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The land of the long weekend : mostly !

If you are anything like me you will be confused as to whether you actually have a public holiday on Monday so I’ve looked into it and can help you out. First, you have to turn your clock back (or is it forwards?).

Or, if you’re in Queensland, leave the bloody clock alone. On Monday October 3, ACT, NSW and SA have a public holiday for Labour Day – see the irony?

If you live in Victoria you don’t get the holiday but remember, you had AFL Grand Final Friday as a holiday so you don’t get another one. In WA and the NT, there are no scheduled public holidays in October – sorry about that.

In Tasmania I have no idea what’s going on as there seem to be random public holidays popping up all over the place.

Tasmania does not have a holiday tomorrow but has a variety of local show public holidays across the state, as follows: Thursday October 6: Royal Launceston Show Friday October 14: Flinders Island Show Thursday October 20: Royal Hobart Show In Queensland – wait for it – there will also be a public holiday on October 3, but it will be for the Queen’s Birthday: could somebody in Tweed Heads please pass a note across the border to let them know that the Queen is no more and that we had a public holiday a week ago to mourn her passing.

That’s it! Enjoy your public holiday wherever you are – or not as the case may be.


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  1. Canguro

    Sorry, but not one of your best efforts, Terence. We all have our off days. Anyone reading this is by default on the internet and can get an answer to the question of whether tomorrow is a public holiday in about 0.5 milliseconds from hitting Enter after typing the query into the search bar.

    One of my personal gripes these days – and yes, I accept the argument that no-one’s forcing me to read stuff – is the amount of fluff and trivia that gets served up as ‘news’, and that people who are actual paid employees of media organisations have such low standards that they think nothing’s amiss when they write and put to print utter junk under the title of ‘news’.

    Absolute case in point from the ABC website this morning, this piece, about the teenager Juliane Koepcke who fell from a plane that broke apart in a storm and survived.

    (a) the story is more than fifty years old.
    (b) it’s been told a thousand times.
    (c) there’s a Wikipedia page about the incident and the woman.
    (d) It’s posted on the ABC’s main news page which carries the banner ‘National Top Stories’.

    It does my head in, the degree of brain rot in evidence in the public sphere. Maybe I should just switch off and stop reading news websites.

  2. Hotspringer

    Queen’s birthday, or king’s, GG’s, presidents, who cares what it is called as long as we can have a day of freedom.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Canguro (sic) notes that a story on the main ABC site is old, stale, irrelevant, but, just above it is the Kennett story, a reeking sty dropping in daily efforts to corner indigenous players, belittle them after he betrayed their interests, being a club leader. He’ll feign innocence, when it’s his chronic stupidity and lack of prudence, awareness, compassion, decency, Story indeed…

  4. LOVO

    I, for one, feel sorry for the people, like me, whom have their RDO on Labour Day. Now I’m forced ,(forced I tells ya), to have my RDO on the Tuesday. 😉
    This will be the second week in a row that I’ve had to endure, (endure I tells ya), a 4 day long weekend. 👀
    Oh well, what’s a bloke to do! 😲

  5. Keitha Granville

    I am not bothered at all by PH now as I’m retired, but it always seemed strange to me that in such a small country we have so many different days for one thing. Labor Day is a case in point, we have 8 hr day in Tasmania sometime, not tomorrow.
    Wouldn’t it be smarter, business wise, if the country had the range of PH all on the same date and evenly spread throughout the year so everyone can plan appropriately to suit their lives?? I have always thought our Agricultural Show Day holidays in Tasmania should be on Friday not Thursday, it’s very annoying for schools and many people take the opportunity to have a 4 day weekend anyway.

    We seem to handle Christmas , New Year and Easter – why not all the others ?

    ps – totally agree about the “news” – so much stuff is news magazine stuff, not even actual NEWS.

  6. New England Cocky

    OK Terence, however you forgot that Queensland is an hour behind eastern Australia but since AP’s solar generation announcement last week is no longer aiming for the 19th century.

    That role has been taken by New England, the feral electorate of the amoral, adulterous, alcoholic Beetrooter who is promoting the Northern Inland Railway to service the CSG below his rural holdings in the Pilliga Scrub and to keep any new ideas out of Tamworth where his borne-to rule mates control the mainstream media-ocrity and continuing 19th century social thinking.

    The ”second city” Armidale is preparing to become a 19th century theme park complete with carrier pigeons instead of Internet, gravel roads instead of bitumen and whale oil lamps instead of electric street lighting.

  7. Douglas Pritchard

    I know you guys will be keen for the latest “News”.
    They discovered a Russian passport, incredible, but intact, on the fringes of the gas leak in the Baltic sea,
    So we don`t have to hold an enquiry into who dun it.
    (It worked before)

  8. Michael Taylor

    Back in the 1980s (in Adelaide) we had a client – a software developer (a big new thing in those days) – whose business mostly come from Victoria so it would cost him money to shut-up shop for a day when SA was having a public holiday while Vic wasn’t.

    So he remained open, and gave his staff the day off when Vic had a public holiday.

    He was a smart man.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Not gloating today, LOVO? 😁

  10. GL

    The insincerity and bullshit DoPe oozes makes me want to be violently ill…oohh, that’s right there’s an election looming in NSW. Out come the onions for fake tears as he takes the donations from the gambling lobbyists while striking the overacting pose to show how much he cares for the little people.

    What’s next, prayers to dog to cure pokies addicts and then make every machine disappear?

  11. Wam

    Up here, dance of the cuckoos, we are traditional and have labour day in may. I am a 357 day atheist and xstian for xmas and easter. I love Anzac on tues or Thursday with an Easter size long weekend.

  12. Terence Mills


    The Queen’s actual birthday was 21 April : King Charles’ actual birthday is 14 November – in Queensland we celebrate the monarch’s birthday on 3 October : elsewhere in Australia the monarch’s birthday is a moveable feast – Monday, June 13 was a public holiday for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in 2022 for Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT, the Northern Territory and in WA, 26 September.

    It’s a mad world !

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
    Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

  13. leefe

    I found out during a recent wander around the island, that Burnie and the rest of the north west (Waratah-Wynyard area) have a holiday (or maybe just half) for the Burnie Show at some stage, presumably instead of the Launceston Show holiday. Given the size of this place, it’s ludicrous that there are all these local variations. Hobart – Launceston is only 200km (although, considering the amount of ongoing roadwork on the Midlands highway, it’s close to a four hour drive).

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