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Some lingering doubts about the make-up artist incident

The story of Kevin Rudd’s alleged rudeness to Lily Fontana, his make-up artist for his second debate with Tony Abbott has had its day of glory on the front pages of the Murdoch media and presumably run its course, but no doubt tucked away for any mud throwing if and when useful for such. Within minutes of preparing the make-up to both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott for the debate, Ms Fontana took to Facebook with the suggestion that Kevin Rudd was rude to her.

I say alleged rudeness because I don’t believe the full story, but I’ll return to that shortly.

Just how feral were the Murdoch media about this incident? You can see for yourself from this Media Watch episode from 26 August which provides an excellent summary.

Now for my doubts about the validity of the incident.

There are a number of obvious questions that no-one, it seems, thought of asking. I’ll ask them.

Why would a political journalist, after a debate between the two men who aspire to lead this country after the forthcoming election race to the Facebook page of the make-up artist to see what she had to say? What an odd thing for a political journalist to do. One would have thought that a political journalist would be more interested in politics, especially the just completed Abbott/Rudd debate.

Isn’t it odd, too, that journalists in one state know the names of television make-up artists in another state? How likely is it that a Sydney journalist has appeared on Sky News in their Brisbane studio? I’m not saying it’s never happened, but it does seem odd.

How did the journalist know which Lily Fontana to find on Facebook? There are a number of them. The two political leaders of this country had just finished a debate yet one of the leading political journalists found time to ignore all that in preference to searching through all the Lily Fontanas on Facebook. Don’t you find that odd?

Why is it, that stories from a witness who disputes the claim has now been removed from media sites?

Why did Ms Fontana remove her entry from Facebook? Apparently she is embarrassed. Might I suggest disgusted? Disgusted at being manipulated by the media.

Was Ms Fontana complicit with the media? This is mere speculation but is it possible that this might be the case.

Lily Fontana, in my opinion, was made a media stooge. The media, in my opinion, set this up.


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  1. richo

    Had not thought of that but it makes sense. I had wondered if she was a LNP member or something like.

    Is it possible that it had been shared lots and that is how the journo came across it? Just don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist and all that 😉

  2. rossleighbrisbane

    Ok, but let’s look at the elephant in the room here. We have a person who is paid to put on make-up. Does she normally comment on her “clients”? One would think that this is potentially bad for business.
    Surely, if a makeup artist commented on Facebook about one of the guests in another situation – say Andrew Bolt – they’d be “counselled”.
    Do we have a stream of comments from her about other people she’s made up? Or was it just special this time?

  3. Steve Ackerman

    The fact that this was the most newsworthy takeout from this debate says a lot about the MSM and the dumbing down of political reporting in Australia. Definitely food for thought Michael, thanks.

  4. Margareta

    When it was brought to my attention what was happening I went and had a her fb page What I noticed was that Lily Fontana and her family like the Liberal party and they also like Tony Abbott
    Set up, Kevin was railroaded for sure

  5. richo

    Yep reckon your right. It really is sad isn’t it that that was the take out. The MSM is just pathetic

  6. Elizabeth

    You’re assuming the journo went looking for it. More likely one of the make-up artist’s FB friends is a LNP supporter and when they saw the post they snapped it and sent it to the media.

  7. Heather

    No doubt paid off. Hate to say this but the known weakness of women is high need for attention and greed. Fascism incites the negativity in others. Murdoch fascism and it is not surprising. Elizabeth kept him as little more in line when she was alive. Rest her poor soul with a son like that…she knew it too. Now Lawsie has gone Therese Rein for not being a Rudd. I thought she was great in how she coped with it. Smart lady! is Therese. Ugly to see Lawsie with his abject ownership of women showing. What monsters are going to come out of the woodwork with the role models of all these terrible people!

  8. Ricky Pann

    Most definitely a media deflection.. This whole campaign is totally frustrating.. Policy , costings please Tony?…quick look over there.. don’t ask there you go you’re being negative..Abbott is getting away with murder…

  9. Roswell

    It was a Gemma Jones article. Of course it was a beat up.

  10. rossleighbrisbane

    Hey, perhaps, Rudd didn’t say that the Makeup artist was “feisty” and that she had “sex appeal” because as we all know women like things like that! It gives them value.
    Rudd may have made her feel cheap by treating her as a professional.

  11. Fed up

    Of course it was a set up

  12. Patricia Ryan

    This is just another example of the smoke and mirrors and devious plots these policy poor miscreants engage in to try and crap all over decent people’s reputations.

  13. Ricky Pann

    Elizabeth.. trust me.. this was a setup from the start, totally orchestrated just like Abbotts responses to detail with rhetorical nonsense answers.. How are you gonna fund this? There you go slandering and spreading fear…Its like a bad soap opera.

  14. Umberto Ledfooti

    It has since been revealed that Prime Minister Rudd barely spoke to Fontana while she applied his make-up.

    He said the words “thank you”. And that was all. This was confirmed by others present while the make-up was being applied.

    What was “rude” – the fact that the Prime Minister simply didn’t engage in any idle banter with Poison Lilly? So it is now revealed.

    Kevin Rudd emerged victorious from the debate that night, too – and this was the Murdochracy’s attempt to taint it.

  15. Mieke Senior-Loncin

    … if anything … very unprofessional !!

  16. Brendan Lawrence

    It sounds like they wish to take attention away from the debate itself and distract readers/viewers with a non-story. I only hope that it did not succeed.

  17. Justme.

    Yes I would like to know what was it that Mr Rudd said in 2 minutes
    that was so so rude as to go on FB and say something. Has anyone asked her. Because what she has done is slander the Prime Minister of Australia by implying he is not a nice person.Which has benefited who???? Mr Abbott and the media. Very convenient. Also it just so happens that the few weeks before hand Mr Abbott had got himself in hot water and his character was not put in good light but really just fogged off as being a daggy dad. So Im thinking LNP had to do something to bring Mr Rudd down and get the focus off Mr Abbott. This stinks bad. It was nice to hear Mr Rudds wife today worried about her, Terese knows what its like to be attacked by the media and hopes she has support.

  18. Colin Thai

    How low can these people get, everyday there are more more and more silly set ups by this group of nobody’s , and they are getting away with it. Surely the majority of people can see thru these transparencies , We will have a lot more of this kind of thing to put up with IF that man gets in to Power, Murdoch and Abbotts team will smother us day in and day out with their propaganda, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ONE OR TWO JOURNALISTS in our press stand up to him, I know they would be fired but come on Honour is a great thing…….. Thanking you

  19. Truth Seeker

    Migs I agree with you that it is more than passing strange 😉 but then there are many things that are strange about this election, and as my wife said this morning, “I doubt we’ll see another election like this one!”

    Another thing that I find strange is that no-one has bothered to scrutinise Abbott’s claim that he wants to be known as the infrastructure PM?

    So I have looked into it in my latest post “Tony the infrastructure PM… WTF?” 😀

    Tony the infrastructure PM… WTF?

    Cheers 😀

  20. silkworm

    This was covered in Media Watch on Monday. What Umberto Ledfooti said above. Someone else was in that room and saw nothing happen. Lily Fontana made it all up. She is a Liberal stooge.

  21. Pam Rawlings

    I smelt a rat straight away and still believe it was a set up.

  22. JohnB

    Of course if the negative story was about Abbott, then it would be perfectly legitimate, eh?

  23. Oscar

    I really think these tactics will backfire.

  24. Jason

    you’re make up person paid to do a job, not a confidant, not a close friend, no different to going to the hair dresser & if the PM of the country came in for a hair cut just before a televised tense political debate & wanted to think through their strategy any right-minded person would understand.

    if this person worked for me she’d be fired, the customer is ALWAYS right & being preoccupied is not the same as being rude. .there were no swear words spoken – this women clearly did not understand the context of what was happening.. I suspect it was more me generation bird-brainedism in action – next!

  25. david

    Why was the unprofessional make up artist sacked?

  26. Wayne

    Before you doubt the validity of the claims you fist must look at form, Kevin Rudd has a history of bullying and belittling women, all you need to do is Google “Kevin Rudd Air Steward Tears” to see that, even his own party have acknowledged he is a Psychopath and not in a good way like Dexter. You see while Abbott is a little old fashioned when it comes to women that also flows on to the respect and courtesy he shows them.

  27. Wayne

    And to answer more of your silly questions, she is a make up artist, she may also do make up of other television reporters and news crew, if she works with them she may also be friends with them, if she is friends with them and this reporter is friends with those news crew or anyone else at the station her post is visible to them, it’s FACEBOOK stupid, pull your head out your arse, Dudd is a Dudd, he’s arrogant and he’s a narcissist and he is Psychotic, they are his own party’s descriptions of him he is not the smiling face you see on TV.

  28. iggy648

    And I still haven’t heard what she claimed he said or did that was rude. Or did I miss it? Surely some friendly Newscorp journalist could ask her? Haven’t they thought of this? Should this be called Lily-Gate, or Water-Lily?

  29. Wayne

    JASON, yet Abbott had time to talk to her, says a lot about the two men doesn’t it if one treats her as a personal slave not worthy of a hello.

  30. Wayne

    Oh that’s right, Rudds all for the workers isn’t he.

  31. richo

    Oh Wayne how very droll. Quite bizzarre for an LNP to try to claim moral high ground on this kind of issue. From Abbott we have had “Sex appeal” “A little body contact” “you must be the best looking apprentice” “does this guy ever shut up” and that is just in the last 3 weeks.

    Regardless of if Ms Fontana is a facebook friend the question is pertinent why would a credible journalist be checking their facebook feed whilst they are supposed to be covering a debate.

  32. patsy


  33. colin smith

    I wonder if this will even be seen but I think that the make up artist was p/d off that Kevin didn’t give her the courtesy of having great tits and a fantastic arse,like Terese Haddad, the Lib candidate for Wirraway. lAbbott said this in his informal interview with Mike Carlton in the’ Canberra Times’ 17th August

  34. Kaye Lee

    My guess is that Abbott did his usual icky flirting as he does around ALL females from what I can see, even down to schoolgirls posing for a photo. Have a look at the reaction from those kids when Abbott slimily says “Nothing wrong with a little body contact”. EEEWWWWWWWW. Same reaction he got from the female apprentice “You must be the favourite apprentice here” wink wink. Lily apparently enjoyed this attention whereas the majority of women react with a visceral, skin-crawling sleaze alert.

  35. Dan Rowden


    “Before you doubt the validity of the claims you fist must look at form”. I sincerely hope you don’t work in any profession remotely connected to the Law.

  36. Ralf Kluin

    Do I believe that the Daily Telegraph and any media publication owned and controlled by Mr Rupert Murdoch is honest and reliable? No, I do not! Do I purchase his media products? No, I do not!

  37. Vicki

    My first thoughts when I heard about this issue was how much was this make up artist paid for her comments. I then read further and found that Kevin Rudd (as much as I dislike the man) was not rude to said makeup artist but, because he was focused on the upcoming debate , simply did not engage her in conversation. There followed a quote by a witness that Kevin Rudd was not rude to the makeup artist at all. I think I read this account inThe Age (at the library).

  38. Roswell

    Friends tell me that Lily Fontana ‘Liked’ both Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party on her Facebook page. The conspiracy deepens.

  39. cassilva48

    How pathetic, that the best the Libs can come up with is this fallacious remark of a make-up artist, who wasn’t there to socialise but to do her job.

    I would like to bring up the issue of the AFT arresting 24 Asylum Seekers from Afghanistan who are out of detention and have been involved in the people smuggling of 300 boats, this year alone. So much for those wishing to give these poor people a second chance, but more importantly why was this not reported in Packers media outlets? I heard it on SBS World News.

    Any comments?

  40. Pioj

    ” You see while Abbott is a little old fashioned when it comes to women that also flows on to the respect and courtesy he shows them.”

    Like punching a wall withing an inch of a woman’s face to intimidate her and show how tough he is.

    Tony Abbott is a piece of shit. He’s worth less than the smelly stuff my dog leaves behind during his daily walks.

  41. Möbius Ecko

    So much for those wishing to give these poor people a second chance…

    So are you tarring all asylum seekers with the same brush? 24 arrested but no court case or hearing yet so all asylum seekers must not be given a second chance, they are all criminals.

    My second point on this is if any are found guilty, will you know if the draconian bridging visas had a role in them turning to criminality?

  42. Pioj

    “Oh my god! I feel so insulted! He was so rude…he didn’t even speak to me…didn’t even tell me I had sex appeal !! “

  43. cassilva48

    Oh please Mobius – stop being so naive. You do the math, 300 boats x 200 people. That’s almost a boat a day! They haven’t been in the country five minutes and already have the connections necessary to continue profiting from others wishing to come here. This says a lot about their real motives and aspirations. Why weren’t they dobbed in by fellow Afghanistani’s/Iraki’s that knew about this? Who knows if these people are being threatened? As far as I am concerned the only true refugees are those sitting in camps in Indonesia and Malaysia waiting for their turn. Do you really want an Immam on every street corner in Australia spruiking Sharia Law?

  44. richo

    What a crock of Shit cassilva48. And learn to spell you dickhead

  45. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry cassilva48 but I would level the naivety claim at you.

    A department spokeswoman said that ”a handful” – or five or less – had been charged with a crime. This equates to just 41.32 people per 100,000 people.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has not compiled national crime figures for the 2011-12 financial year because New South Wales declined to provide the rates of young offenders to the ABS.

    But in 2010-11, the last time it compiled national crime data, the ABS reported that police launched proceedings against 371,040 offenders, or 1896 people per 100,000 people.

    This is more than 45 times the number of proceedings lodged against asylum seekers on bridging visas in the community.

    Regular arrivals have a far higher crime rate than asylum seekers who come here by boat, and if you think about it that makes sense.

    I don’t know if this is the case as I can’t find anyone who has done research into it but I believe it could be the draconian Bridging Visas that are a factor in asylum seekers attempting to get money by other means, and smuggling is the only thing they know.

    The Bridging Visa is far worse than the TPV bought in by Howard and not only are the refugees in a limbo not being able to work or to get any money outside of the government pittance, that pittance is barely enough to feed them, as was reported by the media.

    So before we go tarring all of them with the same brush in gross generalisations it should behove us to look at the circumstances or at least wait until the hearing/court case. It may come to pass that only a handful of that 24 are guilty and even if they all are it doesn’t then follow that every asylum seeker is a criminal.

  46. cassilva48

    And these are the ones that were reported!

    Ya think
    Alarming number of ‘honour attacks’ in the UK as police reveal thousands were carried out last year
    Created 8:54 AM on 3rd December 2011
    68 View
    London sees the highest number of honour crimes, with West Midlands second
    Call for more support for victims as cases rise by more than 300 per cent in some areas
    Culprits hailed ‘heroes’ in the community for carrying out the attacks

    Victim: Banaz Mahmod left her violent husband to be with her boyfriend, but was killed by relatives in 2006
    Nearly 3,000 so-called honour attacks were recorded by police in Britain last year, new research has revealed.
    According to figures obtained by the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (Ikwro), at least 2,823 incidents of ‘honour-based’ violence took place, with the highest number recorded in London.
    The charity said the statistics fail to provide the full picture of the levels of ‘honour’ violence in the UK , but are the best national estimate so far.
    The data, taken from from 39 out of 52 UK forces, was released following a freedom of information request by Ikwro.
    In total, eight police forces recorded more than 100 so called honour-related attacks in 2010.
    The Metropolitan Police saw 495 incidents, with 378 reported in the West Midlands, 350 in West Yorkshire, 227 in Lancashire and 189 in Greater Manchester.
    Cleveland recorded 153, while Suffolk and Bedfordshire saw 118 and 117 respectively, according to the figures.
    Between the 12 forces able to provide figures from 2009, there was an overall 47 per cent rise in honour attack incidents.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  47. Möbius Ecko

    I don’t see what that has to do with 24 asylum seekers being arrest here and your intimations that all asylum seekers are criminals.

    Plus were those honour attacks carried out by immigrants or asylum seekers in the UK? What is the percentage of honour attacks as compared to other violent attacks in the UK?

    And for other violent crimes in the UK and indeed around the world, they are the ones that reported! The numbers of domestic violence incidents against women and children are far higher, so I don’t understand your highlighting of reported in this instance.

  48. cassilva48

    Richo, you need your eyes pried open. Muslims, be they, Shia or Sunni, will never abandon their sharia law,it would be like asking Christians to give up their ten commandments, although the latter is incomparably more moral.

    These girls that are being killed has occured 20 years after their parents arrived as immigrants to Britain. They attempted to assimilate and become part of the wider British community and for doing so, were brutally murdered. Unless Sharia law is abandoned in Australia, we will face the same problems, 20 years hence.

    It is better to be careful now, than sorry later.

  49. cassilva48

    Mobius, the attacks were carried out by Muslim families. Surely you are not blaming our government for not issuing these refugees work visas that has forced them into people smuggling? What will be next, drug importation? These people were released from the detention centre, on their word (honour?) and have flaunted our laws by themselves becoming people smugglers. We do not allow others entry into our country if they have a criminal record, now how are we supposed to know the good from the bad when they all lie about their origins? And as far as I can tell, this new wave are arriving and being housed without any government knowledge. Straight off the boats to a big Mac!

    Domestic violence undoubtedly precedes these honour killings, which like here, Police cannot act upon without evidence.

  50. kayelee1

    cassilva I deplore all violence but your fear of Sharia law taking over this country is unfounded. We have laws that prohibit violence and anyone found guilty will face the full force of OUR law. From what I remember Muslims make up 2% of our population. Many of them are fleeing exactly the sort of treatment to which you are referring. Demonising immigrants and their descendants on the basis of their religion is a VERY dangerous course to take and is not only against our constitution and our laws, it is denying people their human rights.

  51. sissy006

    The Media must have a very low opinion of us. Because the question they should be asking is: “How does a nobody like this make up artist” get this close to the first person of this country? Shouldn’t they have their own staff? What happened to safety? I doubt the President of the United States or the Chancellor of Germany gets manhandled by random TAFE diploma holders in makeup artistry. In fact… where is the proof? Plenty of camera phones around these days to capture these imaginary Rob Lowe moments. Anyone who follows the campaign trail, can pick the key elements in the opposition’s game is to destroy the opponent at all costs, and blame everything on Rudd. Economy down? Rudd! Global warming? Rudd! Murdoch’s coffee got cold? Rudd!

    This tactic has serious consequences by depressing the public psyche. Those who serve and protect should pay close attention to this, because the name of the game is Divide and Conquer. And so we get these rogue “make up artists” influencing the weakest and most susceptible minds in our society into paroxysms of hatred through this Women’s Day approach of journalism so common in our media. I believe Lilly Fontana, if that is her real name, would have made a police statement if this event was legitimate. That is proof, and proof is what is needed if you are committed to holding the highest office in this country accountable for what is essentially an accusation of assault. after all, if you are accusing someone of such an action, you need proof. Especially if you want to prime the rest of the army of “make up artist” out there, armed and ready to pounce with their poisonous face brushes ready to get to work on anyone they are instructed to insult.

  52. cassilva48

    Kayelee, with respect but I am sure this argument was given in Britain 20 years ago. For Muslims, Sharia law will always out-trump our justice system, hence why these perpetrators are considered heroes in their own community.

    IMO, Muslims are not fleeing Sharia Law, they are fleeing, depending on their home country, either Sunni or Shia majority rule. One thing they all agree on is Sharia Law.

    When One human right (the right to uphold Sharia Law – honour killings, etc etc under the banner of religion) conflicts with another’s human right (the right to personal safety, freedom and choice) who has the imperative? If we were all living in the Middle East, this would not even be an issue?

  53. doctorrob54

    More pathetic propaganda set up by MSM and Libturd spin doctors.Absolutely no truth
    in what is reported.

  54. kayelee1

    cassilva, I listened to a wonderful speech from an Imam who lived in Britain in a community where a few overzealous individuals tried to tell other locals they were not welcome on their turf. He explained to his congregation (apologies if that is the wrong term) that they were living in a predominantly non-Muslim society and that the laws of the land were paramount. He went on to say that Islam does NOT promote or condone violence towards people of different religion….quite the opposite in fact. Of course they would encourage others to join their faith, as does every religion. The fact that the media love to pick the negative stories gives a very distorted view which is poisoning people’s minds. Not all Muslims belong to Al Q’aeda, nor are they all terrorists or anymore violent or abusive than many other sections of our society. I would suggest that bikie gangs, pedophile Catholic priests, and drunken footballers have done or are doing way more damage to our society than our Muslim Australians.

  55. ningbojoe

    I couldn’t agree more with your conclusion. I believe that she was a LNP plant waiting for anything that could be portrayed as negative against the PM.

  56. silkworm

    I am not concerned with how Muslims treat people of other faiths. I am concerned with how they treat atheists.

  57. kayelee1

    did you watch the video silkworm?

  58. Wayne

    Dan Rowden

    That’s exactly what the law does, when a crime is committed the police identify possible suspects by looking at form. e.g there is a sexual assault so the police pull their sex offender register and look up the nature of the assault and compare it with previous histories. ARE YOU THAT DUMB to ignore Kevin’s FORM?

  59. Wayne

    The comment so SISSY006 says it all about you wack job Labor “conspiracy theorists”. Her comment

    “I believe Lilly Fontana, if that is her real name, would have made a police statement if this event was legitimate”

    Says I all really, why the F@&$ would she make a police statement stupid? What laws were broken, sorry Kevin Dudd being an asshole is not a crime. And people like sissy006 are allowed to vote, scary.

  60. Wayne

    Sissy006….what is scared is she is going to vote labor, I’m guessing she I as intelligent as the rest of you labor voters, file a police report really. I’m still laughing but on the inside I’m crying if this is the intelligence level of the average voter.

  61. Wayne

    And most of you complain of bias from Murdock media but are not complain the bias from the ABC, the journalists with the ABC won’t have a job if LNP privatise it as they should (governments should not be running TV stations) so it’s in their best interest to have a Dudd government.

  62. cornlegend

    you’ve done one thing for me this arvo.
    Entertain me with your rubbish.
    ABC, sex crimes, conspiracy theories

    “but are not complain the bias from the ABC, ”
    When ?
    Wayne, you might write drivel, but at least its more entertaining than most right wing nutters.

  63. richo

    I think Wayne’s lack of facility with the English language whilst accusing others of lack of education and intelligence is quite entertaining!

  64. Wayne

    Richo, good on you, if you can’t disprove the facts attack the grammar (I can’t be bothered with spell checks just for the simpleton Labor supporters) and you equate a spelling error with some assclown thinking being rude to someone is a serious criminal offence and the cops should be notified, pffft .Guess what grammar nazi, I also use abbreviations oh no I shouldn’t have said that now you won’t be able to sleep at night. If you leave your address I will send you $1 and you can go out and buy yourself a life.

  65. Michael Taylor

    This Wayne fellow gives me the impression he’s stark raving mad. Has he been bitten by something?

  66. Wayne

    Dudds latest lie, a $10 billion black hole on the Liberal policies costings, unfortunately that’s not supported by treasury but hey, why let facts get in the way of criticism, it’s only the dumb Labor faithful that are listening.

    K Dudd history :

    And you people can’t believed he was rude and arrogant to the make up artist OMG are you for real?

  67. cornlegend

    Hey dopey,
    read this
    Well, according to News Corp Australia’s own political correspondent, Malcolm Farr, that never happened. Almost as soon as the Tele stories were published he tweeted …

    The story of Rudd and the hairdryer in Afghanistan stays alive even though totally untrue. Denied by those there including journalists

    — Malcolm Farr, Twitter, 23rd August, 2013

    Damn, Ruperts News Corp said it, you have to accept it now Wayne.

  68. Bacchus

    Malcolm Farr, News Ltd journalist 23 Aug 2013:

    The story of Rudd and the hairdryer in Afghanistan stays alive even though totally untrue. Denied by those there including journalists

    Just because the incompetent “journalists” have no understanding of government processes, it doesn’t follow that Labor is at fault 🙄

  69. cornlegend

    I didn’t “believed” he was rude to the make up artist.
    He said “thank you”

    Pretty polite really
    When you are ready Wayne, lets talk about Ashbygate, Abbotts blunders etc.
    give me an hour to make a better list.

  70. Bacchus

    I found it on Twitter cornlegend 😀

    Sounds like the standard of Wayne’s contribution though 😉

  71. cornlegend

    He looks just like the bloke that worked on the Libs stall.
    pre polling today.
    The clown drove me mad for hours

  72. Wayne

    With the Hairdryer incident because a journalist didn’t see it then it appears it didn’t happen, I’m guessing that same journalist also dint see the Swans win last years Grand Final so it must not have happened. Funny how you clowns keep saying Abbott punched a wall near someone and it happened even though it wasn’t witnessed by a journalist. Oh poor Dudd couldn’t get a Hairdryer in a war zone, poor him.

    Kevin Rudd

    And you doubt the Hairdryer story, WHY?

  73. Wayne

    Kevin Rudd only likes simple sentences with no big words.

  74. Wayne

    Oh wait, that video is fake and was fabricated by LNP and Murdoch right?

  75. Wayne

    And perhaps the make up artist was involved too?

  76. kayelee1

    It’s interesting what Coalition voters base their votes on isn’t it. Really got a handle on the big issues. In the absence of any discussion of climate change, the economy, renewable energy, health, education, infrastructure and other such trivialities, let’s compare hairdryergates shall we.

    Get a girl pregnant, insist the baby be adopted and then leave the country. Kick in a door at uni. Punch the wall either side of a female opponent’s head. Enter a seminary where there were alleged rapes of novices. Give a glowing reference to a pedophile priest. Insult a dying man who is fighting for the rights of asbestos sufferers. Insult Aboriginal leaders who travelled for three days to get to Canberra. Stand in front of signs that call the PM a bitch, a witch and a liar. Stand by Mal Brough who has been identified in court as party to a conspiracy to destroy a man and bring down a government.

    You wanna talk form? I haven’t even scratched the surface.

  77. kayelee1

    The candidate’s got sex appeal, she’s not just a pretty face, the lone female apprentice must be the most popular, aborigines are adornments to our society, nothing wrong with a bit of body contact with young schoolgirls…oh but that’s right…he’s just a daggy netball dad and he couldn’t possibly be sexist or homophobic…after all he owns 4 women and is related to someone who’s gay.

  78. cornlegend

    give up !
    you are trying to talk common sense.
    Something the right wing nutters don’t comprehend.
    The level of response will be as previously.
    one line rants , all rubbish.
    His mum really must be embarrassed

  79. Pamela Rawlings

    Wayne how about the big lies from Abbott and co. The economy is in crisis. We have been hearing this big fat lie from them for months now. Trouble with this lie is that most economists say our economy is in great shape and we are the envy of the world the rest of the world agrees. It is obviously only the dumb liberal faithful that believe those lies. I would go as far as to hazard a guess that Libs black hole is a lot bigger than 10 billion otherwise why would they leave it right up to the news blackout. While we are at it they have crowed about labor making policy on the run regardless wether they have taken a year or two to plan and research, but I have to say the best policy on the run I have ever heard is the buy back the boats policy. That has had the world laughing and really made Indonesia angry. So quit while you think you are ahead because you are making an idiot of yourself.

  80. Wayne

    Kaylee1 do those scratches go as far as Craig Thomsom? Yes he is still the Labor Party favourite even getting their preferences next election, what about Labor Party behaviour in NSW? I can see jail time coming for them.
    Who says our economy is in good shape, we have historic high debt. Yes it is the envy of lots of countries but the the Philippines economy is the envy of Cambodia does that make the Philippines economy in good shape? We are currently paying interest of TEN BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR on our debt. We can’t get to see a doctor in country areas and Labor spend NINETY SIX BILLION DOLLARS on NBN so city folk can download their porn faster. We can’t even get Mobile Phone coverage in the country.
    Now we see Rudd getting caught out lying about a Liberal policy black hole, now we see Labor crying that LNP won’t reveal their policies or costing despite them saying it will be release next week. Why should the LNP release them just because Labor tell them?
    Rudd is a sad joke, god help Australia if we have him as PM for another 18 months.(18 months is a full term for a Labor leader isn’t it?) a vote for Labor is a vote for Shorten

    One day

    On the next day

    WHAT A JOKE OF A POLITICAL PARTY, and some dumb individuals will vote for them.

  81. Wayne

    Pamela, I suggest you watch them two videos to see lies, but it may be a Murdoch trick right?

  82. Wayne

    Cornlegend, do you think I should explain to Kaylee the joke Abbott was making at the Netball? Obviously she isn’t that bright so here I go…..Kaylee, CONTACT is a term often used in Netball when a player makes contact with the opposition, Abbott made a play on the words, get it? Way over your head I’m guessing.

  83. kayelee1

    cornie is right. You really are a sorry case Wayne.

    re Craig Thomson

    re our economy

    re our debt

    re the GFC

    re the truth according to Murdoch

    re the NBN

    and you DO realise I assume that the interest we pay on our debt is about 1 week’s revenue. Oh to be in that position.

  84. cornlegend

    Hey Dopey,
    Why was it, of all the questions posed to you, the best you could do was come up with the NETBALL one ?
    Now repeat this . Wayne.
    “For the sake of my parents, I should try not to look or act like a complete imbecile and moron”
    Was that Tones big joke ? ha ha
    I bet you crapped yourself laughing at that one eh dopey ?
    Slither under your rock, practice your lines, and see if you can truthfully answer some of the questions posed to you.
    I doubt it dopey.
    But we can live in hope 😀

  85. cornlegend

    Don’t confuse the fool.
    1 question at a time.
    Poor old Waynes single brain cell can’t handle complex issues

  86. cornlegend

    Hey Dopey,
    was that your video clip ?
    you never got back to me ?.

  87. kayelee1

    I played netball for 30 years Wayne. Perhaps I need to give you a lesson about what is sleazy. Have a look at the reaction from those girls, and the female apprentice, and Tony’s own daughter, and you will realise that women recognise sleaze when they see it. Tony was, as per usual, up fore the photo shoot which entailed them all crushing in together. To turn to the schoolgirl next to him and say with a smirk “Nothing wrong with a bit of body contact” was not actually discussing the rules. It was a totally sleazy inappropriate thing to say.

  88. cornlegend

    You need a lesson on facts, as taught to me, by my dear old dad.
    Fact 1
    Right wing nutters thrive on sleaze
    Fact 2.
    Common sense does not come naturally to nutters.
    Fact 3
    Dopey Wayne is all of the above 😀

  89. Wayne

    Ha ha ha Kaylee sole source is IndependentAustralia, a Labor publication where the “journalists” mix that job with their day jobs as cleaners and supermarket trolley collectors. Peter Wick isn’t biased in his Thomson piece is he, it’s not as if he isn’t a paid up member of the Labor Party and a failed candidate, oh wait he is. I’ve read the evidence brief and seen his credit card bills, it’s truly a disgraceful thing to blame the person that reported his fraud and not the person who committed the fraud. Is its Murdochs fault if he gets found guilty, it’s looking verylikely that he will.

    As for the netball photo, typical blind Labor idiot, look at the photos and you will see the girls all laughing as he jokes around with them. Again making body contact is a common sports phrase, they even have a netball team called Contax which is a name play on Contact. How dumb are you, seems that answer is very.

  90. kayelee1

    cornie my dear old dad taught me to have the courage to change what I can and the strength to endure what I can’t. I am currently in the former mode that with Wayne I concede I may have to take the latter approach.

  91. cornlegend

    Hey dopey.
    There is Laughter.
    There is giggles of embarrassment
    have another look dopey,
    You’ll find it’s the latter

  92. Wayne

    Cornlegend……so, I need, a lesson, on, facts, as tough, to you, by your, dear old, dad?

    Number 4 should be the over use of commas.

    I’m guessing Number 5 for you would be a comparison between the taste of you and the smell of your sister.

  93. cornlegend

    Another saying my old man used to say
    “you can’t belt brains into a pumpkin”
    obviously, he was wrong
    He never met Wayne.
    Wayne, dopey mate,
    I’ll explain that to you later.

  94. cornlegend


    I love comma’s.
    you have to try to use your brain Wayne.
    Hey that rhymed.

    Why didn’t you answer any questions,only comment about commas.
    “Richo, good on you, if you can’t disprove the facts attack the grammar (I can’t be bothered with spell checks just for the simpleton Labor supporters)”
    guess what
    I don’t get too concerned about dipstick dopes either

  95. cornlegend

    I just went back and checked my commas.
    It seems I only used them after the word Dopey.
    Thats quite appropriate 😀
    the answer to your Number 5 is sweet,.
    or it would be if I had a sister

  96. cornlegend

    You really are a boring shit.
    Don’t think I’ll waste any more time with you.
    I hope one day you find a friend.

  97. kayelee1

    As a woman, as the mother of a teenage daughter, as a teacher with decades of dealing with teenagers, as a worker in a homeless youth refuge, let me explain Wayne. Those girls were saying “I can’t believe he just said that”. Just like the sole female apprentice at the truck/bus building company. “You must be the most popular apprentice here”. Her reaction “Not really” turn back and walk away from the sleaze. Tell me what he meant by that comment. Is that some form of truck building rule or was he just saying you’re the only root on site?

  98. Wayne

    Kaylee, the fact that your a teacher says it all, I’m guessing you never really left school and ventured out into the real world, teachers are the dumbest people ive ever met because they have no life experience outside of school. As a teacher, tell me how hard it is to teach kids to finger paint?

  99. Pamela Rawlings

    I totally agree with you. You can not have a decent discussion with an idiot so I decided he was not worth bothering with. Way to stupid really I have far better things to do with my time.

  100. cornlegend

    Fair dinkum
    you are a waste of oxygen.
    If only you could she how stupid you portray yourself.
    That’s enough, I don’t want to encourage stupidity.

  101. kayelee1

    Nice try Wayne. I have worked from the age of 12. As a babysitter, shop assistant, health society clerk, waitress, bookmaker’s clerk, barmaid, factory production line worker, Mercedes Benz car deliverer (that was so cool driving a silver sports from Montreal to Quebec whilst on hols in Canada), teacher, dispensary assistant, private tutor, and a potload of volunteer work including chairperson of the management committee of a homeless youth refuge, treasurer for the school canteen, and meals on wheels driver.

    Having children I have also been involved in countless activities that don’t run unless people help, like nippers and little athletics and rugby,cricket and netball canteen, umpiring, uniform washing, etc etc duties.

    Before we had children I travelled the world with my now husband. We have been together for 37 years. I have a very close group of g/f’s that I went to school with who I go away with regularly.

    If I sound like I am trying to justify myself I am not. I have been blessed in my life. I have enjoyed the company and support of a large family and group of friends. I have experienced a great deal and seen so many things. But the greatest claim to fame I have is the man I married who has understood me and appreciated me and encouraged me and enabled me.

    I hope you can find the same joy in your life and that same encouragement to find out and fight for the truth.

  102. richo

    A s a fairly newie to these blogs I am learnig quickly the common theme of the LNP dickheads, it is much like their idols Abbot and Pyne, Spin a pile of shit try to discredit with bullshit, fear and lies and when questioned for the facts or evidence, avoid the question sling some more shit and abuse someone.

  103. Wayne

    KAYELEE1, I stand corrected on the school teacher thing, it appears you have never been able to even hold down a full time job. Nuff said.!

  104. Bacchus

    Be afraid Kaye Lee, be very afraid! You’ve come up against the ultimate keyboard warrior who has never achieved anything in his miserable life. 😉

  105. Roswell

    Wayne has us all worried. For him. 😉

  106. Roswell

    Richo, you learn quick.

  107. Wayne

    Roswell, your name and picture says it all, your a conspiracy theorist. How anyone can pay any attention to the backyard “journalists” is beyond me, people like this Michael Taylor an unemployed former public servant with basically 2 junk made up degrees that qualify him for a job in a fish and chip shop and he’s writing opinion pieces that the gullible are lapping up. Sad really.

  108. Jacqui Gilchrist

    Funny how the old saying “birds of a feather fly together” comes to mind…the obvious LNP supporters on this page are as full of ignorance and vitriol as their leader

  109. Terry2

    Re Ms Fontana: a couple of matters arise.
    Because a makeup artist, particularly in a TV studio, has close and intimate access to celebrities including politicians any breach of discretion or confidence could lead to serious legal ramifications for the employer. Hence, these service providers are required to sign confidentiality agreements and any breach of that agreement would virtually make them unemployable.
    I am assuming that Ms Fontana does not regularly revert to facebook to make comment about her customers and I find it strange that she would find it necessary to breach confidence on her brief encounter with Rudd which, evidently did not involve any conversation.

    Clearly, she will not work for TV stations in the future as they could not risk her going feral and involving them in defamation actions. So what was this all about; definitely needs some further investigation.

  110. Michael Taylor

    What are your qualifications, Wayne? For your information I did very well out of my degrees and had a long and successful career in the public service before retiring last year.

    Your comment, btw, was disgraceful and pathetic. I hope you’re not typical of the Liberal voter in this country.

  111. Wayne

    I have a Cert 4 in workplace training and assessment plus a cert 4 in transporting and distribution, I can get jobs in any capacity and the job title doesn’t have to begin with the name of a race nor be closed to people of different races.

  112. richo

    Wayne you hold Cert IV’s and you belittle people with long and distinguished careers and multiple Degrees. To borrow from the words of Jesus perhaps you need to remove the log from your own eye prior to the speck in others.

  113. Ricky Pann

    Cert 4? ..truck driver..Well theres theres an intellectual giant? Any capacity? Explains the comments from Waynes World.Poor wayne is jealous of people who are smarter. 🙂

  114. Michael Taylor

    Wayne, whilst its commendable that you have those Cert 4s, and I congratulate you for attaining them, they hardly give you the credentials to mock someone with an arts degree, an honour’s degree and a diploma. If you think my qualifications condemn me to working in a fish and chip shop, then perhaps I could be arrogant and suggest that you wouldn’t even get a job as a sanitary engineer.

    But I won’t. I happen to hold people with more respect than you do.

  115. Kaye Lee

    Wayne I get the feeling you have had a hard life. If that is the case I am sorry. Just to clear up any misconceptions you may have, the majority of the jobs I mentioned were part-time whilst I was studying or travelling. I was a full-time teacher for 20 years and I now own a business which employs 10 people. And you wouldn’t be one of them in ANY capacity sunshine.

  116. Carol Taylor

    So according to Wayne degrees including an Honours degree pertaining to studies in Aboriginal issues are just “junked up”. The term racist bogan comes to mind…

  117. Ricky Pann

    Seriously guys why bother Wayne is obviously and intellectual pygmy protagonist..look at his comments, not even worth wasting time on, the guy is obviously a moron, an inny in a dick swinging contest. ROLF cert 4’s piss funny. “compliance certificates” as opposed to qualifications. 🙂

  118. Wayne

    No Ricky Pann, I’m not a truck driver, I get paid a hell of a lot more than a truckie (150k+)

  119. Wayne

    Plus I can get a job anywhere in the world with my qualifications.

  120. Wayne

    Oh and Ricky Pann, my Cert 4 in Transport & Distribution is a qualification, and certainly would be impossible for you to get one.

  121. Michael Taylor

    Wayne, your comment regarding Indigenous people was racist and insulting to Indigenous people and has been deleted. Any such comments will meet the same fate.

  122. cassilva48

    Kaylee wrote: I listened to a wonderful speech from an Imam who lived in Britain in a community where a few overzealous individuals tried to tell other locals they were not welcome on their turf. He explained to his congregation (apologies if that is the wrong term) that they were living in a predominantly non-Muslim society and that the laws of the land were paramount. He went on to say that Islam does NOT promote or condone violence towards people of different religion….quite the opposite in fact. Of course they would encourage others to join their faith, as does every religion. The fact that the media love to pick the negative stories gives a very distorted view which is poisoning people’s minds. Not all Muslims belong to Al Q’aeda, nor are they all terrorists or anymore violent or abusive than many other sections of our society. I would suggest that bikie gangs, pedophile Catholic priests, and drunken footballers have done or are doing way more damage to our society than our Muslim Australians.

    With respect, but how can you believe that the Muslim faith is a religion of peace? They don’t attend the same Mosques. They call each other and those of other faiths, infidels and heretics? They hate the Kurds, the Kurds hate them. There have been over 100,000 deaths in Irak since we left, the Syrians are gassing their own? Egypt is now erupting. If the laws of the land are paramount then why is he even having to sermonise to them about it?

    Of course there are devoted non-violent Muslims but they should be enraged by what is happening in their own communities around the world, as some catholics are now doing regarding the paedophile monsters in our societies.

    I am broadcasting a view that I hope will one day end Sharia Law in the West and save these girls from the possibility of being a victim of this barbaric system.

  123. Bacchus

    The term racist bogan comes to mind…

    Perhaps just a lonely fellow with a huge inferiority complex Carol? Calling for our pity rather than our scorn 😉

  124. Bacchus

    cassilva48 ,

    Did you consider that religion may just be an excuse for centuries old tribal warfare in the Middle East?

  125. cassilva48

    Bacchus wrote: Did you consider that religion may just be an excuse for centuries old tribal warfare in the Middle East?

    Yes the problem goes all the way back to Muhammad, and if you want to take it further, back to Abraham and his two sons Ishmael and Jacob (was it Jacob or David-can’t remember). Religion is not the excuse it is the reason behind it.

  126. Bacchus

    No cassilva48, tribal warfare preceded Islam by centuries. War was a way of life. Religion is only a modern excuse for this tribal warfare…

    Since Arabia did not have a government, and since the Arabs were anarchists by instinct, they were locked up in ceaseless warfare. War was a permanent institution of the Arabian society. The desert could support only a limited number of people, and the state of inter-tribal war maintained a rigid control over the growth of population. But the Arabs themselves did not see war in this light. To them, war was a pastime or rather a dangerous sport, or a species of tribal drama, waged by professionals, according to old and gallant codes, while the “audience” cheered. Eternal peace held no appeal for them, and war provided an escape from drudgery and from the monotony of life in the desert. They, therefore, courted the excitement of the clash of arms. War gave them an opportunity to display their skills at archery, fencing and horsemanship, and also, in war, they could distinguish themselves by their heroism and at the same time win glory and honor for their tribes. In many cases, the Arabs fought for the sake of fighting, whether or not there was a cause belli.

  127. richo

    The sons of Abraham were Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac the son of Abraham’s wife Sarah and Ishamael of his concubine. It is true that the descendants of Isaac went on to form the nation of Israel which took possession of the promised land expanded under Joshua and consolidated and expanded through Kings David and Solomon.

    Ishmael is considered to be the father of the arab peoples I believe.

    I know something about this I have a degree in Theology. Happy to discuss but do not consider myself an expert just merely a fellow traveller.

    Wayne what makes you think the remuneration number equates to the importance of your job. Teachers are one of the most important professions there are yet are poorly paid. Politicians receive a very generous superannuation and benefits scheme yet their basic remuneration is not fantastic.

  128. Pioj

    Wayne the moron says, “Before you doubt the validity of the claims you first must look at form…”

    No you don’t. The validity of any claims relies on the evidence; any “form” can only be supportive, at best. The evidence is that he didn’t talk, but he did say thank you when it was finished. Wow! that’s REALLY rude.

    “…so, I need, a lesson, on, facts, as tough, to you, by your, dear old, dad?”

    Poor idiot is not even literate. How do you accidentally misspell “taught” and turn it into “tough”?

    “teachers are the dumbest people ive ever met because they have no life experience outside of school. As a teacher, tell me how hard it is to teach kids to finger paint?”

    So, going with “moronic” Wayne’s argument, you could also say that scientists, university professors…etc. _ anybody who has forged a career in academia is dumb, or at least dumber that someone with a couple of cert 4’s. I’m so glad this splendid LNP specimen has shared his brilliant insights. A fine example of an imbecile who’s jealous of people who are better educated than he is, and totally lacking the self-awareness which would alert him to the stupidity of his talking points.

    “it appears you have never been able to even hold down a full time job. Nuff said.!”

    When shown that his assumptions were wrong, he moves the goal-posts and changes the criteria for what he considers dumb; it’s no longer the lack of real world experience, it’s now whether one can hold a full time job. And he’s still wrong about his assumptions about Kaye Lee. So not only is this maggot stupid, he’s also intellectually dishonest. Yep, I’ll repeat, a beautiful LNP specimen.

    I’ts no wonder Wayne “the moron” is an Abbott supporter. These are the people who are least likely to think for themselves and are prime candidates for the Murdoch press brainwashing. See how he parrots the “Labor has lied about the $10 billion black hole”.

    Hot off the Murdoch press headlines, he and the other LNP sheep regurgitate it without even asking themselves where or what has been lied about, without even understanding what the definition of a lie is, just like they did when they were moronically repeating that Julia Gillard was a liar, or referring to her as “JULIAR”. Ask an LNP imbecile something as simple as what the difference is between a lie and a broken promise and watch them struggle.

    If they find it difficult to understand that concept, it’s no wonder I haven’t seen any LNP cretin articulate a cogent argument on such issues as the merits of Abbotts direct action CO2 reduction plan, or the threat that the concentration of media ownership in Murdoch’s hands poses to democracy (the push for regime change by Murdoch is now so overt, it’s an absolute joke) or anything related to global warming beyond repeating the dumb denialist memes.

    It’s a sobering thought that this country has been so dumbed down that unthinking zombies like Wayne “the moron” now form a majority.

  129. sissy006

    “Interesting to note the feral spin coming from our dear resident Liberal social engineers. It seems making accusations against a person’s character no longer requires proof, and those that ask it are dumb. Welcome to the Liberal Order.”

  130. sissy006

    “Interesting to note the feral spin coming from our dear resident Liberal social engineers. It seems making accusations against a person’s character no longer requires proof, and those that ask it are dumb. Welcome to the New Liberal Order.”

  131. Bill Morris

    Wayne is having you all on and successfully killed any discussion on the real topic. Suggest you delete Wayne and any reference to him. (including this one). And make it a policy.

  132. Michael Taylor

    Bill, I can’t do much until I’m at my computer but I’ll be putting Wayne in moderation. Meaning, all his comments will be screened prior to approval.

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