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Report Tells Us That The Sports Grants Were Not Political So Scott Morrison Is Off The Hook!

Let me see if I can explain this in ways that make the IPA happy.

  • Sometimes governments set up bodies and institutions to ensure that they make decisions based on objective criteria so that they’re not influenced by political whims and they make decisions that are fair to everyone.
  • Sometimes there is even legislation giving these bodies powers so that decisions are separated from the potential short-term considerations of politicians.
  • Such bodies are unelected.
  • It’s a democracy so politicians should have the power to over-ride unelected decision-makers.
  • When the government does just that, it would be wrong to suggest that we’re doing so for political reasons. They are obviously just changing the criteria to something that they – as our elected representatives – are happier with.
  • This new criteria is not politically motivated at all.
  • However, exactly what the criteria is remains a secret because if people start understanding the rules, then they may make applications based on the new criteria and then we’d have to hand out more money and then there’d be problems because we need to be frugal or we won’t have a surplus.
  • No, it’s got nothing to do with marginal seats and Bridget McKenzie’s colour-coded spreadsheet was just to ensure that there were an appropriate number of grants given to all electorates evenly and not just going to Liberal and National seats.
  • All the projects were eligible.
  • If you say that you think they weren’t, you’re some sort of sick pervert who wants to see girls changing in cars and behind the sheds.
  • The Auditor-General said one thing, but Scott Morrison got his mate to do another report which is confidential and says that the other report isn’t very good because the Auditor-General is one of those unelected people who can be over-ruled which is what the new report said, and no, you can’t see it because apart from the bit about it all being Bridget McKenzie’s fault it’s confidential.
  • Just to make it clear, these grants weren’t decided on political grounds. The minister looked at the applications and decided who was eligible based on the size of the font in the application and/or whether they used the word, “please”.

There I think that about sums it all up. Bridget’s gone and tomorrow there will be a new National leader.

Of course, by that, I don’t mean to suggest that Barnaby will topple Michael McWotsisname. Neither am I suggesting that there is a third contender that will do a Scott Morrison and is currently doing a ring around to say that they shouldn’t go back to Barnaby but if they stick with the current guy, they’ll be dead meat, so why not give me a go?


Perish the thought of another leadership change.

No, I just mean that another female leader in the form of the Deputy Leader of the Nationals has bitten the dust. But hey, let’s not mention the female thing here, eh? I’m sure that any male in the same position would have resigned.

And I’d just like to back up Scott Morrison and say that she has shown the highest integrity there. She’s maintained extremely high ministerial standards.

Of course, some of you are probably suggesting that standing down because you haven’t done everything perfectly isn’t really showing high standards and that you’d be better off by not breaching the standards in the first place. However, I do understand what Morrison means: Everyone is breaching the rules, but unlike the rest of his front bench she’d decided to stand down now that she’s been told to, unlike a couple of them who have simply told him to get stuffed.

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  1. Kerri

    Prepare for the return of the beetrooter!
    About 2 hours ago I predicted to hubby that I would not be surprised to see Bananaby returned and Matt Canavan as his dep.
    About 15 minutes ago ABC mentioned Canavan’s standing for Deputy.
    But, as Lucy Barbour reported, the opinion of one MP was that with the Nats, they are all likely to nominate themselves.
    Could it get any less ridiculous?
    Of course it could get more!

  2. Lurline

    You’re totally correct Rossleigh, and how could anyone ever see it any other way. But if we’re going to have two leadership ballots this week for the Greens and the Nationals, I think the other two parties might as well have one each too. Hopefully Albo will retain his leadership then, and Scotty from Marketing will be replaced by some liberal backbencher we’ve never heard of but who has a brain.

    I know, too much to hope for.

  3. leefe

    The really depressing thought is that MacKenzie has indeed maintained the ministerial standards to which we have become accustomed from this mob.

  4. Phil Pryor

    The irresponsible stupidity of the country party peanuts, posing as a national party (HAH) is repulsive, for a large pot of turds is more fragrant, more aware and intelligent, than the scraps of human imitations such as Canavan the foreign fascist, son of a crook and aiming to go bigger, plus Joyce the shit joke of the decade, a wipe of filth on the undies of Australian federal politics. When does miniscule mentality rise to such vain ambition? Where have you ever seen a fraud such as this garbage being presented as valuable, useful? Joyce has the intellect of a drunk’s erection attempting to defy gravity and seem available. What a test tube of turdery.

  5. New England Cocky

    Smirkie from Marketing has as much credibility as a a pile of fresh bovine manure.

    But take heart distressed Australian voters, Barnyard Joke the representative of the Nazianal$ in New England has been reported on ABC TV as standing for the leadership of the Nazianal$ against Mick Muck the only politician to have less charisma that Smirkie from Marketing.

    So once again, Tamworth women supporting Nazianal$ support adultery, alcoholism, bigotry, croneyism, deception and misogyny and a few other sterling traits displayed by these politicians.

  6. Pingback: Report Tells Us That The Sports Grants Were Not Political So Scott Morrison Is Off The Hook! #newsoz.org #auspol - News Oz

  7. Bronte ALLAN

    Yeah right you lying scumbag of a would be “politician”!

  8. Josephus

    The brazen affrontery of these crooks makes fools of us all. It is not right for this lot to smirk that they were elected as long as there is no proportional representation.

  9. New England Cocky

    Take heart distressed Australian voters ….. the inept politicians of the Nazianal$ Party have returned the underwhelming Mick Muck as leader in the hope that Australian voters in the future will believe (incorrectly) that having a Deputy Leader who follows the Barnyard examples of infidelity is preferable to having Barnyard regularly making a fool of himself …..

    Tamworth women supporting adultery support National$.

  10. TuffGuy

    The problem is that Bridget has not gone, has not disappeared, she is sitting on the backbench and retains the ability to zippety doo dah around the planet rorting taxpayer dollars, albeit with a fairly significant pay cut. But that does not matter too much since they charge everything to us anyway. Although she may get some level of hurt trying to pay the mortgage on that million dollar property she recently purchased.
    She will continue to sit on the backbenches for a little while, just waiting for her turn to be an immaculate conception and thus return to the cabinet just like her mates Stuart Robert and Sussan Ley (among others). I doubt we will have to wait too long.

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