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Seriously, why would you vote for Pauline Hanson?

“The problem with Hanson is that she moans about what she doesn’t like but never says much about anything else”, wrote Zathras.

Could she be summed up any better than that?

She certainly has a history.

When she burst back into the political scene at the last election – as it was in the late 1990s – she won ‘acclaim’ because “she’s not afraid to speak her mind” (or ‘moan’ as Zathras would say), or because “she speaks for me”, or this one: she “stirs things up“. I’ve heard those remarks on countless occasions.

Basically, it would seem, people like her because she speaks. Nothing else. Thousands of Australians voted for her for nothing else than she speaks. Wow, how good’s that? A person who practically holds the balance of power in the Senate is there because she talks. But that’s all she’s good at. She chatters away and sends the fact-checkers off into a frenzy (to ultimately discover that not only does she talk a lot, but she talks a lot of rubbish).

It’s not much of a credential.

Think about it. What solutions has she offered on the range of social or economic woes that recent governments have been incapable of addressing? The answer is simple: nothing. ‘Things’ social or economic are beyond her. Her response to any issue contains the same xenophobic rant, which might as well be “let these people in the country and they’ll take our jobs, get public housing, get the dole, wear clothing that offends me or pee in a hole in the ground”. Oh, what a deep reservoir of knowledge she is.

She gets the privilege of having her regular moan to the fawning media and then sits snugly and smugly in the Senate voting with the government more often than any other non-Coalition Senator. So much for speaking her mind, speaking for me, or stirring things up.

At the end of her political career, we can look back and ask, “What did she achieve?” Outside of Parliament, she will be remembered, primarily, as a loud-mouth who through her intolerance of cultural differences fostered fear and hate towards minority groups. And those people who were inspired to elect her into Parliament – hopeful that fear and hate could somehow be codified into our legislation – will have been disappointed as her only ‘achievements’ were to side with a government who had taken the baton to the nation’s underprivileged.

How can she be speaking for you when all she does is rubber stamp whatever the government proposes? How can she be stirring things up while she’s continually siding with the government? How can she be speaking her mind when inside the Senate she just nods in agreement to whatever the Government says?

Seriously, why would you want to vote for a person like that? Why would you want to vote for someone who says everything and does nothing?

Here’s something else to consider:

The Turnbull Government is confident of securing Pauline Hanson’s vote on key ­pieces of legislation after she indicated to senior ministers that she sees Labor as her “enemy”.

Isn’t the Coalition the “enemy” of Labor? What’s the point of an independent politician or a party who is simply going to put the wants of government ahead of his/her/their electorate or the people who voted for them because the opposition is the enemy? Surely as an independent, Pauline Hanson should be voting on legislation and amendments based on merit rather than on her hatred of Labor

So again I ask, “Why would you want to vote for Pauline Hanson?”

“Because she speaks for me”, you might say.

Fine. But here’s the truth of the matter … she’s certainly not speaking for you where it counts.

She has history on that, too.


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  1. Harquebus

    Just another politician who is not much different from the most of the rest.

  2. Rodney Scherer

    So what’s the solution? The article does exactly the same thing Moans! Now I’m moaning! perhaps we need a benevolent dictator! watch as we all rush in. Power corrupts! the blood rush’s to the head and all loose control. We need an analysis of where the democratic capitalist system is failing and fix it. We once had a thing called the Commonwealth but we have decided no one is responsible, that everything is measured by the fiscal calibrated ruler. Outsourcing and continual growth are the mantra instead of sustainability. What I want to see is the elected executive of the nation take responsibility for the decisions they make instead of deflecting to the “other side” stop the blame game. There is absolutely no reason for a party policy anymore. Research and analysis provides the roadmap or navigational chart to solving problems and implementing sound decisions. Thats how it is done! but we have this stupid mindless competition, political theatre which is promoted through the media. Its easy lazy content like reality TV!

  3. Michael Taylor

    The article does exactly the same thing Moans!

    Rodney, I was half tempted to point that out at the bottom of the article. That I was simply doing what she does. There is irony in it, isn’t there?

  4. Terry2

    One of the centre-pieces of the Hanson platform is opposing the sale of public assets and she uses Telstra and the Commonwealth Bank to illustrate her point : publicly owned, profit producing assets that we the people no longer own.

    That approach strikes a resonance with many in the community and I include myself in that group. In Queensland the sell off of publicly owned assets was the single most persuasive factor in the solid trouncing of the Newman government after just one term in office.

    You may remember that the Abbott federal government introduced a program of bribing states to sell off public assets with a $5 billion asset recycling initiative. It was cloaked in the weasel words of ‘asset recycling’ but was designed to encourage states to privatise publicly owned revenue earning assets, a key plank of conservatism.

    The asset recycling program has now been defunded and abandoned by the coalition in the MYEFO announced before Christmas.

    Hanson can now claim some credit for this policy reversal and the coalition can snuggle up closer to One Nation : an alliance in the making ?

  5. Kaye Lee

    None of us are in parliament so, whilst we can offer suggestions, until we stop electing people of the calibre of Ms Hanson, there is little more we can do than moan and hope voters get a lot more discerning.

  6. Rodney Scherer

    Michael! yes it struck me as being ironic! suppose I am being far to literal and serious. I’d like to see the discussion about new possibilities but I won’t hold my breath

  7. wam

    spot on terry 2 the nats are teetering and tottering hanson’s party will be the balance in qid.
    Moaning and poppy chopping is our culture. When we add racism and intolerance we have the finesse of our culture of men at the keg and women at the other side of the room.
    Hanson speaks for aussies and that is why she is heard.
    shame labor thinks we can mind read???

  8. Brian Branch

    Seriously, why would you vote for the ALP-LNP-Green rorting corrupt politicians? Corrupt rorting politicians from the main parties isn’t a new thing either. Look up Graham Richardson’s tax avoidance for example.

    I’m not a Hanson fan, but, if it’s only a choice between her and the proven corrupt rorting politicians from the main parties, she’ll have my vote.

  9. Catriona Thoolen

    It doesn’t matter to Hansen’s supporters if all she does is vote with the LNP. They don’t believe it. They listen to her on TV and radio and still think she is there for them.

    Not sure how anyone can get through to voters who, having voted for her, assume she is doing what they expected, even when she isn’t.

  10. Graeme Henchel

    She is just another politician using ignorance and fears
    To keep herself in the headlines for a few more years
    She’s changed her targets and honed her shtick
    Appealing it seems to the angry and thick

    Who is to blame for the reconstitution
    Of this populist shrew with no real solution
    Somehow I think it’s much more complex
    Than a simple appeal to some racist rednecks

    The fears that she taps are as old as mankind
    Held in the darkest recess of the mind
    Exploited by shysters for thousands of years
    To garner support from gullible ears

    Australia had come a very long way
    From the days when white racists held the sway
    From Menzies to Fraser and Whitlam to Keating
    Saw the country progress and the racists retreating

    When Howard was facing near certain dismissal
    He developed the art of the racist dogwhistle
    First there was Tampa and kids overboard
    Then 9/11 ensured that he scored

    Ever since then the cards been in play
    Assylum seekers, Asians, Muslims the prey
    An ugly, divisive, inhuman distraction
    Fuelled along by the media’s attraction

    And while this ugly game has been played
    The stupid emboldened the enlightened dismayed
    The rich have got richer the poor not a scrap
    Laying more fertile ground for her populist crap

    She’s in the game for the power and the money
    as cunning as a rat in an outside dunny
    Perhaps it’s a good thing she’s got enough rope
    To show us that hate can’t win over hope

  11. David Evans

    Commonwealth ICAC is urgently needed in Australia. And an inquiry into the electoral “system”, er, cistern.

  12. Alison Murray

    I’d like to share this, but first can you please fix the spelling error – “privilege” doesn’t have an A in it.

  13. Mia Maxwell

    I agree with your article but please spell check before publishing

    a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.
    “education is a right, not a privilege”
    synonyms: advantage, right, benefit, prerogative, entitlement, birthright, due; More
    grant a privilege or privileges to.
    “English inheritance law privileged the eldest son”

  14. Graeme Henchel

    @wam “Hanson speaks for Aussies”. She speaks for herself, she realised long ago that her racist shtick appealed to a certain section of the public and this section though small was enough to get her headlines and a ticket to the trough. Trump, Le Farge and others use the same vehicle. The reality is though they don’t give a “rats arse” about the people they allegedly speak for. There is no point ever in trying “educate” Hanson she can not afford to change her tune. Why would she it works for her.
    Over time her record of achieving absolutely nothing and essentially being a coalition stooge will be revealed.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Thanks for that. I’ve corrected the spelling error.

    WordPress spell-checker doesn’t work on an iPad, but nonetheless I should have been more careful.

  16. bobrafto

    On this lovely and uncaring day Michael comes along and unsettles my reverie with hanson bashing, i got a baseball bat for hanson as well but not to start the new year with.

    Well, that’s my moan.

  17. Leanne.

    I like her policy to get rid of Halal certification and make the people that want it pay for it……..
    But my votes went to the Greens, Labor and The Australian Sex Party……………………

  18. helvityni

    Why would you vote for Hanson?

    Once was bad enough, twice is double trouble…

    How was it possible for Abbott to be our PM is equally incomprehensible to me, who votes for Dutton, Ms Cash, Abetz….etc, etc….

  19. Steve Laing

    When interviewing Hanson I’d like journalists to start asking how she would put her thought bubbles into practice, not why. She will soon come unstuck and reveal herself as the vacuous whiner that she is. Sitting on the fence chucking rocks is easy. I want the person who can use the rocks to build stuff. Why aren’t we voting for people like them?

  20. eefteeuu

    Michael, I too agree with your “moan” re Hanson, and if I should be so bold as to offer her a piece of advice for one of her team, Senator Roberts. While he is correct in that plants need carbon dioxide to survive, too much will kill us humans off.
    If he does not believe this fact then he should stick his head in a barrel of carbon dioxide and see how long he lasts.

    He thinks that what humans and plants need for survival, the more you give them the better off they will be. Not true, e.g. drinking too much water will kill humans and over-watering will kill plants yet both cannot survive without it.

    Sen. Roberts no doubt will require empirical evidence before he accepts the above.

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all.

  21. darryl

    She listens to us the others dont give a shit how hard is that to understand.

  22. Ron Raw

    To the new year Grinch, Henchel, Great work , you are so typical , but just don’t get it. With comments like “Appealing it seems to the angry and thick” and the usual lame insults ” a simple appeal to some racist rednecks”, all this to kick off the new year. I will vote for Pauline Hanson, am neither angry or racist and certainly not thick enough to vote for either one of the elitist duopoly, or rabid greens, who have turned rogue. They no longer represent the people. So, why will we Vote for Pauline ?, seriously. You just don’t get it do you ! People have had a gutful of being denied the right to discuss the Ideology of terror without being called racist etc. War has been declared on the non-muslim world some 1400 years ago, and the best you lot can come up with is falsely label and insult your fellow Australians, and on New years day. Shame on you , and I would expect this post will not get by the media nazi. Yes I stand with One Nation and One Law, Australian law for all our people.

  23. townsvilleblog

    I am certainly not a Hanson fan, she lacks so much knowledge on vital issues and began her political life as a Liberal candidate, I do admire how she worked as a single mother to raise her children alone, but I can also see why her husband/boyfriend left her. She seems to be the Queen of the bogans, she needs a suite of policies that she does not have, yes, she’s a Aussie battler or was until she worked out how to make money from standing for election. Appearance is important for a politician and she’s beginning to look horrid without the hair dye and makeup.

    To me, and this is only a personal opinion she offers no solutions and seems to attack everyday Australians with malice in a bitter and twisted way she may have attacked her first husband all those years ago? In any case I’ve not heard her offer any solution to any of Australia’s many problems under the incompetence of the LNP regime, she is basically another Liberal vote in the Senate, not looking for the best outcome for the people who elected her.

  24. townsvilleblog

    darrly, which is precisely why I have advocated for many years that the ALP should be democratized and become a people’s party, to date no notice taken.

  25. Carol Taylor

    Rodney, I would say that no one in the msm is calling Hanson out. How many realise that she not speaking for the battler but voting for the top end of town? The msm is treating Hanson as a novelty item rather than calling her out for her lies and deceptions. When are they going to start treating her as less than amusing? Before reading this article I suspected that Hanson would support the government but I certainly didn’t realise that she was little more than a rubber stamp.

  26. townsvilleblog

    Leanne.January 1, 2017 at 11:59 am, I did likewise for different reasons.

  27. Karl Young

    Why would people vote for Pauline Hanson?

    Because they identify with her fear and prejudice.And her supporters would be sick of intellectuals making a mockery of her as you then make of mockery of them.

    Modern politics is black vrs white; Us vrs Them.

    Mob mentality is back in a big way.True intelligence is making your case to her supporters.Not running with same mob and thinking you are superior.

    Make 2017 the year you have conversation with the people you don’t usually have one with.

  28. Carol Taylor

    I suspect that quite a number of people who voted for Hanson either weren’t old enough to remember her previous efforts, or perhaps so old that they’d these people she was ‘that lady on Sunrise and Dancing With The Stars’…thank you msm for allowing Hanson to create a new persona.

  29. Michael Taylor

    Karl, I do have conversations with them. That’s why I wrote this:

    When she burst back into the political scene at the last election – as it was in the late 1990s – she won ‘acclaim’ because “she’s not afraid to speak her mind” (or ‘moan’ as Zathras would say), or because “she speaks for me”, or this one: she “stirs things up“. I’ve heard those remarks on countless occasions.

  30. Carol Taylor

    Karl, the way Hanson works is to firstly, identify “an enemy” always someone easily identifiable, someone you can point out on the street. Secondly, create a problem often based on urban myths. Thirdly, provide a simplistic solution. Often Hanson just runs with points 1 and 2.

    What is easier for the uneducated to run with – banning women wearing the burqa, running with the urban myth that halal food involves devil worship or trying to understand the complexities of our environment? The environment they cannot see while living in concrete suburbia, a woman in a burqa they can.

  31. Douglas Pye

    Two words come to mind ,,,,, sheer ” Frustration ” & ” Desperation ” …. in general ….. not confined to the political sphere !

    In fact politics simply provided a timely outlet in this instance. Now the msm will play this up to the max, for it’s distraction factor.

  32. helvityni

    Agree, Steve Laing, I too would prefer people who BUILD with rocks… 🙂

    Talk (moaning, when it comes Pauline) is cheap, and rock throwing is for naughty little kids…

    Sorry, but I can’t listen to her gravelly voice, it sounds she got little pieces of rock in her mouth…

  33. Karl Young

    Everyone is always someone’s puppet. Pauline Hanson is a victim as much as she is perpetrator.So who is pulling Pauline’s strings at the moment? One; James Ashby. A flawed manipulating bullshit artist of the highest order.

    Now if Pauline had a Tony Windsor advising her. She may do some good. Pauline is your average person. Like it or not.

  34. Devo

    Michael Taylor , here’s an idea for you since you like commentating on political facts and figures to impress the masses , dig into political rorts that are being perpetrated by all of our political friends .
    Why does their Super/pension fund sit under a different law ? How come they can contribute more per year than us feeble minded taxpayers ( they do it via salary sacrifice because they can ) . That’s just one law they introduced in 2004 , knock yourself out looking for the rest , I await your informative columns on this subject .

  35. Deanna Jones

    She is a mouthpiece for the hate and prejudice that white australia was founded upon. Occam’s Razor.

    It’s refreshing to read some critical discussion about a female politician, that doesn’t get too caught up with what she looks like, what she wears etc. Only one comment here complaining about her looks.

    Thanks for this, Michael.

  36. Michelle Broadbridge

    She will be next Priminister. Least she has some balls and speaks her mind, you have not made one good argument against her. Look at other places she is extremely well supported, Priminister Pauline. All the way.

  37. Mary

    No matter what she says in public, all her votes are with the LNP. It should be mandatory for all media to report who votes for what bills. When you tell a Hanson supporter that she voted for changes to the dole and the pension, they just don’t believe you because “that’s not what she says she stands for”. Oh for a population that was willing to educate themselves on who takes what stand.

  38. The AIM Network

    To Devo, perhaps you could write an article for us. We await your informative column.

  39. Kaye Lee


    For Pauline to become PM, One Nation would have to win 76 seats in the House of Representatives. As they currently have none, I find your prediction about as informed as the crap Pauline comes out with. And therein lies the problem. Hanson supporters aren’t interested in facts and seem to have no clue at all about our constitution or how our parliament works. They just accept the bullshit she spouts. Saying something stridently doesn’t make it true.

  40. Jan

    Michelle Broadbridge: You are wrong. She speaks about what others have have on their mind’s.She has no original thoughts of her own. She knows not; her own mind. Sadly. And these balls you speak of; she hasn’t these either.

  41. Kaye Lee

    As for arguments against her,….

    “We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims,”

    False. They make up 2.2% of the population

    “Indiscriminate immigration and aggressive multiculturalism have caused crime to escalate ”

    False. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology there has been no noticeable increase in overall crime rates.

    “The Grand Mufti and other Muslim leaders are deafening with their silence, or lack of sympathy.”


    “Their tolerance to our customs has seen Christmas carols no longer sung at some schools.”

    False. Christmas carols are specifically mentioned as being appropriate in the school curriculum.

    “Drivers licences are obtained by Muslim women wearing the burqa and niqab”

    False. In NSW, the requirements state: “Head coverings worn for religious reasons may be worn, but must be adjusted so that your whole face is visible, from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead, and both edges of your face.”

    “Muslims want to see sharia law introduced in Australia.”

    False. Sharia law explicitly states that Muslims are obligated to “abide by the law of the land.”

    “Children are used as pawns in custody battles where women make frivolous claims and believe they have the sole right to the children.”

    False. There is currently no Australian or international research to support the assertion that women routinely make false claims in Family Court proceedings.

    “There is no empirical evidence to suggest that humans are causing global warming”

    False. There is a mountain of evidence which has been provided to ON who seem unwilling or unable to process it.

    This list could be much much longer (Islam is not a religion, halal certification funds terrorism etc etc) but I am bored with reading her tripe.

    I guess it takes “balls” to tell such bullshit with a straight face – either balls or no brain.

  42. Nick Heidl

    The problem with the author of the article is he is lazy and incompetent. Some aspects of Pauline Hanson’s political views don’t correlate with mine but at least I would bother to check some policy facts before I wrote a critique on any individual. Michael Taylor hasn’t done that and the article is clearly a rant. To say he has done what Pauline is doing just makes the article a waste of everyone’s time including his own. Where are your political policies Michael? None? Thought as much.

  43. Jexpat

    Without extensive, wall to wall media coverage (and social media coverage generated thereby) she’d be little more than a crazy carnival barker on the corner.

  44. Carol Taylor

    Kaye Lee, oh no not the Pauline for PM thing..again. Sadly the Hansonites are so ignorant that they think that the Australian political system is the same as the American and that Hanson can just be “elected”.

    One thing that Hanson keeps extremely quiet about is that her major backers are a “men’s rights” group who believe that victims of domestic violence “brought it on themselves”, want the Family Court abandoned and replaced with a court system which gives advantage to those who can afford the most expensive lawyer, that rape is nonexistent and that women routinely engage in “paternity fraud”. You’ll see Hanson make an occasional anti-woman statement just to keep her team onside but I suspect if her supporters found out who the extremists are who support her and who would see them disadvantaged then they would feel dudded about Hanson not being who she lead them to believe she is. Instead let’s blame the Muslims.

  45. Carol Taylor

    One trouble with Hanson (and there are many) is that she is oblivious to or doesn’t care about consequences. How for example would you ban the burqa? Make a law that x portion of a woman’s face be visible at all times? That women must show x portion of their bodies? And what about Indian Hindu ladies and orthodox Christian nuns? Do they have to comply as well? Plus Muslim men wear beards. Do not beards also cover a good part of the face? So perhaps we should ban beards as well. Or is that just beards on Muslim men? And does that include footballers and cricketers?

  46. Michael Taylor

    Nick, I clicked on your link and randomly selected one of her policies (Multculturalism). This was the first part:

    Multiculturalism has failed everywhere. It is negative and divisive, a weight that is drowning our once safe and cohesive society.

    That was enough for me.

    Funny that you don’t like me having a rant, yet it’s OK for Pauline Hanson to rant.

  47. Carol Taylor

    Michael, and what does Pauline intend to do about multiculturalism..send all “breeds” back to where their parents or grandparents came from? As this seems a little impractical given the number of Australians who have at least one parent or grandparent born overseas, perhaps she would like to create ghettos thereby isolating the racially “impure” from Real Australians..the ones of Anglo ancestry only, pure of blood, white of skin and who speak only English at home.

  48. Roswell

    Nick must be the only person who knows anything PHON’s policies. Like the author – and most other people – all I hear from Hanson are moans. She’s too busy promoting her hate.

  49. corvus boreus

    This politician wants to waste millions of dollars in public money on conducting a pogrom against the Bureau of Meteorology, mainly because their (fully transparent and accountable) scientific records indicate that the weather is generally getting warmer, thus conflicting with her own opinion.
    She may ‘speak her mind’, but when she does, she usually shows it to be very small and ill-informed thing.

  50. Michael Taylor

    I don’t think it’d be a good idea if she promoted her policies, from what I’ve seen.

  51. Steve Laing -

    Thanks for the link Nick Heidi. I found this statement that for me reveals One Nation as the charlatans they are – I suspect it was written by Mr Roberts who I believe thinks he is a scientist, but he certainly isn’t.

    “Remove from the education system the teaching of a biased and one-sided view of climate science. Teaching of climate science will begin in secondary school and will be based on the scientific method of scepticism until proven.”

    Any scientist can tell you that there is no such thing in science as “proven”. Science never proves anything. All it can do is disprove. A scientific theory is NOT an intractable truth. It is simply the most likely answer to a problem based on the evidence collected thus far, has not been disproven (yet), has been scrupulously peer reviewed (by other similarly learned scientists) and widely accepted within the scientific community. Such theories includes the theory of gravity, thermodynamics, evolution, relativity, you name it – none of these are conclusively proven. As such climate change theory, being accepted by the vast majority of scientists who work in climate and environmental is as good as it gets, so not teaching it in schools is no different to teaching Intelligent Design or Creationism or indeed Climate Change Denialism in science classes.

    And for me it really is as simple as that. Climate change denial is up there with holocaust denial. Anyone who supports or propagates such dangerous bullshit simply undermines any other ideas that they have as being based on opinion, and not on evidence or facts. Apparently the Great Barrier Reef is healthy, if you go to the areas that have not shown any bleaching, just as a person with lung cancer can be declared healthy if you only inspect their teeth.

  52. Michael Taylor

    I don’t know why she bothers with policies anyway. She votes with the government on most things. Might as well just adopt their policies.

  53. Harquebus

    Kaye Lee
    I read this some time ago.

    “Islam is not just a religion, nor is it just a twisted medieval death cult. In its fullest form, it is a complete and total, 100% system of life. However, if any more than 2% of a nations population is Muslim, then that will be enough to start the sequence of events that will lead to the eventual genocide of all non-Muslims.”
    “Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their religious privileges.”
    “After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burning of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues”
    “From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non- believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels”
    “Near 100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-al-Salaam’ – the Islamic House of Peace.”
    “Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Islamic government is either dictatorial or autocratic.”

    A couple more.

    “A growing number of Muslims in Germany are consciously bypassing German courts altogether and instead are adjudicating their disputes in informal Sharia courts, which are proliferating across the country.”

    “since September 11, 2001, followers of the Religion of Peace have committed more than 27,000 deadly terrorist attacks in the name of Islam.”

    If I do not post search criteria, it is because the links are from my history and can be assumed that I have read them.


  54. Kaye Lee

    One Nation’s policies are copy and paste from dubious sources…..

    One part of One Nation’s policy on halal food — which links the religious blessing to terrorism financing — has been lifted from Frontpage Magazine — a right-wing American “battle tank, geared to fight a war” against the political left.

    Another section of the halal certification policy comes from the website of the Q Society — an anti-Islamic group which organised for controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders to visit Australia in 2012.

    Part of One Nation’s position on the Agenda 21 international sustainable development agreement is almost identical to a five-year-old pamphlet from US group The John Birch Society.

    A section of One Nation’s medicinal cannabis plan is very similar to parts of a user-generated Wikipedia page on the subject.

    Harquebus, what a load of hysterical bullshit. If you can’t be a little more discerning about the information you pass on then please don’t bother. I won’t waste my time on it.

  55. Steve Laing -

    Exactly Michael – for all the waffle about protecting Australia, she just supports the government. I’m waiting to see her try and progress any of her policies. I suspect there is little time for that amongst the photo opportunities, tv appearances and other brand building activities.

  56. Jan

    People should be really addressing James Ashby about One Nations policies.He’s in control.

  57. helvityni

    “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world”, sang Barbra Streisand, and how lucky for Mal that he now has found a good pal in Ms Hanson. DD worked for him after all, it brought Pauline back….

  58. Zathras

    Before people get too excited about Malcolm Roberts, they should realise that he was elected into parliament with only 77 primary votes.

    That’s a grand total of 77 out of the 2,818,997 eligible voters in his state that put him at Number One on their ballot paper – the lowest for any candidate in Queensland.

    He rode into parliament simply on the basis of the overall quota for his Party. The next highest One Nation candidate missed out at only 47 votes.

    I personally don’t see that as “empirical evidence” that he has anywhere near popular support for his deranged and delusional beliefs and should be called out on every single one at every opportunity.

    When it comes to “Death Cults”, what does it say about a religion that believes in salvation through human sacrifice ,that practices symbolic cannibalism as a religious ritual, that murdered it’s own God, that uses the symbol of a torture and execution device as its logo and looks eagerly to a coming time when everybody except its followers will be tortured and slaughtered at a final battle in the Middle East and is meanwhile politically working toward that end?

    If you’re feeling especially conspiratorial, when ISIS or Al Qaeda launch an attack on ANY Israeli site (their sworn mortal enemy), please let us know.

    Politics (and almost everything else on the internet) is more based on impressions more than plain facts and that’s where Hanson gets her support.

  59. Terry2

    That may not save Turnbull judging from what Abbott has been saying :

    “Mr Abbott has urged conservative MPs to “stay in and fight” if they want to progress their movement, during an interview on Sydney radio station 2GB.”

    Who are they going to fight, who is the enemy : Turnbull or course.

    I sense a coup coming on, possibly during the summer break. There are a couple of things that need to be sorted by the conservative element and one is whether they run with Abbott as their man or whether Morrison will have the numbers.
    Turnbull will probably see it as necessary to bring Abbott into Cabinet as a blocking move but it may be too late for that.

  60. Jan

    Helvityni Who is DD ?

  61. Kaye Lee

    Ashby is a despicable little toad who is out to get whatever he can for himself. One Nation candidates have to purchase a $3,500 printing package from firms owned by Ashby.

    “In a leaked email, the party’s 35 candidates for the Queensland state election are told to purchase a $3500 starter pack, which Mr Nelson said would be done through Mr Ashby’s businesses.

    “PHON (Pauline Hanson One Nation) will be providing a campaign “package” for your use…Cost is $3500,” the email states.”

    Jan, DD=double dissolution

  62. nurses1968

    There are a couple of sets of grey nomad retirees who return to the bosses property every year for the Xmas New Year period, They are leaving voting Labor and turning to Hanson
    I asked they why as she has no policy and not enough numbers.
    They got onside when she spoke out for pensioners and their logic is if she continues speaking out and gaining more PHON in QLD, WA possibly with the balance of power , even Victoria and SA, when SA goes minority with Xenophon with the balance of power, then she can scare shit out of whoever is in power in Canberra to start taking her {and what she espouses} seriously. Numbers are a wonderful thing.
    It will be interesting to see if it plays out that way.
    as an aside, both these couple travel Australia year round and believe the true support out in the real world for Hanson is currently underestimated

  63. LOVO

    It is interesting how, here and on other social media, whenever someone points out how seemingly stupid and thick Pauline and her supporters come across….’they’ comment and prove it.
    To put it more simply. If you vote for or agree with Pauline and her crew your a f*’n moron and there is something wrong with you.
    Pauline is an unAustralian embarrassment, a no nothing leach, a mill stone around the neck of Australia’s future and should be treated as the traitorous whore that she most certainly IS.
    Poor fella my country. ?
    (P.S.Priminister Pauline bwwahaha, now there’s a classic….example )
    Discuss. 😛

  64. Kaye Lee

    Ya just gotta love these champions of freedom of speech.- a bigger bunch of hypocrites you could never find. As someone said, “Chiko rolls have a thicker skin than Hanson.”

    When asked how many paid employees worked for the Facebook page or her political party, One Nation, and whether controversial media adviser James Ashby was her chief of staff, Hanson said she was “incensed”, and threatened to sue for defamation.

    Hanson: James Ashby works closely with me and he’s also my pilot.

    BuzzFeed News: Ok so he works as your pilot?

    Hanson: He works closely with me and he is also my pilot.

    BuzzFeed News: But is he an employee of yours at the One Nation party?

    Hanson: It’s none of your business. So you better make sure with what you report on this because it’s not your business or anyone else’s business whether James Ashby is on the payroll or not. I told you he works closely with me. He is my pilot. Now anything past that I am not going to disclose. So if you write anything, you make sure you write the truth because if you put anything there that is not, I have solicitors who are very supportive of me and I’ll have you for defamation.”

  65. Harquebus

    Kaye Lee
    Is it bullshit or considering that you haven’t read it, just your uninformed opinion.
    Don’t read, don’t learn.

    I despise all religions.


  66. Kaye Lee

    I read your quotes from the articles which was sufficient to not waste any further time on it. I know you don’t care about the credibility of your sources. I have read way too much crap that you have linked to in the past.

    “if any more than 2% of a nations population is Muslim, then that will be enough to start the sequence of events that will lead to the eventual genocide of all non-Muslims.”

    You seriously expect me to read further?? Not a chance! Your idea of learning and mine differ greatly, You seem to believe whatever crap any crackpot wants to write.

  67. Harquebus

    Kaye Lee
    On your last sentence, I concur.
    Time will tell.

  68. Sam

    Harquebus make 2017 the year you no longer seek validation.

  69. Steve Laing -

    Harq – global warming will destroy our civilisation way before Islamic culture expanding through migration and/or a higher birth rate does.

    It is worth noting that philosophies (religious or otherwise) spread most widely through peaceful means. As soon as things become violent, people start to back-off quick smart. And the quickest way to radicalise someone is to start persecuting them. You would almost think that people like Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton are encouraging refugees and Muslim Australians to radicalise in order that their point could be proved…

    Nurse – I certainly don’t underestimate how many people out there are likely to support Hanson. Look how many supported Clive Palmer, despite everyone with a brain knowing that was a train-wreck well before it left the station. But how many voted for him at the last election? The problem with populists is that unless they deliver, they are quickly ignored. So far all that Pauline has delivered has been a bankrupt, fraudulent senator who left the party quicker than Lambie left Clive, and a pseudo-scientist who believes he is smarter than the worlds smartest people. But a certain type of person will always vote for anyone whom they recognise off the tv, particularly if they say the right words (who cares about the actual details), and a media that won’t call her to account (because she gets ratings).

    Could she become PM? Well, much of that would depend on whether Rupert thought it was worth his while – however he won’t do that until he sees she at least has a chance of winning. Rupes doesn’t like to be seen backing a loser, and I think she is too much of a loose cannon for him to control. So no, it ain’t gonna happen.

  70. Carol Taylor

    Steve, the only way Hanson can become PM is if she joins the Liberal Party and is voted leader. And while this scenario might hold some appeal for some hard right wingers in the LNP, I should imagine that they would prefer her right where she is, a Celebrity Pollie fit for a laugh, in the Senate and head of a rapidly disintegrating party, on occasions fit to point the rude finger to anything remotely progressive, but want her on their own team…not a hope in hades.

  71. Kaye Lee

    Pauline also delivered us Senator Brian Burston who said….

    “The ABC long ago abandoned any semblance of patriotism, or even balance. Other taxpayer-funded media – SBS and NITV – serve immigrants and indigenous Australians.

    “All three broadcasters are biased against mainstream Australia. They distort Australian political culture and support aggressive political multiculturalism.”

    “Car-jackings, home invasions, flash riots, drive-by shootings and of course when citizens object, endless complaints under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, administered by the ethnocentric Human Rights Commission,” he said.

    “This crisis is not caused by white racism. It is not caused by Christian intolerance. It is caused by Liberal and Labor governments colonising Australia, aided and abetted by political correctness.

    He also warned constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians would inject injustice into the document.

    He said the new One Nation team was a world away from the rabble who won 11 seats in Queensland in 1998, imploded and took Hanson down with them.

    “They ran dopes, unemployed, inexperienced, not all that intellectual … we’re more cohesive than the previous bunch,” Burston said. “We’re a more intelligent bunch for a start.”

    Cohesive? Intelligent? Ya think?

  72. Steve Laing -

    Carol – I always thought such would be impossible too. But then Trump. It seems with enough pissed off people willing to take in any old baloney when they’ve run out of hope, anything is possible. If the electorate blame the Libs, but don’t trust Labor (due to the ongoing character assassination by the Coalition and the MSM), ditto the Greens, then who knows what is possible.

    One thing is for sure though, if she did become PM it would be a complete shemozzle!

  73. David Grace

    Brian Branch (1 January 10:58) nailed why people vote for Hanson and her followers and other dangerous radicals such as Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott and George Christenson… we don’t have a choice.

    Our wonderful country and its traditions have been trashed by these dangerous radicals, and their allies in the Liberal and the right of the Labor Party, and most of us are sick to our stomachs with it. We want politics and politicians who are true to our Australian traditions and will take our country forward to where we can be proud of it again.

    The best way to defeat these dangerous radicals is not to ask how those who voted for them could be so stupid, but to provide a real alternative that reverses the damage these radicals have done over the last thirty years.

  74. Kaye Lee

    Pauline ain’t it!

  75. silkworm

    Kaye Lee opposes medical cannabis because Pauline Hanson supports it? Really?

  76. Kaye Lee

    Ummmm….why would you say that? I have never said any such thing, I am getting dead sick of people making up stuff and telling me that’s what I think. Please explain.

  77. LOVO

    DG, Brian Branch nailed sfa, all he showed is that his thinking has limits.
    Pauline..a viable alternative? YA GOTS TO BE KIDDING 😯
    Pauline is even more embarrassing than Tony Abbott…and thats saying something.
    Anyone one whom thinks Pauline has anything to add to the conversation should be ashamed of themselves; you are unAustralian ?

  78. Michael Taylor

    Ah, LOVO, good to see a friendly face. ?

  79. jim

    It’s mrabbitt , he told Pauly that to stay out of jail this time she MUST back the Liebrals every time right or else it’s jail for you, Pauline.

  80. David Grace


    There are a lot of people like Brian who feel betrayed by the current politicians, and feel powerless to express their disgust. Along come a dangerous radical demagogue like Pauline, and she says vote for me if you feel that way. There are no other alternatives so Pauline and her crew of radicals get their vote.

    Saying these people are Stupid or “their thinking has limits”, is not likely to change their vote, or encourage them support your point of view… I’m sure if I said the same to you, all you would feel is insulted. A better way is to recognise and acknowledge their anger, and offer another, more positive, alternative to radicals like Pauline. I’m sure that people want the kind forward looking Australia that was developing in the Whitlam years, and if they had the choice would vote for it.

  81. Wayne Turner

    “I’m sure that people want the kind forward looking Australia that was developing in the Whitlam years, and if they had the choice would vote for it” – Sorry don’t think so highly of Hanson voters.They don’t think.And yes they are stupid – Ignorant,selfish and racist.When you have pollie/s that reinforce stupidity,then enough of the stupid will and do vote for them.What’s really NOT helped is an MSM that’s giving Hanson more airtime compared to her actual vote.The MSM are propping her up far too much,and NOT much of it is critical.

  82. Catriona Thoolen

    There were plenty of alternatives. I voted 1-14 for the senate. Not one of my choices got sufficient votes to gain any preferences. I voted all progressive parties…nobody was listening to any of them only to the ones stridently screeching their hate for anyone not like themselves.

    Wayne Turner January 2, 2017 at 11:06 am I would (just about) kill for a Whitlam, a Sanders or even a Corbyn as an option in Australian politics.

  83. Athena

    @ darryl January 1, 2017 at 12:57 pm
    “She listens to us the others dont give a shit how hard is that to understand.”

    She tells you what you want to hear and then votes against you in the Senate. How hard is that to understand?

  84. David Grace

    Wayne, If you call people stupid, and don’t offer them an alternative, all you will get is more of the same…and they will not be interested in anything you have to say.

    I would much rather listen to what is making them so angry and frustrated, and offer them a better alternative to the hateful fearful ignorant people represented by radicals such as Hanson, Abbott, and Bernardi. I think I’m more likely to get the change I want that way, than calling my fellow citizens stupid.

    Catriona, I agree with you, there are lots of alternatives, and some of them were on the last senate papers, but their voices were not heard by most people. Part of what we need to do is to amplify those voices so that people know there are alternatives to the right wing radicals. And like you I would do almost anything to have another Whitlam, or Sanders or Corbyn in Australia!!

  85. terry

    hanson is a turkey surrounded by turkeys , no eagles here . no dd , no hanson , no support in senate

  86. John Brame

    Looks like the Coalition have another bedfellow in One Nation. ‘Roll over, roll over’

  87. helvityni

    terry, no wonder I never developed a taste for turkey… Connecting it to Redhead and Malturn I never will… 🙂

  88. terry

    love the way abbot been acting like a great bloke , speaking very soft and humble . amazing that intelligent people really get sucked in by this mob . whole thing has been a con from the start . the greatest moment was when turnball realised that he might of lost the election , if only, all this crap would of disappeared .

  89. Dez Paul

    Well, her media advisor, one James Ashby, is a Liberal stooge. I reckon he’s getting something to remain shtum on who did what in the Slipper affair and to influence Poorlean to favour the LNP agenda.

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