorstops where you try to drum up fear in the community is despicable. They are not your props to take to work when you are having a bad day. Stand behind me and look pretty. And you…look supportive.

You dismiss women as inconsequential. You treat us with patronising disdain. You denigrate women in positions of power because you just can’t make it real in your own head – that we women may not give a flying f*ck about housework. We might actually be more interested in making societal change.

Promoting a chorus line of ambitious young men to be your doo wop boys won’t help you because when you surround yourself with ambitious yes men, they will quickly change sides if they see the gravy train departing without them.

Loyalty is not gained by silencing dissent or by enforcing control. Loyalty is earned through integrity. People will follow when you earn their trust and respect. You do that by listening to them and addressing their concerns, by seeking the best advice available to fix problems, by prioritising and delegating.

You have not given your caucus or the electorate any reason to remain, or become, loyal to you.

You have used the government as your treasure chest, blatantly rewarding donors and friends. Offering Greg Sheridan Ambassador to Singapore? Sophie Mirabella a director on the board of the Australian Submarine Corporation? Sacking Greg Innes to employ Tim Wilson on the HRC? Knighting Prince Phillip?

The country isn’t yours to give away and you have had very little life experience that qualifies you to make decisions on our behalf. (I do not consider sucking from the public teat as a right-wing politician for over 20 years as life experience.)

Having your photo taken in your white shirt and blue tie moving a bag of ice does not make you a man of the people. It just makes us all wonder what private function we are paying for with the entitlements you claim to have your photo taken.

Another thing… some of us can actually read a fiscal statement and every time you guys mention $667 billion debt, or when you say Labor lied about the deficit, you lose even more credibility. If you can’t make your case with the truth then you will be dismissed. Treat us like fools and bear the consequences.

Stop with the photo shoots. Stop with the slogans. Stop with the lies.

And back off with your bullying you inadequate little man. Your time will be up long before Gillian Triggs’ which might allow us to regain some sanity in this country. I would FAR prefer someone like her to be leading this country than you.

A lioness or a weasel – it’s an easy choice.


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  1. Lee

    Tony Abbott is not a man. He is a turd. A turd who needs to STFU, go back to England and take his foolish, lying doormat of a wife with him.

    As for Brandis, he brings great shame to the position of Attorney-General.

  2. Graham Parton

    Go Kaye. I love your work but this tops the lot.

  3. MissPamela


  4. JohnB

    Go Gillian Triggs.
    Haven’t been so proud of a strong woman standing up to these LNP bullies since Julia delivered her misogyny speech. (Have MSM missed the significance of such a courageous stand again?)

    All decent people in Australia support you Gillian – kick em to political death, they deserve it.

  5. silkworm

    Brandis and Abbott, in attacking Gillian Triggs, a woman of great and obvious integrity, have just written their political suicide notes.

  6. DanDark

    I am standing with Gillian Triggs because she has stood her ground.
    I am standing with Gillian Triggs because she is not going to take shit
    from this pack of feral men running any and every human right into the ground,
    Brandis today, “she” “her”..Brandis the lady has a name,
    Ms Griggs to you show some respect you puffed up over cooked turkey….
    Brandis is not an attorney general, he is a little boy in an overgrown body who needs lessons in basic manners..

  7. stephentardrew

    Good lord Gillian Griggs would be manna from heaven compared with this corrupt ideological retarded religious nut case.

    I have pointed out for years that Abbott is a compulsive liar, narcissistic and border line personality.

    Wake up Australia you are being ruled by an emotionally eviscerated, morally bereft, scientifically illiterate, magically and a mythically challenged ideological fool.

    Australia how dumb do you have to be not to see it by now?

    Good heavens people wake up before it is too late.

    This is a true crisis of national significance.

    Who needs terrorist when you have Tony Abbott.

    What about giving our ships to the nice Sri Lankan butcherer while sending people back to torture.

    This idiot and his cabinet are barbaric.

  8. Bilal

    Gillian Triggs for Prime Minister – she has integrity, the courage to stand up to Brandis and his minions, the confidence to defend herself and the Commission from the most brutal, inexcusable attack by the temporary PM.
    She would certainly get support from millions of Australians sick to death of this Tea Party “Liberal” Party and its fear mongering political opportunism.
    It is so good to be able to read the independent media and journalists like Kaye.
    Notice that we are probably sending more troops to Iraq. Lyons probably telling the truth, even if he works for the Murdoch propaganda sheets. If the story was true it makes Abbott look worse than Stanley Melbourne Bruce.

  9. xiaoecho

    Wheeling Margie out now that Abbott is on the ropes is just plain… cringeworthy. Isn’t she embarrassed to be so publicly used as a prop?

  10. Pudd'nhead

    How did a normally sensible community allow this human failure to become our PM?

  11. Kaye Lee

    Everyone else fell down

  12. Pudd'nhead

    How sad for a country that we love. I hope the scars will heal with time

  13. John Fraser


    Abbott's played the terrorist card 320 times since he gained office.

    That's almost once every second day.

    Its a burlesque show that went out of fashion a long time ago.

    When all the eulogies have been said over the Abbott carcass I for one will enjoy kicking that carcass into the grave and covering it up as quickly as possible.

    And I will be singing :

  14. eli nes

    Great work, kaye, for those that can read your work and care about the Australia we think we live in!
    Sadly you and me who cannot understand how any woman voted for him, are out of tune with the over 50% of women who voted for the man who they consider is true to women. Even the treatment of triggs and gillard before her can be tied to his form of misogyny but has the support of many women at the golf and bridge club.
    He is captain for a reason and will remain so, till the reason has gone AND a man is available.
    Perhaps you should speak to christian men and women in the street to see how deeply his slogans are truths, His islamic murder speeches have a profound effect on christian women.
    It is a moot point that he will self destruct because who would be a different liar???

  15. Bob

    Go Ma’am sock it to ’em. I doubt very much that 50% of women voted for the pig turd but clearly a long way more 50% of men did. Stand up and bark, stand up and bitch. We guys are not strong enough to defeat this cancer. We need the gals in the fray. And you rae doing it so well.
    I do apologise to all pigs for my earlier remark.

  16. pamelac65

    I have been reading the transcript from Holland. This is shocking and sickening.
    We don’t have a government – we have a gang of vicious bully boys.
    What is overwhelming me is the total lack of interest in the content of the report. Is all this bully boy drama to keep the people’s gaze off the content of an indictment of cruelty towards children.

    Hell- we have a Royal Commission into the Abuse of Children by Organisations churches etc going on right now.
    We have recently apologised for treating another group of children so appalling, for stealing them from their families and placing many where they were abused.
    Are we incapable of learning nothing, of not changing our cruel ways?
    Are we a nation of serial child abusers?
    With a government such as this and an opposition too, what hope do we have to reflect, acknowledge, change, make reparation and heal the hurt- suffer the little children.

  17. Ian Sprocket Muncher Parfrey

    This has been the ONLY piece I have read since that simian buffoon, “Chimp Ears Abbott and his Posse of Pus-heads” came into office, that has said things EXACTLY as I would if I had the chance to shit-front this clown. (Not a typo)
    When I compare your piece with that sorry excuse for second-hand Sorbent that Albrechtson spews out, all I can say is that you stand head and shoulders above them all.

    A perfect piece of journalism par excellence Kaye.

  18. paul walter

    Brandis is indeed a disgusting, slithering creature.

    As for Gillian Triggs, the treatment afforded her is just an extension of the treatment we saw dished out to that working class woman on this week’s 4 Corners on social policy breakdown, sadism and rorting of a privatised system on an advanced scale, which in turn is merely the ineviitable extension of Asylum Seeker policy into Australian civil society (or is it the other way round?).

    Meanwhile Abbott ramps up irrational, deversionary xenophobia with dog whistling, but his own staff’s behaviours have so incensed a top Libeal Party office-holder, that tales of financial irregularities now reach the front page of the Melbourne Age.

  19. Peter F

    Good work Kaye. The problem is Abbott’s attitude towards women is what secretly appeals to a great number of men(?) in the electorate. His bully boy behaviour can be seen in ‘sport’ and in domestic violence. The fact that , for now, it also appeals to the Cabinet and backbenchers is a reflection on them as individuals of weak character.

  20. marwill10

    Keep writing Kaye.

  21. cornlegend

    Kaye Lee,
    Geez you write good stuff when you get stirred up .
    Good onya , great piece
    More power to your typing digit

  22. David K

    The fact that a thug such as Abbott and a pompous blowhole like Brandis have risen to such prominence in the Liberal Party should make conservative voters take stock.
    But it won’t.

  23. lawrencewinder

    What an uncivilized ruling rabble …imagine the farce they would try to replace this woman of character with… Timmy Wilson… an under-talented, under-qualified, overpaid satrap!

  24. Shortie

    Bravo Kaye Lee

  25. Keith

    Thank you for another powerful article, Kaye Lee.
    Prime Minister Gillard hit the bullseye with her misogyny speech,
    While there is controversy over the bullying of Commissioner Triggs, the children in concentration camps are still languishing.

    I’m not sure how it is done but to be a Federal LNP politician you need to have any sense of humanity drained from you.
    The continued appalling supervision of asylum seeking children is a National disgrace.

  26. babyjewels10

    You’re speaking for me Kaye! The man could not be more loathesome.

  27. Rafe Falkiner

    Well said. You speak for 50+% of Australians

  28. Terry2


    Abbott is miffed because Gillian Triggs did not respond to the inducement to resign which would have been initiated in his office – she has shown that she is a woman of principle and this rattles Abbott as in his world everyone has their price.

    MacDonald not having even read the report does not surprise me : I heard him at a local gathering some years ago where he was the guest speaker. It became clear that he had made no preparation and just waffled as he frequently does in the Senate.

    He and we are diminished by his performance and by that of this abysmal government but I have great faith in the people of Australia as I have had in the people of Queensland , they will not tolerate a return of this corrupt administration.

    Just as with Gillian Triggs, as we get closer to the 2016 election, Abbott and his cronies will try bribes and handouts to try and wedge both the Australian people and the opposition but I am confident that the majority of Australians will say to Tony : “on yer bike mate” and he will be consigned to the garbage can of history as has Campbell Newman. The shame will be that we ever allowed this state of affairs to arise in the first place.

    Keep up the good work. you speak for the silent majority.

  29. Pappinbarra Fox

    If the Triggs job offer had happened in NSW it would be corruption no question. Remember how Greiner left office. Another reason for a commonwealth ICAC. It should be Labor policy.

  30. Loz

    Kaye you are as angry as I am – when will this despicable man who spews vomit wherever he goes leave not only this parliament but this country. Does he or does he not hold a dual passport?

  31. Kyran

    I can’t help but think that women of principle and intelligence must be a huge threat to these morons. The vilification is nothing short of obscene. My belief is that it feeds into an archaic narrative that the “women folk” should be seen and not heard. I don’t think it’s too long a bow to draw in relating it to the issue of domestic violence. If our leader’s can behave so disgracefully toward women, it somehow becomes normalised, acceptable. For the record, I have no doubt it is the agenda of both major parties. Julia Gillard was just as much “done by her own side”.
    Shorten famously declared he could see no reason for a Federal ICAC. His own senators have now delivered him compelling evidence (as other posters have noted). If he wants to demonstrate a genuinely alternative vision, “Federal ICAC Now” is an excellent three word slogan.
    As for the subject of the report, the children (which becomes obscured by these personal attacks), why can’t it be referred to the current Royal Commission into institutional child abuse? If it is not, the importance of the commission is diminished as it could only be seen as a retrospective snap shot, rather than a genuine attempt to identify and address what is a shameful problem.
    As always, thank you Ms Lee, for keeping the light on the dark corners. Take care

  32. Mick

    If I were a room full of people, and you just read that aloud, the roar would deafening.

  33. CMMC

    Abbott off to N.Z. where P.M. Key is sending troops to Iraq.

    Monkey see, monkey do.

  34. Poss

    A lioness for sure. Brilliant writing. Go girl.

  35. Debra

    Perfectly cathartic!! IMHO, you’ve been polite way too long…

  36. Glenn

    Right on Kaye! The attempt by Abbott and Brandis to subvert the laws of this country through their personal assault on Gillian Triggs is appalling. The inducement (and that is the proper word) to shift her out of the HRC justifiably needs to be investigated by the AFP, and if they decline to open an investigation – that is political partisan behavior by the AFP.
    This is the very reason why the HRC is placed arms length and out of reach of government – to protect against this kind of interference.
    My disgust with this government and their ministers now includes all those silent LNP backbenchers with not enough moral fibre to publicly object to this obscenity and turn the focus back to the children in detention. Oh, and Labor? Where the hell are you? Is Penny Wong the only one in your party with any kind of backbone?

  37. Fred Martin

    Well said Kaye. Keep up the good work.

  38. Kaye Lee

    Brandis is such a twat. This from 2003…..

    “I intend to continue to call to the attention of the Australian people to the extremely alarming, frightening similarities between the methods employed by contemporary green politics and the methods and the values of the Nazis”

  39. Terry2

    I believe that this is the section of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act that will be tested by the AFP :

    141.1 Bribery of a Commonwealth public official
    Giving a bribe
    (1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
    (a) the person dishonestly:
    (i) provides a benefit to another person; or
    (ii) causes a benefit to be provided to another person; or
    (iii) offers to provide, or promises to provide, a benefit to another person; or
    (iv) causes an offer of the provision of a benefit, or a promise of the provision of a benefit, to be made to another person; and
    (b) the person does so with the intention of influencing a public official (who may be the other person) in the exercise of the official’s duties as a public official; and
    (c) the public official is a Commonwealth public official; and
    (d) the duties are duties as a Commonwealth public official.

  40. Bighead1883

    Beautiful,huzzah to you Kaye for just letting it out #IstandwithGillianTriggs

  41. Kaye Lee

    The immigration department’s data shows that the number of all detainees held for more than three months started increasing in the first months of the Coalition Government. Experts say these figures also apply to children held in detention. The overall numbers of people in long-term detention – more than three months – continued to increase during 2014, and only declined in late 2014.

    Data from the commission’s report, supplied by the department, shows the number of children detained for more than three months in January 2014 was the highest it had been in five years.

  42. diannaart

    We have only the public facades of men such as Abbott and Brandis, I can only begin to imagine how Gillian Triggs felt standing up to these men, refusing to give way. Even when you know you have performed well – exceptionally well, it is hard to face off the bullies.

    Since Abbott claimed, “good Government starts today” – he has become an even more authoritarian, right-wing based ideologue. This man wouldn’t know ‘good governance’ if his life depended upon it… and his political life most certainly requires that Abbott see the light – not that I really want him to, I say, keep on digging Tones, sooner or later you’ll fall right in it.

  43. grey&grumpy

    If you can’t saying anything nice about someone then don’t say anything. That was the advice my dear old Mum gave me just after I received a smack around the ears. If I said what I truly think of Tony and his bovver boys my dear old Mum (yes she is still around) would give me another smack around the ears even though she would agree with me. After 50 years I still remember that lesson in good manners.
    Bullies and cowards shoot the messenger rather than act on the message as an adult might do.

  44. Violet

    You have just managed to say every thought I have had. Thank you Thank you.

  45. Kaye Lee


    My mother would also have castigated me for my language and I do apologise. She always said I don’t care how angry you are, it is no excuse for vulgarity. Sorry mum and any others who may have been offended.

  46. Blanik

    Kaye Lee for PM.

  47. mars08

    Shameless. Heartless. Clueless….. Relentless.

  48. townsvilleblog

    Definitely a one term government, even 39 MPs in his own party can’t stand him.

  49. mars08

    CMMC: “Abbott off to N.Z. where P.M. Key is sending troops to Iraq…”

    And just in time for the ANZAC 100th Anniversary… What a circus THAT will be!!

  50. paul walter

    Oh no..OH NO!!

  51. PopsieJ

    Will someone please stop our idiot PM before he sends troops to Iraq. Now is the time for Bill Shorten to ask Abbott in parliament if he will seek parliaments approval before sending troops to Iraq. DO IT THIS SITTING !

  52. Kyran

    A little bit off topic but, noting CMMC and Mars08 posts relating to troops being sent to Iraq, it seems it’s The Distraction, right on time. Oddly, these troops are apparently going over in a training capacity. We have some 200 there at the moment, the Kiwi’s will send just under 200 and Key’s seems to have pre-empted the git’s announcement of another 200 to be sent.
    We, with the coalition of the willing, have been training Iraqi troops since we invaded them. After 8 years of being trained by the coalition forces, the Iraqi army was clearly unprepared for battle.
    Now, some two years later, we are going to train them again. And I thought the (largely) unregulated RTO’s in Australia were having problems with outcomes! As I understand it, this decision is made without any requirement for parliamentary oversight.
    As with the attack on Ms Triggs, a shallow, short term, hysterical response by incompetents on issues they will never understand.

  53. khtagh

    Well written Kaye, as a man I’m so appalled by this so called PM & his team of political hit men, his thuggish manner to anyone/everyone he doesn’t like, there seems to be 3 things that Abbott just cant stand, women, scientific facts, & the honest truth (not the Murdoch manufactured ones).

    I have been hearing rumors of a sudden snap election by some people today, it would not surprise me in the slightest if Abbott was to pull such a trick, now that his xenophobic terrorist ravings & bully boy behaviour has not given him the sustained boost in the polls he so desperately wanted to see.

    I think we will see him set an all time low in the next poll, that is the real polls the only one worth taking note of Morgan.

    They must go, I just wish Labor & the greens would bite the bullet & block supply in the up coming budget, if Abbott has not put the noose around the parties neck & gone to an early election. This just can’t go on until 2016, or Australia will be nothing but a burnt out wreck.

  54. DavidS

    Odious, pernicious, insidious the only words that fit this lot.

    The LNP are a boil on the arse of humanity and the boil need lanced.

    God knows that Peter Cosgrove is thinking….or thinking of doing, surely he must be embarrassed by this lying mob ruining this beautiful country.

    To the ALP, Greens, PUP and independents I say “KICK THEM OUT”

  55. Newton Alibi

    Brandis, Abbott, & cohort : Tradusive & Abusive

  56. Möbius Ecko

    townsvilleblog @11:53 am

    Definitely a one term government, even 39 MPs in his own party can’t stand him.

    It’s more than that, something like 50. He delayed 10 or more voting for the spill motion by either promising an open submarine tender, which he’s since reneged on, or asking them to give him a set time of either six months or to the end of the year depending on the backbencher he was talking to, which he’s also since reneged on. It’s one of the reasons there’s now talk for another open defiance against Abbott in the very near future and the leaks from his government are continuing.

  57. ynot19

    I love your beautiful work KL, but please, tell us what you really think !

  58. diannaart

    Thanks for link CMMC

    I have tweeted Turnbull asking where did the 2000 children go & why there remain children at all on Manus & Nauru?

    As Turnbull claims: “The real issue here is the children. The children and the welfare of the children,” Mr Turnbull said.

  59. Dissenter

    This is TRIGGGATE with as many G’s as possible loaded to end the LNP government. Kaye Lee, I applaud your gutsy article.
    This SHOULD end the Abbott government and force a DD.
    This is NOT A MURDOCH TRUMPED UP SCANDAL blasted DAILY on papers and TV to end a government; this is the REAL ACTIONS OF our most base of governments as EXAMINED and proven in Senate inquiry.
    While we REEL with the disgust we feel as they PLUMB the depths of corrupt action and contempt for DUE PROCESS losing all evidence that might incriminate them ( REALLY?) we must not FORGET that this is our Human Rights Commissioner and her REPORT into our HUMAN RIGHTS abuse and that to DEFER our actions in respect to this report would be criminal ( not that it apparently worries the LNP)
    Let’s join forces to END THE ABBOTT GOVERNMENT
    1) Brandis must be forced to resign
    2) Abbott must be forced to apologise to Commissioner Triggs
    If these Two actions do not take place then it should be a constitutional lynchpin for a vote of no confidence in the Abbott government.

  60. Kareen Carberry

    A cathartic read, thank you so much. The sooner we see no more of this hideous little bully the better along with slimy Brandis.

  61. my say

    Ithought i had seen the last of gutter politics through the gillard years ,that was until yesterday ,The way Abbott and Brandis attacked Ms Triggs just beggers belief ,they were like wild dogs going after their prey,
    Abbott said they have lost confidence in Ms Triggs ,NEWS FLASH,39% of his own parlament have lost confidence in him as well as most of Australians,
    They have inquiry after inquiry into the Labor Party with no success ,but as soon as the blow torch is put on both parties ,the best way to reply is attack from him and Brandis
    None of this would havebeen necessary if they had been upfront with the public instead of having so much hidden from the public ,
    It is way past time both governments were hald accountable for their disgusting treatment of children in detention WERE WITH YOU MS TRIGGS

  62. Kerri

    Thanks again Kaye Lee for stirring up such a fierce reaction on this site.
    Just watching Mark Dreyfus speaking well on the Triggs issue.
    Julie Bishop’s reply, when questioned about the “inducement’ offered Gillian Triggs,
    “There was no offer!”
    What a pack of lying weasels.
    If only the backbenchers would disobey these liars?

  63. Dissenter

    Hurrah and Yippee: this matter is being pursued as it should be with Labor referring the matter to the police for investigation as to whether it was criminal to offer Commissioner Triggs inducements to resign.
    This matter will not go away.
    It starkly EXPOSES the Abbott government as acting above the law and above statutory bodies and the Independent Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission for their own corrupted purpose.
    It also starkly EXPOSES the quality that you REFER to Kaye Lee— “integrity” and reveals that the ATTORNEY GENERAL of Australia and his LNP cronies apparently have no idea what it is.
    These attacks on the Human Rights Commissioner to UNDERMINE the veracity of her report EXPOSE that they were in full knowledge of what it would EXPOSE and reveal prior to its release.
    This government MUST stand down. They know that criminal neglect is taking place in the asylum centres and are just going to let it continue.
    We cannot let it continue. It must be stopped by our actions in support of the Commissioner and her integrity and the veracity and seriousness of her findings.

  64. Lorna Thompson

    Thank you for writing what needs to be said.

  65. Kaye Lee

    So just how many children are in detention? Don’t ask the government….

    MALCOLM TURNBULL: It’s out of date. There are 136 as of 12 pm today. There were 192 as of last Thursday. There were 1,992 at the peak under Labor in 2013.

    TONY JONES: I’ve got to interrupt you again.

    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Well, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, this is the up to date information.

    TONY JONES: No, No, there’s a misapprehension here because Peter Dutton did release figures of 192 children in detention today but he left out the children in detention offshore on Nauru.

    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Well, anyway, look, I’m sorry, I have this information from Peter Dutton himself today.

    TONY JONES: Does mean that all the children in Nauru have been released overnight?

    MALCOLM TURNBULL: No. No, but…

    CHAIR (Senator MacDonald): Thanks, very much, for that, Professor Triggs. I think the evidence we had yesterday—someone might correct me—just to update you, was 136 children—

    Senator REYNOLDS: Twenty six.

    CHAIR: 126 children still in detention.

    GEORGE BRANDIS: As of today, the total number of illegal maritime arrival children in detention in the system is 245, of whom 129 are in detention on the Australian mainland. As well as that, there are 28 children in detention in the system who are not illegal maritime arrivals. (273);db=COMMITTEES;id=committees%2Festimate%2F7e38f3fc-ccf4-4f43-b2f4-c50ef331052d%2F0002;query=Id%3A%22committees%2Festimate%2F7e38f3fc-ccf4-4f43-b2f4-c50ef331052d%2F0007%22

    TONY ABBOTT 24/2/2015: It is too political to have an inquiry into children in detention when there are 1,400 of them, but it is not too political to do it when the number is under 200.;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fhansardr%2F8b10b3bf-8742-4d78-816b-229c36cb58f0%2F0056;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2F8b10b3bf-8742-4d78-816b-229c36cb58f0%2F0000%22

  66. Terry2

    A sad reflection on our society that we currently have two senior women being bullied, as of right, by powerful men.

    Credlin being told to resign or be sacked, by Rupert Murdoch and Professor Triggs constantly – again today in the parliament – being attacked with calls for her resignation from Abbott.

    Would this be happening, in the way it’s happening if they were men ? I don’t think so.

  67. Terry2

    Oh and, if the AFP are taking the matter seriously they would by now have seized Moraitis’ laptop to see if the missing meeting notes have been deleted.

  68. Matters Not

    He wasn’t using one of these new fangled devices. He was using paper and pencil.

    Unfortunately he’s lost those notes, which were all of three weeks old. And this is coming from a person who will have significant responsibility for metadata security and retention.

    As for the Minister for Women, he knows that a good ‘backhander’ (verbal or physical) often achieves his ends.

    Seriously, they wouldn’t use this script in a Monty Python episode because it lacks credibility.

  69. Dissenter

    @Matters Not: I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that point about “a person who will have significant responsibility for metadata security and retention”……..this CRITICAL INSIGHT is priceless and UNDERPINS why it is essential that Brandis RESIGN from office and parliament.
    I have just viewed Bishop LIE in parliament saying that Triggs was not offered an inducement etc.
    It is so serious now it is making my head SPIN.
    The Senate Inquiry is under oath and various questions and answers were made and information provided which EXPRESSLY confirmed that Professor Triggs was offered an inducement to stand down and take another position both from her admission and Maraitis admission. Does Bishop NOT understand that if the Senate has an inquiry it is serious. There are hundreds of witnesses and it is recorded and filmed.
    So HOW then can she contradict that EVIDENCE with her lies and BELIEVE she can get away with it. She HAS LOST ANY CREDIBILITY she ever had through this as well.

  70. Win jeavons

    I love it! you even got to 4 word slogans , but regardless ‘ stop the lies’,’ stop the slogans’ are good , add ‘stop the cruelty ‘ ,’ listen to women ‘ ,’create more jobs’ could be good, then start real consultations about how we want our nation to be , with more depth than this team can imagine.

  71. Helen

    Brilliant! Hit the mark! I am so fed up and angry with this government, and especially a few of the bully men fools at the top.

  72. Ian Sprocket Muncher Parfrey

    Kaye Lee.

    The best news to come out of this foetid affair by a long shot!

    Now, will the UN actually DO anything to rein in Dumb and Dumber? One can only hope.

  73. Kaye Lee


    This is from yesterdays senate committee….

    GEORGE BRANDIS: During the course of January, I heard from multiple sources—including Mr Moraitis, including from people within the Human Rights Commission who spoke to me on condition of anonymity—that Professor Triggs was indeed considering her position.

    Now who could that “anonymous source” have been?

  74. Kaye Lee

    Alone among the seven commissioners of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Tim Wilson never had to apply for the job. He never had to sit for an interview, be screened by an expert panel, or undergo the rigorous weeks-long selection process that applied to the others.

    Instead, Attorney-General George Brandis rang him up a couple of weeks ago and asked if he was interested. He took 24 hours to think and consult his partner, Ryan (a Melbourne primary school teacher), before saying yes.

    ”He has got no relevant qualifications at all,” a commission employee said this week. ”He has been a climate change denier, has done no law, little policy, he has an arts degree and a masters in something [diplomacy and trade, according to Wilson] but he has no technical qualifications in this field at all. I would say most of the staff are better qualified than Tim is.”

    Ben Saul, professor of international law at Sydney University, agrees.

    ”He has no serious background in human rights, either by working in a human rights organisation or by having any relevant qualifications in the area,” he says.

    Wilson rejects this, arguing that, on his definition of human rights – which includes the IPA policy work he did on free trade – he has devoted his ”entire adult life” to the field. ”Private property is in itself a human right,” he says. ”I have always focused on … free trade, which is ultimately an extension of private property.”

  75. MissPamela

    Highly qualified – not. And excellent HR people were removed to make way for him!
    Definitely qualified to be an “anonymous source” though.

  76. Roswell

    Kaye Lee, something about that letter to Abbott doesn’t look right. Some of the paragraphs are left aligned, and the others are justified. Professional organisations aren’t that sloppy.

  77. Lee

    Someone has probably rearranged a few paragraphs and not noticed the alignment change. It’s on the website belonging to the International Service for Human Rights.

  78. olddavey

    See what you can make of these three items that we’re linked in detail, I believe in the Guardian a while, back and were never denied:

    George Brandis, Bondi Thai Massage Establishment, Young men under 18.


  79. Kaye Lee


    Perhaps it depends on our viewing platform because, looking again, they all seem left aligned to me. Lee has also sourced it from what appears to be a legit site. Caution about sources is crucial but so far, I think this seems legit.

  80. Lee

    Paragraphs 1,2,5, and 7 are fully justified. The rest are left aligned.

  81. Kaye Lee

    Latest news

    ICC Chairperson addresses Australia’s Prime Minister on the recent attack on President Gillian Triggs of the Australian Human Rights Commission

  82. DanDark

    When this story broke I rang the Savage club and asked what Bookcase Brandis and all them men do in their private club behind them big red doors, dance around naked holding a bunch of flowers singing Sweet low sweet charity?” no answer in return 🙂

  83. Andrea

    “F*ck off turkey”, haha! Love it!

  84. Susan

    I totally support Triggs and find the Government’s treatment of her abhorrent….and hope this causes them to be evicted.However I do dislike the personal attacks involved in this article and comments….no need to sink as low as the Govt. …..Please elevate this very important discussion

  85. doctorrob54

    Abbutt and brandis overstepped any mark of decency along time ago,However they are still there,I fear they may be a reflection of the majority of Aus.ppl,,hope not.What the libturds are doing now is personal,no body could ever get down to their level,no much how hard we tried.

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