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Scott Morrison is dangerous

Scott Morrison is dangerous because he is driven by a fantastically flawed personality, mixed with a deranged political ideology, with the added bonus of crazy end-of-times religious lunacy.

In Australia we presume the good faith of our political leaders. It has held to be true for over a century, but Morrison has picked up certain traits from his role models overseas, which are foreign to us.

The predominant trait I speak of is shamelessness, and an ability to instantly forget anything politically adverse; to instantly move on, in the naïve belief that we have no memories.

We have always looked at the authoritarian leaders of other countries as a strange breed, which would struggle in the Australian environment.

We characterise the victims of such leaders as strangely passive, helpless in the face of ruthless ambition, and though we pity their fate, we know it could never happen here.

We have deluded ourselves into believing that we are a nation of freedom-loving, individualistic larrikins, unable to be cowed into submission.

The perfect storm is here, and we should be on our guard. We should have noticed the changes to the political environment brought on by the never-ending pandemic, where in Australia we arguably gave up many of our rights, in the cause of public health.

There was a pay-off, which included a very low death rate, and pandemic financial support. Many of us thought that Morrison had grown into the role of leader. Of course Genghis Khan would have looked good when compared to some of the overseas leaders in power back in 2020. Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson were so hopeless that they made even Morrison look good.

It is impossible to detect a precise moment when Morrison abandoned Australians, and any semblance of answering to ‘the people’. He lives in a parallel universe, where he is, in his own mind, on a mission from his god, to lead Australia until the ‘end times’.

We can all see the results. The death toll throughout the chaos of the Omicron variant was suddenly unimportant. Morrison and his faceless minions in cabinet pushed the fiction that hospitalisations were more important than deaths, which is like something out of George Orwell’s 1984. Reminder to all: When death occurs, the health system is irrelevant. Untimely deaths are the absolute failure of public health.

We then had the farce of debating whether people who died did so from Covid-19, or with it. Ageing white men are familiar with the analogy – it relates to prostate cancer. The only problem is that Covid-19 is a novel, preventable way to die, and semantics merely indicates an empathy failure. This government minimises it, or parses the cause of death.

That was a pivotal moment in Australia, when we discovered that the Morrison Government had decided the pursuit of economic recovery was more important than the public’s health.

Shamefully, the premiers followed suit. They enabled his sociopathic path out of the pandemic. Morrison threw the dice, betting that the election would be held before the results of his negligence became evident. The mainstream media was complicit.

Many Australians believed them when they said it was now no more dangerous than the seasonal flu. Well, look around you. Over a half million active cases. If you read figures better than words, that is 500,000+ active cases, with a death count of over 6,000 and rising.

Recent elections in Hungary have shown us how a persistent and underhanded campaign can undermine democracy. Viktor Orban has allies in almost complete control of the media. He has a security apparatus which is reminiscent of Putin’s in Russia.

In Australia we have the shameful and sycophantic Murdoch Media, 7 West Media, and 9 Entertainment Media. Social media such as Twitter, and the ‘ratbag independent media’ are the only outlets which dare to criticise Morrison and his government.

There is a groundswell of raw visceral loathing for Scott Morrison, but no-one dares to write him off yet. That is because he was able to pull off the 2019 ‘miracle win’.

This time around, his numbers are even worse than in 2019; many of his troops are accused of vile behaviour, many from his own party are either deserting the ship, or are voicing their resentment against his “egotism and bullying nature”.

He has just announced another round of appointments, to mates of the government, for six years, no less, to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), a sore point from 2019. But can it be seen as hubris, to do it so boldly, again, on the eve of an election campaign his party is expected to lose?

It seems every day we are privy to more shameful and embarrassing failures of public administration by this government. The latest is an expose which refers to three parliamentarians having been investigated, by the Australian Federal Police, for meeting in the Parliament House Prayer Room, with sex-workers, for sexual purposes.

The questions raised by this episode includes the time, the place, the age of the sex-workers, their safety, the slackness of the security, the national security aspects, the possibility of blackmail, the moral dimension of using taxpayers’ funds, or at best the tax-payers’ funds used to pay them for having sex at work.

This appears to have occurred in our national showpiece, the new(ish) and grandiose Parliament House. If true, it points to the moral bankruptcy of the current government, and the steady decline of standards since Mr Morrison became Prime Minister.

Mr Morrison is expected to call the election inside a week. Expect lots of rorting, no accountability, and no peace.

Mark Buckley is a writer based in regional Victoria. He has a particular interest in politics, history and ethics in public life. He blogs at www.askbucko.com.




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  1. Terence Mills

    This annoying man is out there campaigning for all he’s worth and when the journalists ask him when he will call an election [and officially start the campaign] he goes all coy.

    It now seems that he will string it out while he continues to make bold announcements like these hypersonic missiles and AUKUS while he continues to parachute his supporters into the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). There are more that two hundred people on the AAT ; if you have the time you can count them : https://www.transparency.gov.au/annual-reports/administrative-appeals-tribunal/reporting-year/2019-20-59

    Disgusting man !

  2. Harry Lime

    The toxic Liar is flat out poisoning the well for the incoming Labor/Independent/Greens government,which ,given that we now have a mountain of evidence to support,is how this hateful piece of shit has always operated.For an incoming government to operate in the interests of all citizens with a free and fair hand,the market stalls of the corporate synagogue will have to be upended.The stench created by Morrison will pervade this country for years.Will our new government rise to this daunting challenge,or will they wilt under the load?

  3. Deidre

    Morrison was warned by a group of ex CSIRO scientists, in Nov 2019 about covid19 spreading from China to Australia, and how to stop it coming here.
    Morrison said he wasn’t interested.
    The Qld Premier asked him repeatedly to call a COAG meeting to plan for it.
    He refused repeatedly, so the state Premiers all met without Morrison and planned how to keep us safe.
    Morrison wanted covid to run through Australia as it did in the USA and UK. He didn’t care how many died.

  4. Albos Elbow

    Saint Gladys the Unholy Virgin, described him as “a horrible, horrible person I do not trust, more concerned with politics than people, a fraud and ‘a complete psycho’ “.

    Even God won’t answer his calls any more.

  5. pierre wilkinson

    if there was ever a reason we desperately need an ICAC federally, it is this government

  6. Phil Pryor

    Pox, plague, pestilence, putridity, pustularity.., there’s the P in his P M. Add to that mendacious, misfit, mongrel, malodorous, merdacious, even murderous as results of his utter laziness and inability.., so there is our P M, the Piggery manager of a large sty of unwashed, untalented inmates. Would you buy a sausage sandwich assembled off, say, B Joyce, the bladder bulger??

  7. Deidre

    Hunt and Morrison were warned about Coronovirus in late November 2019 and did nothing about it.
    Sent by Narelle Ford on March 11
    2020, on behalf of the Bulletin, to Facebook.
    Her letter is available online.

  8. GL

    He literally sees himself being leader and PM for years to come either by hook or by crook and the thought of becoming a fart in a cyclone terrifies him. Going back to being a whining little nothing, most likely on the back bench, is something he can’t face. If, and that’s a big if, they lose at the election I won’t be surprised in the least if he quits because he knows what he helped to do to the mad monk and then Turnbull is going to happen to him and his ego could not stand that sort of blow so he’ll run away as fast as his flabby legs can carry him.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Canguro, we pay for the licence to use Alan’s cartoons, which he sends to us on a daily basis. I like to use them were I can.

  10. New England Cocky

    We can solve this unfortunate dilemma for Australian citizens by:
    1) Vote anyone but Liarbrals, One Nation or UAP in city electorates
    Vote credible local INDEPENDENT or SFF in country electorates and
    ALWAYS VOTE BELOW THE LINE NUMBERING EACH CANDIDATE IN MY PERSONAL ORDER OF PREFERENCE ensuring that the highest numbers are against COALition candidates;
    then we make have a chance to save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  11. Harry Lime

    It’s all going to shit for Morrison.Three things may now happen:He goes for the half Senate election,putting off the HOR election until September.(coward’s move),he resigns to spend more time with Jen and the kids,he gets the rug pulled out by his own party,and is replaced by a patsy.
    Or maybe he just calls the election and hopes for another ‘miracle’..which means we’ll be swamped with a tidal wave of bullshit.Looking good.

  12. Paul Davis

    Excellent article Mark. As we all know (heck i sound like Scooter) the elephant in the room, the catalyst for this awful situation, is the demon Rupert Murdoch, who as prime mover among the elite ownership of the “Liberal” Party has allowed this monster to thrive. Their last three captains picks for PM, from thuggish silverback Tamba Tony to flimsy waffling Malcom Truffles to psychopathic Billy Liar Walter Mitty Morrison have totally trashed the brand, where does this leave their dreams of modern feudalism? Will the elite lick their wounds in opposition, infuse new young IPA graduate blood and come out swinging in ’25? Or was the young demon Lachlan’s call to action – the Australian Way of Life – herald the phoenixing of a brand spanking new political movement from the cold ashes of a dead and cremated failure.

  13. Canguro

    It’s finally dawned on me (slow learner) what Scummo’s on about with all his work-experience efforts… he knows he’s done & dusted, yesterday’s man, so his continuous parade of ‘look at me in hi-vis, behind the wheel, in the cockpit, up in the tank’s conning tower, with a welding stick, on the forklift, behind the hair salon wash basin, in the kitchen, in the backyard building a chook pen while holding a drill with nails in my mouth, at the footy, in the pub’ is so desperately all about please, please, won’t somebody help me…

    He got thoroughly roasted by a seriously pissed-off pensioner last night in Newcastle, so what did he do? Slipped behind the bar for a photo-op, pulling beers. Can’t help himself.


    [and, if anyone would be kind enough to post a small tutorial on how to embed a linked image, would be much appreciated. I tried earlier, a couple of different versions of HTML image embed code, neither of them worked. Thanks]

  14. GL


    My favourite part of an article (https://www.news.com.au/national/politics/wild-moment-scott-morrison-is-confronted-by-locals-at-edgeworth-tavern/news-story/0c289dff65fe5a2a8ca597ebab0ddeae) was the selfie with the added: “However, as Mr Morrison looks towards the camera, she tells him: “Congratulations on being the worst prime minister we’ve ever had.”” That piece was not mentioned at all in the ABC article. Odd that.

    On the man that had a few words to say to Scummo: “”He wasn’t asked to leave or anything like that,” Mr Morrison said.” sayeth lying bullshit boy.

    On news.com: “The man was later seen being escorted from the venue.”

    This time I believe Rupert and not the ABC.

  15. Ai Khan Singh

    Where Bob Brown when Scummo needs him? Like, REALLY REALLY needs him?

  16. Jack Cade

    I have just watched the clip where Morrison was bearded in the Newcastle pub. He was patently not listening to the man, his smirk barely wavering, but he was – unfortunately for him being recorded by the arseholes upon whom we rely for ‘news.’ They or their string-pullers want him gone; otherwise they would not have released the vision in case the AFP were sicc’d on them.
    He is a despicable creature, but the rats now coming out of the nest to denounce him knew all along how repulsive he is; now that his looming demise might take them with him, they have developed an unfamiliar morality.
    It doesn’t suit them.
    By the way, the ABC played an interview with the late Malcolm Fraser this morning – he sounded like a socialist. That’s how far the Liberals have sunk.

  17. Canguro

    Lorraine Finlay may well be a perfectly normal functioning person in all areas; not casting nasturtiums in respect of the current government’s selection of her as the HRC, but looking at the photo in the article linked above pushes my sceptic buttons… always a little uncomfortable with people who feel as if they have to adorn their walls with plaques and references to their various credits in life; Dr. of this, Professor of that, Expert in something else, Uniquely Qualified as a doodad untangler and so on… it kind of creeps me out.

    Smacks of a lack of confidence and a need to proclaim oneself out loud.

  18. Consume Less

    Scotty will have to get Jen to sew knee patches on his pants. Scotty must be on praying overdrive.

  19. New England Cocky

    ”Mr Morrison is expected to call the election inside a week. Expect lots of rorting, no accountability, and no peace.”

    Removing the disgusting misgovernment of spivs, shysters & sel-serving anuses requires ALL AUSTRALIANS to:
    1) Vote anyone but Liarbrals, One Notion or AUP in city electorates;
    2) Vote local credible INDEPENDENT or SFF in country electorates, and most importantly,
    3) Vote BELOW THE LINE for each and every candidate in your personal order of preference, giving current COALition politicians the highest numbers, and maybe
    we can save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  20. GL

    I wonder what the odds are on Rupert announcing the election date before any of the other media outlets.

  21. Canguro

    Slightly OT, but another shit for brains politician gets egged and threatens to bring in the police, Laurer Norder being what you need when the anarchists are let loose within the public space. Unwelcome opinions are not the right of all, ya know, only those with the seeming profile and public face who deem themselves worthy to thrust their bile onto all & sundry.

    Craig ‘Invermectin’ Kelly, the obscenely obese slough at the trough turncoat, a ‘Captain’s Pick’ guaranteed an LNP seat by the brilliant political brain and will of ‘El Capitán’, soon to be yesterday’s man, Scummo the Magnifico, who then fingered his boss with the single-digit salute to join the ranks of another obscenely obese would be political mover & shaker, Clive ‘Dinosaur Park’ Palmer, he of the ill-begotten riches captured at the expense of legions of retrenched workers at Queensland Nickel, and now spending those illicit dollars on a futile advertising campaign aimed at usurping conventional political process in the pursuit of god knows what but basically stated as ‘anything but conventional politics, and down with the LNP, the ALP, the Greens & the Independents’.

    Invermectin Kelly, now thankfully banned from Zuckerberg’s moshpit, joins another infamous dickhead and all-round piece of nastiness, Fraser Anning, as the two pieces of merde to have deservedly received a chooky goog to the noggin (egg-nog, anyone?); thus, hopefully, setting in play a trend towards further exemplary examples of citizen justice for the frustrations of seeing these fools and charlatans at play in the public arena, snouts firmly in the trough and the single digit raised in contemptuous salute to the electorates at large.

  22. Kathryn

    Indeed, Morrison, is mad, bad and VERY dangerous! Nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – kind, compassionate, foresightful, honest, sincere or intelligent has EVER been sourced from the unspeakably corrupt, lying, bible-thumping hypocrite and two-thumbs-up BOGAN, the bone-idle Sloth Morrison! This is a fake, power-obsessed megalomaniacal narcissist who is internationally regarded as a recidivist PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! Even the French President, Emmanuel Macron, recognised what a disingenuous phony Morrison is – when asked if he thought Morrison was a liar, Macron astutely replied: “I don’t think, I KNOW!” ….. Hmmmm, an opinion that is also widely acknowledged and agreed upon by most intelligent, insightful Australians who can spot a despicable FAKE from 20 kms away! We all knew Phony Abbott was as fake as a $3 note but Morrison is not only fake, he is a callous, self-serving sociopath!

    Anyone with an IQ >10 can see that this appalling ruthlessly ambitious political parasite (Morrison) is about as shallow as a carpark puddle; as compassionate as a starving crocodile and as “loose with the truth” as Morrison’s notorious hero, Donald Trump, on Trump’s WORST day! History has proven that everything about Morrison – past and present – is fake; everything about him is a lie but what is even worse is that Morrison continually tries to hide his unspeakable level of corruption, inhumanity and treachery behind a nauseating level of bible-thumping hypocrisy!

    Morrison ticks EVERY box as a backstabbing, lying, conniving political psychopath. One does not need to search back too far in his political history to see how treacherous he is! The story of his appalling betrayal of Michael Towke (click on link below this paragraph) gives one an insight into Morrison’s devious, despicably malignant, lack of character. If that wasn’t enough, Morrison went on betraying and backstabbing other colleagues including Malcolm Turnbull! Who can forget how the treacherous Morrison placed his arm around Turnbull’s shoulders swearing support only to stick the knife in a few weeks later in order to usurp power! If the backstabbing liar can do this to his OWN colleagues, what chance do ordinary Australians have in trusting this appalling political psychopath?


    Even Morrison’s OWN colleagues despise him with Gladys Berejiklian (aptly) describing Morrison as a “horrible horrible” man, Barnaby Joyce stating that Morrison is “loose with the truth” and just about every colleague in his OWN cabinet and the LNP State cabinets describing him as a ruthless, backstabbing liar! Quite a worry when one realises that the people who supposedly know him the best haven’t got a good word to say about him, eh?


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