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The Clear Bias Of The Labor Government!

For years, we’ve heard the Murdoch Malevolents complain about the bias of the ABC and, when anyone suggests that they themselves are biased, the response is: “We’re a private company; we’re allowed to be biased.” The ABC, on the other hand, don’t have that right and the Murdoch press complains that it presents a different point of view to them so therefore, it’s far too left-wing.

Recently, however, I’ve noticed the odd comment about how the Labor government is showing a bias towards the Voice and how dare they not be impartial when it’s there’s an upcoming Referendum…

Let’s stop and think about that for a moment.

A political party showing bias. You know, actually have a point of view and not being impartial. Why that’s unheard of. It’s outrageous. I can’t see why the Governor-General doesn’t sack them and install the army to rule…

Of course, the people complaining about the bias of Labor on the Voice aren’t the slightest bit concerned that the Liberal Party have adopted a position. Neither are they concerned about the National Party’s decision to oppose it. Or Pauline Hanson’s One Notion. Or…

No, it’s only the government who are meant to be unbiased.

Let me be clear here. The complaints weren’t that the government was funding one side and not the other, or that the Yes case was first in that little booklet that we got and that the No case was on the opposite page. No, the complaint was that members of the government were expressing an opinion.

How dare they? Senator Neville Bonner would be turning in his grave because, as George Brandis, assured us, the first Indigenous Liberal senator would have been dead set against a Voice to Parliament, and if there’s one thing that the Liberal Party has shown over the years, it’s that they are in the best place to speak for people who can’t speak for themselves like women and other minority groups… Yes, well women may not be a minority group in the general community but that one woman in Tony Abbott’s first Cabinet must have felt like real progress was being made when he made one of the biggest percentage increases when it went up by 200% with another one added!

I guess Senator Bonner went to Canberra in order to say nothing because he was so against this “Canberra Voice” being proposed by Anthony Albanese who isn’t listening to the everyday Indigenous people like Price and Mundine… Mundine organised the recent CPAC so there’s no way you could think of him as being part of the elites.

There haven’t been many referendums that have successfully changed the Australian Constitution. Successful ones have generally had bipartisan support and even that doesn’t guarantee success. Peter Dutton’s opportunism to have the Liberals oppose it was an attempt to gain the low-hanging fruit of scuttling its success and making people think he could actually achieve something, even if that something is actually nothing. It should be a slam dunk and we shouldn’t even think that there’s a chance of success. And that’s before all the misinformation, disinformation and attempt to play on people’s fear of change.

Now I’ve prattled on for years about this, but we have to accept that either the media is just this passive receptacle which just reports everything without filter or else we have to understand that everything is an active choice and part of that active choice is saying, “Actually, Mr Smedley, I don’t know that you can assert the idea that the Australian Constitution has been declared null and void by the High Court without producing some sort of evidence… and no, it’s just not fucking true that the evidence you have has been suppressed by Putin acting in concert with Obama and the Chinese who had this all planned from the time they managed to get your granny to put out the good china when you came over for afternoon tea…”

The media have a role to educate… but I guess that’s hard for them when they’re populated with people who don’t know very much beyond the fact that if they make people angry then they’re more likely to engage with them the next day because it’s easy to get people to come back out of anger than to come back to learn something new…

If you don’t know, come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you more things that I don’t know and you can get very, very angry about the fact that one of those people who aren’t you are trying to take my Jaguar that I’ve worked hard for and you can have one too if you just agree that I should have it and not someone who’s angry about something else and part of the outrage industry which is… Oh, yeah, well, it’s wrong to suggest that I’m part of an outrage industry even though we’re perpetually outraged…I’m outraged for good reason and don’t we need to agree with that property developer, Tim Gurner, who said that the workers are getting a bit uppity and a dose of unemployment will put them back in their place where they need to say, “Please sir, can I have some more?”, so we can bundle them off like Oliver Twist was along with all those unions in the glorious days past!

Yes, it’s getting very strange. I was out walking my dog and whenever he does his business, I give him a little treat. I guess that’s the business model of Murdoch. Whenever Andrew Bolt or whoever puts out some shit, they get a little treat.


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  1. uncletimrob

    ” Yes, it’s getting very strange. I was out walking my dog and whenever he does his business, I give him a little treat. I guess that’s the business model of Murdoch. Whenever Andrew Bolt or whoever puts out some shit, they get a little treat ”

    One of the funnniest comments I’ve seen for a while – thanks!

  2. New England Cocky

    Sheer genius!! Thank you Rossleigh!!
    Uhm …. How can MY ABC be biased to the left when such FRWNJs like David Spew, Patricia Kantspeakless, and other luminaries pollute the airwaves with their yellow journalism?

    ”The media have a role to educate” appears to be erroneous because the LIARBRAL party propaganda machine is set up to generate chaos by sowing dissent among the Australian voters who seek the best outcomes for themselves and their families, rather than kissing the anal sphincter of a foreign owner of media that fails completely to represent anything like the traditional Fourth Estate.

    Oh well, I will just have to rely upon the accumulated knowledge of the borne-to-rules who say they know what everybody else wants from life because it suits their personal pecuniary interests ….. strange how all that knowledge can be written on the back of a postage stamp leaving space for the address.

  3. Terence Mills

    Interesting that Sky-after-dark make it abundantly clear that they are totally biased and opinionated and that as a private institution that is their right in a democracy – but is it ?
    When asked, why as a news organisation, they are not prepared to be at least impartial, accurate or factual they will say, as Paul Murray frequently reminds his audience, that you go to Sky for ‘opinion’ which means that their oeuvre does not need to be impartial, accurate or bother about fact checking.

    Indeed, the only checking they actually do is on what the ABC report.

    Confusing, eh ?

  4. Clakka

    Above the box in which I now type, there is an ad. It reads:

    Earwax causes hearing loss and memory loss. Use this clever method to extract earwax.

    [then in a little url box it says] Open

    I’m quite fond of my own earwax, the tilt of my head, my bias. I might leave well enough alone.

    I’m not quite sure I’m ready to ‘open’ either

    After all my inner marshmallow is precious,
    and available to only a select few to jab a stick into and roast over the fire.

  5. wam

    Beauty, Rossleigh,
    Jacinta, in her attempts to say ‘NO’, is showing why ‘YES’ is needed. She is demonstrating that Aboriginal people, when given a chance, are not afraid to speak loudly and clearly, with a range of ideas and diverse opinions. A ‘YES’ will activate a diverse range of Aboriginal opinions to guide the Governments, both State and Federal, BEFORE future Aboriginal laws are passed.
    ps my ad wants me to sign a ‘franking credit’ submissiok gut I am with stupid billy’s brainfart.

  6. Zathras

    What irks me most about the attacks on the ABC from the “free to air” media is the argument that it’s entirely funded by the taxpayer.

    There is nothing “free” about “free-to-air”. – it’s entirely funded by advertising and advertising is a multi-billion dollar cost carried by consumers on every item they buy that is advertised in any media.

    It’s a direct cost and doesn’t come out of after-tax profits and although not everybody is a taxpayer we are all consumers.

    Remember this when someone like Ray Hadley (who I am forced to help pay his $3.5million per year salary) or any of the Murdoch acolytes say we shouldn’t be made to fund the ABC and unlike the ABC (which is heavily and constantly monitored for bias) he is free to say anything he wants under the legal banner of “entertainment” or “opinion” rather than journalism.

    It’s time the ABC stood up for themselves and fought back.

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