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Stop panicking, no crisis here

Whilst there may be some truth in asserting that “the direct connection to any single fire event” and climate change “is not a credible suggestion”, how about when hundreds of catastrophic fires are burning all over the country? How many lives, how many homes, how many businesses must be lost? How many animals must die? How much forest must burn before our PM finds the link “credible”?

Does our stand-in Elvis and Deputy PM impersonator still think the warnings from experts about the catastrophe we are now enduring are “the ravings of some pure enlightened and woke capital city greenies”?

How long is the PM going to peddle the line that “We are carrying our weight. We are meeting and beating our target” when the whole world knows that is a bald-faced lie?

“We will stick to the policies we took to the election” says the PM who thinks a promised holiday for his daughters is more important than responding to a national emergency. He won’t “act in a knee jerk, or crisis or panicked mode.” He’s so calm about it, he won’t act at all.

Our PM is “comforted by the fact that Australians would like me to be here”. Well I am so glad that ProMo is comforted but I think he is missing the point.

Your feelings are completely irrelevant, turkey. You buggered off when the country was in crisis. I bet many of the people fighting these fires, or those watching their homes burn, had holiday plans too.

And if our current excuse for leaders are not bad enough, we are once again subjected to stacks of photos of our ex PM out there posing in his fire gear, with praise heaped upon the man who destroyed any chance of this country taking any credible action to reduce the risks posed by climate change.

Both Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison have been prepared to sacrifice the world for their own brief moment on the stage. And Morrison will follow Abbott, not with a bang but a whimper. We can no longer indulge their selfish ambition.

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  1. Aortic

    “We will stick to the policies we took to the election”. If anyone could elucidate as to exactly what these policies were, you are far more erudite than me. Mind you the toilet gender signs and religious freedom issues have probably been sorted, so as we breathe our last on our unliveable planet, we can at least be thankful that these crucial issues have been resolved. Clive Palmer and Rupert Murdoch, you stand accused of the manipulation of unthinking drones leading to the detriment of the country and ultimately the planet. Still as long as the Stock Exchange and Wall Street are flourishing I guess that’s all the matters I guess. Shame on you and those who are deluded by your utterly shameless publicity threatening the lives of future generations. Come on Albo and team, it can’t be too hard to come up with reasoned thinking to take the Libs to task and expose them for what they are a mindless leaderless rabble.

  2. Kaye Lee


    It’s kind of hard to take the Libs to task when you are in the middle of a coal-loving tour…oops I mean a “listening” tour…. in regional Queensland.

    “Mr Albanese has called on Adani to deliver the jobs it promised.”

    “If Australia stopped exporting today there would not be less demand for coal – the coal would come from a different place,” Mr Albanese said in an interview.

    Labor are painting themselves into the same corner they did with asylum seekers. Oh for some moral fibre.

  3. M

    While ‘links’ lead to credibility, claims without same blow the mind. Bet you can’t link to this one.

    MorriScum has chosen to abandon Australia, race over to Hawaii (in order to hand over $150K of taxpayer funds to his mentor, Brian Houston of Hillsong notoriety),

    Seems like fake news is the new black.

  4. Roswell

    M, please explain to us what you’re talking about.

  5. RosemaryJ36

    We need this entire government, along with its do-nothing policies, out.
    Any Constitutional lawyers out there who can tell ups how we can accomplish this?

  6. wam

    A woman was sitting next to me at my church. By way of a casual conversation she said how terrible the ABC was to the PM for taking his family on holiday.
    She expected instant agreement and was a little flustered by my rejoinder about the uproar at the victorian cop going out to dinner. Her answer was ‘she was a silly woman’. Fits the conservatives who automatically expect agreement and women get extra kicks.
    I’ve met labor and loonies who assumed I would agree with their statements and who disparage by a label of stupidity. Anyone here?
    The rabbott was not alone in dec 2009 and had the same helpers in nov 2013.. The same mob did a good job this year, eh?
    But the boys talk well and you write so clearly, I am sure albo will follow your lead..

  7. margcal

    Rosemary, we don’t need lawyers.
    We need psychologists to deal with those who readily believe all the lies and those who think not being interested in politics (i.e. clueless) equates to some sort of badge of honour.
    We didn’t get the government we’ve got without a whole lot of pensioners, unemployed, users of public hospitals and public schools, etc, etc voting Liberal.

  8. Matters Not


    Constitutional lawyers out there who can tell ups how we can accomplish this

    Not a constitutional lawyer but I suspect the existing constitutional arrangements suggest that the (effective) power to call an election still resides with the Prime Minister. Of course, the unelected GG could intervene and (undemocratically) dismiss the properly elected government (a type of coup) so that we could perhaps have a repeat of the Kerr dismissal of the Whitlam government. Do we really want a repeat of that?

    Why have you lost faith in our representative democracy?

  9. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks Kaye. It was very restrained of you not using any of the photos of our ‘PM’ relaxing in Hawaii. Love your work. All strength to your elbow.

  10. Kim Kucera

    Thanks Kaye – spot on again! However, I would like to add one thing which appears distressingly missing in all the commentary lately. I’m not offended by ScumMo taking a holiday while the country burns … I wouldn’t care if he never returned, I didn’t miss him one little bit and if any half way competent person had been left officially in charge I’d have been happy as. Am I the only person who thinks this way.

    And by the way, Margcal, as a pensioner and user of public hospitals, etc, I take strong exception to being lumbered among those voting for the LNP for whom I have never voted in my entire life! I think you need to look to the mindless robots living in the all the outer metropolitan areas of our mega cities, Howard’s aspirational voters … they are the biggest problem. Not a thought beyond self interest as far as I’ve ever been able to glean.

  11. Lambchop Simnel

    No, we didnt want you here especially.

    If we could have gotten rid of you and your crooked mates for real leaders, you would swapping places with Assange if I had my way.

    How come he didn’t use the commonwealth jet?

  12. pierre wilkinson

    I hope you are capable of overcoming your anxiety whilst I was on holiday,
    but now I am back, “how good are our Firies?”

    is that empathetic or what?

  13. Sean Crawley

    There is no direct link between Scomo holidaying in Hawaii while the country burns and our outrage at the man, it is just one factor.

  14. Terence Mills

    Congratulations to Tony Abbott and all other fire fighters who are doing an amazing job, frequently as volunteers.

    This morning I heard on the news of volunteer fire fighters whose own homes had been destroyed by fire as they fought to save the homes of others : I can think of nothing more devastating.

    The most disturbing statement that this prime minister has made, as noted by Aortic, and one that should feature on his headstone will be We will stick to the policies we took to the election. A massive misreading of the situation the we have at hand. I much prefer the man who says ‘When the facts change, I change my mind’.

  15. Patagonian

    Solid gold, Sean Crawley! May I steal it please?

  16. Sean Crawley

    Patagonian, steal away, no copyright on that one!

  17. Kate Ahearne

    If we don’t learn from history, we are condemned to repeat it. (Can’t remember who said that.) Nero, as I recall, fiddled while Rome burned.

  18. RomeoCharlie29

    RJ36, as MN points out the only way to constitutionally get rid of the government is for the GG to sack them as Kerr did in ‘75 to the enormous outrage of many Australians, though not enough to prevent Gough being defeated at the subsequent election. We do not want a repeat of that constitutional abuse if Indeed that power remains available. Sadly we will just have to suck up the fact that Scummo is the PM, though we can live in hope that the challenges to Liu and Friedanegg over the election advertising scam result in by-elections which an Opposition with a half competent leader might win. Whether Albo is that leader remains to be seen given his coal supporting swing through Queensland.Perhaps he is actually winning votes back for Labor.

    Also Margcal, like Kim Kucera, we (wife and I) would dissociate ourselves from any suggestion that, as pensioners, we would support the unrepresentative swill that is the L and N Parties.

  19. David Higham

    Well,unless I misheard ,we were promised rorts and prayers.

  20. Peter F

    RC29 a defeat in parliament on a vote of no confidence gives grounds for calling an election. If only those who support this misgovernment would put the nation ahead of themselves. Watch ‘Total Control’ on Iview for some inspiration. If only……

  21. Wobbley

    Scabbott is the pyromaniac who sets fire to the building and then pretends to be innocent by helping put the fire out, effing criminal, that’s all.

  22. Ken Fabian

    I think only climate science denial can explain Morrison’s choices. That underlying (dis)belief makes the legitimate concerns being raised look illegitimate and allows him to really believe the issue is driven by coal and business hating extremists, abetted by irresponsible anti-Australian media like the ABC. Being unable to say or do what he really believes without facing fierce criticism, better not to engage on the issue at all or if forced to, distract, divert and if needed, simply lie. Even ironically insincere statements like that Australia does more than any nation and their climate policy is the best are internally justifiable as being forced on them by ecofascist political correctness – if climate extremists didn’t keep going on about and upsetting quiet Australians the LNP leadership would not be forced to lie to the public, for their own good!

    Every point and justification the LNP uses for doing the least possible on climate is deficient in fact, logic, ethics and reason – I suspect that Morrison gets much inspiration from Newscorp and Pentacostal churches; enough people will believe the most irrational BS if you present it consistently and market it well.

    1.3% is insignificant? If that were true he would tell individual LNP voters not to bother voting. As it is Australia effectively “votes” in international climate negotiations for the side that opposes doing anything, making our inaction the excuse for other nation’s inaction that excuses Australia’s inaction in a neatly circular manner. Logic and reason at it’s LNP best!

    Nuclear will fix it? If they believed the issue is real and nuclear the best solution the LNP would have a climate policy featuring nuclear; they do not. They get more value out of nuclear as something others oppose than as an LNP policy they would have to get climate alarmist to promote effectively.

    Ecofascist PC censorship is why they cannot say what they really think, so they are forced to lie by claiming they take it seriously? 2GB or WIN News or The Australian would air or publish – and praise – declarations of climate science denial and a deliberate intent to prevent or limit international climate policy ambition; lying and saying they take the science seriously just sidesteps having to debate the real source of climate anxieties – the anxiety from mainstream climate science being right.

    We don’t doubt climate change? Meaning – quite deliberately misconstruing the issue – the “climate has always been changing” sort, not the human induced sort.
    Many factors in bushfires, like arsonists? Meaning they will deliberately conflate causes of ignition with causes of reduced rainfall and record high temperatures. (Oh, you meant why is the bush so exceptionally dry and flammable, not how did the fires start?)

    It looks like the one lesson Morrison takes to heart is that if you repeat BS often enough – with mainstream media support – you can not only get enough voters to believe it that they will elect you, you can come to believe it yourself, thus relieving yourself of responsibility for lying in the first place. The lying about lying – pretending to take the issue seriously for appearances looks harder to justi… LOOK OUT, over there – greenie extremists!

    The potential for a seismic shift on climate within mainstream right politics is real enough but Morrison’s team were picked because they resist and oppose it. This lot will brazen it out, perhaps with prayers for rain on the side. And hope beyond hope for no el Nino’s between now and the next election.

  23. johno

    Morrison is back, hallelujah. Micmac did say there would be a discussion on climate change, mmmm, can’t wait.

  24. Terence Mills


    You may have missed that discussion on climate change…………I think it’s over !

  25. johno

    Scotty might be asking god for a sign, anything, just something to prove climate change is hocus pocus.

  26. paul walter

    Interesting comments from Ken Fabian and Terence Mills, earlier.

    Must be a real pain having to carry around psychic rubbish like Scotty tries to do, the contortions surely get painful, to duck the truth, no wonder he looks stressed.

    Socrates is said to have said that it is harder for people to do wrong than right, so my advice to the so called PM is, “let the exploding manure go, when you have come to believe your own bullshit”

  27. Geoff Andrews

    Thank goodness we’re not as big a bastard as that little country (in Europe?) that only constitutes 0.33% of world population but emits at least 1.3% of world CO2 emissions. They should be dragged before the UN or world court or, at least, Mr Morrison sit down with them and have a stern conversation about responsibility.

  28. Ken Fabian

    After three decades of expert advice on climate – taking decisive action now seems less like a knee-jerk reaction than inaction now seems like knee-jerking off.

  29. divergent

    What’s good for the gander is not good for the goose. Q&A 2010. Criticism of Christine Nixon, Victorian Police Commissioner at time of Black Saturday fires by Mr Morrison.’She’s clearly made a bad judgement call, that happens to people from time to time,’ he said in 2010.
    ‘But this was a very serious issue and I think there are very serious concerns in the community about exercising judgement.
    ‘And it’s incumbent on of all us in public life to make decisions following that in the best interests of the ongoing nature of the program.’ Archive footage surfaces of Scott Morrison slamming police boss (Christine Nixon) who went to dinner during the 2009 Black Saturday Fires. ‘it was up to Ms Nixon to decide if her conduct ‘impeded on the ability of that organisation to get on with the job’.
    ‘I think what’s most important here gets beyond any one individual, and that is public confidence in how the reconstruction effort is taking place,’
    ‘And while the premier may have made his call on Christine, it really is a matter for her to make a judgment whether the controversy surrounding her actions actually, at the end of the day, may well impede the ability of that organisation to get on with the job.’

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