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By Kerri

Around this time, last year, when Melbourne was heading into our longest lockdown, I posted a comment; “Not the worst, just the first.”

Last week Dr Norman Swan commented that Melbourne people are more compliant and more likely to follow rules and Sydney people are more complacent, and that is why Melbourne has been better at addressing outbreaks effectively than Sydney.

Read an article yesterday where the writer claimed that NSW is not as bad as everyone is saying! It is simply the old Melbourne vs Sydney rivalry. I didn’t read the last few paragraphs as I had picked the writer for a Sydneysider doing the usual “we are beyond reproach because we are Sydney and are so much better than the rest of Australia.”

Am currently watching a presser with Mark Mc Gowan where he was asked about lack of compliance in NSW and replied that he was horrified by the footage he had seen of beaches and outdoor venues in NSW, and that both Morrison and Berejiklian were basically begging people to be compliant. He also commented that it was not acceptable for any state or territory to let the virus rip then send their infected citizens off to infect other states and that we shouldn’t have to apply hard borders when other states were not being as careful. (Keeping in mind WA’s recent lockdown was from a resident who was infected in NSW.)

So it’s not just a “Melbourne/Sydney” thing! It may well be a LNP/ALP thing but Gold Standard Gladys, whilst being criticised less, is being criticised by more than just Melbourne residents.

It is definitely a political thing because the LNP could not resist painting Dan Andrews as the demon (Dictator Dan) in our first serious lockdown, both to bad mouth Andrews, who has an approval rating Morrison can only dream of, and to deflect blame from the federal authorities who were pretty much abdicating responsibility for anything COVID-19.

#Scottyfrommarketing, just as he did with his vaccine preference, put all his political eggs into the vaccination rollout, figuring it would be a good PR exercise and a sweet little vote-getter. He also figured it would be less work than controlling the virus spread and he would have time to watch the Sharkies or do more photo ops or announcements or maybe even slip off to another tropical island like he did with the bushfires!

From all eggs to eggs all over his face the Machiavellian Morrison just keeps digging and distracting and re-writing history.

I have taken to watching a YouTube channel where a group of highly-experienced body language experts discuss and analyse televised interviews. These guys do military interrogation training and tactics for public speaking so they are not simple daytime TV guests. One phrase that crops up regularly, because it happens regularly, is “chaff and re-direct.” This refers to bringing up useless, pointless narratives and information (chaff) to cloud the topic and send it off in a different direction (re-direct).

Morrison considers himself an expert on this tactic. That is one point on which I would like to agree with him, however, I suspect most Australians are now beginning to see through that play.

Smirkmo is renowned for his regular smirk which has sometimes been credited to “duper’s delight.” “Duper’s delight” is when a person feels they are getting away with their lies and getting one over their opponent.

IMHO Smirkmo suffers from “premature smirkulation” in that he smirks when he thinks he has said something that will fool his audience rather than when his audience shows signs of having been fooled by him.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists and Dan Andrews haters continue with their belief that Dan’s stair fall was a case of him being drunk! As my 27 year old said:

“I still don’t understand why it matters if he was drunk.

We are not in prohibition era America.

It is not a crime to get drunk and fall over hahaha!”

And as I keep saying when this is argued: He was on leave. He was not at work. If he did get drunk it is no-one’s business but his own.

Wishing that Andrews accident could be blamed on something scandalous and 1920s and nefarious or something more befitting our newest 2nd time ‘round deputy PM, does not do much to dent Andrews reputation other than with those who are already happy to swallow the “duper’s delight” the federal politician in chief is offering.

PS: Which is worse?

Getting drunk and falling down some stairs?

Or being perpetually drunk, being accused of groping women and having that complaint covered up by a mate with similar accusations?

Just saying? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  1. Phil Pryor

    That pustular, petty, political pervert B Joyce, the New England Groper, Gouger, Garrulous Goat, is our deputy P M anytime the head horror, Mr. X Crement goes off elsewhere, which the bludging coward does. What a black hole within a vacuum inside emptiness is this. Leadership? These are executive excremental excuses for leaders. Failure, divisiveness, diversions, difficulties, dillydallying dopiness…You could mould better leaders out of warm fresh droppings. They must GO.

  2. GL

    I know why we haven’t seen much of Smirkocchio lately, he’s got his maattee Scott Cam on 24 hour call to shave his and smooth his continually growing nose.

  3. Jacqueline Deacon

    Enjoyable article until it brought up Dan Andrews accident RUMOUR sent about by the opposition (egged on by Murdoch press of course) for political purposes. It’s not a laughing matter. Ambulance put out statement of the time and detail about the call. It was just after 7 am on the Monday, which was to be his first day back at work after a week’s holiday with his family.

  4. Jon Chesterson


    Morrison to the rescue in his beloved Liberal Sydney, NSW with a secret supply of extra slow rollout vaccines (not telling what, how, wherefrom or whereto) and special economic concessions (not brokered when other States needed them), and lollipop Berejiklian spitting chips at all of us today, predictably – Sound familiar?

    More Federal pork barrelling and lies to the State that shot itself in the foot or should I say Berejiklian, Minister Hazzard and NSW Health largely accomplished that in Metropolitan Sydney all on their own; and the rest of us in regional NSW and Australia wide will suffer!

    Didn’t believe in lockdowns, criticised every other Labor State ruthlessly like Morrison, delayed this lockdown, went soft on wealthy white shark infested Eastern suburbs and now thrown the police and mounted uniform on the streets of Southwest Sydney, blaming NESB communities for the current spread – WTF, where did this come from?

    Fucked up on the cruise ships, Sydney airport, hotel quarantine, international borders spreading Covid all over Australia last year and now just done it again aided and abetted by Morrison, and now he wants to play pork barrel again in Sydney.

    Liberals, local or national – Death sentence for the nation, the people, health, Australian economy, public and foreign affairs. Everything they touch turns to gunpowder and dust.

    …and don’t get me started on the $50 million Captain Cook monument, who brought this entitled and wealthy colonical Liberal tribe and disease to these shores or advanced vaccine supplies for wealthy Sydney boarding schools!

    Well done Berejiklian, well done Sydney and Liberals NSW, fab job!

    We really should find a better way,
    let’s vote Liberal again… yay!

    PS check out the colourful satirical cartoon – ‘After E Phillips Fox’ – Got to get a laugh in here somewhere to stay sane!

  5. Jon Chesterson

    ‘Smirkmo is renowned for his regular smirk which has sometimes been credited to “duper’s delight.” “Duper’s delight” is when a person feels they are getting away with their lies and getting one over their opponent’.

    ‘IMHO Smirkmo suffers from “premature smirkulation” in that he smirks when he thinks he has said something that will fool his audience rather than when his audience shows signs of having been fooled by him’.

    Berejiklian should try it some time instead of that lollipop face and attitude she keeps tendering, which is just as duplicitous and discombobulate, and now the beat up a suburb blame game.

    Meanwhile, let Lieutenant General John Frewen, the military war cabinet and Sydney NSW mounted police do their duty terrorising the non-white poorer suburbs.

    Smirkulation, the look of Liberal ideology, deception and entitlement – Keri I love this neologism as much as the article itself, for all its wit and truth.

  6. Attuross

    Why mention the event that did not happen, Dan was not drunk and did not drunkenly fall down the stairs.
    Even saying, “even if he was” just gives more ammunition to the rotten Liberals and their Murdoch maggots.

  7. Kerri

    I beg to differ!
    I think it is well worth it to point out that the pearl clutchers are clinging to outdated scandals to try to tear down a successful premier.
    I prefer to remind them of how puerile their gossip is.

  8. New England Cocky

    Now now Kerri you must realise that in New England our intrepid representative of the Nazional$ is recognised as knowing no better and only offending successful ladies of some character who understand the meaning of ”proper business conduct”.

    Too many Tamworth women support adultery and support Nazional$ because they know no difference politically. Why in many polling booths those ladies even allow their male partners and spouses to vote for them in absentia while the Booth Returning Officers are known to count wives when their husbands are present alone.

    But enough of the trials of inadequate representation for Australian voters because it is really a self-imposed injury in both feral and state politics.

    I stand with Dan … and Mark McGowan ….. and AP for being the best representatives of their respective state populations, dealing with the COVID pandemic in an open, direct and honest manner thus supporting our unsung COVID hero, Dr Norman Swan on ABC.

    The COVID-19 pandemic in Australia was released seemingly from the Ruby Princess allegedly because Scummo wanted to get members of the Hell$inger$ Choru$ of Greed & Paedophile Protection home for lunch before the return of COVID-19 tests.

    Since then, Scummo has leaned upon Auntie Gladys to the detriment of Australian voters in what appears to be a strategy to increase the number of infected victims.

    Maybe the conspiracy theorists are correct and Scummo is playing his part in insuring that COVID-19 infects the maximum number of Australian voters. Certainly the Scummo roll-out of vaccines would support that assertion. or is it just a measure of the inherent incompetence of the feral Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment?

  9. New England Cocky

    @Jon Chesterton: Ever since the doyen of conservative unthinking, the toilet trolling Alan Jones stirred up the Cronulla Race Riots in 2006 (?) there has been a move to excise the Cronulla Peninsular from NSW. Settled as a residential sprawl by families after WWII, it lacked sanitation until after a 1975 application to the WHO for financial assistance to install a sewage system.

    And these deficiencies in social structure are now seen in the inhabitants as represented by Scummo.

    Few brains, dedicated entitlement and xenophobia in case the ”foreigners” are found to be ”better” than the locals, these families lacked the financial resources to inhabit Point Piper, Vaucluse and other Eastern Suburbs waterfront real estate, settling for second best on the much less glamourous Georges River an hour or so by dedicated train line to the CBD.

    It does not matter how you dress up the COVID response matter with Rupert’s glad-handing and paltry excuses and untruths, SCUMMO HAS STUFFED UP … & SO HAS GLADBAGS!!

  10. Harry Lime

    Hi Cocky, can only agree,sometimes us cranky old bastards run out of the energy and will to maintain the rage against these blinkered half wits….but only temporarily.

  11. Consume Less

    ‘however, I suspect most Australians are now beginning to see through that play.’

    For christ’s sake, one can only hope so !!!

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