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The Age Of Entitlement May Be Over But Scott Morrison Is Entitled To A Holiday!

“Where’s Rossleigh?”

“He’s not here!”

“I know that. Where is he?”

“He’s on holiday. He’s taken some long service leave.”

“But he never told me. Surely as his boss I have a right to know.”

“Look, he’s entitled to his long service leave.”

“Yes, I know he is but it’s normal practice to inform me. Where’s he gone?”

“Um, can’t say…”

“Ok, so when will he be back?”

“Can’t tell you that either…”

“It’s the busiest time of the year and he didn’t tell you when he’d be back?”

“No. He just told us not to tell you.”

“This is outrageous!”

“Calm down. People are entitled to their long service leave.”

Yes, you can all see how unreasonable my boss is being in that little fiction. Of course, it’s a fiction because you’d never go off on a holiday without telling the person you work for, so when Morrison doesn’t tell the Australian people it’s because it’s not us that he works for.

Obviously, it’s only Twitterage that’s upset about Scottie’s little Hawaiian adventure… That and some of the journalists who were told point-blank… or should that be point break… that he wasn’t in Hawaii. It sort of made them wonder if they can trust anything coming from the Prime Minister’s Office. Journalists are not stupid… A little slow, perhaps, but not completely stupid.

By now most of you have probably seen the photo of the “legend”. Scott Morrison doing the hang ten sign, which I’m told means that he’s having a good time.

It always worries me a little when kids call me a “legend”. It makes me sound like I’m the teacher who’ll always be remembered for doing something wrong like handing out the actual exam instead of the revision sheet. (No, that wasn’t me!)

Of course, it usually goes down a treat when someone in authority does something a little bit out of character which shows that deep down they’re just like the rest of us really. So when the PM sculls a beer at the cricket it goes down a treat with the crowd. It’s a bit like when Auntie Maude has a wee drink at Christmas and suddenly starts dancing on the table-top. It’s not so funny when Uncle Roger has his weekly slab and crashes into your parked car…

I can’t help but think of Fonzie. I was never a regular “Happy Days” watcher but it was sort of impossible to miss. At first “The Fonze” was just too cool for school. You know, the “you’d never catch me doing that” kind of guy. So when he was first talked into something to save the day, it was funny because it was just so out of character. And, because it worked, the next thing you know, pretty much every episode had Fonzie doing something out of character.

The trouble is: Once you do something regularly, it’s no longer out of character.

And that’s the thing I sort of feel when I’m watching Morrison. It’s like he’s trying to say that I’m really this everyday sort of bloke, who’s just like all of you.

There’s just two things wrong with this. First, not only do I not believe it, but I don’t believe that he believes it. Second, I don’t what my leader to be someone who’s “just like me”. If that’s the case then I might as well be leader, because what have you got to offer if you’re not brighter, more hard-working and prepared to make sacrifices? You know, sacrifices like forgoing your family holiday because there’s a national emergency. But as the man said: “I don’t hold a hose, mate, and I don’t sit in a control room,” He could have added: “and I don’t provide leadership or show compassion unless it’s for a photo opportunity.” Instead, he added:

“That’s the brave people who … are doing that job. But I know that Australians would want me back at this time … of these fatalities. So I’ll happily come back and do that.”

Mm, is it just me or does it suggest a certain lack of empathy to say that one will happily come back after talking about the fatalities? Anyway, he called the interviewer “mate” so that proves he’s a regular Aussie guy. I wonder if anyone is even tempted to call him “mate” back…

Whatever, Morrison is back and he’ll be going straight to a map to be shown where the fires are burning and then he’ll go to some evacuation centre where he’ll hug someone and say that we’re all in this together. And the media will be allowed to tag along and nobody will ask him about evacuation centres that wouldn’t allow the media nor whether he agrees with government MP Andrew Laming’s tweet which shows he doesn’t know the difference between hazard reduction burning and back burning.

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  1. Harry Lime

    I think we’re going to go a lot further down the shitter before we’re rid of these noxious,running sores.We should brace ourselves for more outrages and bad acting from the chief hypocrite.His “religion” informs everything he does

  2. Keitha Granville

    I wonder if Scummo thinks the “blokey” thing worked so well for Hawke that he can do it too ?? He doesn’t seem to realise that Bob already WAS a good bloke, he didn’t have to pretend.

    I’m so glad you said HIS religion Harry. Certainly no resemblance to anything that ought to be called religion.
    Fundamentalists of any persuasion have no religion, there belief is in themselves and what’s in it for them.

    Jesus would weep.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Filth, garbage, refuse, rubbish, rot, scrapings, scourings, offcasts, Morrison…and most of his colleagues. Murdoch merde droppings…

  4. Jogn O'Callaghan

    Morrison and his Psychos For Christ must be whipped and chased out of the Temple for ever and allow our country to prosper.
    Although Albo and Labor do not exactly fill me up with a lot of confidence either……

  5. New England Cocky

    heheheheh ….. we had a uni lecturer who hand out the exam paper as a pre-exam preparation exercise, then handed out the exam paper as the exam. Your exam offerings had to be excellent to gain any benefit. The lecturer went on to correctly become a distinguished professor.

    If ever there was evidence that Scummo was a happy clapping hypocrite and fake Christian then this matter demonstrates it perfectly.

  6. Aortic

    Jesus, when you have advisers like that, and you don’t have sufficient insight yourself to figure they have stuffed up, you deserve to be in advertising.

  7. Roswell

    Yes, he is entitled to a holiday, but he also has an obligation to be a leader. The latter comes first.

  8. Bruce Winchester

    Mr Morrison returned to Australia, from exotic overseas places, bearing many gifts of excuses and apologies.

    He apologised for having disappeared for a delightful holiday during a national catastrophe, apparently because it had all been planned six weeks ago and couldn’t have been postponed when the nation most needed some sort of indication of his leadership, the sort of leadership he promised when he claimed nationally (and ironically), “I will burn for you!”
    Smokin’ indeed.

    He went on to plead “..now is not the time for point-scoring”.
    Indeed, most convenient, nor talking about climate change or compassion for refugees or anything else to further disturb that “just returned from holidays” feel. Talk to me after the festive season perhaps?

    He continued with a sort of “how good is hindsight” excuse. But what was his government thinking when they pilfered the millions allocated to fire fighting resources? Drop the hindsight excuses and adopt some forward vision, you idiot.

    Then the lowest excuse of all, he uses the apprehension of his daughters’ disappointment of not gettng to Hawaii this year. Is the family not rich enough and young enough to go next year? There are now many young Australian girls disappointed they can not return to their homes this Christmas.

    Australia might well be a blackened disaster region by next year if he continues to do nothing more than offer useless prayers.
    No-one would care where the Hell he is then.

  9. whatever

    Some LNP stooge ‘caller’ on the John Laws show the other day was saying all this criticism of Scotty was just an attack on Christian Family Values by the Left. (And, furthermore, it was a LeftWing attack on the sanctity of Christmas itself)

  10. Martin Connolly

    Morrison is a sock puppet.
    On the outside, it looks like he is fuzzy and warm, and familiar.
    On the inside, there is nothing.

  11. jake

    martin, sure there is – stink, nail clippings, bits of dead skin, fungus – the lying nasties in a nutshell (or sock)

  12. Carol Taylor

    One excuse is that Morrison couldn’t possibly disappoint the kiddies, after all he’d promised them a holiday in Hawaii (doesn’t everybody). Sorry, but occasional disappointments are character building for young folk, shows that there are more important things than “I want”. And it’s not as if Morrison couldn’t make it up to the family in some way such as pony each and a holiday in Switzerland..or they could have even gone out to a rescue centre and made sandwiches.

  13. Keith

    Morrison ….. wrong leader at the wrong time.

  14. Kathy

    I don’t think Morrison understands the job he has. He didn’t expect to win the leadership, I’m sure they thought Dutton had it in the bag, but then he swindled his way in and took the spot. Then they really didn’t expect to win government either and now that they have, he is so far out of his league, he has no idea how to be a leader or Prime Minister. How dare he blame it on his children, that he promised them a holiday. Under the circumstances he should of said, ‘Sorry girls I can’t come while our country needs me to be here at this harrowing time.’ By all means, his wife and children could’ve gone on holidays, but I believe when Daddy is the PM with the top job in the country, then the whole family are a part of that too. His wife and children should have been out there helping feed the firefighters, offering support and condolences to those who have lost everything. What kind of Christmas are these people going to have. A sad one for sure.

  15. Lawrence S. Roberts

    The Charleton from The Shire has lost his clothes and will never find them again.
    Bring on “Spud” and the peeler.

  16. Josephus

    This man has no feeling for others. He is a psychopath, a selfish and stupid person like at least some who voted for him. The callous disregard of this marketing man is beyond disgusting. He should be tried for abandoning his country at a time of horror. Presages of times to come, when there will be little water at all left to douse the towering infernos .

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