I am certain that we must exert ever-increasing pressure to force the government to initiate genuine action to transit away from fossil fuels as fast as possible.

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The enemy is at our door!

I am fairly sure that when, at the beginning of WWII, Britain established a War Cabinet to decide strategies and policies to enable the country to prevent invasion, and supply and provision troops to fight in Europe, while at the same time ensuring that there was enough food to go round at home and the factories could be contributing to the war effort, the first question asked was not “How much will it cost?”

Had it actually been asked, the answer that would have come back, very swiftly, would have been “Whatever it takes!”

The climate has declared war on us, and we are ignoring the need to respond suitably, wasting time asking stupid questions like “How long is a piece of string?” instead of the not so stupid ones like “What price do you put on keeping a child alive and healthy?”

What is more, our governments are trying to silence those calling for action!

In the NT we are about to vote in a bye-election. A community group has surveyed the candidate’s views on whether fracking in the NT should be allowed. They intended to publicise the findings, to ensure voters knew in advance what the candidates’ views are when deciding how to vote.

Restrictions are being put in place to prevent this!


It is quite normal for there to be public forums* where candidates are questioned, the media attend and the public is kept informed.

So why insist that a community group has to be registered and subjected to surveillance of its financial resources, and its political affiliations if any, before it can conduct a campaign as described above?

Even more so when the issue is not really political.

After all – people on all sides of politics are divided between being convinced that manmade climate change is reality and being still undecided or unaccepting over the issue.

In fact – where exactly does politics come into it?

If you are a rusted-on supporter of either Labor or one of the Coalition partners, you just follow the party line. Why bother to think for yourself when all the decisions have been made for you, for generations, by people whose views your forefathers have always followed?

However, there is a groundswell of opinion in Australia, as well as in other countries, that the cosy relationship between governments and global corporations with their generous-to-a-fault donations is damaging the people’s trust in government.

We have had enough recent examples of blatant corruption in government and total refusal to acknowledge that working for your party’s benefit is not exactly why you were elected.

Decisions are made which are clearly for the benefit of donors and blatant pork-barrelling is a regular feature of pre-election behaviour.

Australians should expect better than that – particularly if we want the best future possible for our children.

Did any of the Liberal Party examine in detail ScoMo’s work history in New Zealand and NSW before he entered politics? (If you have yet to do so, you will find it quite instructive!) Judging by that history, he will cease to be PM before his term is up! After all – he has quit pretty well every position he has ever been employed in before his contract was up and his entry into politics was not really on merit – unless skulduggery is a desirable characteristic!

And if he was Malcolm Turnbull’s friend, I will eat my hat!

But all that is a side-track from the serious issue, which is that most of us have children, many with their own children and the future for the generations following us is looking more and more grim.

We are living on borrowed time – their time – because our lack of action is guaranteeing that their future living conditions will be much less tolerable than ours have been.

I am certain that we must exert ever-increasing pressure to force the government to initiate genuine action to transit away from fossil fuels as fast as possible.


Through people power, civil disobedience, non-violent resistance to accepting bad laws.

We do not need to go to the bloody lengths of the French Revolution to achieve our aim. However, we have just as much justification as they had to throw out our current ruling party and insist on employing expert advisers to put together an action agenda which minimises forcing people into unemployment.

Goodness knows, the useless mob who are supposed to be helping the unemployed to find work at present should be the first to find themselves out of a job, along with those who are involved with Robodebt and the cashless welfare card!

Coalition governments have been rabid supporters of privatisation, and the minute you replace public servants with private employees, whose first duty is to make a profit for shareholders, then the service offered is immediately downgraded.

Capitalism and wealth creation have benefitted a very small group of now very wealthy people by forcing more and more into poverty and worse.

And all the while those in charge have failed to keep their eyes on the ball of climate change.

Now it is crunch time, and it is up to you and me to ensure that we at least try to pass on to our children a half-decent world.

Are you up for it?

Talking time is over.

Once more – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

*’fora’ for the pedantic!

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  1. Win Jeavons

    The cost, going forward 30 , or even 10 years, of climate action, is only a fair question if the proponenent can similarly give accurate costings of all damage that will occur if there is no action. Since this is clearly impossible, and the government is not even trying, they have no right to put this question. Do we ask the insurer of our home how much it will cost us 30 years ahead? We and they cannot know how much we will call on that insurance or how often, in that time. Or even how risks will change, or premiums increase in that time. On the other hand it is fair to ask all in the discussion what steps and when to achieve the goal . The coalition are not even trying, just empty words to placate both sides. The man, his son and his donkey fable is relevant here.

  2. whatever

    Take note that Banks will not lend money to Coal Mining and Energy projects, not just because they are dinosaur industries, but because they fear being implicated in future court cases involving pollution recovery and compensation.

  3. Baby Jewels

    Saving this, to use in future: If you are a rusted-on supporter of either Labor or one of the Coalition partners, you just follow the party line. Why bother to think for yourself when all the decisions have been made for you.

  4. Phil Pryor

    As most people most of the time appear to be doing nothing substantial to alter older bad habits, the SUVs, the Four Door Cab Utes, the air conditioning, the cruises, the Air trip holidays, the restaurant excesses, the moored endless unused yachts, all the ostentatious waste and excess will remain and worsen our emissions, waste, natural environment. Who will plan, discuss, convince, argue, persuade, lead? In W W 2, the masses in U K, who had been short changed forever as the controllers spent on imperial conquest, aggrandisement, extraction, but not for decent wages or living conditions of citizens, were needed in war, treated as humans at last and felt some rights and equality. They voted for good policy and leadership in 1945 to earn and obtain that, but it went bad again slowly, inexorably, as corporate capitalism re-emerged, money manipulation and corrupt financialising prevailed and now, after having balanced and saved Europe over time, the sensible people have been over ruled and U K backs are turned on civilised sharing, restraint, collaboration. So, again, Threadneedle st, the financiers and manipulators, hedgy con men, market maggots, London and Tory insiders will all do well, while the people, the outliers, the regions, the fringes in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, will decline. Progress?

  5. leefe

    “Dear” ScoMoFo

    Can you put an accurate cost on the added health care I will require if I am subjected to the Indue Card? If not, you cannot, without contravening your own supposed standards of good financial management, impose it upon me.

    DSP recipient

  6. johno

    I disagree that the climate has declared war on us. I rekon us humans declared war on nature centuries ago (in the name of greed) and nature / climate is just adjusting to what we have done. Imho anyway.

  7. RosemaryJ36

    johno: You are right, of course, but we tickled the dragon and are trying to ignore the fact that it is doing a whole heap more than tickling us back!
    Since we now need to defend ourselves, who started things is far less important than why our governments are refusing to abandon their sponsors and knuckle down to acting – as they are under oath to do – on our behalf.
    They have breached their obligations to us so we are entitled to demand that they abdicate totally and leave the experts to assist us in developing effective actions.

  8. johno

    Yep, one big angry fire breathing dragon.

  9. Andrew Smith

    Labor really need to focus now not just on their messaging but countering obsession on ‘public choice’ theory and ‘costs’ attacks from the LNP etc. and rebuttal.

    Not sure how much they actually strategise for this?

  10. RosemaryJ36

    Phil Pryor: stories of disaster hit the headlines while good news is ignored. If you look up some of the community groups on Facebook you would find a plethora of groups sharing tips on issues like effective recycling. Since 2000, all the cars I have owned have been conservative on fuel consumption, I have not flown since 2016 and am unlikely to do so again (despite having family on the other side of the world) and my air con is powered by rooftop solar – just a few of the ways I try to reduce my carbon footprint. And I am far from alone.

  11. DrakeN

    RosemaryJ36, we have the capacity to starve that dragon, but not the intelligence to do so while we still get rewarded for doing so, it seems.

  12. corvusboreus

    Thanks boobby.

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