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Scott Morrison should resign

When our accidental-Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, took office, he swore an oath to ‘be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law.’

No mention of his duties to his wife and daughters. They are a private matter and, as long as he remains Prime Minister, his duties lie to the high office to which he has (sadly) been elected, and for which it appears he totally lacks competence!

Prime Minister – this is not all about you.

You really don’t have a clue, do you?

It is not about your promises to your daughters.

It is not about sharing the grief of people whom you have let down.

It is not about getting a few more photo ops, showing the caring Prime Minister comforting the distraught property owner who has lost everything.

Or the grieving widow with a young family whose partner died fighting the fires because he cared about his community.

That is all hypocritical flim-flam which highlights your failings.

Australia, along with all inhabitants of this planet, is facing an existential crisis.

The Coalition climate deniers have also been denying their country the ability to take actions which might have – at least to some extent – mitigated the current catastrophic conditions, and without which we can guarantee this is not the end but the beginning of a growing disaster.

Yes – we are not the only country needing to take action – but we are the developed country with the highest per capita level of emissions of greenhouse gases.

Yes – countries like China, India and the USA are lagging behind in taking action, but that does not give us licence to do nothing. Instead it gives us an obligation to put them to shame by showing how a relatively small country can rapidly become carbon neutral.

Yes – action will adversely affect our economy, but – surprise, surprise! – inaction will affect it even more adversely.

Yes – emissions are not the only issue. There are also over-population, pollution and recycling needs, re-training for workers made redundant when fossil fuel production decreases – the list goes on – which all require long-term planning and immediate attention!

Has anyone thought about how and when to compensate the firefighters and their families for the losses and damage they are incurring, covered by no workers compensation insurance because the firies are volunteers?

Has anyone thought how the property losses will affect future insurance premiums – or state/territory budgets if/when they pay compensation to the uninsured?

Has anyone remembered that the CSIRO was once the envy of the world – but we lost our best innovators overseas because they lacked funds to follow up development of their inventions?

Are there communities in remote Australia where people have been unable to obtain information about their risk status during the fires because communications have not been adequate?

Are we running out of water, not only to drink, but also to dowse the fires, because foreign interests are making profits out of growing water-hungry cotton and rice using water bought from increasingly wealthy water traders?

Who is responsible for land management to ensure that the crops grown benefit all Australians?

This government has been totally asleep at the wheel as regards the interests of the electorate.

Environment groups have to fight in the courts to ensure justice for communities while the government supports its corporate mates and donation roll into political coffers.

Extinction Rebellion groups are being formed all round the world. They have met with opposition because people object to being made to feel uncomfortable.

Well – believe me! We are going to be feeling a hell of a lot more uncomfortable if this government is allowed to go on its merry way, ignoring the need for, not just action, but seriously rapid and well-planned action in an increasingly limited time frame.

Did no one realise that the driest continent on earth, suffering prolonged drought, was going to run short of water for just staying alive? And to have water-bottling companies draining bores dry to make a profit from selling the water is just the cherry on the cake!

Throw in continuing drought and continuing fires and we are really up the creek!


Don’t suck it up!

Get out there and force action!

You have heard all this before. So why is nothing being done?

Where is the land of the Fair Go?

Or has it just been cremated?


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Perhaps he might fall down through his arsehole and break his effing neck…(Henry Lawson, thanks)

  2. Keith

    The matter I can’t get around is how Morrison attacked Police Commissioner Nixon; then, he did exactly what he had criticised Police Commissioner of. On coming back to Australia Morrison has stated that he will not change the LNP lack of policy on climate change. Internationally, at COP 25 Madrid the LNP policy was recognised as a sham. The LNP are in the vanguard of fanning climate change through exporting huge quantities of fossil fuels.

    A fire-fighter expresses his deep disdain for Morrison and the LNP:

  3. LambsFry Simplex.

    I believe his actually responsibility is to all Australians and the nurture of the bases material and ethical on which our civilisation has operated.

    Not vested interests, local and foreign, Not the monarchy, the tarnished shop front for the City of London and not extortionist gangsters who have taken over the once great nation across the Pacific.

  4. New England Cocky

    “Or the grieving widow with a young family whose partner died fighting the fires because he cared about his community.”

    Are you aware that the NSW Gladly-back-flip-I-can Lazy Nasty People misgovernment in their 2019 State Budget, cut about 75% of funding for RFS operations and refused to establish a government sponsored Workers Compensation Scheme for volunteer firefighters.

    When Hamish MacDonald RN Breakfast questioned the Premier about this she ran for cover and the revealing article provided by the local Labor MP was removed from the website of the Twin Towns Times

    Then to add insult to injury the RFS is actively discouraging volunteer fire fighters from seeking P3 respirators to use when fighting fires. Perhaps this RFS attitude is a consequence of Budget funding cuts.

    About 40 years ago, we lost a former Armidale RFS member when he serving with his local brigade in Sutherland Shire. The appliance was engulfed by a huge fire, killing all six (6) fire persons.

    The government was so concerned about preventing any payment of compensation that an organised political campaign was required to change their amoral decision.

    How many more homes and lives would have been lost during this 2019 fire season if all the RFS volunteers fire-persons declined to attend the call out???

  5. JudithW

    How dare the deputy PM, McCormack, tell protesters to do something useful like volunteer for meals on wheels. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities – in schools, hospitals, disability support, mental health, citizen science, animal welfare, Landcare, rubbish cleanup, aged care, community service, libraries, sporting clubs, court support, and families providing child care while sons and daughters return to the workplace. And now volunteer firefighters and untrained citizens doing their utmost to defend the country from the worst fires in living memory and still more providing backup.
    Who does the government support?

  6. Patagonian

    Is that supposed to be a look of contrition? He looks as if he’s constipated. Somebody get hold of those empathy training consultants – I want my money back.

  7. Patagonian

    Let’s face it, Manure McCormack wouldn’t work in an iron lung. Apart from delivering consistently appalling press conferences which for some reason he alone fails to realise how cringingly bad he is, his only claim to fame is awful Elvis impersonations. At least the appalling Beetrooter provided some entertainment when he had his regular brain-snaps. They could market Manure as a sleeping tablet. He would give Mogadon a run for its money.

  8. Patagonian

    “Which all require long-term planning and immediate attention!” Two problems right there. Firstly, Smoko has NO ability to plan and his massive ego precludes him engaging with those who do, including genuine experts, and secondly his has the attention span of an amoeba unless the issue is remaining in power. He will not be happy til we’re all card-carrying happy clappers.

  9. Shevill Mathers

    Covers the issues very well, and along the lines I have been pushing on various media/social networking sites. I agree with everything you say, what surprises me is the lack of support I get from my posts, but the continued support of Morrison and the LNP, and excuses for their behavior I read in reply. Perhaps many who are employed fear retribution if speaking out? The NSW Premier pulls down a perfectly usable sports stadium to re-build another at eye watering costs, instead of taking advice on climate change-ditto Morrison et al, and having a coordinated effort between Federal and State governments to mitigate some effects of climate change. We need water bombing aircraft/helicopters rather than sports stadiums. Stop this selling off of arable land and water supplies to foreign ownership-the same with other resources. Morrison does not have a leadership bone in his body, only self interest, profits for his mates, and attacks the messengers. Lives in a bubble, thinking his religious beliefs makes him a ‘good’ guy. That, along with family holidays-and he has had three this year, are of no interest -other than what the taxpayer pays for and expects in return. Leadership, honesty and good governance on issues that effect us all.

  10. DrakeN

    That’s the guts of it Rosemary.
    Now folks, when you engage with your families, friends and neighbours, just factor into your aweness that so very many of them are partly responsible for the make up of the present government.

  11. Igor Simonov

    I think it was a mistake from the start denying help from overseas, letting fires to burn out. These fires will put burden on Australia for many years forward leaving many people with respiratory conditions forever. Doing nothing leaving to the future what must be done now creates avalanche later.

  12. RosemaryJ36

    We are all talking.
    Now we need to act.
    I have my Extinction Rebellion t-shirt but alone I can make no impact!
    New Year’s Day we need to be out there demanding the government call an election!

  13. Joe Abby

    Rosemary you are absolutely correct these numnuts only care about their wealthy mates and the big corporates that control them yet so many Ozzies continue to believe their lies and that they too one day may rise to their wealth/status…guess what they don’t want us to… ever…
    these type of people want it all for themselves sadly greed continues to ruin it for us all

    I may be a bit of a conspiracy nut but it is uncanny how events led up to this and these fires in NSW potentially will indeed go along way to assist the new high-speed rail proposal?

  14. crypt0

    Well said, Rosemary J36, you’ve covered so much of what lies behind the demise of what was once the “land of the fair go”.
    “That is all hypocritical flim-flam” … no worries, that is the essence of the Prime Muppet.
    ScumMo said “I will burn for you” … Sadly it’s not him on fire , just the rest of Australia.

  15. Roswell

    Rosemary, your post is going gangbusters. Keep this up and we will all be inspired to march with you in the streets.

  16. paul walter

    No one could be this incompetent…more to this than meets the eye.

  17. RosemaryJ36

    Roswell – do we all have a date for New Year’s Day?
    I am not an early morning person but many will be sleeping in anyway – recovering.
    To be effective we need to hit the streets everywhere at the same moment in time, irrespective of time zone.
    Noon in the NT is 10.30 am in WA, 12.30 pm in Qld, 1.00 pm in SA and 1.30 pm in NSW, Vic and Tassie.
    What would be the most effective focal point in each centre as Parliaments are not sitting?
    Do we want to focus on politicians only or just get into town centres?
    I started with the NT because we are pretty much in the centre of a 3 hour time span.
    And perhaps it needs to become a recurring event because we will not change minds overnight and constant dripping and all that Jazz.
    We can advertise on social media.
    What do you think?
    New Year’s Resolution – We promise not to stop until the Coalition government goes!

  18. Zathras

    He probably thinks the fires are just a prelude to the glorious Apocalypse his religion craves and that he’s doing us a favor by getting us into practice.

    Nobody could be accidentally so inept not to see what’s been happening in this country and his deliberate inaction shows he either has a sinister strategy or no clue at all. From what he’s said and done since, he only flew back for the sake of his own PR needs.

    He’s taken about 42 days leave since becoming PM – almost the same number of days that Parliament has sat. At least Trump stays in the country when he goes golfing on the public purse.

    Even McCormack has publicly changed his mind about Climate Change and joined “the pure, enlightened and woke capital-city greenies” , although I suspect he was lying. Morrison won’t even do that.

    All that taxpayer-funded Empathy Training was wasted.

  19. Patagonian

    Yes, he should definitely resign, especially now this has been revealed:

    Apart from anything else, he has really let down the Liberal trolls who work so hard on his behalf on The Guardian and Fairfax below the line comments pages. They have been continuously spruiking the “States’ responsibility” line. I’m laughing my arse off right now thinking about all the fun I’m going to have ramming this latest revelation right up them.

  20. corvus boreus

    On water misappropriations.
    It is always worth remembering that beyond (and often before) the unsustainable water wants of inappropriate crops like flood-irrigated cotton and rice, the liquid of life is also being bulk-gulped and befouled by other profiting players.

    There is the usual suspect of mineral resource extraction, with coal mining (both conventional and un) being the obvious standout ( but other forms of mining (eg antimony) also helping contribute to the general drying and dying.

    Another too oft unsung hero is the commercial bottled water industry, whose inflexible quota demands are turning off the taps for some rural communities (

    Brand Scomo
    Ineptly enabling evil.

  21. Egalitarian

    We need a real leader like Greta Thunberg to come out here and look at all the damage.done.

  22. johno

    Mining water to put in a plastic bottle for us to drink and throw plastic bottle in the bin is NOT sustainable, and just to make this weirder, a litre of bottled water is more expensive than a litre of petrol, go figure.
    Well said Rosemary.

  23. Peter F

    There is a bore on land adjacent to mine in SE Qld. The landowner once supplied a local softdrinks manufacturer with ‘mineral water’.

    The arrangement ended when the drinks manufacturer found the landholder filling his water truck at the local council supply.

    The more things change……….

  24. paul walter

    Corvus, you are a genius. I hope ya have the best Xmas of all.

  25. corvus boreus

    paul walter,
    Thank you for the kind sentiments, although I think you might have mis-spelled ‘genus’.
    Sincerish blessings for the silliest of seasons, my multidenominational friend.

    Ps, In addition to being a genus, ‘corvus’ is also a constellation.

  26. Michael Taylor

    corvus, your comment about water theft reminded me of what my Indigenous professor told me at uni …

    Lord Vestey (I am fairly sure she said it was him) had twenty taps throughout the gardens of his pastoral station. Most stations in those days had an Indigenous community living on the station (it was their land, after all) and dear old Mr Vestey saw to it that they too could have water and even provided the community with a tap. One tap. One tap for a whole community, 20 for the garden.

    Generous prick.

  27. DrakeN

    Corvus boreus, there is no need to crow about your stellar connections 😉

  28. david1

    Despite the horrendous Coalition LNP Government, Seasons Greetings to you all from NZ

  29. John 2020

    I think Albanese is a wimp for indicating he will not politicise the Holiday in Hawaii meme.

    Politicise the F##K out of it!

    “I pledge that under my leadership I will remain at the helm whenever the nation is in crisis.

    Unlike the fake leader opposite we have now seen the true colours of.

    I will not abandon ship before the women and children, I will not take the lifeboat, I will stay on deck and go down with the ship or guide us into still waters and sustainable responsible government.

    When is the Member for Cook submitting his resignation?”

  30. Max Gross

    Australia needs an enema

  31. corvus boreus

    More water shenanigans;
    In south-central Qld, at the same time as the people of Warwick and Stanthorpe have been restricted to rations of 80L per day, and the necessity of importing of drinking water is expected within weeks, a Chinese-owned business operating in the area has been granted fresh licence to extract 96 million litres of potable water per year until 2111, with the intention of shipping this water off to the Gold Coast for bottling and profit sale.
    Meanwhile, in Canberra, inland water continues to be treated as an on-water matter.

  32. corvus boreus

    By the way, if you think that ‘Joyful views’ are being a bit selfish and greedy in taking 96,000,000L of freshwater per year for the bottled water market, here’s a sobering perspective;
    The Adani mining company has been granted licence to pump up to 12,500,000,000L (or 11 thousand litres per second) from the Suttor river (Burdekin catchment) in north-east Qld.
    Note that this enormous allocation was granted without the normal legal necessity of an EIS, based on the notion that the water was more likely to be used to wash coal and dampen dust than for any actual extraction.

  33. Terry Winters

    Wrong, all politicians and the governor general have sworn an oath of allegiance to “Queen of Australia”. Not the reigning monarch QE11 and her heirs. That is why the gg flew back to Australia straight after meeting with QE11, watch the swearing in ceremony at parliament house.

  34. Rosemary J36

    Terry Winters: I am open to correction.
    In good faith I quoted the oath given in the protocols for Parliament.

  35. James collins

    Ho ho hum effing boring ! Oz is burning because of mountains of fuel debris strewn throughout the Bush purely because the greens have silently infiltrated local councils and shut down sensible backburning to rid the bush of this debri ! Ask any Koori about their pattern burning which they have carried out for thousands of years reducing the ferocity of summer fires and in so protecting the animals which they relied upon for food etc . Next time council elections come around think of what I’ve stated , think of the poor buggers that have to pick up the pieces and struggle on . Think of the arrogant I know best manipulating Green Party bastards and vote them out . Please. .

  36. Jon Chesterson

    A Million reasons why Morrison must go –

    This wanker should be sacked, hung drawn and quartered for his arrogance, lies, inaction, gross national neglect, corruption, profiteering, praying, speaking in tongues, going on holiday while Australia was on fire, coming back and having the audacity, the indecency to pretend he cares or understands why people are angry; and still he walks away from ordinary Australians in distress, claiming he understands why they are angry. No he doesn’t understand at all and he never will. Too little too late is a tragic understatement, an anathema just like his false empathy, his narcissistic statements, where he claims he has personally experienced what Australians are currently going through. He lives in cuckoo land, an ivory tower of Liberal gold and slogans, he is a delusional arrogant god mongering snob who stoops at nothing to put everyone else around him down, just like he has consistently behaved in Parliament, waving around his lump of coal mocking everyone who argues we need policies for climate change. We need them now, we needed them yesterday, last year, two Liberal terms ago, while he was too busy asleep at the wheel mocking non-believers, condemning refugees, humanitarians and climate action advocates, and indeed the opposition.

    Are you happy with yourself now Morrison? Are you happy now with all the Australians who have become refugees in their own country? Do you want us to pat you on the back because you can announce every day to us what you are doing now on the ABC, which you you have done your level best to silence, quash, starve, diminish, dictate to, control and underfund along with the national fire fighting resources and infrastructure we should have had. You speak of drought, but what the f#ck have you ever done about it except preside over the biggest scandal of water management in Australia’s history, the demise of the Murray Darling.

    Scott Morrison you are a fake, a fraud, a first class wanker and we don’t want you. Resign or be sacked, we do not want to listen to your neoliberal propaganda, your narcissistic disingenuous overtures and we don’t want your prayers or to shake your hand. A million reasons why you must go, every Australian you have let down – and no we will never forgive you.

  37. Harry Lime

    JC ,ironic initials,Has the lock on the IPA troll cage been left open by the Nasty Liars Party?

  38. Jon Chesterson



    A Shorten Labor Government will boost Australia’s firefighting capabilities with a national fleet of aircraft and dedicated smokejumper units to keep Australians safe from bushfires.

    All Australians understand the devastating impact that bushfires have. Lives are lost, homes destroyed and communities shattered.

    Our firefighters and emergency services personnel are among the best in the world, and they do a tremendous job, often putting their own lives at risk. But they need more support from government.

    At the moment, Australia doesn’t have a government-owned fleet of water bombing aircraft – making us reliant on borrowing from private companies domestically and from overseas.

    The bushfire season in Australia is lengthening and already overlapping with the northern hemisphere, increasing the risk that we won’t be able to access the aircraft we need at times of peril.

    At the same time, the Federal Government’s contribution to the National Aerial Firefighting Centre has plummeted from 50 per cent of funding to just 23 per cent, reducing our overall firefighting capability.

    The Bureau of Meteorology has identified this summer as Australia’s hottest on record, which included devastating bushfires in Victoria and Tasmania. Now is the time to invest in giving our firefighters the resources they need to keep us all safe.

    Labor’s national firefighting package will deliver:

    $80 million to establish the National Aerial Bushfire Fighting Fleet of aircraft

    This fleet will provide standing aerial firefighting capacity that can be used on demand in emergencies.

    It will include retro-fitted Black Hawk helicopters as they are phased out from active use by the Australian Army and Erickson S-64 Air-crane helicopters (or ‘Elvis’ as they are commonly known) which has a 2,650 gallon tank capable of snorkelling or scooping fresh or salt water.

    It’s expected that the national fleet will include a standing capability of up to six Large or Very Large Air Tankers, and up to 12 heavy rotary wing helicopters.

    The benefits of aerial firefighting are clear. Aircrafts offer speed, access and observation advantages over ground crews. Containment is more effective and the final fire burned area minimised using aerial capability, thereby reducing demand on ground crews.

    Australia’s first ‘smokejumper’ units

    Smokejumpers are firefighters trained to be rapidly deployed by helicopters at remote fires during the short window during which those fires can be contained.

    Smokejumpers usually rappel from helicopters and use chain-saws, hoes and other dry firefighting tools to establish a containment perimeter around the fire. They then patrol the perimeter to ensure the fire does not jump containment lines while working with water-bombing aircraft to ensure the contained fire is fully extinguished.

    California and other US states currently have a number of smokejumper units which have proven successful.

    As part of the $80 million commitment to establish a fleet, Labor will work with the states and territories to establish smokejumper units across the country.

    $21 million for the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC)

    A Shorten Labor Government will stop the Federal Government’s reduction in funding for our firefighting capabilities by returning to a 50-50 funding split between the states and territories and the Commonwealth.

    Labor’s investment will ease the burden on state and territory governments, develop new national programs including a national risk management model, and national research and development programs including trials of new aircraft and night firefighting activities.

    Labor can pay for new firefighting aircraft the smokejumper units because we are making multinationals pay their fair share and closing tax loopholes for the top end of town.

  39. Jon Chesterson

    HARRY LIME – Not heard of article titles and headings? You should get out and read more instead of trolling. Your comment on my initials is gross, mockery and really quite insulting. Nobody lies more than the Liberals and it is all on public record!

  40. corvus boreus

    John Chesterton,
    (if I may) You are not the only person with the initials JC.
    James Collins, Jeremy Corbin and Jesus Christ share this trait
    Of those 3 names, one has dropped a comment on this thread (Friday night, just around midnight).
    It kinda reads like par-pickled talkback bray.

  41. Humfreyfish

    Fire fighting is a state responsibility
    Bushfires are vital for rejuvenation of our bush and fauna
    Bushfires were here before people
    If people didn’t live in the bush, volunteers wouldn’t have to put them out and risk their lives
    Stop interfering with nature and complaining about the outcome

  42. Roswell


    Excuse me if I find that comment insensitive.

  43. Herbie

    Jon Chesterson, I believe Harry Lime was likely referring to the other less famous JC (James Collins) who commented before you, with blinkered eyes to climate change and a blame the Greenies attitude; clearly a LNP troll.

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