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When Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, after every government announcement, action, or inaction the first line of most mainstream media articles on the subject – with predictable and monotonous regularity – began with; “Tony Abbott says …” or “The Leader of the Opposition says…”.

We haven’t been subjected to the same tedious announcements as much since the last federal election, but fear not, it is making its anticipated return.

Today offers no better example.

The announcement that our new $5 banknote will not be graced with King Charles’ portrait had Peter Dutton, in Abbottesque fashion, leap like a startled gazelle and seek a willing, compliant ear at 2GB.

This is some of the text that appeared both in and Sky News this morning (the “Leader of the Opposition says… ” moments are in bold):

But Peter Dutton blasted the move as “woke nonsense” and claimed it was a political attack by the government on Australian society and its institutions.

The Liberal leader said ditching King Charles was akin to the movement to change the date of Australia Day, which he likened to “discrimination”.

“I know the silent majority don’t agree with a lot of the woke nonsense that goes on but we’ve got to hear more from those people online,” he told 2GB Radio on Thursday.

Mr Dutton claimed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had been “central” to the change and suggested he hadn’t been upfront with Australians.

“If it’s a decision they’ve made, own it, just be responsible and put your hand up and say this is the reason we’ve made it,” he said.

“I think it’s another attack on our power systems on our society and our institutions. There’ll be significant tax on Australia Day. People want to change that.

“There will be been an attack on the national anthem, that flag the name of Australia as we’re seeing in other parts of the world. So I just think you’ve got to stand up and in a lot more Australians have to be heard.”

I’m cursing myself for not taking a screenshot of the above because much of Mr Dutton’s “wokeness” rant has now been removed. Here is a link to the updated article.

Maybe the online poll received too many “No” votes and keeping the rant online painted Dutton in a negative light. (Yes, it’s conspiracy theory stuff, but I’ll own up to it.) I guess the only way we can find out is if a reader is a subscriber to the websites and is able to see the results.

Or simply, we’ve all had enough of the negative class/race/culture baiting coming out of the current Leader of the Opposition and the mainstream media has finally caught on that it’s not what their readers want.

We can only hope.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Who could possibly want a foreigner, King Tampon, on our Australian money? It’s ridiculous to have a foreign flag in the corner of ours, and all done in Blue. Menzies got that shit stunt through in 1953, to make our flag flaunt the liberal party colours. We had fought in W W 1 under the union jack and W W 2 basically under the red ensign. What a rotten day today, with Abbott the abysmal anus of asinine acid aridity mouthing off about a perverted law breaker, and Peter Duckwit-Futton yabbering that he hasn’t the brains to be woke. All this while Perveroony Porter and Tudge the Sludge lie on elastically and creatively about careless and insensitive damage to others, Australian citizens, victims of a corrupted, perverted, contrived, vainglorious, supremacist, class snobby shitskulled scummy sciving…

  2. Mortimer Snerd

    How does Dutts know what the “silent majority” want if they are silent?

  3. Canguro

    The pacey & pally paramount parnassian, a participant both passionate and particular, the partisan known as Phil Pryor, in a peachy and penetratingly peerless and peppy and not to neglect pertinent and persuasive manner both pithy and plausible, postulates that the former & current leaders of the Liarbrel Party are a duo of hapless goons who wouldn’t know if their respective arses were on fire or what to do if they did, and is to be congratulated on his prepotent and prophetic offering, both primo and prodigious. Koala stamp pending to the master of alliteration.

  4. Pagnol

    Yes, it’s conspiracy theory stuff, but I’ll own up to it.

    Well, I can only say that though there are many crazy theories “out there”, sooner or later one might be on the money. Who knows it could be yours Michael. After all nothing is beyond the craziness of the current Liberal/ Nationals.

  5. Terence Mills

    Sir Anthony Abbott was demonstrating today just how out of touch he is with the Australian people.

    In his eulogy for Pell he said “ he’s the greatest Catholic Australia has ever produced, and one of our country’s greatest sons.”

    “He should never have been charged in the absence of corroborating evidence (the other young man who had been abused, had committed suicide so he couldn’t give corroborating evidence) and he should never have been convicted. In the absence of a plausible case, as the High Court so resoundingly made plain.”

    And, sticking it right up the Australian people Abbott said there should be “Pell study courses, Pell spirituality courses, Pell lectures, Pell high schools, and Pell university colleges”.

  6. Canguro

    Terence Mills, somewhat surprising that the mad monk didn’t throw himself upon the coffin and insist on being interred alongside the paedophilic priest he so revered. It would have been both a dramatic and appropriate finale to the unfortunately sentient phenomenon destined to be remembered as Australia’s second-worst prime minister.

    In ancient Chinese times, as you’re probably aware, emperors were interred with a retinue of concubines and horses to accompany their journey to the eternal realm. Abbott could have recapped that fine tradition and lived on in the memories of both his admirers and detractors as the first westerner to willingly adopt such a practice.

  7. Roswell

    Canguro, I’m sure that the burial chambers in the great pyramids are also full of Tony Abbotts… there to accompany the pharaohs on the next phase of their spiritual journey.

  8. New England Cocky

    Geez Michael ….. there is far too much coverage of the drivel spewed by Boofhead Spuddo on Merdock media-ocrity to saturate the airwaves, television waves and ocean waves. Perhaps AIMN could do Australia a big favour by culling all reference to the irrelevancies spouted by the Misleader for Life of His Majesties Loyal Opposition and concentrate more on the objective analyses provided by our own house author. Why, Phil Pryor and Rossleigh make far more sense than any of the COALition pollies.

  9. Alasdair

    Dutton is an encumbrance: worthless, with nothing to give, no vision of the future, empty, and supremely stupid. His only actions now can be shouting into the wind for issues such as this which (a) nobody really cares much about, and (b) is pretty timely anyway. As far as I can tell, most of us were vaguely supportive of the monarchy when the late Queen was alive; her death has shown up the emptiness and uselessness of the royal family in modern Australia. The percentage of Anglo-Celtic Australians has been declining for years, and the sooner we divest ourselves of the royals the better. Back to Dutton … there’s a fine proverb about empty vessels, which he has been for as long as he’s been in the public eye.

  10. leefe

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the comment that the government has no mandate to not have the monarch on the note because it wasn’t part of their platform for the last election.
    The fact that Liz was still going strong at that point seems to have escaped them.

    But it looks like they’ve made a good decision about the new $5 note, even if we do get stuck with Chuckles on the coins (until we ditch the feral family completely).

  11. Keith

    The way that Vietnam veterans were treated after coming back from the Vietnam war displayed to me at the time their lack of support for veterans they had sent off to war. That was an event that consolidated my view about conservative governments when in my early twenties. The first Budget produced by the Abbott government was particularly nasty, the last 9+ years since Abbott was elected were no better.

    Now, as far as I’m concerned, as soon as the LNP mention the word “woke”, to me it is a signal that they still care nothing about the concerns, or display compassion for other people. They insult their own humanity.

  12. Alasdair

    Ah yes, who could forget the sheer cruelty of the Abbott-Hockey budget, the Medicare “co-payments” and all of the other shit? I read that the co-payment was not the result of an intense financial analysis and modelling, but simply something Hockey thought up that he imagined might bring in a few more bucks to the government coffers. Dangerously incompetent, stupid, cruel and vindictive. As the LNP have steadfastly remained. As to the current clowns and their use of “woke”; this right-wing appropriation of the term has a unfortunately fairly solid history; see for example

    And to set some facts straight: Pell was never exonerated, as the court made quite clear. What happened was that the evidence tendered was not sufficient for a conviction. Which is very very far from an exoneration.

  13. Kathryn

    Who gives a rat’s arse WHAT the sadistic psychopath, Peter Dutton, has to say on ANY issue? Like that swaggering, inarticulate, mumbling misogynist, Tony Abbott, Dutton is totally irrelevant! Dutton and the LNP haven’t got one single positive policy – all they can do is whine, attack and oppose everything the ALP put forward. Abbott’s useless, vindictive and combative method of politics has become their despised, sub-standard Modus Operandi that will never win votes or endear them to the politically-savvy Y-Z population! The only good thing about having Dutton as the leader of the worst, most corrupt, callously inhumane and inept regime in our history, is that it is highly unlikely that anyone with an IQ >10 will vote for him and, as such and hopefully, the LNP will remain in their justifiable position languishing in Opposition for decades to come! History has PROVEN that the ONLY thing the pathological liars in the LNP are “good” at is their willingness to obliterate, destroy, vandalise and defund EVERYTHING Australians value and that includes our taxpayer-funded ABC, Medicare, our international reputation and any form of welfare, benefit or pension provided to improve the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. Of course, this does NOT include the LNP’s uncanny ability to further enrich and empower themselves and their richest most powerful non-taxpaying supporters in the Top 1%, many of them comprising the environmental vandals in the mining industry! Just about every member of the LNP has become obscenely rich, rising to become multi-millionaires at the expense of ordinary Australians during the LNP’s corrupt tenure as the worst, most self-serving, elitist and undemocratic regime in living memory! No wonder the LNP are terrified of a retrospective investigation by an independent ICAC! The ONLY thing the LNP do “well” is to THRIVE on racism, misogyny, hate, fear and war!

  14. Greg Gange

    It’s a shame that the mad monk wasn’t impaled, sorry, interred with the serial rapist he so desperately admires.
    Dud-one’s suggestion is the first that I have heard of any change to Australia as the Name for our fine Natition.
    To what?
    Little Britten?

  15. Keith

    When Peter Dutton was Minister for Health a poll of Medical Practitioners had him as worst Health Minister in 35 years. The question is, how can we now believe that he will make a good Opposition Leader, or alternative Prime Minister?

    The Nationals, and most likely the Liberals appear to be against the Voice; my speculation is that a Voice might create too much of a problem should mining interests want to mine Aboriginal sacred sights. The past secrecy we have experienced from the LNP lead to such speculations and mistrust.

  16. GL

    Sigh, I’m listening to the William Tell Overture, it’s a great piece of classical music but all I keep thinking of is Daffy Duck.

    Dud the Spud and the rest of his rancid chips in the opposition have absolutely nothing to offer the country so they fall back on being the vile childish tantrum throwing wreckers we have all come to loath and detest.

  17. wam

    If gillard had had 1% of your vehemence against dutton she would have annihilated the rabbott and the libs on the economy and saved us 9 years of awful governance.
    Im am a ‘sunrise, today and the ABC copy’ watcher and saw the rabbott’s debt attack everyday.
    The argument of our debt compared to the rabbott’s poms and the japanese and the septics would have made the rabbott’s word laughable but labor has no taste for the morning shows. The bandit has???

  18. Canguro

    It never ceases. And they wonder why we hate them so much. These … people … I suppose they are but I’d rather call them something else, these people who populate the arena loosely called ‘conservative’, Liberals, Nationals, One Nation, Palmer’s mob… all of them seem incapable of acting in the interests of and the benefit for all Australians.

    Morrison, when PM, demonstrated an incapacity for egalitarian support for all flood victims a year ago; instead of supporting all flood-damaged communities he allocated funding into National electorates, until he was shamed into a more appropriate response.

    Now Barilaro, the deeply suspect former deputy premier of NSW and partisan apparatchik, the man who argued for decimation of koala habitat, the same man who wanted to pork-barrel his way into a cushy overseas sinecure, has been exposed as denying relief funding for bushfire victims who had the misfortune to live in a Labor electorate.

    John Barilaro given 24 hours by Labor to explain why his office intervened in bushfire grants.

    And they wonder why we hate them.

  19. Kathryn

    wam, the manner in which the stone-cold misogynistic Abbott regime – with considerable assistance from the malignant Murdoch press – cowardly attacked, vilified, degenerated and reviled Julia Gillard says SO MUCH about the appalling, despicable level of misogyny and general contempt (and hatred) for women that is so inherent within every dark corner of the male-dominated, testosterone-driven LNP …. even the revolting female harridans in the LNP fail to offer support or respect to other women within and outside their repugnant party! The fact that the swaggering, inarticulate, moronic Abbott and that screeching, toxic harridan, Sophie Salmonella, stood under a banner that espoused: “Ditch the Witch!” says EVERYTHING about the unspeakably depraved LNP and NONE of it good. Let’s hope that child-torturing sadist, Dutton (who when he was a corrupt, insignificant cop in the backwoods of Queensland) was reported to harass young aboriginal children (in his area) by driving them far away from their homes, forcing them to take off their shoes and left to walk home! My God, what a monstrous aberration that political psychopath, Dutton, really is.

    One cannot IMAGINE the type of depravity the racist dog, Dutton, would have if he was allowed to rule over us like some tin pot fascist! Dutton and the LNP are the WORST of the WORST: – corrupt to the eyeballs, callously inhumane, self-promoting elitists with a HUGE deluded sense of entitlement, extremely mad, exceedingly bad and dangerous to EVERYTHING Australians cherish including our democracy, our taxpayer-funded ABC, our environment, Medicare, our children’s education, our egalitarian ideology and just about anything that provides benefit to the most vulnerable people in our society!

  20. Clakka

    Wow! Thumbs up to y’all.

    Barilaro … news to me … why am I not surprised?

    Not buried yet, oh dear, ClubsNSW, no doubt about what he has to bring to the table. Would he have a ‘Dirt File’?

  21. Kerri

    So convenient to have a “majority” that is silent!!!
    No one can attest from within because they are a “silent” majority!
    Just like Abbott’s boss…… no proof required.
    The “silent” anybody is nothing but a con until the ballot box shows their true colours.
    Meanwhile let Groucho express Dutton’s true feelings.

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