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Sky News Commentator Argues For Primary School Text With Underage Sex And Drugs!

No, I’m serious. Not only that, the play was written by someone who had homosexual tendencies! Honestly, do these people have no shame?

Ok, perhaps you’d better watch this if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

Kevin Twitter Sky

If you haven’t seen it and can’t be bothered watching it, basically Kevin Donnelly tells us that because of the LGTBI agenda primary schools can’t teach things like “Romeo and Juliet”… And his favourite, “Little Black Sambo”!

Now, Kevin tells us that he’s an educated man, so I suppose he’s well aware that there is evidence that some of Shakspeare’s love sonnets were written about a man. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that. Of course, why should it matter if I did…

Anyway. Kevin was responding to a call to study texts from a more diverse range of writers. Rather ironic then, that his support of Shakespeare, because he doesn’t like the LGTBI “agenda”, overlooks the fact that a modern Shakespeare may be exactly the sort of person that it was suggested we should study.

However, I’d like to interview Kevie just so I could ask the following questions:

  • Can you name a time when schools in Australia ever studied Shakespeare at the primary school level?
  • Do you think that texts which promote sex between thirteen-year-old girls and their boyfriends are appropriate?
  • Are you aware that Father Lawrence encourages Juliet to take a drug and this leads to her suicide? Do you support priests offering drugs to teenage girls?
  • Are you on Capulet’s side when threatens his daughter over her refusal to commit bigamy by marrying Paris?
  • Are you aware that Shakespeare is part of the LGTBI agenda given his sexual history and how many times people cross-dress in his plays? Is this appropriate for you to be pushing this agenda on the media?
  • What do you like about “Little Black Sambo”? Is it that Sambo is resourceful enough to climb a tree and let the tigers turn to butter or do you just have a thing for men with a dark complexion?
  • You wrote a book called “Dumbing Down”. Are you aware that “dumbing” is not a proper word?
  • Apart from you, is there any else in your organisation who agrees with you? (The answer is “No”, because his company consists of him alone)

I suspect that I have one or two other questions for him, but as I don’t have a “Hard Chat” segment like that Tom guy, I’ll never get the chance to ask them.

Still, I can’t help wondering why idiots like Kevin Donnelly are given air time when there are so many intelligent people who nobody ever asks to comment on anything. (All right, I did mean me, but I don’t just mean me. There’s a lot of people who are much, much more intelligent and knowledgable than I am and I have to search to find their ideas. Google: Rutger Bregman, Tim Dunlop, Michael Moore, Paul Krugman and Will Richardson just to get a few I’ve read in the past twenty-four hours! Why aren’t these people on our airways… That’s rhetorical, you don’t have to talk about Rupert and the whole corrupt system. Gees, I get it!)

Perhaps I should have just ignored my wife and offered to stand as a candidate for Clive Palmer’s party. She said it would be embarrassing.

She was probably right, but I do have to wonder if it’s not more embarrassing to listen to people in the media who just complain about things that never happened and get very angry about the fact that other people seem to think that they have a right to an opinion.


Take care. The world is making progress, even if seems like it’s going backwards every time you take an interest in the news.

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  1. pierre wilkinsonp

    and this is just the beginning

  2. Kerri

    Funny? I never thought of Little Black Sambo as high literature?

  3. Kaye Lee

    Donelly was chief of staff to Kevin Andrews in 2004.

  4. Matters Not

    With the demise of the Goss Labor Government and the rise of Rob Borbidge, a new Education Minister arrived on the scene. At that time, it was almost compulsory – across Australia – that a new (conservative) Education Minister would commission Donnelly (a former fish and chip proprietor – a sign of things to come) to provide tutelage and guidance – as well as the compulsory comedic relief which, by the way, came without additional charge.

    His recommended reforms sank without trace. Here, there and everywhere.

  5. Matters Not

    As an aside (but perhaps shouldn’t be) – in April 2005 Donnelly lost a son, in a hit and run. I genuinely felt sympathy then and now. As I (we) well know – it’s a very dark time.

  6. Matters Not

    Correction – date above wrong and on so many details. But not the sympathy bit.

  7. Zathras

    As usual from those zealots obsessed with persecution and martyrdom, the remark about banning “Romeo and Juliet” from the classroom is totally false.

    If he’s worried about moral corruption from books, someone should remind him that the same King James who commissioned the translation and editing of the popular Bible in 1604 (in a way that deliberately stressed the importance of authority over that of the individual) was certainly bisexual if not gay.

    I’m also from that generation who were read Little Black Sambo in Primary School and taught that the Australian Aborigines were “a dying race” that would soon disappear, yet there are many who would like to see a return to those good old days when people apparently had a higher sense of morality.

  8. New England Cocky

    Uhm … wasn’t Donnelly a refugee from the Catholic Child Minding Service masquerading as a recruitment centre for pedophile priests? HIs knowledge and “innovations” for education received underwhelming acceptance and as I remember it, sank without a trace soon after. He has recently been seen railing against reality in the MSM. A bit like a former drug dealer who became Director General for Education, don’t you think?

    His previous job with Kevin Andrews explains a lot …. another happy copper buggering Australia.

  9. Matters Not


    bit like a former drug dealer who became Director General for Education,

    No, no – big difference. Kevin has neither repented nor stopped. Michael Coutts-Trotter is now on the straight and narrow,

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