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This could have been a poem. But it is not.

I want to live down in the fucking dirt of truth and reality.

I want the truth of childhood sexual abuse exposed and explored and damned.

I want the red dirt of this land sifting between my toes. I want to start to feel again.

Fuck your Catholic abuse. Fuck you for squeezing down my life.

Fuck you for your nice public Catholic words and fuck you for the damage you do when you think that the public is not seeing what you really do behind the scenes to people like me.

I will not genuflect. I will not forelock tug. I will not bow to the likes of Coleridge and his ilk.

Fuck you for the sickness you still hold within your hearts.

It was a close run thing. I’m still here. I’m still alive. I survived. I can now say that I truly am a Survivor.

I’m still breathing. I feel. I see light ahead. I sense the meaning of the word freedom.

This could have been a poem. But it is not.

This is a fucking indictment of the lifelong effects felt by children when they are abused.


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  1. Vikingduk

    Ah, Keith, you never fail, tell it like it is, go hard or go the fuck home. You are one of few people I have any respect for, Keith, go well, you good man, may freedom give you the joy you so deserve. Good fortune, Keith, I always want to hear from you, hear news like this, that you are finding your way out. Well fucking done.

  2. John Hanna

    The RC church still pretends to be our moral guardian after it has proven time and again it is not worthy. I have read that catholicism is a cult and should be treated like any other cult. All religions need to lose their tax free status and operate like the businesses they really are.

  3. Kathryn

    The level of unspeakable depravity of child sexual and physical abuse by so many crawling predatory priests, nuns and lay people that operate within the heirarchy of the Catholic church (and many other religious denominations); the fact that this sick, twisted evil was and continues to be hidden under a cloak of nauseating bible-thumping hypocrisy and that so many of these abusing clerics did not face any consequence or were moved from parish to parish to continue preying on innocents; the fact that these crimes were the cause of SO MUCH rage, SO MUCH disillusionment, SO MUCH anguish – so often leading to suicide or the repetition of child abuse – and the fact that countless victims forever lost their faith and trust in their religion, shows just how malignant the lies and how unrepentant and how truly predatory so many religious cults (including the Catholic church) really is! One only has to look at the long, long list of criminal behaviour revealed on the site of BROKEN RITES to see just how many predators chose to hide behind a clerical collar! It makes sickening and sobering reading!

    What these monsters fail to realise is that child sexual assault is MURDER! It is the deliberate, planned, insidious and permanent MURDER OF A PERSON’S CHILDHOOD in the cruellest most destructive manner. Sexual assault of a child absolutely annihilates their feelings of self worth, completely destroys their trust, removes any feelings or delusions of safety or protection from children about adults who were placed in their lives to protect, educate or love them! The worst thing is that the hideous history of child abuse and the MURDER of their childhood went on and on and was ignored, overlooked and trivialised by leading members of the church right up to Bishops, Cardinals and even Popes!

    Keith Davis, your incredible bravery, your courage in speaking out and the fact that you are an amazing SURVIVOR of such unspeakable evil, makes YOU a hero! Stay strong, Keith – you are such a fine example to those victims out there who are still fighting their tragic battle in silence!

  4. Gangey1959

    The evil done through the centuries in the name of god by the catholic church is proof to me that there is no god, for if there was a god surely the evil would have never been perpetrated in the first place because it was and is so evil, and the churches tell us that god is good.
    Live strong, Keith.

  5. Canguro

    Good on you, Keith. Your anger is necessary and appropriate.

    The 2013 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse demonstrated just how off the scale the extent of adult abuse of children was (and still is) in this country, and of course we are only one of dozens of countries with similar tragic histories.

    I used to know a bloke who was a child born of a Catholic mother and a Protestant father. He was educated in Catholic schools on the northern beaches of Sydney. His parents divorced when he was a young kid around the age of six or seven. The nuns made an example of him… they would haul him out to the front of the classroom and tell the class that he was the spawn of the Devil. One old crone would stand him next to her as she read to the class and would belt him on his back for dramatic emphasis as she read.

    To say he grew up to be a seriously disturbed individual is understating massively.

    The Blue Knot Foundation estimates that perhaps 25% of adult Australians are survivors of early childhood abuse.

    One can only come to the conclusion that this is a very seriously disturbed society, but, again, we’re not carrying this predicament by ourselves… myriad societies also exhibit massive dysfunctionality. The human race is, by and large, seriously disturbed.

  6. Dr Stephen de Weger

    Please, Holiness! Try to understand.
    You sit here, an undisputed monarch in your own kingdom,
    supported by the loyalties of the faithful all around the world.
    I’ve just come from a battlefield where your ministers and your people,
    men and women,
    are down in the bloodied dust.
    Their stake is simple survival.

    (Morris West, 1998, p. 127).

  7. DrakeN

    Keep on keeping on, Keith.

    Canguro – “The nuns made an example of him… they would haul him out to the front of the classroom and tell the class that he was the spawn of the Devil.”
    I live with lady who has serious clinical anxiety over similar treatment when her father and mother separated when she was 7 years old.
    “Sisters of Mercy” I think they styled themselves.
    That was over 70 years go.

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