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Horrified to Learn Islam is a Religion, ScoMo Backtracks on Religious Discrimination Act


Upon being informed that ‘something called Islam’ is also a religion, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has decided to abandon the proposed Religious Discrimination Act ‘pending further review’

‘I had no idea that there were other religions’ Morrison told BS News

‘I mean – everyone believes in Jesus, right? He died for our sins, praise him’

‘I had never heard of this ‘Islam’ before, and I had no idea that it would be protected under our Christi – no – sorry – Religious Discrimination Act. This policy is now suspended pending further review


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  1. New England Cocky

    Ignorance thy name is Morriscum!!

    There are more practising Muslims in the world than practising Christians, and in Australia the observant ‘Christian believers’ have rarely exceeded 30% of the Australian population of the time, despite the alleged influence and interference of ‘Christian’ religious institutions in matters of state.

    Perhaps Morriscum could use Wikipedia to check out Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism as just a few of the religious philosophies that are real alternatives to happy clapping ‘Christianity only on Sundays’.

  2. Rosemary J36

    If only!

  3. pierre wilkinson

    Freedom of religion means
    “hey, that is against my religion so I can’t do that”
    “hey, that is against my religion so YOU can’t do that”
    about time these bigots realised that.

  4. Bronte ALLAN

    This lying toe rag of a supposed Prime Minister (sic), who really believes he is this supposed “god” believer, (WTF??) or “botherer”, really would believe this satire as the truth! As for any compassion or love or understanding for all the many hundreds of thousands of people who are not even really existing on the pittance they call “New Start” (sic),–so much for any “Christianity” (sic) this imbecile has! What with all the (supposed) “terrorists” he has incarcerated under inhuman conditions in all these bloody concentration camps his mob have set up, the less said the better. As for his “popularity”–according to Newspoll (?), who really knows or cares? The more I hear, read & try to understand of SloMo, the less I regard him as anything, certainly not a caring compassionate, (supposedly) religious person who really thinks he is running our country, or trying to! Another excellent AIMN writer, thank you Dr Jones!

  5. Kerri

    How deep does Morrison’s delusion go?
    He pretends to care about others “because of his faith” but treats any real “others” like crap.
    Does he think he is fooling us?
    Does he think he is fooling his god?
    (Which is quite justifiable when he doesn’t exist. You can just pretend he tells you do that.,)
    Or does he really believe his greedy “prosperity faith” justifies him vilifying and robbing “others” ?
    Does he really believe that while Jesus “died for our sins” that apparently doesn’t include “others”?
    And absolves the tithers and happy clappers and speakers of gobbledygook like Stuart Robert from ALL sin?
    If Morrison’s “god” tells him it’s OK to lock up refugees and take a pay rise whilst chasing others for money they don’t owe?
    (which is just another exercise in stealing from the poor and hoping they won’t fight back)
    Scummo is a schoolyard bully become a bullying head master, but for how long can he continue justifying his inept and clumsy cabinet ministers who daily seek to jump aboard the bad ship “prosperity faith” at least as far as the bank.
    Albo’s strategy to ignore Scott is the best political move in some time from the disappointing ALP.
    They need to push and push and push as many buttons as they can with this hypocrite until that simmering temper explodes in full public view.
    Apart from the nation wide mistreatments of our Indigenous Citizens, has there ever been a darker time in Australian history?

  6. Paul Davis

    Best chuckle of the day Dr Tim. Thank you.

  7. Aortic

    God to Peasant ” worship me and I’ll protect you.”

    Peasant ” protect me from what.”

    God ” the unspeakable things I will do to you, if you don’t.”

    I’m not worried that Jesus died for my sins, praise him as I have NEVER sinned in my life, according to me.

    I fully expect to be sainted when I get to Paradise ( Surfers that is.)

  8. Siegfried 6230

    Are, you, trying to tell us, that our “Wunderkind”, didn’t know, Islam is a Religion? Surely, even – he can’t, be that ignorant?

  9. Dr Tim Jones

    Siegfried this is satire – taking the piss out of our malevolent pseudo-leader

  10. Siegfried 6230

    Dr Tim Jones, No kidding – what’s wrong with, satire on satire? BS News, gave it away.

  11. Keitha Granville

    hahahaha – we all know that the bill is there to protect Christians. Priests, nuns, churches, children’s homes – all of whom have been found to be child abusers.

  12. Gregory Bradley

    The really funny thing about this post is that Muslims believe in Jesus too, the Quran refers to him as the Messiah, they just just don’t believe he was God.

  13. PeterF

    Morrison knows that there is only one religion: His.

    ( those who know they know ……..dont )

  14. Paul Davis

    He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool, avoid him….. old arabian saying.

    But is HolyMo really a fool or is he the most mendacious malevolent machiavellian menacing monstrosity to befoul the Strayan parliament?

  15. Peter

    And He is running our Country!!!


    ScuMo may have a small problem with s 116 of the Constitution. High Court has said that section also protects non believers from the prejudices of believers. Litigation minefield about to be opened up.

  17. Lantanaman

    God help this Country, which God, that we are led by this turkey. Please oh please can we swap this fool for a real states person, Jacinda Ardern.

    Hey Néw Zealand wanna swap?
    OK what about we take a sheep, you get “where the bloody hell are ya” Scomo, and we get one sheep? OK no sheep, you just take Scomo and Australia still wins.

  18. Alex Crunn

    The end is near…..Thank god!!!!

  19. Bruce White

    Aortic,yes,protection. Protection from what and protection from whom.The idea that the mafia had for protection money was like go away money. You pay us money and that will protect you from us beating you up.You pay us go away money and we will not hang around and want things from you.Except when we return again.

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