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Before I start, I’d like to insert this great series of questions for the press pack at any press conference tomorrow :

As you heard if you watched the video, the questions were:

  1. What is your name? (Or who are you if it’s the PM because everyone knows Scomo. Albo could be asked his name because – apparently – nobody know him.)
  2. What is your quest?
  3. What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?

Obviously the first two questions are just fillers and it’s the final one that counts so Albanese better get that right, and he can’t get around it by asking how many swallows does it take to make the press pack more sympathetic. (I”m referring to the drinks they’re supplied with, not the prayer room, so don’t come the homophobic path with me, sunshine!) Morrison is our leader, so he can just be presumed to know…

Ok, I’ve noticed that a lot of this election coverage has been journalists interviewing politicians at press conferences but even more has been journalists crossing to other journalists to ask them how things have gone. While it’s not unusual for journalists to cross to other journalists who are on the spot, what makes an election campaign different is that there’s a lot of subjectivity at play here. “Well, Leigh, the PM handled that question brilliantly. He asked what media organisation the questioner was from and then he pointed out that the particular organisation had no official status owing to their refusal to keep their questions succinct and about the future, unless it was bringing up something that Labor had done in the past, but he added that he would have been more than happy to answer it were it not for the fact that they had run out of time and he needed to be turning around so that the press could get a shot of him leaving. Absolutely brilliant!”

So I just decided to do my own version of “Insiders” where members of the press give their perspective before being interrupted by David Speers if they say anything that might be considered vaguely interesting, as it may start a nasty precedent. In order to save money in this time of cutbacks, I decided to keep costs to a minimum so I’m just going to have an “Insiders” type discussion with myself.

  • Good afternoon and welcome, I’m Rossleigh and today’s guest is Rossleigh who’ll be sharing his expert insights on the election campaign so far. Ok, Rossleigh, what stands out so far for you?
  • Good afternoon, well, it’s hard to get past Albo’s gaffe…
  • Yes, everybody’s talking about it.
  • People just won’t stop bringing it up. I don’t know how he can get past this. I was in the pub the other day and a couple of punters were saying that if Albanese didn’t know the current cash rate then he sure wouldn’t know things like the exchange rate of The Australian dollar in Albania….
  • Yes, I don’t know if he can even get over this gaffe because it seems to be a topic of discussion in the media that just won’t go away.
  • Certainly most of us won’t let it and we’ll keep pointing out that we won’t be the last one to talk about it, passing the torch to whoever wants to say that it certainly won’t be me either because we have an election to make all about Albo while complaining that he’s largely invisible.
  • Do you think it’ll be a focus of the whole campaign from hereon?
  • Certainly Morrison and the Liberals would like it to be because it just emphasises all that they’ve said about the Labor Party.
  • That they’re not very good economic managers?
  • Well, that, but I was more talking about the fact that they’re not very good campaigners. I understand that Scott Morrison rallied the troops a few weeks ago and told them the past few years had been a complete fuckup and that they might all hate each other but it was now that the real work began because there’s an election to be won.
  • Yes, I noticed that one journalist today noted that Scott may not be very good at government but he was an excellent campaigner.
  • Mm, and that’s what we want in a government. That’s why Collingwood stuck with Buckley for so long. Totally shit at winning games, but he was great in the after match conferences… I think Scott has modelled himself a lot on Buckley.
  • Now some people have suggested that it’s not all about winning the election and that it would be better to get a competent government…
  • Well, that all depends on what you value. For years the Liberals valued winning the election, while Labor valued principled stands, but eventually people became impressed with some of Labor’s ideas like pulling troops out of Vietnam and they got elected anyway. This was probably the beginning of the end for them, because they too, decided that winning was preferable to losing, leaving the principled stand to The Greens. Of course, now they’ve won a lower house seat, they’ve started following the major parties down the let’s win path.
  • Do you feel you’re being a little harsh there?
  • I certainly hope so.
  • But why should people listen to you?
  • Well, if I’m important enough to be interviewed, doesn’t that make my opinion worth more than anyone else’s?
  • Yes, but you’re interviewing yourself… which I could suggest is probably too meta for your average punter.
  • You would say that, but that’s just typical of your arrogance. Look, if it’s good enough for journalists to interview other journalists then what sort of problem can you have with you interviewing yourself?
  • I don’t know, it just sort of seems…
  • Look, I think it’s time you asked me for my final thoughts…
  • Ok, final thought?
  • Yeah, Scott Morrison is the biggest weasel we’ve ever had as a Prime Minister and every time I say that it couldn’t get any worse, the Liberals say “Hold my beer!” Well, mate, this time I think it’s time we tipped it out all over them and told them that it’s about time that they found someone with the integrity of Billy Hughes because that’d be an improvement. Scott Morrison should be the low point in the history of Tourism Australia. The fact that he was able to resurrect his career after that gives me hope that one day Chopper Read will do more for this country than Morrison.
  • Um, Chopper Read’s dead.
  • Yeah, I rest my case.
  • Thank you, and that’s all we have time for today. Tomorrow we’ll explain why Scott Morrison told us something on day one and completely contradicts himself on day two is somehow because he didn’t understand the question and this is not a problem but the inability to recite Pi to five decimal places means that one can’t be in charge of electric vehicles.


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  1. GL

    “What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?”

    What do you mean, an African or European swallow?

  2. Williambtm

    One of the recently prior news stories that influenced our super beaut new military alliance with the land of the greatly treacherous Golden turd.
    Don’t forget that Scomo loves the land of the great Golden turd; he loves the Biden family like they were his very own kin?

  3. Andrew J. Smith

    Williambtm: ‘Don’t forget that Scomo loves the land of the great Golden turd; he loves the Biden family like they were his very own kin?’

    What does that mean with a ‘reboot’ of the Biden Jnr. conspiracy promoted by Trumpers, alt right et al.?

    Short memories….

  4. calculus witherspoon.

    This hurts (still laughing). Exquisite.

    I almost wish the election would last longer.


  5. Harry Lime

    We’ve seen this movie before,except the lead actor is worse than he was in the original.Having the movie run for a six week season might have seemed a good idea in light of the shit polling,but it also allows more time for the formerly uninterested audience to pick up on just how dishonest and treacherous Clark Gable Morrison actually is.The supporting actor,and nominal adversary Charles Bronson Albanese, might have tripped at the first hurdle,but at this early stage doesn’t seem to be mortally wounded,if the movie critics can just move past the first scene and focus on the frightful acting of the lying chameleon,not to mention the trail of destruction that has dogged him throughout his orchestrated and vicious rise to self regarded stardom.
    All is not lost,and the Fat Lady is yet to sing.
    P.S. Even Pegory Greck,that most wooden of actors eventually done good,and J.Arthur Murdoch hasn’t always backed winners.

  6. calculus witherspoon.

    Bring back Edna Everage, Harry Lime!!

  7. wam

    haha rossleigh, what a great read you have chopped up an ear or two with ‘wining’. That has been ports alternative to winning? The ABC has become ‘sloping/slopping’ since O’Brien beginning with uhlmann ring the rabbott for permission to join 7:30 report and sales technic of have you stopped drinking and beating your spouse when talking to labor versus would you like me to nod whilst you talk, Mrabbott? She has been consistent with this approach and has infected so much of the ABC tv and radio that classic radio is the only channel free from lnp bias. ps. Like your little reference to xxxxxs. pps I am dreading 0/5

  8. Williambtm

    Andrew J Smith, why else would Australia switch the Submarine contract from France to the USA? Money up for grabs $90 Billion.
    The USA requested a new lengthy heavy-duty landing field in the Northern Territory. Add $16 Billion.

    The recent purchase of Abraham’s tank spares.
    Add $3.5 Billion.
    Two new Submarine bases to be constructed for our mythological US Nuclear Subs, the cost of an East Coast sub base
    alone. Add $10 Billion plus.
    Then there’s talk about a base on the West coast of Australia Add another $10 Billion plus

    Anybody know the cost of the Lib/Nat Howard ordered 72 F-35 Stealth Strike Fighters we in Australia are still Add $7.2 Billion plus
    waiting for the completion of delivery

    Then there was the annual R& D deal for Australia’s input into that had been attached by Lockheed Martin, but
    at aa cost of $300 million dollars per annum X times ten years… Add another $3 Billion dollars

    Anybody know the true cost of a delivered F-35 state of the art neww stealth fighter jet? Each were known to be
    over a $100 million dollars each.
    Add anoher 7.2 Billion dollars.
    How about all the Australian dollar subsidies to pay for the USA to set up new manufacturing premises
    in Australia? Add another 25 Billion dollars.

    The list still goes on. So far we have a list of a minimum of $156.9 Billion dollars, how much of that money had purchased non-delivered
    goods to Australia? How much of that money has been paid for “so many birds in the bush” products?

    Now we must look at the tax avoidance schemes acceptable to the US major corporations doing business in Australia?
    MichaelWestBiz Media could provide a fairly accurate estimate of the costs to Australia’s annual revenues.
    It happens to run way over a 100 Billion dollars annually.

    Meanwhile, have a read about this Lib/Nat party mindless undertaking just above goes to show how stupid the the northern based
    Lib/Nat party were, Scomo would have done the same as minister Wayne Robb, if the USA would have let him get away with it?
    $504 million dollars for the NT government to piss up the wall, yet the NT government up there there are still broke?

    How about the unknown figures of the cost to permit the US military to do as they want in our vulnerable Northern-most State Territory?

    Andrew J Smith, perhaps you can make sense of this pdf link to Defense budget allocations?

    This reply will have to do you unless you want to hear the latest on the US treasons created by themselves to fuch over the US taxpaying people.

    Here is a link to a US lawyer report.

    Tell me Mr Andrew J Smith, do you still doubt the integrity of the USA and the benefits it fails to provide to Australia or even each other country in our world?

    Lastly, take into account the eagerness of Scomo and co to sign up to the new AUKUS military alliance.

  9. The AIM Network


    Our apologies for your comment getting caught in moderation. Annoyingly, the system often does that to comments containing a number of links.

  10. Kathryn

    The one thing the self-serving, smug LNP are (understandably) terrified of is an independent ICAC …. Why? Because they are up to their rorting, entitled necks in lies, relentless and increasing levels of self-serving corruption, born-to-rule entitlement and a staggering level of repugnant, bible-thumping hypocrisy to be absolutely nauseating!

    The fact is that in our political history, there has NEVER EVER been a regime as ruthlessly self-serving, callously inhumane and totally corrupt as the despicable, sanctimonious, relentlessly entitled political parasites in the John Howard, Tony Abbott and Sloth Morrison ranks of the LNP – truly the absolute WORST, most callous and unspeakably entitled grubs in living memory!

    The list of their corruption over the last seven years can be viewed by clicking on the link below – it makes disturbing reading especially when one considers that so many Murdoch-manipulated Australian fools will go on and on voting for them DESPITE their appalling level of criminal malfeasance!

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to outline the long, ever-growing list of appalling corruption, inhumanity and downright nastiness committed by the LNP – going back decades to that vile little war monger, John Howard right up the current “two-thumbs-up” BOGAN and sanctimonious Hillsong cultist, the bone-idle bible-thumping hypocrite: Sloth Morrison – a man who, despite being the fifth highest paid politician in the western world, has managed to hide away in Hawaii, run away from EVERY disaster (fire or flood) that has befallen our nation; miraculously disappear at the first sign of trouble and/or delegate 90% of his job to some hapless, equally incompetent lacklustre intellectual midget in his appalling cabinet!

    It comes as NO SURPRISE that even the internationally respected IMF (International Monetary Fund) described the LNP regime (particularly when led by the incompetent war mongers in the Howard/Costello regime) as the worst in Australian history. However, there can be NO DOUBT that the disastrous Abbott and Morrison regimes that followed took our nation to new obscene depths of mismanagement, waste and political corruption!

  11. Kathryn

    Andrew J Smith, you couldn’t be further from the truth if you tried! Morrison has absolutely NOTHING in common with Biden or the Democrats! Morrison is widely known to be a rigidly avid, dumbed down Trump supporter. The LNP have far, far more in common with the gun-toting, racist, red-necks in the Republican movement than they EVER have with the Democrats!

  12. Michael Taylor

    Kathryn, I see another article in that. 😀

  13. Williambtm

    Andrew J Smith,

    tis all to do with the easy capture of today’s Lib/Nat party rolling over to the tyrannous US of A Defense Department grasp over Australia’s annualised Defense Budget.
    The US arms and Weapons manufacturers intent to provide Australia’s government with what they had decided in the way of weaponry for Australia.

    Then the insider knowledge of how deep is the desire of the US to rule their hegemony in which they pledge themselves to rule over the entire world.

    Notwithstanding the US of A planned rearming of Australia, will cost Australia its many 100s of Billions in annual revenues to achieve.

    Immediately suspect should be the US of A due delivery dates, they are not known for the truth of their claimed delivery dates.

    Traitor Howard ordered Australia’s F-35s, these having been promised available shortly after 2006 or thereabouts, yet here we are still waiting to receive our full order of 72 X F-35s.

    To still be waiting to receive the full order of F-35 Aircraft (some 20 years since its design inception) is a pain in the arse for Australia.
    Howabout Lockheed Martin had recommended Australia to sell its F-18s on the cheap to Canada, despite the Yanks themselves still retaining their F-18 Squadrons.

    Attached to the F-35 purchase order was an agreement to pay $300 million dollars or more annually to Lockheed Martin, for Australia to participate in its R & D program ongoing during its manufacture.

    ($3 Billion pissed up the wall, (10 X 300 million dollars) or even more as the yanks would not listen to their little down-under Aussie Pacific island mates.

    Nevermind Australia being harrassed to join the evil US coalition of forces to commence their illegal war-mongering into the various countries chosen by the USA for their 1998 plotted Arab Spring campaign. Better if is described as all to the slaughter…this campaign had been launched immediately after the false flag 9/11 demolition event.
    Victim countries, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, then Iran.

    Or one excuse as had been overheard from George W, them Iraqi’s have gotten our oil. We want it back.

    The latest on the Hunter Biden laptop controversy is best explained by a patriotic person in the name of Levineper his very informative commentary as follows in the link below.

    Michael, sorry about all those links in my prior post, can 2 be accommodated per comment?

  14. wam

    Fabulous post, Williambtn,
    Any idea where such huge amounts of cash came from? Were they all raised in parliamentary vote?
    Michael is your young rabbottian’s opinion of the extremists, too casual to be published?

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