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Scott Morrison: Prime Minister of Australia and other bullshit

With conservative governments one only needs to leave one’s fingers off the keyboards for a day or two and the gloom of their governance seems to crush the validity of one’s thinking.

So with a bit of positive thinking I will try to put my slant on what has been taking place in the world around us.

In no particular order of course, just as they come to mind.

1 Morrison’s trip to the US of course heads the list and my first thought is why would he invite our Prime Minister and I can only conclude that amongst the world leaders he is the only one that match’s Donald’s propensity for untruth and the phoney side of life. What Donald calls fake.

He sat through a press conference with the President in the oval office listening to the craziest politician in the world ramble inane words of war and peace as though he were the self-elected arbitrator of all things good and bad.

2 I don’t think it unreasonable to ask, but the Dept of Home Affairs has refused to say just how many warrants police agencies have sought to investigate journalists, claiming to do so would be an “unreasonable diversion of resources”.

What a joke. Day by day our freedoms are being taken away.

3 The schools protest last Friday was a huge success and many other concerned citizens joined them. The ratbaggery of our nation said the usual disparaging things and made themselves look foolishly under educated in the process.

So here’s a shout out to the Magritte fan holding a placard with a picture of a hammer labelled; “this is not a drill”

“Heat Is Murder” is the second-best slogan I spotted

And a special sign at the rally read, “If you were doing your job, I would be at school.”

Young Greta Thunberg followed up on Monday with a passionate speech at the UN condoning world leader for their inaction.

At the same time 250 academics at Australian universities say the federal government’s inaction on the climate crisis requires civil disobedience in response and they feel a “moral duty” to rebel and “defend life itself”.

4 The Biloela Tamil family were given permission to stay until the final hearing of their deportation case. Fingers crossed for them. If Dutton and Morrison win it will only confirm the extent of their miserable cruelty.

5 There has been a lot of conjecture about those attending the White House state dinner and why Pastor Brian Houston was rejected. Well given that Mr. Houston, the founder of the Hillsong Church, was censured by the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse may yet face the courts, this isn’t surprising.

However, over and above this anomaly there is another of even greater importance. Here is a clue. If you were selecting a list to attend this function who do you think would represent Australia better than anyone else?

A colorless list

Kerry Stokes

Andrew “Twiggy’’ Forrest

Anthony Pratt

Gina Rinehart

Rupert Murdoch

Lachlan Murdoch

Greg Norman

Nicole Kidman

Andy Penn

Shemara Wikramanayake (Macq. Group)

Mark Vassella (Bluescope)

Andy Thomas (Astronaut)

6 A $3.5B under-spend in the NDIS budget to aid placing the national budget in surplus is an immoral unjust imposition on those in need of life improving assistance.

Again, it is only to improve the government’s economic image in the electorate. 3.5 billion is a hell of a lot of money. The Minister would have known about the underspend for some time in order to work on his own budget.

Sad as it is this is pure government propaganda of the worst kind and yet again proves that they are not the best managers of our money. The best manipulators of it but certainly not the best managers.

They never will be until they understand that economics and society are interwoven.

One cannot exist without the other. We don’t have a government at the moment. We have a bunch of individuals hell-bent on the retention of power above all else and will do things like the aforementioned, or worse, to stay in power.

Any surplus comes on the back of a lot of hardship and sleight of hand economics.

7 This was sent to me by a Facebook friend:

Living in rural NSW, Northern Rivers, where politics is substantive only as action – we rarely take notice of Canberra and Sydney wafflers, who do little to nothing for us, and what little they do is often destructive.

Our northern rivers are nearly dry and the air is heavy with a deep haze of smoke.

The crisis we face is far reaching. There are mass fish kills along the Darling River, Dubbo, is running out of water, inflows into the Macquarie River are at an historic low, the huge Burrendong dam on the Macquarie is nearly empty, Nyngan in rich red soil country has had no rain since 2016, the country on the way to Bourke is turning into desert, Girilambone is dying, Warwick and Stanthorpe in Queensland have had no rain for month upon month and might run out of water completely, Stanthorpe deep in drought will need to truck in drinking water, towns in Queensland’s Southern Downs and Granite Belt are deep in drought … city dwellers have no idea how devastating climate change is to our fragile country and to the people who struggle to live thereon.

While outback fire fighters are fighting to contain 70 or more fires our politicians are squabbling and the media is gossiping – I wonder how they would react if the water out of their tap was mud brown and stank of things rotting. How would city folk enjoy living in country ruined by cotton, farming, coal seam gas and mining?

Politics is substantive as an action that is helping kill Australia. Not only is Australia suffering its worst drought ever, there is the additional fact that Australians are systematically trashing what remains of the fragile natural environment. Heavy clouds of smoke that I see from my study window are testament to that.

8 Now who would have thought that the Prime Minister of Australia and leader of the Liberal Party would suggest that the Labor Party was racist because it dared to question the credibility of a Chinese member of the House of Representatives?

In Question Time in an answer to a question from Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus he doubled down on his accusation making it blatantly clear that Labor was engaged in the character assassination of MP Gladys Liu.

I would have thought that the PM should be taking these matters more seriously.

However, the absurdity of this Christian Prime Minister is that he is making a fool of himself in making such a claim.

There is much water yet to run under the China Bridge so the Prime Minister should temper his reactions with an understanding that it is legitimate to ask questions. Many of them.

The integrity of many people is at stake here.

9 This song from Les Misérables keeps repeating in my ears

♫ Do you hear the people sing,

singing a song of angry men

It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again,

When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums

There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes. ♫

10 Why would you front the Government Senate Enquiry into domestic violence when one of the co chairs, Pauline Hanson, has prejudged you to be a liar?

We have had many deeply flawed people in our parliament over the decades but none more so than her.

Like everything else this government touches it is filled with political advantage regardless of the ethics.

This time it is to gain the vote of Pauline Hanson in the Senate. The most recent valuable enquiry on the subject is lying in a drawer somewhere with the words “look at me” emblazoned on the front page.

The deeply religious deeply conservative deeply excruciating Kevin Andrews and the deeply preposterous Pauline Hanson are to co chair the enquiry. Think deeply about that.

11 In an open letter, professors, researchers and lecturers from more than a dozen institutions have declared support for the Extinction Rebellion movement and its global week of non-violent civil disobedience in October.

12 The government appointed Barnaby Joyce its special drought envoy, yet he failed to write a report. Said he was busy cleaning up his act for the next series of Australia’s got talent.

My thought for the day

In terms of social activism, the word wait should never mean never.

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  1. Dora Jahnes

    Thanks again John, reality is depressing.The hardest part is accepting that 50% of Australians & Americans voted for these dumb nuts.

  2. josephus

    Someone recently argued that global warming was the result of sun activity so anthropogenic claims were some conspiracy. If the trollish view were true why would the scientists lie? further , if so still adding to emissions, destroying trees etc would still be mortal vandalism. I recall my mature student from the Maldives weeping as he told the class about his sinking island.
    Our pm et Al are clownish criminals and Labor needs to throw op the reactionary unions and speak for life, water and the future.

  3. John Lord

    Sorry Dora but it is what it is.

  4. Ross Barrell

    “12 The government appointed Barnaby Joyce its special drought envoy, yet he failed to write a report. Said he was busy cleaning up his act for the next series of Australia’s got talent.”

    Um… he did, John. He said he sent his reports to our PM in text messages. From his smartphone, he did. Heavens! if Behrouz Boochani can write a whole book using his mobile phone and win prizes for it, surely our poor beleaguered, highly paid drought envoy Bananaby Beetrooter could be cut a little slack. He should be rewarded with another envoyship — maybe special envoy for disloyalty or unfaithfulness. How’d that go down?

  5. Lantanaman

    Fools attract fools, Donald Trump, friendless among respected national leaders, has latched on to our version, our clone of potus, it would feed the ego of Scomo to be befriended by Trump, singled out with flattering description not offered to other leaders he has offended. Scomo would be on cloud nine, delusions of self importance blind to the real reason Trump is so generous in his praise. There may have been a state dinner for the Antipodean leader, there is no free lunch, Trump will expect a quid pro quo. This is reminiscint of a former leader, lost in the waves off Portsea long ago, Harold Holt, couldn’t praise Lyndon B Johnson enough, “all the way with LBJ”, The pair had a mutual admiration society just between them.
    One would hope that Scomo, might awake from his slumber and realize how foolish he has been, allowing himself to be seduced by a master conman. The state visit to the US may have seemed dreamy delicious, dreams seem to make perfect sense while they happen, it is only on awakening that they appear nonsensical absurd.
    Scomo’s fantasy land is soon to become reality land when his RAAF VIP jet returns to his Canberra bubble.

  6. johno

    While scomo slumbers heavily after the hearty state dinner, donald sneaks in and steals precious.

  7. Kathryn

    It is very unfortunate that the moment some farmers experience hardship, they immediately start attacking people who live in the cities. The letter from your facebook friend in rural NSW (Northern Rivers) is a prime example! What he seems to forget is that the overwhelming majority of people in northern NSW voted for the worst environmental vandal, Barnyard Joyce, this country has ever seen. I for one have NEVER been stupid enough to vote for the self-serving, totally corrupt, climate-change-denying fascists in the LNP and never will. I live in Sydney but have been one of the first (of countless thousands of urban dwellers in Sydney and Melbourne) to donate to causes that assisted our farmers in remote areas of the country, eg going back to Cyclone Tracy when Sydneysiders donated millions of dollars and ongoing funds for drought and flood relief.

    The following quote from the above letter: ” … city dwellers have no idea how devastating climate change is to our fragile country and to the people who struggle to live thereon” is absolutely untrue and rather offensive. City people DO have a very good idea of the devastating impact of climate change and the MASSIVE support shown at the recent protest march (attended by hundreds of thousands of school students, teachers and residents of the cities) are testament to that. I understand that farmers and country folk are feeling desperate and rejected, but STOP blaming people in the cities – it is unfair. Best thing they can do is to STOP voting for the do-nothing, coal-loving National Party or the arrogant, racist independents (like Pauline Hanson) and start voting for a government that actually RECOGNISES climate change, eg the Greens or the ALP.

    The supremely smug, jet-setting, Trump-supporting MorriScum is the worst offender. Who can EVER forget how this dumbed down fool carried in a piece of coal into parliament house like it was a nugget of gold? Yet, so many people in northern and outback NSW, and Queensland just keep on and on voting for a government (the LNP) who have NEVER – and will NEVER – have the best interests of farmers or country people at heart! The ONLY people the parasitic neoliberals in the worst government in our history EVER support or care about are the rapacious Top 1% and the corporate predators representing billionaire foreign-owned multinational corporations who seek to rape and pillage our nation into oblivion! The climate-change-denying elitists in the IPA (people like the non-taxpaying Gina Rinehart, Twiggy Forrest (and just about every bastard named in John Lord’s list above), are all signed-up self-serving billionaires in the undemocratic and very dangerous LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance.

    To the farmer who wrote the letter above please note: City people are NOT your enemy – they have been the ones to provide HUGE financial and moral support in the past! STOP blaming city dwellers and focus your despair and frustration on the LNP and those grubby, non-achieving independents in the Senate who do absolutely ZERO to support ANYONE! STOP voting for environmental vandals like the serial drunk, Barnyard Joyce.

    Climate change is impacting on EVERYONE’S lives and what happens to our sisters and brothers in the country DOES disturb, worry and affects the lives of us all. Country people may feel isolated but city people can do a lot to support them, eg taking their holidays in country towns, staying on working farms etc in order to support country people financially. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch our beautiful country being swallowed up by prolonged drought, escalating fires and floods whilst our pathetic, non-achieving, overpaid PM struts on the world stage playing his repugnant role as a salivating, fawning, obsequious lapdog to the worst president in American history! Morriscum is so stupid, he doesn’t even realise that the ONLY reason why Trump is feeding his ego is because he wants MORE cannon fodder for any war he may propose with Iran! How far our country has fallen since the most stupid, misinformed people in the nation decided to re-elect the worst, most unspeakably depraved government in living memory! The Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Circus have taken front row seats and, like Nero, are watching our country burn!

  8. whatever

    Be prepared for a tidal wave of bullshit as the Nationals expand the “Drought” hysteria to incorporate Bradfield Plan idiocy involving pipes and dams that actually only service the mining and cotton behemoths.

  9. Keitha Granville

    Yes Kathryn, I am always offended that farmers seem to blame the city for not noticing them. (I actually live in the country so I am acutely aware of the effects of drought) . As you say, city folk are the ones opening their wallets to support hay drives, not the government, and these same farmers keep on voting for the muppets in power who do everything they can to destroy them. It defies logic.

  10. johno

    Kathryn, I have lived in cities and the country. I actually found it easier living low carbon in the city. Walking, bicycle and pubic transport all within easy reach. Living in the country my footprint is way higher but the upside is I have more room in the country to plant trees.

  11. wam

    What a great giggle one has given one today, lord.
    Plenty of colorless(sic) american action to double down(Australians used to use double up) on the chinese and the usual climate change being blamed for the farmer’s woes.
    Us city kids probably attribute tangible factors, like water stealing, hoarding in private dams, open irrigation channels and evaporation, as the causes but climate change will suffice. Loved your aside about thunberg’s ‘condoning’ the climate change action of scummo, trump et al.
    An old cynic could see a representative of the billion white christians, who got rich on fossil fuels and exploitation of colonies, denying the rest of the world the opportunity to get rich whilst keeping the oil for themselves.

    One wonders how many tamil sri lankans, without the cash to travel the 7000kms to Australia, are being repatriated from india? But, one is often hearing that effort and wealth equate with having a go and need rewarding.
    Albo would do better attacking scummo through shonkies like gladys?
    How thought provoking as I have always used never in the past tense of 6 years never hearing, seeing or remembering shorten with the personality to lead the country.
    ps thanks bobby for 9 years of no action and for scummo.
    ps Kathryn,
    I finished building my house on dec22 1974 and am ever grateful for the generosity of southerners

  12. Kerri

    The President of the US is about to be impeached.
    The UK PM has carried out an illegal act in pro-rogue ink the parliament to save his neck.
    Do we honestly believe our PM is squeaky clean??
    He now claims concern for the increased anxiety talk of climate inaction to young children!!!
    Watch him use this tactic to shut down any discussion of climate change.
    He will feel honour bound to protect our youth from such lies as climate change.

  13. John Townsend

    Go on, keep throwing your mud at a 16 year old girl who has shown more gumption than anybody in the collective western goverments in a long time. There is a fury building and if you are some old offensive misogynist dinosaur climate denying bastard (too many to list but Andrew Bolt comes to mind), then look out. This collective fury will coming your way. Forget the culture war, religious wars, it is starting to look like there are going to be two sides (climate change deniers and their collection of fossil fuel friends) and the rest. One way or another, the world will take action on climate change even it takes a giant bulldozer to clean house first.

  14. Vikingduk

    Yes, look at what this passionate, dedicated and committed young lady has achieved. From an individual action a section of this planet’s population respond. Millions march and the conversation becomes more urgent. To be ruled by these traitorous scum sickens me. We will reach the tipping point quite soon, given our current trajectory, then what? Do we then apologise to the young, admit that we valued greed over sustainability. Enough.

    Thanks, Katherine, bloody well said.

  15. David Bruce

    China has threatened to stop supplying Rare Earth Elements to USA and Trump is looking to Australia as an alternative supplier. Does anyone understand what that means?

  16. Max Gross

    We are betrayed by those in power, The day has come when law-abiding citizens must break laws to ensure a liveable future for their children

  17. Aortic

    I agree Max. This hollow bastard is now blaming the media for misinterpreting his comments to the UN on Australia’s efforts to combat climate change. The trouble with these happy clapper clowns is that they believe, whatever happens, they will end up in paradise, regardless of their spineless ineptitude here on earth. I am an immigrant, of the early sixties, and love my adopted country dearly, and it grieves my heart greatly to watch it dissolve into despotism because of tha actions of an evangelical bullshit artist and his band of mainly Catholic conservative acolytes. Separation of church and state, yeah right. Vive la revolution!

  18. Perking Warthog

    In the North of England, a ‘trump’ is a small explosion, not always loud – sometimes it seeps – emanating from an anus.
    So…Scott Morrison therefore spent the last couple of weeks kissing the arse of a man called FART…
    Quite appropriate, really. Some of us think Morrison is a load of shit.

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