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The Coalition Hate Childless People!


Just listen to David Littleproud on “Insliders” telling us about all those “mum and dad” pharmacies that’ll be in trouble thanks to Labor’s changes allowing 60 days worth of prescriptions to be dispensed. I mean, what have the Coalition got against pharmacists who aren’t mums and/or dads?

And when they talk about landlords and negative gearing changes, they always mention that heaps of property investors are low income “mums and dads” just trying to put something away for their retirement.

I fully expect them to say that many of the people involved in the PwC leaks were also mums and dads who were just trying to help out other mums and dads in companies that felt that they were paying too much tax if they were asked to pay more than their fair share which – after careful calculation – is none at all.

To be fair, there’s a lot of politics of envy in this country and some people who make sacrifices to send their kids to private schools have the sort of income that means that they have even less taxable income than a multinational company but with careful budgeting they manage to afford the $100k in schools from their meagre income of $38 for the financial year.

Anyway, they’re the sort of mums and dads that are having a go and getting a go because if there’s one thing that the Liberals admire it’s people who have a go unless they’re workers demanding the sort of living wage that’ll add to inflation because if a worker can’t make ends meet then they’ll just have to cut their cloth to meet their suit or whatever the saying is, but if an employer can’t make ends meet they’ll go out of business and we’ll all be in trouble so price rises are just the fault of those greedy workers wanting to eat and heat…

Unless, of course, we’re talking about a landlord who has used negative gearing to ensure that they don’t make a profit because if their property starts to be profitable they need to buy another one to ensure that they aren’t paying tax and that they are still making a loss because that’s the way that some of these mums and dads have a go…

So I’d like some interviewer to ask the Coalition frontbencher – after they talk about mum and dad pharmacists/landlords/investors/meth lab syndicates – why they hate the childless people so much.

Ok, yes, all right, I know. The phrase “mum and dad” is emotive and it makes one think of nice, middle-class people struggling in a way that words like “father and mother” or “sire and dam” don’t. It doesn’t make one think of King Charles and the mother of his children, Princess Di. Neither does it make one think of Tony and Carmela Soprano and their mum and dad waste management business.

And, before someone points out the lack of inclusion here, what about the “mum and mum” or “dad and dad” parents that can now marry and have children…

On a side note here, but did anyone else think that it was strange that one of the arguments people made against same sex marriage was that children should have a mother and a father and same sex relationships denied them this. What I find most confusing about that is the fact that same sex relationships where the couple have children already existed and denying them the right to marry didn’t solve the alleged problem of children not having a parent of both sexes. It just took away the legal security that a marriage can provide. Reminds of me of some of those people against the Voice who simultaneously argue that it’s a risk because Parliament will decide its form and we don’t need it in the Constitution because Parliament could set one up tomorrow without the need for Constitutional change…

Now let me make it clear that I have nothing against people being in business and making a buck. After all, this is a capitalist system and I’m not going to suggest that those benevolent employers who only exist to give people jobs should be the first to be lined up against the wall and shot when the revolution comes. However, it does strike me as a little inconsistent when businesses argue that they’re the ones taking the risks and so they should be entitled to great rewards, only to turn around and say that the risk didn’t work out so someone should do something because life shouldn’t be this unfair when they’ve taken the risk and started/taken over/inherited a business. We all remember how some businesses took the JobKeeper money and kept it, even though they made a profit and there was no obligation on them to establish that they lost revenue during the pandemic. They didn’t even have to prove their parental status.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Littleprong is a fine representative of the rural folk who support country party attitude. He is suitably empty (he’ll say it is an act) and imagines each little village deserves a rep, with Tamworth and Armidale at least three each. Many country towns get nett inputs and flows from outside, state and commonwealth sourced, yet cling to an illusion of being the bringers and creators of wealth, though much comes from international corporate pillaging and scraping and tax dodging. When the north coast areas flooded last year, in office were the Morrison maggots and where were they? And what did Perrotet and Toole do or achieve. Sweet fanny adams…It is impossible to imagine a genuine fair go for all, fairly equally, but we all deserve it. Tax bludging, media maggoty muck and financial profiteering are here to stay, so…(if Littledick goes, Barnaby Skoonaguzla might return.)

  2. Harry Lime

    Did the mother of the kid in the picture have the Mad Monk charged with assault? Or did she at least punt him in the orchestra stalls?In other news of a political nature not all is well in the party of red necked fuckwits,,the hatchet faced Hanson has pulled the rug out from under Latham the Lout…only room for one supreme arsehole,eh, Pauline?
    As for that dolt Littledill,he better enjoy his time in the sun,because the sharpening of knives is now audible.

  3. Clakka

    The coalition hates everybody except their donors, and those that help them perpetuate the land theft model whilst it butters up its prime target for exploitation in every possible way; the ‘mums & dads’. To the Coalition, they can be ultra-mean to the rest who are bludgers and leaners, about 5-6 million people of child-bearing age, but if ‘mums & dads’ excludes non-binary and single parents, the number could be as high as 7-8 million that it hates.

    But of course, the Coalition don’t count!

    PS: I haven’t calculated for the Beetrooter in those stats.

  4. Geoff Andrews

    I asked my pharmacist today out curiosity what her objections to the proposed rules were. The main one is that they only get one dispensing fee if more than one prescription is dispensed, so their income for that service will be halved.
    Also, if a customer only comes in six times a year instead of 12, their impulse buy of all the other non-pharmaceutical goods that was a nice little earner, is diminished (my interpretation).
    It’s a fair point, I guess but there’s not too many other retail outlets who get paid to serve a customer but Terry & his wife are probably only another struggling “mums & dads” outfit.

  5. Terence Mills


    I did much the same with my GP.

    The GP made the point that the new scheme will not affect all prescriptions as many require temperature controlled storage and can only be prescribed on a monthly basis. Where it does apply the GP will be able to free up time rather than seeing a patient every thirty days.

    It’s swings and roundabouts but overall the public benefit.

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