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Scotty Goes To War Or Series 3 Of “The Don’t Do Government”!

We’ve always all had the experience of watching the disappointing next series of a show we liked where it just doesn’t work for you any more… You know what I mean, it’s not that anything’s different or that the formula has changed, it’s just that it’s sort of that little bit staler because well, it’s just too much like the last series and the one before and you suddenly understand that you know the formula a bit too well to find this entertaining any more.

Well, this latest series of “The Disappointing Government” isn’t like that for me. I didn’t like the first series which had Tony Abbott as the lead character. It didn’t take long for everyone to realise that he was too unsympathetic to keep viewers hooked and his demise kept some people interested with the surprise twist of a new lead.

But when the new lead was hamstrung by the fact that he was given very similar lines as the old lead and he felt that he couldn’t do anything but repeat them without losing the role, the series wasn’t something I wanted to watch anymore.

Rather than try to appeal to a wider audience the writers again borrowed the “Death In Paradise” formula of bringing in a new lead character. However this time there was a twist: Suggest that the lead was going to be another unsympathetic man, then throw in the possibility of a woman, before eventually settling on the surprise compromise of Scotty the boat stopper.

This twist kept us all watching with the idea that this would be a last hurrah and that the show would be replaced in the new year by Bill and The Big Spenders but there was a twist in the tale.

Scotty and his boy wonder, Josh, got the Budget back in black… next year. When asked if this was a projection and not an actual return to surplus Scotty assured that, “No, the Budget is in surplus next year and that won’t change whatever happens.” What about unforeseen circumstances? “We know that there won’t be any of those.”

Well, all the episodes since have followed a familiar pattern: Something goes wrong, Scotty denies that it’s gone wrong, if that doesn’t work, he finds someone to blame, if it’s someone on his side, then Phil the fixer is asked to do an inquiry where he doesn’t ask questions of anyone who knows anything, then we all eat a curry or build a chook shed for non-existent chooks. If none of that works, we can always let Jenandthegirls out of the cupboard for a family photo and hope that distracts people until the next SNAFU which is almost certain to happen within days.

This week, however, things definitely became a little bit more interesting. While occasionally, governments may have trouble getting legislation through the Senate, it’s rare that they lose a vote in the House Of Representatives. To lose one, but insist that you haven’t really lost it because you’re not counting the people who voted remotely adds the new plot device of “Will Scotty be able to convince his own party to vote for his legislation?”

Then there’s the question of Peter Dutton moving that the member be no longer heard. Does that require an absolute majority or a simple majority? Will the new Speaker – the one that Barnaby prefers to the old one – have to consult every time we have a vote? Will Scotty try for the record of the most lies in one sitting? Will the fact that it’s such a predictable plot device mean that Josh won’t challenge even though it might keep people interested a while longer? Will the religious discrimination laws mean that if I say I’m a Satanist that the Christian school down the road can’t refuse to employ me because my beliefs will be protected? Will the journalist who allegedly misquoted Linda Reynolds and told readers that she said that NDIS shouldn’t be “welfare for life” face consequences, or are the government worried that he/she has the tapes? Was the idea that people can’t stay on the NDIS for life, part of Morrison’s miracles? If I suggest that any of the front bench are apologists for this government will I be sued? If I am, can I retract it and say that none of the bastards are sorry for any of their incompetence.

There are so many questions. Although it now seems clear that we won’t be invading Taiwan to keep it safe from China. Instead, we’re sending people to the Solomon Islands which is almost as good as a war because we can ramp up the rhetoric and find a way to suggest that not supporting the government at this time of conflict would be unpatriotic.

Of course, when I say time of conflict, I’m not suggesting that the Coalition is at war with itself…most of them will tell you that they’re completely united and there’s a general consensus on just about everything!

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  1. Jack Cade

    English radio host James O’Brien said, the other day, that ‘Stupid people are more dangerous than evil people; evil people use stupid people to pursue their agenda.’
    My personal view is that Scott Morrison is a stupid person being used by evil people. And he IS stupid. And THEY (whoever they are – we all have our own pet favourites – more than one is in Queensland but most are in the USA) ARE evil, know he is stupid, and so he is useful to them.

  2. Kaye Lee

    Morrison being interviewed in SA is asked about government members crossing the floor.

    “I don’t lead a team of drones and warm bodies that I just move around in the parliament.”

    Gee, I seem to remember the Coalition Senators all voting for Pauline Hanson’s “It’s ok to be white” Bill then saying oops, that was an “administrative error”.

    Christian Porter issued a statement saying the directive to vote for Hanson’s motion had been sent from his office “without my knowledge”.

  3. David Baird

    Quite right, Jack! Additionally, he THINKS he’s smart, making him even more dangerous. As Bertrand Russell said,’The stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt’, which is, in large part, why the evil continue to get away with it.

  4. Douglas Pritchard

    Our foreign Minister just now said about Fiji “it is not our intension to interfere in the policy of another nation”.
    Another Morrison minister, Dutton, is all about interfering in Chinas affairs with his bluff and bluster over Taiwan.
    They all have different song sheets.

  5. Bronte ALLAN

    How could this lying fuck wit “do” Government when he doesn’t even know anything about Government? First you should NEVER lie or tell alternate facts or untruths, because you will eventually get caught out! However, according to failed at marketing Slo Mo, he NEVER tells lies! Even when he is telling a lie just in saying that! Goodness me, as he is a so-called “Christian”, he should NEVER be telling any lies! The really sad part about all of this crap, is many millions of ordinary, ignorant Australians will STILL vote for him! WTF?? Great article, as usual, Rossleigh!

  6. Terence Mills

    After Bridget Archer crossed the floor yesterday, it has been reported by Michelle Grattan that :

    Archer was later ushered into a meeting with the PM, Josh Frydenberg and Marise Payne. She was offered a “pair” for next week, but declined it.

    That sound like classical bully-boy tactics, to neuter her from any future votes in the final week : what a shambles !

  7. Jack Cade

    Bronte I’ve said- ad nauseum – that I used never to like doing business with someone who has a Bible on their desk. It’s there to justify what they have just done or what they are about to do. The Bible justifies everything, from Cain slaying Abel through Abraham telling his wife to pretend she’s his sister and letting her ‘lie with’ sundry princes; David – who is praised throughout both Testaments, was a particularly unpleasant man. Betrayal, murder, adultery, theft … All doing gods will.

  8. GL


    All they have to do is play to his greed, stupidity, and narcissism and his Dunning-Kruger will take over and he’ll pretty well fall over himself to prove what a genius he isn’t…I mean is.

  9. Matthew Synnott

    Another great read from Rossleigh, can always count on him to have a complete grasp of the situation and other contributors here as well.

    I think we can count on Morriscum as well, we can count on him to stuff up everything he touches, can anyone point to anything that he has not made a pig s breakfast of, (sorry pigs), I was having a good few chuckles at Rossleigh s piece, comedy of errors, then realised that it is no comedy, this is not even a tragicomedy, no one gets hurt in stage plays, this drop kick, I would humbly suggest the worst person ever to occupy the office he does not deserve to have. I thought Abbott`s hold on that inglorious honour was secure, of course not all credit or discredit should flow to him, he has plenty of sycophantic toe rag helpers seemingly trying to outdo each other in the race to the bottom, bottom feeders most of them.

    This idiot, (dangerous idiot), is not content with stuffing up everything he touches here, he is determined to trash our reputation abroad as well, one has to wonder if he is a subversive agent sent here by some malevolent being/organisation, (what band of happy clappers does he belong to again)? to wreak destruction.

    The worry and wonder is that there are many out there in voter land who see nothing wrong in where this cretin has been taking us and will continue on that same course if allowed next year. Sadly and ashamedly, I personally know some rusted on supporters of this misgovernment who see nothing wrong with its performance, of course it was evident with the following Trump had as well, could there be something wrong with the water they drink or they live in a parallel universe. The only hope is that enough middle ground voters give him a swerve and kick him to hell.

  10. Lawrence S. Roberts

    Let’s not get too smug. Pretend Christians usually go for a second coming. Not only has old Scrotum got 40 spin doctors he also has the Murdoch machine talent plus Texta Gordon and associates. Opposing him is old Albo and let common sense prevail together with 10 million angry women.
    This one isn’t over till the fat lady makes an appearance.

  11. Harry Lime

    The more cornered the Liar becomes, the more extreme his language becomes,this is hardly unexpected,it is his historical form,and the Orange Horror is a case study.He is fucking himself six ways from Sunday(on the seventh he rested),to the extent that Morgue Bait Murdoch,may be forced to dismount.The unbelievable rant about the alleged victimisation of poor Gladys by ICAC demonstrates the fear he has of being hauled to account for his plethora of sins.Even some in his own miserable ‘party’ can see the writing on the wall,and arse saving is in full swing.To add handily to his self inflicted wounds we have Colonel Dutton of the Home Guard making himself available with some of the most intemperate’keeping us safe’ bullshit that has ever been uttered outside a secure loonie bin. The’quiet Australians’ should be getting very restive.Roll on election.

  12. Terence Mills

    Peter Dutton was at the Press Club today – I expected them to ask him if he was still ambitious to take over the leadership of the Liberal Party (and thus the country). I could imagine him responding with Of course I’m ambitious, I’m ambitious for Scott Morrison

    It would be mischievous of me to suggest that the question was asked and that Dutton is counting the numbers for another challenge but what’s life without a little mischief !

  13. GL

    Scummo is making soggy spaghetti look like steel cable and quite a few of the LNP pollies know and it are causing him problems. All he can do is reply with spin and bullshit. Methinks his days are numbered.

  14. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Rossleigh. Bull’s eye as usual!

  15. Roswell

    Is this the last season?

    I’m hoping so.

  16. wam

    Beauty, rossleigh,
    The first government to show the cracks was the lemon’s. Fortunately, the replacement was, despite the couple of scenes showing her lawyer greedy cleverness, terrific. Her government program survived a ridiculous ABC parody and an even more ridiculous opposer but faltered when the blackmailer with his obnoxious lawyer ambitions, struck against labor and gillard.
    That unprincipled pragmatic attack, forced the di of diludbansimkims to walk the bandit’s plank leaving the bandit free to machinate and hasn’t he been a successful millstone?

  17. corvusboreus

    Your garbled regurgitations of fixated hatred contibute nothing of positive value to any political discussion on this site.
    Your obsessive venting using repepetitive sledges on various threads disrespects authorship and deters people genuinely interested in informational exchange.
    I know that walking in on yet another of your semi-coherent drønes about the dixbransimkim loonies sends me straight for the exit.
    You are like the barfly whose default line of banter revolves around what a bitch the ex-wife is.
    You deliberately degrade the tone and content of the AIMN .

  18. Terence Mills

    To understand Morrison is to understand his obsession with re-election. He is of the Richo school – “whatever it takes”. He will say or do on any day whatever he thinks necessary to facilitate his re-election. He seriously believes he was chosen by God to do this.

    John Hewson : The Saturday Paper

  19. Kaye Lee

    Hewson goes on to say……

    “My major, longer-term structural concern is that Morrison and his government have seriously undermined our democracy with their almost sole focus on winning elections rather than addressing the many very serious and urgent policy challenges that lay before us as a nation, now and into the future.

    Politics should be a contest of ideas, of alternative visions for the future, based on evidence rather than exaggerations, lies, fear and clever slogans. Under Morrison, it is everything but.”


  20. Kate Ahearne

    Terence and Kaye,

    What John Hewson had to say is spot on. It’s such a pity that so many politicians wait until they’re out of politics to say what they really think. And it’s interesting that most of those former politicians who come out so strongly against previous party policy and behaviour seem to be on the LNP side of politics. The ALP has never been perfect, but when former ALP politicians have something to say, it tends to be more of what they’ve always said.

  21. Kaye Lee

    This campaign is heading in a very bad direction. “Don’t let the government tell you what to do”, “override the states”, “civil disobedience”, is NOT a good approach in the middle of a pandemic.

    And the “CCP are taking us over” line is just as bad as their exploitation of “community fears about Islam and Muslim integration”. New election. new group to make us fearful of. It’s not terrorists in Afghanistan or WMD in Iraq, it’s not brown people on boats, it’s not African gangs terrorising Melbourne or ISIS insurgents, it’s yellow people in subs or on university campuses or in research labs.

    Morrison spends his entire time fixing problems that don’t exist. He has no legacy. His surplus didn’t happen. Instead record debt.
    He can’t get real about climate change because the u-turns are making people dizzy. Past words are haunting him.

    It’s ALL about the marketing – “Albo is sneaky and weak” – it’s all so depressingly inadequate.

  22. guest

    Kaye Lee,

    you are right to point out the alarmism being expressed by members of the Coalition and the Murdoch media. It is the kind of tactic used to attack Gillard for a carbon “tax” which was not a tax and to attack Shorten as being untrustworthy when we see untrustworthiness and sneakiness as a prime characteristic of some Coalition members. Alarmism is how the deniers describe climate science.

    Right now, we must be looking very closely at Peter Dutton whose ambitions are on clear display. Dutton sees himself as the new PM and Deputy Sheriff of Asia and the Pacific. He sees war with China as a career move.

    His economic spending would not be on hospitals, schools, social welfare, or dealing with climate change and providing clean energy, it will be on futile, very expensive weapons of war.

    His line of thought is supported by Greg Sheridan, The Australian foreign editor, who describes “defence ministers…working in effect at direction of one of the great pacifist organisations of the world, the Australian Defence Department”.(27/11/2021)

    He said what? about the ADF which has aided the USA in a string of wars lost since WW11, some of them lengthy in duration and costly in materials and lives!

    We have to call the war-mongers out – and the ballot box is the best place to do it.

  23. Terence Mills

    Labor’s small target stance has been understandable following 2019 when they alone presented policies and the coalition without a policy agenda focused all their energies on destroying Labor.

    Among the things that Labor could do right now is :

    Announce an enquiry (probably a Royal Commissions) into housing affordability in Australia when they come into office

    Lay down policy to place limits on election funding and donations to political parties and individual politicians : we have to rein in the likes of Palmer and ensure that we never see the likes of Porter again accessing funds from anonymous donors.

    Announce that Labor would enact a strong Integrity Commission during their first term of office

    Announce a policy to stamp out pork barreling by ensuring rigid procedures and oversight for government grants based on community need

    A review of ministerial standards

    More ideas !

  24. Henry Rodrigues

    Agree with all the points Terence. Scummo is very very scared of a Federal ICAC, he’s literally shitting his pants. Labor should put it into their manifesto, front and center. This a something, that whatever Murdoch’s maggots can throw at , people know corruption when it stares them in the face. Of course the rusted on coalition knob heads will continue to blithely ignore all the evidence, but it needs just enough outraged voters and his bloody goose is cooked.

    That’s why the Tele is heralding gold standard Legges apart Gladys to run in jugears’ seat, as a distraction. What a crock of shit.

    Zali Steggle is a very able, trust worthy and popular member for Warringah. They’re clutching at straws, these conservatives.

  25. GL


    The LNP has nothing this time as well so they will again focus on dishing out dirt, lies, and trying their damnedest to frighten the mug voters with the evil that Labor will do if they win. Throw in a scare campaign about the CCP and madly wave the ‘strayan flag as they do it in the vain hope it will create a nationalist fervour. Business as usual.

  26. Bert

    wamNovember 26, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    Beauty, rossleigh,
    The first government to show the cracks was the lemon’s. Fortunately, the replacement was, despite the couple of scenes showing her lawyer greedy cleverness, terrific. Her government program survived a ridiculous ABC parody and an even more ridiculous opposer but faltered when the blackmailer with his obnoxious lawyer ambitions, struck against labor and gillard.
    That unprincipled pragmatic attack, forced the di of diludbansimkims to walk the bandit’s plank leaving the bandit free to machinate and hasn’t he been a successful millstone?”

    Can someone translate this in to coherent English please? ’cause I haven’t got the first clue what his point is.

  27. Henry Rodrigues

    Bert… You and most of the rest of us. wam’s heart is in the right place, but expressed in a very incomprehensible disjointed and nonsensical way.

  28. New England Cocky

    @Terence Mills: Great policy ideas to satisfy present inadequacies. Undoing the damage to Australian democracy from this period of Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misrule may take up much of Parliamentary time.

    @Henry Rodrigues: Zali Steggle is a champion Olympian and previously a barrister who defeated Toxic RAbbott with a community funded campaign. Warringah may be home to conservatives fixated in the 19th century, but even Blind Freddie can see that active representation of those values is usually recognised ….. and despised by the Liarbral Party.

    @Kaye Lee: PRC China is interested in trade NOT war, and THAT is frustrating the American NE military industrial complex that requires wars and human misery to make a profit. USA (United States of Apartheid) produces over 90% of world armaments BEFORE you count European production.

  29. corvusboreus

    Garbled gibberish aside, I disagree with your assessment regarding the positioning of Wam’s ‘heart’.

    The repeat-insertion of his ‘loonies’ spiel acrss various threads is an act of performative trolling based on a malicious intent to deliberately disrupt discussion by irritating other posters.

    Regardless of one’s personal political positioning regarding the Greens (and the evident dichotomies between their policy ideals and actual parliamentary performance) they are a party who consistently petition for greater environment protection, and are the1st party option for around 10% of the overall electorate.

    Yet Wam’s oft-ståted position is that he considers PHON (around 3% primary) as more worthy of mainstream respect and media attention than the Greens.

    Yup, wam much prefers Pauline’s overt racism and strident denial of both climate and medical science to anything the ‘loonies” have on offer.

    That is a pretty fundamental dissonance.

  30. Matthew Synnott


    Quite right it is a blow to democracy, if it gets up, fait accompli, not yet, maybe down the track if he, perish the thought, gets another three years of government in absentia.
    I felt sickened this morning, viewing the smirking visage of Morriscum confident that he was on a sure winner with this proposal to bring some long overdue justice to those who wilfully and wantonly besmirch the good character of others hiding behind anonymity on social media.

    He will bring to heel the mega operators who permit this to occur. He will command them to reveal the identity of such “cowards” , trolls and other despicable types who have the temerity to criticise the good character of their targets. This then allows for the wronged person to pursue the perpetrator through the courts and will be funded by the tax payer.

    So this means the likes of ex Attorney General, Porter wouldn’t need to rely on unknown sources to fund his legal costs, how good is that? Just think if this piece of legislation had been in place while he was an honourable as well as Attorney General, then he might still be in that role and on his way to be the next P. M. just as it was meant to be. What a shame that the stars did not align and just when it is looking like the present P.M. is beginning to look like last weeks left over half eaten Big Mac.
    There she was, standing behind his right shoulder, the coiffured one, the latest version of A.G. She does have a lovely killer smirk it must be said, she does it even better than Smirko himself, that’s my thought anyway?

    Just wondering who/what segment of the population is the more likely to benefit, I’ll take bets that politicians are. Can’t see taxpayers going in to bat for the likes of me should I complain that I have been trolled on social media.

    Got to hand it to Scummo, it will appeal to many in voter land that he is virtually single-handedly taking on the publishers of filth, finally someone who is game enough to take on the profit before people companies, it will earn him many brownie points, his God would know that he needs them right now. Yeah he would reckon he is on a winner, finally.

    Did I put “WITHOUT PREJUDICE” at the head of this, I think I did?

  31. GL

    The no, I mean slow, “progress” of the federal ICAC says Scummo is quite literally…repeat after me, 1, 2, 3, “It’s all…”

    The screeching harpy is, for shit’s sake, using two of The Donald’s favourite words, “political witch-hunt.” Hold on folks, we’re in for a Repug style election style campaign.

  32. B Sullivan

    Terence Mills. Labor’s small target stance is because they are adopting the same strategy as the Coalition which is to assure and appease the minority of voters who live in regional electorates who decide election outcomes due to their disproportional representation. This fact is not immediately apparent due to the preferential voting system, but it is clear to anyone who looks at the primary votes posted in the AEC’s election results.

    Labor knows about the bias in the electoral system. Polls consistently reveal that a majority of Australians support their progressive policies, and they always get the most primary votes of any political party in elections but not the absolute majority required to win government under the preferential voting system. At the risk of offending their base, they have to win over the small minority of regional voters who currently support the insane policies of the Coalition. Hence the low profile, lack of commitment or revelation of policy. Their election slogan might as well be – It’s not time.

    The conservative media is eager to blame Labor’s progressive policies under Shorten for their previous election loss, but they really had nothing to do with it except in the regions. Federally, ten per cent of the entire electorate is represented by just one MP in parliament. Five per cent of the electorate is represented by ten regional MPs. Another nine per cent of the electorate is represented by twenty-three MPs in Queensland.

    Australian Democracy cannot be fixed at the ballot box if the system is broken and produces such blatantly disproportional representation in parliament.

    Australia is not at present a democracy. That fact needs to be recognised and addressed.

    What do we want?
    Proportional Representation.
    When do we want it?
    Preferably before Morrison’s Moral Minority succeed in committing Australia to a war with China in the name of Democracy.


    corvusboreus….. I honestly wasn’t aware that wam considers PHON of a higher calibre than the greens. Based on that aspect alone, I’d take back my charitable observation of him. Most of time, his postings make no sense, with illogical and mangled syntax.
    Maybe he is a plant trying to disrupt the flow of mature thoughts and ideas.

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