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Protest Australia

Protest Australia It’s glaringly obvious that Australians in their thousands have had enough of the incompetent yet unconscionable Abbott Government.

And they’ve voiced their disapproval.

This year we’ve seen the successful March in March where over 100,000 people took to the streets in a nationwide protest, and more recently the March in May were people also took to the streets in some major cities (with more planned later this year). Social and independent media sites have been filled with the shocking truths about this government, and finally, since the budget (some sections of) the mainstream media have also joined in on outrage.

And the voices of disapproval don’t look like stopping.

Which brings us to Protest Australia; the organisers of which have asked if we would issue this statement on their behalf:

A national action protest day will be held on the 24th of June. The purpose of this action is to call for the removal of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. We will also be calling for transparency in politics and policies that uphold the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The protest will involve action such as marches and rallies around the country as well as a call out for a 24 hour national strike. We will be encouraging those who are unable to strike or rally to show support via a letter writing campaign and displaying signs at private residences and businesses.

The budget proposed by Tony Abbott is based on lies and does not benefit the Australian people. It is our belief that the policies of the current government were not disclosed with clarity during the election. This has interfered with the process of democracy as people did not get what they voted for. We are calling for transparency in all aspects of government in order to protect the administrative effectiveness of our democracy.

We ask that all Australians put aside political affiliations and stand for the people. This is not a normal Liberal budget and it comes with many discriminatory, harmful policy changes. This is an attack on the Australian way of life. If this budget is passed it will be the end of the lucky country, the end of the fair go and the end of Australia as we know it.

Details of events that have currently been organised are available here ( Our aim is to hold protest marches and rallies in every Australian city and town. New events will be announced on this page as they are released. We are encouraging non violent forms of protest only.

Disclaimer: Some people may argue that it is unconstitutional to call for the removal of a ‘duly’ elected prime minister. And some people may argue that a call for a national strike might do nothing but inconvenience thousands of people who rely on essential services. But it is hard to argue that this government has not lost the respect and support of millions of Australians and it is their right to show their disapproval in the direction the government is leading this country.


March in May

MiM SW March in March saw tens of thousands of disenchanted voters take to the streets across Australia in protest against the Abbott Government. But it was just the beginning. After the marchers had dispersed, the anger at the government still simmered.

Now the people are marching again.

The AIMN has been contacted by the organisers to promote the next instalment: March in May.

This we are more than happy to do.

After March in March many in the mainstream media ridiculed it as nothing more than a rabble. It was just a group of lefties, they mused, coming along for the walk and waving a placard.

March in May will have a clear message (see list below). The media will know why people are marching. It would be foolhardy to ignore it.

Here is the promo The AIMN received:

Media Diary, Sydney Event Alert for May 18 2014

MARCH IN MARCH saw over 110,000 Australians rally together across 33 locations to express their concern and disdain for the policies of the current government. This grass-roots movement gave a voice to a broad demographic including the elderly, young families, first-time activists, long-time activists and even Liberal voters.

This event was a positive, empowering and uplifting exercise in unity and democracy attracting a range of speakers from many walks of life. To follow on from its growing success, there will be a snap demonstration to register public objection to the ongoing irresponsible and dangerous decisions of our current Federal Government and the impending budgetary announcement – Sydney, Adelaide and Perth will again MARCH IN MAY 2014.

What exactly are we marching for? Better policy making NOW and better governance long-term; transparency, accountability, ethics and equity. We want a progressive Australia which reflects the open-minded, conscientious and intelligent nature of its citizens.

Core areas of concern include:
– Education (cuts to funding and new fees)
– Public services (healthcare, welfare, ABC & SBS funding cuts, the National Broadband Network)
– Environmental Issues (animal rights, climate change, dredging of the Great Barrier Reef, logging of heritage-listed forests, coal seam gas and mining)
– Human Rights (asylum seeker rights, indigenous issues, women’s issues, worker’s rights)
– The Economy (anti-Trans Pacific Partnership)
– Corruption within the government and pandering to corporations
– Political bias in the media.