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Silly Lefties Trying To Blame Smoke Around Sydney On The Bushfires!

There’s been a lot of smoke hysteria lately with people trying to push an agenda just because there’s a little bit of smoke in Sydney. It’s always been smoky in Sydney and before all those cigarette restrictions came in, we’d go days without seeing across the harbour. That’s why there are no photos of the Opera House in the 1950s, it was too smoky…

Ok, nobody’s actually trying to suggest that. In fact, the PM and the NSW Premier are trying really hard not to mention the fires at all… Possibly it’s because any mention of the fires begs the question, “Is today the day to talk about climate change, or will we have to wait till the all the fires are out?”

And when it comes to absurd, can we top the Deputy PM, Michael McWhathisname, telling us that the fires were caused by kids lighting fires… I trust that these were woke, inner city kids and not your wholesome country kids?

Well, yes, we can. We have Nationals leader-in-waiting, David Littleproud declaring that the ADF can’t help with the fires because that would put our national security at risk. I’m not sure how, and I guess he can’t tell us for the same national security concerns that won’t allow Jacqui “Deal or No Deal” Lambie to tell us why she voted the way she did, or the media to report about on water matters….

Actually, people laughed when the then Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, said that they wouldn’t be commenting about “on water” matters. Little did the realise that he’d eventually follow up with no comments about “on land” matters. What’s next?

Oh, of course: “We don’t comment about ‘on fire’ matters!”

While I’m always cynical about politicians and photo opportunities, I can’t help but notice the absence of ScoMoMo anywhere near anything burning or anything burnt. The nearest we saw was one photo of him hugging a distraught old man. Since then it’s all been photos of our Prime Ad Man staring at maps in a way that suggests that someone is keeping him up to date with the situation so that he knows where not go for drinks or polo games. Still, somebody should tell him that keeping his hands in his pockets suggests a level of inactivity that may be sending the wrong message about the goverment’s level of action. Of course when I say “wrong message” I mean the accurate one and not the one they wish to convey…

The big problem with all of this is trying to get everyone to understand subtext. Lots of people do understand that when a politician says that they love a sunburnt country, it’s not just a simple nationalistic echo of Dorothea Mackellar’s poem; they’re trying to suggest something far more sinister. And when one tells us that we’ve always had droughts and bushfires, well, yes, it’s true. But there’s a subtext there, which suggests that there’s nothing we can do about it.

Nobody says that we’ve always had car accidents after a road fatality because the subtext would be that they just don’t care about the pain and suffering caused. Similarly, nobody tries to argue that we shouldn’t do anything to reduce the number of accidents because it would have a devasting effect on the economy. Nobody asks us to consider all the poor tow-truck drivers, panel beaters, doctors, nurses, and trauma counsellors who could be thrown out of work by the elimination of traffic accidents.

Still congratulations to the Coalition for announcing an extra $11 million to help with whatever the firies need. $11 million! Wow. To put it in perspective it may not be as much as the $250 million Morrison spent on refitting his VIP jet, but it is more than Barnaby Joyce spent on travel as drought envoy. It’s about the cost to keep that Tamil family on Christmas Island.

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  1. Dave G.

    I speak without any legal knowledge but surely we are getting into the area of criminal neglect now.

  2. Phil Pryor

    The P M, a Patheitc Masturbator and self seducing ignorant, superstitious drenched fool, is a dud, a failure, a dunce, the pits, the poo, the pain, the reason why Australia now is hopelessly manged and very badly governed. One of these gods, was it from Beijing or Jerusalem, or Mecca, or Delhi, or Rome, or Wall st. told me Morrison is hopelessly wrong and can never get a personal appearance of his god from Cronulla to turn up at the High Court of Australia and face huge lists of charges. We all want proof! Truth!

  3. Kathryn

    Morrison’s unspeakably arrogant and steadfast REFUSAL to listen to the overwhelming majority of Australian taxpayers on ANY issue, his sneering scornful contempt of volunteer fire fighters who are RISKING THEIR LIVES in order to save the lives and property of so many Australians who are now at REAL RISK from a massive rise in increasingly dangerous fires to a level never before seen in this nation and his ongoing callous disregard for the health and well being of desperate, vulnerable asylum seekers (trying to escape torture, persecution and displacement from a war that Morrison’s mentor, the war criminal John Howard, helped to CREATE) – is BEYOND evil! MorriScum is a mad, bad and very dangerous Pentecostal bible thumping hypocrite whose lack of insight, blatant misogyny and increasing autocratic fascism is a cause for REAL CONCERN – Morrison (and his notorious predecessor, the knuckle dragging moron Tony Abbott) have taken Australia down an ignominious path of self-destruction and international condemnation!

    The level of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, rising rage and despair over the last seven years has now reached a stage where many Australians are DEMANDING the LNP’s instant dismissal. Sadly, the LNP-appointed governor general is missing in action – the governor general ONLY seems to pop up to administer pain and suffering on democratically elected Labor leaders, eh?

    Clearly, the only people benefiting from the LNP’s Trickle Down Economic Theory are the Top 1%. It has been evident for decades that the failed Trickle Down Economic Theory is the BIGGEST LIE ever pushed out by the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance and, in reality, is nothing more than government-sponsored theft from the poor- and middle-class Australian taxpayer whilst the Alliance then hand over mulit-million dollar tax rebates, and other big financial taxpayer-funded incentives, to their obscenely rich donors who are not paying ONE CENT in tax, importing cheap labour (with the permission of the LNP) and sending their ill-gotten profits overseas in the bargain!

    The ONLY people getting FAT on the LNP’s austere method of budgeting (aimed at the stagnating pay packets of ordinary Australians) are the very powerful and obscenely rich and, of course, the bloated, self-entitled politicians in the worst government in our history! Look at that bloated gut of the smug, elitist, climate-change-denying Morrison and ALL of it completely taxpayer funded!

  4. New England Cocky

    “[T]he NSW Premier [is] trying really hard not to mention the fires at all” because the 2019-2020 NSW Budget slashed 75% of the RFS operations funding representing about 100 firie positions or about 50 fire appliances.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY that same NSW Budget refused to government fund workers compensation for RFS volunteer personnel injured while fighting bushfires.

    Forward thinking by your favourite inept Lazy Nasty People NSW misgovernment.

    @Phil Pryor: As for Scummo keeping his hands in his pockets ….. I seem to recall as a child being told that was to ensure that the left hand did not cheat in the on-going game of pocket billiards …..

  5. Wobbley

    Its not climate change the government needs to worry about, it doesn’t exist, no, you poor scum who are heathons are the problem, Horriscum is just trying to be the best brain dead, fascist, boganistic, racist, bigoted, corrupted, classist, pig ugly anus that he can manage. He’s always the victim and you scum are just plain wrong. May I digress and comment on the abcipaninestokes tv, they did the papers editions for today, the Torygraph, the Melbourne hun, the unaustralian, the Adelaide arsehole, the West Australia stokes, the Courier fail, and, wait for it,………The Guardian Australia, get the picture? Apologies to Phil Pryor, I try but am not in the same class as you Phil, cheers.

  6. crypt0

    “keeping his hands in his pockets”
    They should have told him about that at Empathy classes …
    I think we’re due for a refund.

  7. LambsFry Simplex.

    Loved the caption.

    What an arsehole this PM is.

  8. Peeking Bottleneck

    Dave G.

    ‘Criminal neglect.’
    Yes, but – how can you charge 51% of the nation?

  9. Ian Joyner

    Two reasons why the government does not want to talk about climate change now.

    1) They know it will focus on their inability and even resistance to act.

    2) Like any subject when they say it is not time to talk, they know that the subject is uppermost in people’s minds while it is happening and people want to discuss it. In a week or so, enthusiasm wanes.

    Yes, these are both delaying tactics and we should not let them get away with it.

  10. Ian Joyner

    Scomo is out for a smoco.

  11. Geoff Andrews

    “The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and willfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge does not pander to your prejudices.”

  12. Matters Not

    Kathryn, why do you keep proposing a coup? The GG is missing in action because he has absolutely no role to play in the affairs of democratically elected governments apart from doing exactly what he/she is told to do.

    Remember John Kerr? His dismissal of the Whitlam government was wrong then and any removal of a current or future government would be equally unacceptable.

    How quickly they forget. Or is the Principle not easily understood?

  13. Uta Hannemann

    Now, isn’t Sydney rather smoke-free today?
    Doesn’t this show how the PM’s prayers are very effective?
    And wouldn’t he now wish that we forget about the smoke and
    not talk about it anymore?

  14. corvus boreus

    The GG and his missus were reported as recently spotted mingling with fire-impacted locals in the village of Nymboida.
    Apparently he (wearing obligatory starched moleskins and pristine Akubra) went round shaking grubby hands and being all genial blokey in an ex-military way, whilst his wife (resplendent in CWA pattern frock and sunhat) led a slightly desultory sing-a-long of ‘you are my sunshine’ (truly).
    Our queen was well represented.

  15. Matters Not

    Yes Hurley would be well qualified to lead a military coup. Nevertheless – the complete emptiness of it all. Time for a Republic.

  16. corvus boreus

    I don’t live in or near Sydney, and I think that hearing how awful the air conditions are there right now might make me feel sad or worried, so, taking our PM’s advice regarding all matters of climate and atmospheric science, I’m just not going to expose my inner child to this kind of upsetting information.
    Besides, up here where I am, for nearly 3 months the air’s been about as clean as that on the insides of a Russian jail cell.
    How good’s the new normal., ay?

    Ps, Have any of you seen how pretty some of the recent sunsets have been?

  17. TuffGuy

    I see he actually stood up today and gave an interview mentioning the words climate change a few times before rejecting (grounds unknown as he did not elaborate) experts from all over the world who are lambasting us for having the 3rd worst climate policies. They are not credible he says.

  18. Phil Pryor

    All power and strength and progress and energy to all fellow haters of filth, iniquity, criminality, lies, political perverts, liars and loudmouthed louts, lugs, leeches, lowminds, fascistromanistrightwingdictatorial turds and tossers, greedite grubs and media maggots.

  19. johno

    Phil, you and GG have a similar talent.

  20. Rossleigh

    Someone on Twitter quoted the PM as saying that Sydney used to be smoky in the past but a lot of people would be too young to remember, so I was wondering if reality is really copying fiction.

    Did anyone else hear it?

  21. Kaye Lee

    “We will continue to work to reduce our emissions, as we should,” he said from Melbourne on Thursday.

    “But what we cannot say, what no one can say, is those programs, of themselves, are in any way directly linked to any fire event. I know – because I’m a Sydneysider – and I know how unusual it is to see that haze across my city.

    “And I know how distressing that has been, particularly for young people, who wouldn’t have seen that before.

    “And so that is why I think it is important to have a sense of calm about these matters, and calm on the basis of information which says Australia is reducing our emissions, Australia is taking action, Australia is getting results. And it’s important that [at] a time like this of natural disasters, that Australians focus on coming together and not seeking to drive issues of conflict and issues that can separate Australians at a time when we all need each other.”


    Take a chill pill…go to the movies with a friend if you have one. Don’t you worry your little heads about that. Daddy is looking after you. It’s the Trump approach.

    I guess I should take heart in that, at age 62, I am still one of the young ones because I have NEVER seen anything like this before either.

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