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Simple, simple words, simple, simple thoughts. My methodology of writing when angry

Before writing my next article, l thought l would share my writing technique with you. The one I use when I’m upset with my government and very angry, which is most of the time, and I want to write an angry piece about it, l write down succinct reminders about how l feel before the emotion leaves me.

After formulating a list of possible inclusions, l remind myself about what I’m trying to achieve. In this case, l am trying to tell the people of Australia that we have a gilt-edged moron as our Prime Minister. It is about a man who lacks the character necessary to be Prime Minister of Australia. (Notice the calmness with which I tell you this.) ln reality, he couldn’t make a decision to save himself. I have, of course, written about my disgust of this power-driven dictator previously, but this time I’m not holding back. The only natural ability he has is to lie better than anyone else.

Once l have settled on the direction or the points I’m trying to convey to the reader, it is my habit to stew over it for a while before letting my fingers loose.

Then I’m into it, checking links and facts as l go. I select any of my quotes that might be applicable. Some articles have a natural flow, and others one has to slave over. This one has a natural flow that comes from a broken political heart.

So, this is an example of how I begin. My list starts, just randomly jotting things down. Then l search for a title.

Humanitarian crisis without a humanitarian response. How can it be?

Just shut up, Scott; your lies betray you.

There is no news anymore, just COVID-19.

I will defend to the end my right to say I’m right all the time.

Time doesn’t diminish the crime.

Morrison has people coming by boat already. I have heard it all before, Scott. Please don’t take us through it all again.

Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Fleeing persecution. The weight of it. Returning to it. I have no words.

Women’s rights. The desires of many lives lost.

I try to explain man’s inhumanity to man, to a grandchild with tears in my eyes, not knowing if any understanding takes place.

Perhaps a greater understanding of what I am saying might be obtained by exercising a greater willingness to think more deeply.

Wash out your mouth, Scott. The lies betray your motives.

At 80, l have never been less proud of my nation.

Refugees are incarcerated for seven years without committing a crime. The politics of it shame me.

Shut the fu$k up, Scott. I detest you.

You bastard. You, John Howard and others helped make this incredible mess. You cannot just walk away and leave it so. You have a responsibility.

If Morrison is a Christian, then l have nothing more to add.

Political leaders of any quality have sound judgment, poise, dignity, grace, truth and compassion. Morrison has none.

You are not a leader’s arsehole.

Forgive me, father, for I know not what l do. My lying has become habitual. What should l do?

Niki Savva writes in The Australian (paywall) that:

“Anthony Albanese has to make Scott Morrison unacceptable and hope that by the election, there will be more voters not only happy he is not Shorten, but that he is not Morrison.”

On Facebook Julie Grint offers some inclusions to consider:

People who vote LNP are complicit and responsible for the incarceration of little Australian girls.

Inefficient NBN.

2020 Robodebt deaths.

COVID-19 deaths in federally-run aged care homes.

Cuts to Medicare.

Cashless debit card.

Missing bushfire donations. Check it out first.

JobKeeper sham of some businesses keeping money not used.

John Howard’s defence of himself.

The shortage of vaccines.

Roll-out of available vaccines.


Cartoon by Alan Moir (moir.com.au)


A decade in which our government decimated us not only economically but socially. Good job, guys.

No new purpose-built quarantine facilities.

Climate change deniers.

Fossil fuel advocates.

Rorts (think sport, carparks).

Cover-ups of alleged sexual abuse.

Inebriated politicians are not being criticized whilst in Parliament.

Elevation of possibly unfit members to positions of authority.

We were sending troops to conflict zones where we have justifiably no right to be.

The delays in the evacuation of support Afghan personnel to safety will sadly result in many unnecessary deaths.

Include more lies and spin to induce the uneducated and stupid to vote LNP.

The most incompetent PM Australia has ever had.

I’m sure there’ll be many more cuts to our services.

Sadly, the list grows daily.

Think about that, LNP voters. We have a racist, corrupt, duplicitous, mean-spirited and self-serving government who care nothing for you or anyone, yet you still vote for them!

As Melbourne and Sydney’s lockdowns continue, don’t forget to add in ALP (54%) increases lead over L-NP (46%).

So that is my methodology, folks. I use simple, simple words and simple, simple thoughts… even when I’m angry.

My thought for the day

We would be a much better society if we took the risk of thinking for ourselves unhindered by the unadulterated crap served up by the government, the media and self-interest groups.

Like what we do at The AIMN?

You’ll like it even more knowing that your donation will help us to keep up the good fight.

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  1. Kate

    Your “thought for the day” points to the road out. Drop out of the hive mind paradigm by switching off the idiot box as a source of info. The propagandists are oxygen-thieves and they do not have the public’s best interest in mind. Keep an eye on what they are saying, then roundly ignore it if it defies common sense. The PM is a useful idiot, he will be dropped the moment it suits the globalists. But as we all know, nature abhors a vacuum, he will be replaced by a samiant useful idiot. As far as getting angry at the PM, it’s a waste of energy. He is a product of his environment. You think you can change the environment that molded him? Strange question you might say, but the answer is ‘yes’, but there is a trick to it.

  2. New England Cocky

    A very restrained contribution highlighting the too many deficiencies in the present LIar from the Shire and his bellicose adulterous misogynist Beetrooter.


    You said all there is to be said. Such a sad indictment on the ‘uneducated and stupid’ Australian voters who are so ignorant and greedy, that they would continue to support and vote for this miserable bastard and his government of misfits, nincompoops and bastards, as bad as himself.

    And just for sake of fairness and equality, included in that congregation of bastards, is the premier of NSW, the bobbing head black eyed shagbag who has led NSW, and by extension, the rest of Australia into the direst of circumstances, from which we will emerge bruised battered and diminished.

  4. Keitha Granville

    Thanks JL. I am making it my mission to convert one LNP voter before the next election. If we all did it they’d be in!

  5. John Lord

    True Keitha.

    New England Cocky. A very restrained contribution. I shall try to do better next time.

  6. Ron Lee

    “We have a gilt-edged moron as our Prime Minister” Only his fellow morons do not recognize this fact. No need to say any more.

  7. wam

    Good warming read this saturday, lord. I wonder if your VFL experience included a game like last night? KISS has long been an unfulfilled ambition of mine but anger blinds common sense. Accepting your list has truths and is not mere bias, how could you simply miss the obvious? Roughly 80+% are rusted on conservatives or labor with 15% extremists. Leaving 5% floaters who, with the confused workers, decide the close elections. The rabbott, turnbull and scummo election wins depended on how many labor voters could be frightened into believing labor’s history, as told by the lnp, is true. Keating won by a cake which tricked those frightened by the media’s treatment of keating back to labor. Rudd, hawke and gough were charismatic and gillard, the best of them all, skilful. Albo has to be realistic and allay the fears, coming from the grass roots lies of the right, of the workers, pensioners and the unemployed without the help of the print media. Think of delta, albo, spread by face to face at bbqs, over coffee and parties, with controversy, by TV and go for the controversies of lnp cash wasting and scummo’s rorts.
    keitha you would do better assuring a frightened voter that labor is not as described by the lnp and rupert.
    loved the septic tv commentator who remembers looking for karl marx’s home in germany to find out why he wrote mein kampf?

  8. Jack sprat

    What gets me about morriscum is that self assured smirk of his . It’s the one that a self absorded con man get when the fools swallow the bs he spins .

  9. BB

    Aye Jack sprat.
    A smirk is not a friendly smile, it’s sarcastic and arrogant where Morrison fully intends to provoke and irritate you. I’m the PM. People like Morrison smirk because they don’t have a genuine personality but a superiority complex, they are narcissistic.
    A mental condition, an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships which they hide, and a real lack of empathy for others. They are superficial people. Up themselves! Best avoided. Best ignored, they can’t handle being ignored, they crave attention. Narcissists act superior to others, posture as beyond reproach, but underneath their grandiose exteriors lurk their deepest fears. They are flawed, illegitimate, ordinary.

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