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Rossleigh’s Inspiring Thoughts… The One About Clickbait Will Get You Really Angry!!

Someone wrote that my previous piece was a little depressing and couldn’t I write something inspiring. My initial reaction was how could I write something inspirational while we have the world in chaos and Australia about to declare war on China after their laser attack. I mean, Mr Morrison said, “I can see it no other way than an act of intimidation, one that was unprovoked, unwarranted. Australia will never accept such acts of intimidation”, and then this morning he told 2GB listeners: “We haven’t received an explanation as yet. What we’ve called for, working through the diplomatic and defence channels, is a full investigation into this event and for them to provide answers to how this dangerous act could be undertaken.” If the Chinese are going to ignore Australia’s requests for an explanation, then surely anything less than a declaration of war seems a little weak and isn’t it meant to be the Labor Party who are weak on China?

After his attempt at welding, Mr Morrison knows how dangerous a blinding light such as a laser can be. Although I have heard reports that Morrison told his confidantes that while welding, he saw a blinding flash which he interpreted as God telling him that he was on the right path and just like Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus any blindness was only temporary but if he puts his hand on anyone’s shoulders it’s just his way of finding his way now that his eyes are filled with divine light.

Of course, his confidantes have all assured me that there was no leak and the leak that wasn’t there didn’t come from them.

But I digress. This was meant to be full of inspirational quotes to help you though this difficult time between now and Scotty from Work Experience being booted out. And I know that it’s not just his fellow MPs who are finding this a stressful time, but many Labor and Greens voters are also anxiously waiting for the next PM.

So here goes:

  1. I had a day off work recently and I went for a walk. On my walk, I looked at the trees and the flowers and all the beauty that nature has provided and I thought how little I matter in the scheme of things… Of course, I think this every day that I’m at work too.
  2. It’s twenty years since Steve Bradbury’s Gold Medal. In speed skating, as in life, there’s a lot to be said for staying on your feet and avoiding those who may bring you down.
  3. The journey of a thousand miles may not start with a single step, it may start with you sitting down in a car or train rather than being silly enough to walk when there’s plenty of better ways to get there.
  4. If you hear the words: “Fly high and remember that I’ll always be there,” be sure it’s not the ground speaking before you take off.
  5. The thing about leadership is that’s being able to move in the right direction, while keeping people close enough to you that they follow.
  6. The heading of this was pure clickbait. One of things I’ve noticed is that when I write things that are liable to get people angry such as “TONY ABBOT WAS A GREAT PM”, more people read what I’ve written than a heading such as “I HAVE THE ANSWER TO REMOVING CORRUPTION IN POLITICS”. It’s like people enjoy being outraged more than they enjoy finding out information.
  7. 145% of all statistics are published before anyone checks their accuracy.
  8. People said that nobody could be a worse PM than Tony Abbott. Then people said that Turnbull was an even bigger disappointment. Now we have Scott Morrison. At this rate, it’ll be your turn soon.
  9. Some people argue that the Internet is making the human race more easily distracted and less able to concentrate but I say it’s all a matter of willpower and sticking to any task you start until its
  10. I used to be a bit of a procrastinator but then I started carrying round a notebook a few years ago to write down any really good ideas I had. It’s now a sketchbook for my drawings. I am considering taking a class on how to draw.
  11. Jordan Peterson wrote a book called “12 Rules For Life”. How he managed to extend twelve rules into a whole book is an impressive achievement even if a large amount of it is just padding.
  12. Sometimes people accuse me of looking down on people in a superior way and mocking them and I shouldn’t pretend that I’m better than other people, but just a few moments ago I wrote something very unkind about Pauline Hanson. It was nasty and vile and I decided not to say it. That’s what makes me better than her.

That’s it. Unless I borrow a leaf from Jordan Peterson and decide to turn this into a book… although, I don’t have such insightful rules as “Always make your bed”!

Have a great day!


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  1. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh, would you be so kind as to request that your intellectually stimulating articles are free from pics of Scummo the Clown. Your common sense approach to politics is tarnished by association with the Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment when his pics are included with your fine articles.

  2. Ann Egan McGavin

    I read it all.

  3. RomeoCharlie29

    Oh I don’t know NEC, after all it is scummo looking glum under a departures sign. says it all really.

  4. leefe

    Come on, Ross. Say it. We know what it will be, more or less.
    The only good thing about Poorlean is that she makes us realise that our PM could be even worse. Did I say “good thing” … ?

  5. Jack Cade


    Please bear in mind the hours he must have taken trying to locate a photo in which the prick wasn’t smirking…

  6. wam

    your excursion into collingwood didn’t work stick with ports and truth as you see it.

  7. Jim McIntosh

    Even when he doesn’t smirk, he’s smirking.

  8. Mr Bronte ALLLAN

    Great article, as usual Rossleigh! I am always wondering why we have to see this fucking lying failed at marketing dickhead in a photo at the top of most of the AIMN articles? It is bad enough that we have to see his bloody smirking face in our daily newspapers, but I suppose they have to print them in case someone does not know what he looks like! It cannot be easy to always print an article which is full of hope & good ideas or thoughts, when talking about just how crap Australian politics is, or just how crap the liberal/country mob are! Still, we learn a lot from most of the contributors on this site, so that is a good thing!

  9. David Ayliffe

    Great article as usual. Love your quirky sense of humour. Pity you are not a tory they’d love to have you on board but when they keep making stupidity such a valuable asset there will be no shortage of sarcasm that can be hurled lovingly in their direction. Lovingly is a nice word don’t you think.
    I can’t wait for someone to produce the ultimate guide to disaster, a detailed analysis of the last few years, including Covid, those car parks and all kinds of rorts and torts of this lot. No wonder it happens under Scumo’s leadership. If you haven’t read Crikey from 2019 it’s worth revisiting. Who on earth in their right mind would give this guy the job to manage any one of those failed car parks, let alone Australia. https://www.crikey.com.au/2019/02/11/scott-morrison-career/

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