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Scott Morrison – you are a fraud

The man in charge of our government at present is far too similar to Donald Trump for comfort.

He tells lies – as do, it seems, far too many politicians – but he does so with a frequency and purpose that makes his behaviour seem unexceptional, because it is consistent.

His hubris is such that he does not even perceive, or, if he does, he does not care, that his plans to achieve, and retain a firm grip on, power are seriously damaging the future for most of those affected by his policy decisions.

He is, in consequence, a dangerous man to be allowed to hold the reins of power.

Recent revelations, by Gladys Berejiklian, give an alarming insight into the ready acceptance of ‘pork-barrelling’ as a political ploy – which is not confined to one side of politics and highlights the need for a Federal ICAC with teeth – as well as show-casing the way in which governments limit the effectiveness of existing corruption bodies, as in NSW, by cutting available funding.

The Coalition government has done just that in relation to funding for the ANAO.

Hence the Sports Rorts affair – which still requires attention!

Without access to party meetings, I can only conjecture that there is a sufficient majority of Coalition members for whom being in power is more important than the methods by which they attain and retain that power.

I suspect that Malcolm Turnbull’s level of ethics was the reason for his downfall, as the concept of retaining power, by any means available, would have sat less well with him than, it seems, it does with too many of his fellow Coalition politicians.

The inquiry into Aged Care Homes was established before the pandemic, and it has confirmed what other evidence supports – that institutions subject to Federal Government regulations have been responsible for a majority of COVID-related deaths among elderly residents.

But there are even more important, international issues affecting life at present, which affect more than our economy.


That is a really inconvenient truth.

Ignoring it, and continuing to do so, in the face of mounting evidence, is criminal irresponsibility.

It is possibly even worse than leaving children and defenceless women in the control of abusive fathers and partners.

But of course, the relentless list of deaths from domestic violence spells out clearly that our ability to take effective action lags far behind our awareness of the need to take it!

To believe in anything, including the existence of a god who is all-powerful, requires an ability to ignore lack of evidence of any truth in the ‘belief’, and predisposes that believer to wash his hands of responsibility for his own actions.

The apparently warped mind of the soon to be ex-POTUS, enables him to believe that he has an entitlement to be re-elected, and the evidence indicates that he is incapable of accepting that he is no longer favoured for that honour by the majority of citizens of the USA.

We need to concentrate on facts.

A majority of observers of the voting process, plus, so far, an almost total majority of Courts to which the election process has been appealed, have failed to support Trump’s claims of fraud.

He has failed to produce the necessary evidence.

His unwillingness to take any effective action in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in escalating numbers of infections and death – clear evidence of faulty policy.

The USA is not alone in this. Second waves are common all round the world – only a few countries have managed as effectively as has Australia – and in our case, that has been despite the Coalition government’s policies, not because of them.

Immediately political point-making takes over from rational assessment of a situation, we are in trouble. Had Victoria had a Liberal government, the Coalition would have been in there, backing it to the hilt!

Putting the country’s economy above the lives of the population is literally putting the cart before the horse.

The government has a balancing act to perform, and all decisions have to put the lives of the people before the health of the economy.

Ideology prevents the government from seeing that a Universal Basic Income, balanced by tax reforms that mean those who do not need it, refund it, is essential IMHO.

It is not a perfect solution – what is? – but spending so much time and effort categorising people in order to determine which Centrelink benefit category they fit into, and ignoring the needs of many who are less readily categorised, is cruel.

We are a wealthy country.

No one should be forced to live on the streets or go without sufficient food.

No child in Australia should be allowed to live in poverty. Sorry, Bob Hawke, but your promise was an empty one.

Tax havens have to be controlled to ensure that we do not have a small minority able to use existing wealth to create more wealth, while others are living in abject poverty, reminiscent of Charles Darwin’s writings begging for a social conscience.

Perfection will never be attained.

Improvement should be a continuing goal.

And saving life on Earth from extinction should currently be government’s top priority.

Getting re-elected is really dependent on proving that the government is doing a good job for all of us – not just for those who vote in its candidates!

Life will never be perfect, but we all need to be making a massive effort to ensure that it has the right conditions to continue to be viable – along with all other life on earth!

We live in extraordinary times and we need to take extraordinary actions to ensure that life on Earth continues – and if that means overturning a corrupt government – so be it!

Now the fire season is once more upon us, is the PM planning a vacation?

And – just one last aside – when did Ministerial responsibility cease to be an issue, with almost automatic resignation being a consequence?

In other words – when did we stop expecting integrity from elected politicians?

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  1. Baby Jewels

    Totally agree. We’re run by a fraud and his corrupt government. They are a huge black blot on our history and I’m ashamed of half the population who voted for them. We can never hold the moral high ground over the US again. Trump would have thrived here.

  2. Phil Pryor

    We are led, (hah) by a filthy, fantasising, fraudulent fist f—–g fool of absolutely no talent except for lying stupidly in advertising, a pot of turdery in ultimate lying, where this agonising anus FAILED. Morrison, the P M, a Pustular Moron, Piltdown Man, Piggery Manager, Putrid Mentality is a proven, indecent, lying, FAILURE. This shit is beyond Hollywood shit, religion shit, ruined ratbag shit, post-Freudian neurotic misfit fatally doomed patient shit, This P M is the ultimate Shit of SHITS, a deadly drain on the nation’s health, progress, future…We cannot be seduced into fantasies of consumer nirvana by stuffing the planet, can we??

  3. Ray Tinkler

    Our Australian Constitution states quite plainly that we are a secularly organised Democracy, where religion is a private matter, not an aim or doctrine to impose by such a disposed section upon the rest of the population, because as it’s beliefs must be the correct beliefs, because they believe them to be and then therefore be enforceable by the laws of the state.

    This Prime minister and his like minded cultists which fit so well in with the political ideology of the LNP have given us the very best example of why a claimed religion that espouses the concept of greater and greater wealth acquisition as humanities greatest aspiration above all else, and treats anyone who has not, or does not share those views or by happenstance of circumstance, as lesser beings, to be harassed, threatened and bullied and made even worse off by such illegal processes as Robodebt and the Big Brother tactics enshrined into controlling schemes such as the Indue card system, of why we should risk any melding of religion and state governance, laws and/or processes.

    This country, once proud of it’s image of “mateship” is before our very eyes, having this concept of Democracy, ripped from it’s very soul by the actions of this cult, who have managed to have subverted our very parliamentary processes to their own aims of producing a break down in our society’s fabric in order to discredit it so they can insert theirs. We have lies and subterfuges now common in the way it conducts itself in the governing of both States and Federal responsibility and accountability to the people they claim to serve and have supplanted it already with excuses and denials. They come now almost daily. (it wasn’t my fault, everyone does it, seems to be the greatest current favourite, the excuse of a 5 year old)

    We need adults to run this land, not spoilt rotten brats, sucking the last drop from it’s teat.

  4. Matters Not


    ready acceptance of ‘pork-barrelling’ as a political ploy … highlights the need for a Federal ICAC with teeth

    Can’t see how any ICAC would engage in any investigation that doesn’t involve (in the main) direct personal pecuniary gain. Pork barreling would be (is?),by and large, regarded as normal political activity subject (only) to a judgement made at the ballot box. The voters decide! The dividing line between the politically acceptable and the illegal is usually somewhat fuzzy. Politicians like to foster (and maintain) the myth that gains for their electorate result from the merits of the representation they make.

    See this new school? Only happened because of my representation(s) – claims the local member. Same with hospitals, grants, airports etc.. Can’t see any ICAC busting that myth.

  5. ajogrady

    I want my country back!
    I want to be proud to call Australia my country and my home again. Where truth and justice prevail. Where ethics and honesty are valued.Where honour and morals are held in high esteem.Where respect and dignity for others is not a choice. Where humility and servility is considered strength. Where empathy and compassion are paramount. Where fact is important and fiction is left for fairy tales. Where children can look forward to a future better then their parents had.
    I reject the LNP’s and Main Stream Medias lies, distortions, corruption, arrogance, deceitfulness, law of the jungle dog eat dog, survival of the fittest world.

  6. RosemaryJ36

    ajogrady – I echo your view! The conservatives of this world only want to preserve themselves and their way of life and they despise those of us who do not care only for our own needs!

  7. Robert

    “Ideology prevents the government from seeing that a Universal Basic Income, balanced by tax reforms that mean those who do not need it, refund it, is essential IMHO.”
    This part would be the best thing for all Australians. Also IMHO.

  8. New England Cocky

    @ajogrady,RosemaryJ36: Agreed. I am sick & tired of being made to feel second rate by an American citizen playing power games to assuage his poor relationship with his father. Bring on the two bye-elections necessary to overthrow this coven of corrupt self–serving, inept, unimaginative so-called politicians.

  9. Grenville Hall

    While there is some truths in this article the idea that they can be simply addressed by a few policies promoted be either side of poultices could not be further from the truth there are no easy awns to complex issues like Global Warming if we are to provide the world with anything like a good standard of live all the promises in the world will not made carbon neutral commonly possible in the sort or long term

  10. leefe

    “I can only conjecture that there is a sufficient majority of Coalition members for whom being in power is more important than the methods by which they attain and retain that power.”

    All of them. If not, they would not be members of that party or that misgovernment.

  11. David Evans

    Oops. Sorry. Smirk….Now, back to business as usual, lnp style.

  12. Socrates.

    The last time i hit someone’s bottom her boy friend tried to punch my lights out.

  13. Andrew J. Smith

    Not all good news for political leaders following the Pentecostal cult, one could wish:

    ‘Rio de Janeiro is rejoicing after voters inflicted a humiliating electoral defeat on a widely loathed neo-Pentecostal bishop considered by some to be the worst mayor in the city’s history.

    Marcelo Crivella, a gospel-singing preacher who has branded homosexuality a “terrible evil” and had shunned Rio’s annual carnival, lost in every one of the city’s 49 constituencies in Sunday’s run-off vote.

    Observers called the result a triumph for diversity and a blow to Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, who had backed Crivella’s campaign.’

    We can live in hope but then again, cities or urban areas in most nations are generally more politically liberal and tolerant in outlook vs. regions.

  14. Benjamin

    Scotty McNasty is the “Great Pretender”, he’s not our messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy.

    Crooked, corrupt and heartless, if you’re not wealthy
    and a donor to his party and ideological causes.

  15. Dave G.

    A Marchiavellian huckster.

  16. Ashamed to Governed in Australia

    Right now I am ashamed to be Australian as governed by the likes before us. That appear to be so arrogant and out of touch with the everyday Australians as a whole. Religion potentially used to persecute those whom are diverse excused as a means of protecting the rights of the religious.

    Free speech is gone as a rule. We are littered with pointless butt covering policies and procedures. That are in many cases empty protocols known as tick boxes. The Government can appear to breach human rights, freedoms War Veterans fought to protect for us in World wars 1&2. They can pass laws preventing themselves of large Corporations being sued in class actions when found negligent?

    When all that is not enough he and other Politicians appear to be is the only employee’s able to publicly bring their wives and partners to work to defend their actions, choices and behaviours that opinion polls push back at? A PM of our Country should advocate equality and equity for all Australians equally.

    He should listen and act for the whole of the Country not just based on his bias and personal opinions from a place of neutrality. Instead we seem to get the bulk of these people elected to represent us. Grasping at every conceivable entitlement, pork barrelling. Giving jobs to the favored few. i.e. Barnaby Joyce and his then mistress.

    How did it get to be so polluted that the feeling of being marginalized increases by the day across our once free welcoming embracing Nation. It feels like Canberra is more Politically polluted than ever. That women have reached not greater equality that they had in the 60’s and violence against the vulnerable is more rife than ever. Australia seems more classicist that ever.

    We the people of this Country employ these free reining Politicians yet it seems like the only people they listen to to the elite, religious and wealthy through. I have nothing against anyone’s right to religion but religion does not belong in Politics, public education systems should not be second rate to religious schools as they now currently appear to be.

    Education is a right not an entitlement and until Australians demand more transparency about where and how our top heavy Government systems are spending Australian money this I fear will get worse. I have watched the growth of the near enough is good enough standards happening across our Country for 50 years.

    I was prouder to be Australian in the 80’s and could I afford it would leave here for somewhere were the people actually matter to the people they Govern. Where the Community is not left to look after itself while funds are cut everywhere, While our Politicians cling to their financial well being in the many ways it does not feel it regards or protects ours.

    Our PM must have far far too many staff looking after his every need if he cannot estimate the cost of bread and milk. The average wage etc, To many Departments spending too much money, money that’s then not there for everyone else as a whole?

  17. Benjamin

    @Ashamed to Governed in Australia … The LNP are much more worse than Trump and are totally psycho, they need to
    be in opposition for many decades to come, just so Australia get back on the RIGHT democratic track, not the unfair corrupt
    greedy path, the LNP are leading down on.

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