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The Girl with the Drag – On Tattoo!

A Short Anecdote!

In my younger days, I was slightly shallow.

And there was a young woman. We got on quite well and she laughed at my jokes. I thought that we might end up in a relationship. But then – when I moved closer to her – I noticed a faint moustache.

It concerned me. Although it was only faint, it may grow darker. I didn’t want to marry anyone with a moustache. So, I decided not to pursue the relationship any further.

Then, some time later, I was in a relationship with a wonderful woman. I was happy. I never gave the woman with the moustache another thought.

Until I heard that she was getting married.

I dashed to her engagement party, interrupted the proceedings and said that I had something to say.

“I don’t want to marry this woman,” I announced. “She has a moustache.”

There was a silence.

“So?” someone eventually said.

“Well,” I said, unable to comprehend their stupidity. “If I don’t want to marry her, she shouldn’t be allowed to marry. I mean, it undermines the relationship I’m now in.”

I was thrown out and told that it was none of my business.

* * *

Ok, if the above fiction makes you think that I sound insane, then you pretty much understand how I feel about the Federal Government’s court action to over-rule the ACT’s gay marriage legislation.

And, in the story above, you could at least say that if the poor fellow had talked to anyone else, they would have told him how crazy his actions were.

What’s Abbott’s excuse?

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