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See Scotty Run, Run Scotty Run!

This is Scotty:

He doesn’t hold a hose. What does Scotty do?

Scotty does a lot of standing.

Stand Scotty, Stand.

Scotty shakes hands,

Shake, Scotty, Shake.

Sometimes people don’t want to shake Scotty’s hand.

But Scotty doesn’t care. He shakes them anyway,

Scotty makes announcements.

And if one announcement doesn’t stop people from saying Scotty Does Nothing, Scotty shows them by making another announcement. Announce, Scotty, announce.

Scotty is also good at passing the buck.

This is Bridget. She got thrown under the bus.

This is the bus that Bridget thrown under.

This is Linda. Watch out, Linda, there’s a bus nearby.

Oh no, Linda. You didn’t look both ways…

Women have caused Scotty problems this week, but he forgives them and takes Jen, a woman, the kids, future women, and his personal photographer, not a woman, to the beach but we’re not showing the photographs because surely his family have a right to privacy even if Scotty thinks that they’re just a prop for photo opportunities.

Stay tuned for further adventures with Scotty including “Scotty Tells Us There’s Nothing To See In The Report”, “Scotty Yells Because He’s Angry At Those Naughty Labor People Who Don’t Stop Asking Him Questions” and “Scotty Turns His Back On The Opposition Because He Doesn’t Want To Turn His Back To His Front Bench.”

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  1. Kerri

    Surely Scotty must be due for another holiday???

  2. HumeAndTwain

    A very nice, long, long holiday … far away from the levers of power.

  3. Paul Smith

    Preferably behind bars, and I don’t mean the ones on a cruise ship.

  4. pierre wilkinson

    Scott Morrison, PM of Australia
    smirker in chief. grand announcer of wonderful policies several times over with almost zero delivery,
    marketing genius, though sacked from two previous jobs, liar extraordinaire, for he seems to believe his lies
    a parasite on parliament and a scourge upon the world with his fossil fuel addiction
    and yet he has an approval rating of over 60%

  5. Kathryn

    If I could be GUARANTEED to get rid of Mr Shouty, the insolent, sanctimonious and bone-idle Sloth Morrison, with a single, one-way air ticket, I would gladly purchase a ONE-WAY ticket each for himself and his Stepford Wife, Jenny, to be housed permanently on the lonely little island of Tristan da Cunha – reputedly the most isolated island in the world. Sadly, it is inevitable that the current 250 inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha will – in a very short time – become as bitterly disappointed, irritated and nauseated by the malignant Morrison family as we are!

    The fact is that NOWHERE is further enough away to dump this totally inept, smug, smirking, bible-thumping hypocrite, died-in-the-wool misogynist and confirmed Hillsong Cultist! If Sloth Morrison could put his hand up to join Eton Musk’s SpaceX Passenger flight to Mars in 2024, the news would be celebrated throughout Australia! Mind you, I doubt Mr Shouty’s blue tie would last very long on the Red Planet, eh?

    Yes 2024 is a long, long way off so let’s hope and pray that the worst, most corrupt Crime Monster has, by then, been kicked to the kerb when, like Morrison’s underwear at McDonalds all those years ago, Mr Shouty will be nothing more than a faecal stain on the underpants of our political history!

  6. Kathryn

    Pierre Wilkinson, the ONLY unreliable source of news that states that the megalomaniacal narcissist and career sociopath, Sloth Morrison, has an approval rating of 60% is from the Z-rated hacks employed by the LNP’s unofficial Propaganda Minister, the lying, conniving and unashamedly right-wing-biased Murdoch press. Other sources (eg the Morgan Polls) has Morrison trailing and, indeed, his popularity among women has hit rock bottom for understandable reasons. It is no secret that the Abbott/Morrison undemocratic regime are the absolute worst, most inept, totally corrupt and self-serving in our history. EVERYTHING they have touched has turned to SHIT and they have destroyed, defunded, annihilated, vandalised, sold off and privatised just about everything ordinary Australians cherish. Morrison and the LNP have only ONE Agenda and that is to enrich and empower themselves and their billionaire donors in the Top 1%..

  7. Harry Lime

    Kathryn,what a subtle,understated summation.His behaviour since his boondoggle stints at tourism has only worsened with each clamber up the political ladder,which strongly suggests he is a seriously disturbed individual.Being utterly ruthless,I doubt we’ve seen the worst of this malignant, freewheeling jerk.Waiting for the Fall.

  8. Will

    Interesting, Scomo was at a Sydney Uni in 1988, aged around 20. Just saying for a friend.

  9. Terence Mills

    Until that unnamed minister stands aside or is stood aside pending a full police investigation, the suspicion falls on any one of the sixteen male ministers in Scottie’s Cabinet.

    The longer he leaves it the longer speculation will be rife.

  10. Gabby Hunt

    Kathryn, I’m not sure I got your point. ; )

    PS – You nailed $cotty to a T.

  11. leefe

    “Let’s hear scotty bullshit some more.”

    Please, let’s not. I’m already dealing with more than enough mental illness.

  12. Wam

    Scotty can crawl see Scotty crawl Scotty can smile see Scotty smile. Scotty can run and smile and crawl and hide when ever he wishes to avoid. This is scotties favourite past time, children, he avoids everything but especially answers. Scotty is afraid of answers Can you see Scotty avoid? Come on everyone let us all crawl and smile and run and hide with Scotty, into his special cabinet, children you first. Cuckoo, if it does someone will leak but the prime subjects are the Nov ABC boys but if one of them why was Wong silent???

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