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Linda Reynolds has amazed me!

Remember when she was due to appear at the Press Club and she was instead sent to hospital owing to a pre-existing medical condition. I have the statement here:

“The Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC, will take a period of medical leave.

“This follows advice from her cardiologist relating to a pre-existing medical condition.

“As a precautionary measure, Minister Reynolds has this morning been admitted to a Canberra Hospital.”

Some uncharitable souls suggested that her hospital visit was the result of the pressure she was under to explain exactly what had allegedly happened after an alleged incident which occurred just before the alleged 2019 election. I’m sure that you all know the alleged incident to which I’m referring, so I won’t drag any other names into it because I wish to set the record straight about Linda Reynolds because I’m sure that some of you closed-minded, woke people will have refused to read the exclusive on the front page of “The Australian” just because that particular newspaper takes a very firm view on the way the world should be run which is the opposite of “woke”. They think all this awareness of things is nonsense and that people are far better sleepwalking through their lives.

Anyway, the amazing Senator Reynolds has said that she was the victim of a “hit job” by her political opponents because of what she did or didn’t do with regard to the alleged incident. She also told us something that I found strange which was:

“I haven’t been able to speak for the last two years…”

I found this peculiar because I’m sure that I’ve heard her say something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t realise that my partner wasn’t allowed to go to a criminal trial and take notes.” Still, as Senator Reynolds herself points out later in the interview, people’s recollections can be different. By that she means, I presume that different people’s recollections can be different and not that people’s recollections can be different from the version they give the media because that would tend to undercut her whole interview.

For example, Reynolds tells us that the late Kimberley Kitching warned her about so-called “hit job” before the story broke, but this was disputed by Kitching. And while Senator Reynolds said that on the morning of the Press Club non-appearance that she wandered down to the hospital, suffering from her chest pains, but she couldn’t get in, when the media statement on the day stated that she couldn’t appear at the Press Club because she’d been admitted to a Canberra hospital.

But this is what’s amazing about Senator Reynolds. It’s her capacity to be able to do an incredible impersonation of Schrödinger’s Cat. In the famous thought experiment, Schrödinger talks about a cat in a box with a vial of poison which may or may not have broken open, killing the cat. Until such time as the box is opened, the cat can be considered both alive and dead.

Similarly, Senator Reynolds was both unaware that an assault was alleged to have taken place but also able to offer support to the alleged victim in spite of not knowing that it was alleged to have happened. As such, the senator was – similar to the cat – both aware and unaware.

Of course, when the story broke, it was a terrible time for the senator because those mean girls kept asking her questions about what she did and didn’t do and it was hard to remember because how can one keep track of everything one did or said. She was being “asked questions” during Question Time which she explains in her recent interview.

“This was clearly, clearly, a very well-orchestrated political hit to take down the minister of the defence of the day, and also the government. Brittany’s story was perfect for the MeToo movement and for those of my colleagues in the Senate who were trying to bring down the government.”

Yes, it certainly did fit with a certain narrative that Labor was trying to peddle about the previous government being misogynistic bullies just because they had a few of their members referring to themselves as the “Big Swinging Dicks”. Just because they’re a few enormous dicks in the previous government, that’s no reason to think that they’d cover up an alleged incident before an election. Still, when Senator Reynolds talks about colleagues in the Senate trying to bring down the government, I’m unsure as to whether she’s talking about Labor or Matt Canavan and friends.

Anyway, the political pressure led to her sobbing on the floor and having a generally terrible time of it, because she hasn’t been able to tell her story till now and she couldn’t tell it then because those other senators kept asking her questions about it. And then, just because she used the phrase “lying cow”, she was sued. She paid damages out of her own pocket because, as she said in the interview, “I was in no state to defend myself.”

Of course, given she was Defence Minister at the time, it does make one wonder if she was in a state to defend the country should we be attacked, but that’s hypothetical and surely Scott Morrison would have made himself Defence Minister if he thought there was any danger that she wasn’t up to the job!


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Discussing a practised, studied, consistent, devoted avoider of truth, (used to be known as liar, but…) is a big sport and the whole Morrison menagerie of misfit mistruthers are up for analysiis. Untrustworthy, uncivlised, Un-Australian.

  2. Gabby Hunt

    The Liberal Party…It’s always someone else’s fault. Always. They never take responsibility for anything.

  3. John Hanna

    It’s a long time since Paddington Bear.

  4. David Evans

    Lying Cow.

  5. Keitha Granville

    Without being silly, couldn’t we have some sort of rule that MPs aren’t allowed to lie?? Or would that make parliament totally unworkable ?

    just a thought . . . .

  6. leefe

    ” … advice from her cardiologist relating to a pre-existing medical condition.”

    Yeah, a missing heart.

  7. Tanya Carroll

    Dam here l thought as the former NDIS & Defence Minister Linda Reynolds had back then during that time of the so-called alleged incident as she never has come clean on the reason why her office couch was technically stream clean earlier than normal either. I also remember reading a news article of that time regarding her saying the lying cow wording that someone within walls overheard her saying it l guess too. I also wish l never seen that video again of her as l seen it earlier today on Sky News either. I hate to burst her bubble that l am also a woman most of us on her here also woman we all know she is also woman what the hell is she on about then.?? @leefe she is missing more than heart regarding the “advice from her cardiologist relating to pre-existing medical condition” she just might be dealing with more than what she is also telling us too. Cough, Cough @David Evans l totally agree with you there 100% too.

  8. GL

    Why do I get the feeling that once the Robodebt royal commission wraps up that the instigators of this travesty will get a slap on the wrist then it’ll be buried.

  9. frances goold

    Ms Reynolds has been nailed.

    Is there an elite Liberal Party training school for this special skill? Ms Payne’s (Ms Reynold’s Liberal colleague) summonsed appearance at the Robodebt RC brought forth a truly mind-bending farrago of amnestic variations, such as:

    “I can’t identify my state of knowledge as to when I acquired my awareness of this event”,
    “I don’t recall any briefing…”,
    “It wouldn’t be helpful of me to speculate, as I don’t have a specific memory of that particular occasion”,
    “In terms of the integrity of the payments, I don’t have a specific recall of all my specific thoughts at the time”,
    “But again – and I want to be consistent – I don’t have a specific memory”,
    “I have no specific recollecion, I’m sorry”,
    “I don’t know he answer to that question and I say that in all transparency”.

    Self-preservation is a mighty power when all the power is yours.

    Hearing Block 4 commences today.

  10. Carina McNaughton

    GL I have that exact same feeling too.
    Perpetrators of corporate atrocities always get away. Or made to quietly disappear.

    Lying woman is missing a brain and a heart. Cows are beautiful gentle creatures.

  11. Harry Lime

    Every time another mind blowing travesty bubbles to the surface of the cesspit that is the LNP ,simply serves to remind us of the endemic ineptitude,dishonesty and incompetence of those blinkered, ideological halfwits.And they are still there in the form of Dutton,Cash,Taylor,LLLey etc.The braying of the opposition almost drowns out their lies.Bring on the ICAC.

  12. paul walter

    No, I wont comment ,for fear of being censored for F#^*#$%^G swearing.

    Just a brief one..

    I know of certain Taipans more honest and less dangerous than grubs like this, and the creatures at Murdoch who also censored Robodebt coverage and finally the madman who ruined Twitter.

    Censorship, wall to wall..

  13. Jaq

    So freaking OVER these people! Lies and covering their big fat arses and NOTHING happens! These people are responsible for CRIMES. When oh WHEN are they going to PAY!

  14. Rossleigh

    Of course, the interesting thing is the capacity that some people have to be able to have two conflicting narratives in the media at the same time. There are so many examples of this I probably don’t need to be specific but, every now and then, along comes a Linda who tries to present them in a way that doesn’t stand up to basic scrutiny… Of course, so many have grown lazy because they haven’t had to stand up to anything like scrutiny…
    Instead of asking significant questions, we have journalists asking things like “When will prices start coming down?” or “When will it rain?”

  15. andy56

    Reynolds is caught in the proverbial trap of her own making. Not being up to the job, she is the typical “promoted beyond her incompetence”. She wants to play with the big boys and make a conscious decision to be ” one of the boys”. In the libs this means you have to be a token woman and a yes man at the same time. You really think she got promoted on her merits? Fulfilling those two requirements, yes, as a real person of some intellect, absolutely not. As minister for defence, what is her legacy? SFA i would say. The evidence is that she was another FW who wanted power for its own sake.
    Then to top it off, she plays the sympathy card, back to her “vulnerable womanly ways”. If she was that sick, WTF was she doing in politics? There should be laws that apply to politicians as in private industry. we hear many tales of high flyers who are put on the rubbish pile when ill health hits them, maybe , just maybe, politicians should be held to the same mirror as they want us. Collect $200 and pass go is all that interests them, aint that right Barny? , fuck me. Comes back to what i used to say, those monkeys are paid way too many peanuts to even worry about us.

  16. Fred Engels

    There used to be a student at my high school that constantly got out of PE / Sport with fictious excuses.
    They just never did anything that was difficult or taxing.
    In the end, they just lacked any real substance and / or credibility.

  17. Kaye Lee

    I’m a bit confused.

    In the article where the poor Senator finally gets to break her silence about how it was all an orchestrated hit job to get rid of Australia’s defence minister, she said that she met with the alleged victim on April 1 but her employee (the alleged victim) “did not at any point” mention rape or assault.

    Senator Reynolds claims she suggested her employee should speak to police. About what?

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