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So Now It’s Wrong To Be Racist, Eh?

Just a few short years ago, Attorney-General George Brandis assured us that people had a right to be bigots.

Of course, the whole free speech thing is a bit confusing because, while nearly everyone agrees that their personal free speech should not be curtailed, people aren’t so sure about other people’s. Just today I read about Dr Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University health expert and co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration challenging lockdowns complaining about vilification by colleagues and a “campaign” by US Health authorities to “discredit” his views. Ok, we generally agree that vilification of someone who disagrees with us is uncivilised… unless they deserve it. However, I was left wondering at what point, disagreement becomes a “campaign”. If the government puts out a warning that the magic, healing water I’m selling at $45 a bottle is simply tap water and not worth what I’m charging, is that a campaign? If they also point out that I have no medical qualifications is that “vilification”, or do they have to point out that I’m ripping people off before it fits that category?

Anyway, I was rather pleased to discover that a great many people seem to have shifted away from George’s position on bigotry. Apparently now it’s not ok, because I’ve been reading comments on social media about the protests and the burning of the flag, and many of those who once argued that they had a right to express a view and if people found it racist, well, it was their view and nobody could say anything because that would be stifling their free speech and their right to believe whatever they liked and attempts to correct them are just Marxist re-education.

Yes, people were saying that the protesters who burned the Australian flag should be jailed. When it was pointed out that there was no law against this, they argued that soldiers fought two World Wars under that flag for the freedom of Australians to jail whomsoever they liked. Of course, pointing out that Australian soldiers only started fighting under the current Australian flag after World War Two is just typical of the people trying to shut down their rights.

And, apparently, Lidia Thorpe should thrown out of the Parliament because well, she’s “racist” and we shouldn’t allow racists in Parliament unless they have red hair. Now, I’m not suggesting that there’s any racism involved here because it’s now wrong to be racist because some people are complaining about things that white people have done and that sort of racism just makes us all aware of how wrong it is!

Yes, free speech is definitely a cherished right but only if the person isn’t saying something that you disagree with.

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  1. Canguro

    Bill Hicks on flag burning…

    That flag burning thing, god did that bring up some retarded emotions… “The flag! The flag! They said we can burn the flag!”

    They didn’t say that, they said if a guy burns a flag he probably doesn’t have to go to jail…For a fucking year!

    ‘People going…’Hey buddy, let me tell you something… My daddy died for that flag!’ – Really? I bought mine, you know they sell them in K-mart, three bucks.

    “He died in the Korean war for that flag.” – Well what a coincidence! Mine was made in Korea.

    He didn’t die for a fucking flag, it’s just a piece of cloth, he died for what the flag represents, which is the Freedom To Burn The Fucking Flag!

    I don’t approve the flag-burning. I don’t wanna burn a flag, but if somebody wants to burn a flag, what business is it of mine? Is it my business if somebody wants to burn a flag? Is it? No, it’s not. Is it my business what other people read/watch on TV? NO, IT’S NOT! You see, when you talk these things out they come a little clearer, don’t they? They do.That’s called logic and it’ll help us all evolve and get on the fuckin’ spaceships and GET OUTTA HERE! Let’s go!

  2. Andy56

    Freedom of speech is a constant catch cry of those who give offence but cant take it. You want to say something offensive? Go right ahead, but i also support the other guy who wants to knock your head off. Because offense is verbal violence. Who is to separate mental anguish from physical anguish? A bullied person knows the suffering that involves. Freedom of speech sure, what ever you want but dont be surprised if there is retaliation. Unfortunately the law tends to protect those that have no ingrained sense of fairness, quoting the law to save their skin. You start a fight, dont be surprised that you end up with black eyes.
    And I get it, you cant legislate against stupidity. But why would you make it easy to be an idiot? the government controls the media, surely its not beyond their abilities to get a media watch dog happening with teeth? Dont give these people a forum.
    Freedom of speech apparently doesnt allow us to discuss, “lest we forget”. What that girl said made perfect sense to me, yet she was hounded. Double standards abound in the freedom mob.

  3. RoadKillCafe

    Fuck yeah, Canguro, let’s fucking go, dark side of the moon, though I think we are consigned here to experience the consequences of our destructive ways. Talk free speech to the Afghan children that work 12 hour days, talk free speech to the victims of war, of repression, of domestic abuse, tell the planet, tell nature, tell the fucking universe, yeah man, we got our free speech, got our colour tv, bigot, no mate, not me, but keep an eye on them colored folk down the street, fuck, she’s only a woman, what the fuck would she know, fucking kids, no respect, we fought wars for this free speech stuff, listen, I tell you what sort of free speech is acceptable . . .

    Well, that seems to me a pretty fucked up rant, but, hey, I’m a fucked up sort of a person. Free speech, eh.

  4. wam

    my page has a bigotry/free speech issue. Why ‘ian’ is hidden yet fagan and
    clarkson are named?

  5. LambsFry Simplex.

    An outcome of the year has been the racism has had several footy clubs (multiple codes)i n strife on and off the field and at last some of the connections with performance s issue has been fairly closely linked to racism and abuse involving top players at several clubs.

    No need to act like fuggs, footy administrations with 19th century social darwinist nonsenses should have headed off decades ago.

  6. Andy56

    Lambsfry, the footy field is a good example of the cross sections in our society. Going back a while i remember one coach imploring the boys to not play like girls. I cringed at this blatant bit of stereo typing, and he wasnt an idiot. A bit up himself for sure. lol. In this day and age, there is no excuse. If you’ve reached this high a level in the afl, there is no justification for this type of behaviour. but then i remember why my son never played afl, people had preconceived ideas of what real talent was and it had nothing to do with demonstrable talent. You had to be a certain size by a certain age. So was it rascist behaviour in the afl or just outright neanderthal thinking? You know there are people who attained high office who are dumb as fucks, Scott morrison and tony abbott are prime examples.

  7. Terence Mills

    This Hawthorne issue is really quite worrying from several perspectives and illustrates how these matters should not be handled.

    Hawthorn AFL club commissioned a review after former first nations Hawks star Cyril Rioli went public in April about alleged racist treatment at the club ; the review was conducted by former Richmond player Phil Egan and revealed some shocking allegations of racist behaviour and attitudes within the club and named certain former club officials.

    This review has not been released and remains confidential and those making these serious allegations have not been identified : according to the ABC the names of those making the allegations have been withheld for cultural and privacy reasons.

    What I find disturbing is that the names of those against whom the so far anonymous allegations have been made, former coach Alastair Clarkson and former assistant Chris Fagan, have been released and become part of a feeding frenzy in the media before the allegations have even been tested – both men are reported to be deeply distressed and have stood aside from their current coaching positions.

    AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has correctly noted that all parties are entitled to natural justice and procedural fairness : it’s a pity that our media doesn’t follow that approach.

  8. Phil Pryor

    Terence, has Mc Lachlan done what might have been done, or, covered up. ignored, hoped for it all to disappear? Quiet, tactical, diplomatic, non-intrusive investigation, by him, might have been corrective, enlightening, judicious, a warning.

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