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Reclaiming the Real Australia

imageAuthor’s Note:

I have a Facebook friend with whom I converse about many things from poetry to politics. Friday night he asked me if THE AIMN would publish some information about a group he was involved with. I said I would consider it after I looked at the Facebook page. I went to the Reclaim Australia and was horrified at the blatant racism of it. It is supported by the likes of Cory Bernardie, Janet Albrechtsen and Pastor Danny Nalliah.

I noted that they were having rallies this weekend all over Australia.

I got back saying that I was horrified that he could be involved with such an obvious race hate group and that I had in fact shaken the hand of Nalliah and I could feel the evil of his touch.

“NO, NO, NO, NO” he Shouted. I had got it all wrong.

His group is called Reclaim the REAL Australia.

Consequently I asked him to send some information.

Here it is.

We were horrified to become aware of a march across Australia designed to vilify Muslim Australians. We created our page to try to create a focal point to oppose and expose this hate movement.

The Reclaim the Real Australia page began as a response to the Reclaim Australia Rallies instigated by Sherman Burgess. Its aim from the beginning was to counter the claims and misinformation put forward by those who wished the support of ordinary Australians.

Their claim was based on the perceived fact that this country was being “overrun” by Muslims who wished to introduce Sharia Law and destroy our way of life.

As we looked at each of their claims, it became obvious that behind their much vaunted “love of Australia” was a wholly racist and bigoted agenda, with the open support of such self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi groups as the Australian Defence League, The Australian Patriot League and overseas groups such as Golden Dawn and The English Defence League

We started reporting on the things being said on their pages, including things like people boasting about taking loaded guns to the rallies, wanting to kill all Muslims and so on. These threats don’t tend to appear on the Reclaim pages since Facebook shut down Shermon’s first page, but the pages that hang off this movement all feature them.

We started thinking we wanted to encourage counter rallies, and while these have popped up on their own, we soon decided not to encourage them, due to the credible threat of violence.

There’s been a lot of incredible claims from the Reclaim camp, including a situation where someone provided supportive pages with evidence that Shermon had pretended to receive a letter claiming the left hates ANZACs and likes to desecrate their graves and shrines, a letter he read out to an outpouring of fury and threats. He’s been very active in trying to identify people who run pages opposing him, and has several times posted what he thought were people’s personal details, in order to get an angry mob started, and then pulled them down before Facebook can act. His followers have filed fake reports against our pages to get them pulled down. Every step of the way, they’ve sought to silence any voices speaking against them, by abusing the systems of Facebook and making direct threats of violence.

We were also surprised to see that some of our politicians seemed to support their aims. People such as. Andrew Laming, Jacqui Lambi, Cory Bernadi, George Christensen, and Bronwyn Bishop.

At some point in time each of these people made public statements against the wearing of a Burqa or halal certification.

As well, Craig Kelly used a picture of Christian Copt girls at their First Communion to Illustrate a story of child marriage which he incorrectly claimed was an Islamic practice.

Statements which unfortunately seemed to inflame people unnecessarily.

We know that Shermon has belonged to neo Nazi groups. In fact, a neo Nazi group creates his videos. He is a member of the Australia Defence League, an extremist group that has seen members sent to prison for inciting violence. He is also infamous for his band, Eureka Brigade, and their songs advocating killing refugees and so on. We are at a loss to understand why anyone thinks he’s a picture of traditional family values, in fact, he has a long history of belonging to extremist groups, Reclaim Australia is his attempt at a make over to attract popular appeal. However, his guest speakers are all extremists on the lunatic fringe, and that seems to typify his group.

Ultimately, he’s exploiting a fear and uncertainty that exists because we all know terrorism exists, and some people don’t have the experience or wisdom to place these things in a logical context, and find it easy to assume that all Muslims are out to kill them. We certainly understand their fear, and the thought processes that lead to it, but it’s a real pity that so many people have been caught up in this web of fear and lies and not stopped to think logically about the claims being made. The actual demands of the march are impossible, without overthrowing the constitution, because they require an end of freedom of religion in Australia, they essentially require Islam to be illegal.

We looked at their various posts designed to portray Muslims in a negative way, and answered with positive stories, pointing out the impossibility of instituting sharia law, as it would be against the constitution, that halal certification helped the Australian economy, and that the negative stories they were posting about Islam were either cultural – not Islamic, or had no relevance to Australia or Australian Muslims.

Finally our aim now and in the future is to show that Australia is a multcultural country and that we welcome and embrace people of all races, colours, and religions.

The marches claim to be only about extremism, but we have screenshots of Shermon abusing people for suggesting there are moderate Muslims and they share plenty of memes suggesting that the extremist carries the bomb, and the moderate lights the fuse and cheers. Shermon at one point suggested Muslims would be welcome, if they carried a sign saying they were a Muslim but they rejected the Quran. This is clearly an incredible suggestion, as is the idea that anyone would march with a group that wants to destroy their way of life, but it seems logical to them that anyone who does not accept, is a terrorist (they actually said this).

If you need any other material (like examples of the threats we’ve received, or for us to dig some things out of the page, if there’s specific things you’d like to see), just let us know. Here are a few links to specific items you may find interesting:

Shermon wants another Cronulla:

PDLA threatening to kill Muslims:

False accusations by reclaim members:

Reclaimers lying about discrimination:

A meme from the Reclaim pages claiming Muslims were not here 50 years ago:

Another rally is found to have lied about council permission:

Another reclaimer makes death threats:

A petition from Shermon from four years ago about Muslims banning Christmas:



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  1. eli nes

    Sadly these ‘reclaimers’ prey on the thick abbuttian voters who are suckers for a plausible slogan(Are there heaps of such people in Australia?) and after these rallies, will there be many more?
    The christian and muslim clergy will need to get together to counter the propaganda and labor will need to arm their BBQ-ers with counter info or sept 2013 will be repeated.
    The few laborites at the golf club are retired workers and the abbuttians are the engineers, mandarins, police, army and poms.
    All are offended by sharia law.
    None care that the burqa, niqab and the chador are not muslim religious garments but merely a male dictated garment from the Afghan/Pakistan area, Saudi Arabia and Iran. These coverings can easily be avoided by Australian women as long as such coverings stay a secular part of society but should the 60min liz types succeed in getting the garments as part of god’s law then any female child will be covered to protect men from being sexually tempted.

  2. Lyle Upson.

    i joined the FB group against the ADL, primarily to have a laugh and keep abreast of the nonsense, however…

    i was blocked from the group due to a discussion on the difference between race and religion. It seems to me that many people actually think religions are races. Ha ha ha, many punters do not like to look at any topic in depth, and are as such, willing to believe that religion is a race. In my view such deliberate muddling of the usage of terms for religion and terms for race is not going to lead to a solution on either race issues or religious issues and essentially is a pretence that has the result of supporting the bigots

  3. adam

    Its not racism. How can it be racism? Islam isnt a race. Muslims arent a race. You use that word because it sounds really bad. Islam is a political ides thinly veiled with religion. Why dont you try to find another way to describe it. Youre a blood sucking journalist, im sure you have other big words

  4. Charybds

    Lyle Upson ..
    If you think splitting hairs over the terminology is in any way a constructive addition to this whole problem you are never going to put this bigotry back in the hole it belongs in. All it serves is to obfuscate the issue, which is the demonisation of a minority for stupid, spiteful and destructive political purpose.
    If I had been the admin of that group I probably would have banned you too. .. ..
    I would have banned you for adding fuel to the fire of diversion the attempt to sidetrack the argument into grammatical pedantry is.
    The whole discussion is nothing but counter productive, and unfortunately this is very much a case where failing to be part of the solution makes you part of the problem.
    You joined to “have a laugh” .. .. By your own admission you did not intend to advance this cause, but instead intended to dabble for your own amusement.

    you forgot rule 1/. Don’t feed trolls.
    (perhaps I just forgot it too.)

  5. Lyle Upson.

    not at all, i enjoy laughing at the debates that go on. Much of it is very funny

    religion and race are so different that to confuse the two is deliberate. To suggest i am part of the problem because i raised the need for correct language is a falsity and actually quite rude. There will be no solution so long as many are willing to confuse religion and race, and so to advance the cause, when in the mood i most certainly will correct the nonsense that confuses race and religion

    on the matter of trolls, i find many also use that term incorrectly. If i wish to post a reply to a so called troll, i will

  6. Charybds

    You and I seem to disagree about the humour here.

    I also disagree that arguing semantics about race vs religion as terminology is in any way adding to the solution.
    It’s BIGOTRY plain and simple and ” a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”
    The mere act of making the segue into religion not race has the effect of tacitly allowing the excuse that the bigotry is not racism and is somehow less obnoxious as a consequence. It also takes attention from the problem which is the disgusting prejudice involved.
    .. as a result the obfuscation DOES add to the problem.

    I must concede that troll baiting is a sport I occasionally indulge in.

  7. Wayne Turner

    We certainly need to reclaim Australia.It’s just a shame the ignorant bogans claim muslims are the problem,when they are NOT.We need to reclaim Australia from the following”-

    *Rupert Murdoch – Wrecked our democracy for years.Need to stay out of our affairs,and should be banned from owning any of our MSM.

    *The rest of the MSM – Opinon based.Who got idiot boy Abbott and these lying Libs in by promoting their LIES and attacking Labor.

    *Mining magnates from Gina NoHeart to Twiggy Forrest – Pay a mining tax.

    *The IPA – With their demands for these Libs.

    *Any other bribers they pander to.

    *Abbott who has NOT proven he is NOT still a duel citizen,and these Libs for pandering to their big business bribers.While trying to screw over the rest of us.

  8. Lyle Upson.

    i enjoy the nonsense people post and do so with laughter. That is a fact, whether another poster agrees or not. I enjoy comedy and yet i joined one FB group but not the other

    on the matter of language, communication has been essential to my entire career. That began with being the (at the time) youngest member to ever have joined Auckland Toastmasters, on through a business analyst career, reaching today with communication being a central theme in the writing project of the past decade. As mentioned, race and religion are so very different that to confuse the two is deliberate subterfuge. The only common feature is that discrimination can apply to both race and religion. Beyond that common feature, between race and religion there are no further common features. Race and religion are not interchangeable and to attempt to make race and religion interchangeable causes a breakdown in communication

    on the matter of trolls, i don’t bait so called trolls. I post in response to what other punters post, if the discussion goes lame, i move along

  9. corvus boreus

    My penchant for pedantic semantics derives regular amusement from the routine inappropriate deployment of terms like “anti-semitic” to describe those who deplore and decry some Judaic attitudes and practices.

    Nor does racism (or even bigotry) need come into play in order for someone to criticise some of the beliefs or practices within Islam.

    That said, having dipped my toe in the site of “reclaim Australia”(we claim straya!), and seeing phrases like “sub-humans” bandied around, I think many within their ranks are simply zealous bigots craving confrontation and carnage, a pallid variation on those who wrap scrawled scarves around their heads then ‘righteously’ murder school-kids in the name of their dick-god.

  10. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    I sometimes wonder whether those claiming to hate others are actually suffering from either mental illness or a total lack of self-esteem.
    Everyone is different and we certainly would not choose just anyone to be a friend.
    Why cannot people accept difference and avoid conflict with those with whom they disagree?
    Are they just driven by a lust for power?
    Look back at history and the damage done to generations of people by missionaries (mostly white anglo-saxon!) who purported to believe that theirs was the only truth and the way to avoid eternal damnation.
    The colonisers – again WASPs – who brought their laws with them so that many countries in the world still regard homosexuals as an abomination because they have not caught up with scientific knowledge.
    Actually both the missionaries (or at least some of them) and most of the colonisers were only interested in power and the wealth they could wring out of a subservient people and their resources.
    I do not know what the answers are – I wish someone did – but I believe that hate is destructive and we need to do everything in our power – mainly through education – to diminish the influence of those who preach hatred.

  11. Charybds

    There seem to be some here who are still drinking the Kool Aid.

    To condemn almost 2 billion people for the extremes of their religion is pure hypocrisy.

    The double standard would be laughable if the issue were not so damaging to our society.

    Too many people are prepared to repeat nonsense about what a religion preaches without ever actually investigating what it does actually teach. I hear terms like halal bandied about (incorrectly), I hear references to the ‘burka’ (misspelled as well as wrongly applied) used to describe anything which covers the head. There are accusations of female mutilation (incorrectly) attributed to the religion (this is ethno-cultural and is denounced by the vast majority of religions, including Islam and in some places is actually more prevalent among so called Christians).

    Accusations of child marriage and murder, can be applied all over the world across multiple religions and are generally cultural rather than religious. Take a good look at Leviticus and compare Christian writings to your criticisms and then tell me it’s not a double standard you are applying.

    Whenever I see the argument “this isn’t racism” it is unlikely to be mere coincidence that the phrase appears from the same posters who a few sentences later repeat some regurgitated ignorant generalism. This makes the true intent of the pedants apparent.

    Before you display your ignorance under the guise of ‘correct communication’ you should at least make the effort to know both the facts and the historical context of your repetitions.

    Religion is the most divisive force in the world save greed. Hence my abstinence from it.
    However we are all free to believe as we will and being pricks about someone else’s religion before you even understand what it is, is just plain dumb.

    (omg I misused the word ‘dumb’ when I should have said repulsive.)

  12. Lyle Upson.

    you seem to have contradicted your horror of correct language in your example of reference to the burka not being applied correctly in discussion, nevertheless…

    separating race and religion is most certainly not ignorance and i have not in a later post gone on to made any generalisations. The issues i see with religion are science denial, sexual perversion and hatred, but you know, i cannot apply these same issues as being relevant to any discussion on race. That is because race and religion are entirely different and separate facets of humanity, one being a biological decent, the other being an indoctrinating belief system

    let us look at the use of these three issues when applied to race, hopefully you will grasp the point. A person does not develop science denial because he/she is Japanese. A person does not develop a sexual perversion due to being born Polish. A person does not develop hatred of others due to being Fijian. It would be a poor argument to suggest otherwise

    the reason these issues apply to religion, is because these three specific issues are all part of beliefs that form a person’s worldview. These three issues can of course apply if a person is Japanese, Polish or Fijian, not due to race but instead due to what that person chooses to believe. With these three issues having a belief/worldview basis due to the various major religions, then discussion on those religions will be necessary because science denial, sexual perversion and hatred are in conflict with what it is to be human. Such discussion will have nothing to do with race

  13. corvus boreus

    Interested to know who you addressed/directed your last post to/at.

  14. Lyle Upson.

    it was directed toward me

  15. Charybds

    Although you are technically correct Lyle ..

    You will notice that your pedanticism has successfully hijacked the topic (again) and we are again failing to address the problem in favour of discussing the grammar, wilfully ignoring the actual topic.

    As for the generalisations, ‘if the shoe fits ..’ you are not the only person posting here.

    I grasp your point perfectly .. you seem to be missing (or side-stepping) mine.

    (.. and yes I know it’s ‘burqa’ the misspelling was deliberate, and that hardly equates to a horror at correct language.)

    And still the issue of asshats who spread hatred is not the actual topic of your comment, in this thread, started my the good Mr Lord, about the vilification of innocents here in Australia.

  16. Charybds

    corvus boreus,

    I addressed much of that post to your comment.;-

    ” ..a pallid variation on those who wrap scrawled scarves around their heads then ‘righteously’ murder school-kids in the name of their dick-god.”

    This seems to imply that you believe this of Muslims in general (or at best you made no attempt to clarify).
    The language used “scrawled scarves” is derogatory in tone and you make no attempt to attribute the charges to any specific perpetrator.
    You seem to have expanded your derision from ADL and it’s ilk to all of Islam as well .. never the less the statement is a generalisation and actually succeeds in insulting the victims rather than the bigots.

    perhaps this was not your intent ..but it is how I read it.

    So Lyle you are off the hook on that one.

  17. corvus boreus

    OK, back to the topic of arsehats who vilify innocents,
    I note that so many of the online diatribes, and acts of violence reported, are directed at females wearing garments with islamic associations(hajibs, niqabs[less likely], and burqas[extremely unlikely]).
    I also note that the reports of militant extremists indicate that they are predominantly young males, and that one of the primary objections directed at this religion is the disempowerment/suppression of females.
    I would surmise that those who conduct attacks upon women based upon their attire are merely cowards choosing easy targets or sickos who like assaulting women.

    Ps, my ‘scrawled scarves’ was referring to those who commit murder in the name of Allah(they do exist).
    The ‘dick-god’ refers to the entire male-monotheist/Abraham derived creed.

  18. Wun Farlung

    What is our fearless PM doing while the reclaim rallies are held around Australia?
    Not calling for restraint and sensible behaviour, that’s for sure.
    More likely cackling along with the duo of witches, Bishop and Bishop

  19. Lyle Upson.

    i awoke this morning to some nonsense TV news that the church wants to dictate what people do on Good Friday

    the churches should not be making demands on the population as to what the population should or should not be doing on Good Friday, that would be an interference in the life affairs of people not known to the church

    furthermore, the churches must address the science denial, the sexual perversion and the hatred before they qualify as being worthy of listening to

  20. Charybds

    corvus boreus

    Thank you for clarifying.

    Yes the murderers do exist and generally belong to some subset of Wahhabism (the predominant form in Saudi Arabia).

    In reality Islamic countries (a good example is Turkey) generally have had more female national leaders than Christian ones. Also Catholics until relatively recently required women to cover their heads during prayer (you still see this in devoutly Catholic countries and is why nuns wear head cover).
    I think there is also room to argue that suppression of females is present in western cultures but to our (western) eyes it is less visible than the suppression we see in (generally poor and uneducated) Islamic countries.

    The majority of the women who wear coverings do so of their own volition, as a statement of their faith, (an act of courage in itself)
    I agree those who attack such women are just cowards.

  21. corvus boreus

    The social suppression of women(oddly enough) seems to escalate in societies that affix a phallus to their theories of the divine.
    I could also get into a digression upon personal volition/cultural imperatives, but that is not the topic at hand.

  22. Lyle Upson.

    in my view the topic at hand is an anti-anti-group… as mentioned, i have no reason to partake in another anti-anti-group, given my view and thoughts on the topic can easily become unwelcome … i’ll instead get my laughs when the topics come up in news articles on my newsfeed … the news media are less sensitive when it comes to posts on the FB discussions

  23. Bilal

    I make sure that articles like this get distributed to Muslim friends all over the world. The comments show how backward and ignorant the bigots are, thus illustrating that only the moronic share their nutty views, along with a few total fanatical haters. This improves the image of mainstream Australia, for it proves only the lowest common denominator is guided by the types of Bernardi and Nalliah. That is how I am reclaiming Australia from the morons and bigots.
    By the way, avoid feeding the trolls. It only encourages them.

  24. philgorman2014

    Good on yer Bilal yer bloody beaut!

    To stem the tide of lies, fear and hatred that’s flooding the world we all have to keep telling the truth. If Ignorance and Bigotry can cross all boundaries so can knowledge and our common humanity.

  25. Kaye Lee

    “Mounted police were forced to form a barrier between Reclaim Australia and Socialist Alliance protesters at opposing rallies in Melbourne.

    Tensions among crowds led to scuffles and paramedics were treating several injured people.

    Both sides were increasing in numbers on Saturday afternoon, forcing police to stand several rows deep in order to prevent further violence between the angry crowds.

    The group Reclaim Australia is holding nationwide rallies against “sharia law, halal tax and Islamisation”.

    And in Sydney, on either end of Martin Place and separated by a wall of police, anti-racist and anti-Islam protesters faced off near the scene of last year’s Lindt cafe siege.

    On the lower end were vocal supporters of Reclaim Australia.

    Many of the flag-waving crowd, numbering in the hundreds, chanted “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi” and were carrying home-made banners denouncing sharia law.”

  26. Lyle Upson.

    funny stuff … i avoided all of the protest nonsense, so no medical or police attention needed for me … reading through the various blogs on the protests i see a lot of punters doing the heightened state of anger

  27. gangey1959

    “I heard the news today. Oh Boy”
    Weren’t they prophetic words.
    150+ Uni students murdered in Kenya by militant Muslim extremists. Bastards. It was REALLY distressing television in the ever shortening amount of time events like it are given now that the footy is back on, but what I found disgusted me most was the fact that when one bunch of militant Muslim extremists murdered 200+ children who were part of a different Muslim sect 3ish? months ago, the world news commented, and then moved on.
    Is this based on the fact that this time in Kenya, the students were Christians?
    Heaven forbid that our “balanced” news services are “religionist”. Muslim extremists can kill one anothers’ kids, but they can’t kill ‘ours’.
    Stuff it. No one should be killing anyone, let alone our children.
    It’s no wonder I’ve gone from ‘kind of Christian’, to ‘agnostic’, to ‘don’t care’, to ‘nothing at all’, all the way to ‘ANTI ALL OF IT’ If I burn, at least I chose it, and for those of you who do believe in God, I still firmly believe that if she exists she is one REALLY pissed off woman.

    You know what’s really laughable. Paste this into google’s image search bar ” hate preachers australia ”

    Doesn’t make you laugh though.

    Sleep well.

  28. stephentardrew

    Abbott is getting his ready made deflection so he is not going to intervene. This diversion (though racism and intolerance is not nonsense in the broader sense) keeps our eyes off of the real game. Fervent racist and misogynists may have their day of right wing bluster however we have an entrenched government of deceitful lying conservatives ready to marginalise the poor an low income for their corporate masters. Who are the actual fascists here. While we focus upon the right wing crazies we actually miss the central infiltration by corporate fascists pleased at the deflection away from the true masters of greed and corptocaracy.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not minimising the fascist right and the need for solidarity against them what I am pointing out is the street fascists are a prefect cover for the main game played out in the political, financial and corporate arena. Conservative politicos will feign abhorrence while covertly encouraging the madies through complicity with their shot-jock mates. Meanwhile they will continue on with the IPA objectives like smiling assassins.

    Progressives need to direct their full forces against the Abbott government while countering the Pickering mob. There is always a small percentage of any society who overtly display their fascism while the devious ones infiltrate and deconstruct democracy through feigned political legitimacy.

    I know who is more dangerous and they are the ones we must defeat.

  29. Jexpat

    Charybds wrote:

    “There seem to be some here who are still drinking the Kool Aid. To condemn almost 2 billion people for the extremes of their religion is pure hypocrisy. The double standard would be laughable if the issue were not so damaging to our society.”

    Well, imagine what it would look like to people in other nations if the only thing that was ever trotted out on their media were white Australian rednecks, racists, rapists, domestic violence perpetrators, pedophile priests, dimwitted science deniers, polluters and warmongerers.

    That’s more or less the sort of view our media (excepting, to an extent, SBS) gives us of the Muslim world.

  30. silkworm

    Reclaim Australia is just a pack of dogs barking at the Liberal Party’s dog-whistling.

  31. rabiddingo

    As Wun Farlung noted, our fearless leader is strangely absent in all this…you know, the bloke who always turns up to kiss babies and wear worker’s fluoros; the bloke who will appear at weddings, parties and anything – as long as the taxpayer foots the bill? Missing in action, because the mindless flag-waving boofheads of the fascist right are his core constituents.

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  33. stephentardrew

    Join the party group B.

  34. Damo451

    The simple facts are , religion is denial of science and an extremely chilish beleif in a mythical sky fairy.
    It is designed for the gullible and weak minded.
    Islam is the most violent ( currently ) of all religions .
    Having said that , i have met a few muslim men and women , and the ones i have met have been friendly , nice people.
    One of the more ridiculous comments i have seen here is the stupid idea that race and and religion are the same , or you are splitting hairs saying they are different. What absolute rubbish !!
    In the middle east there is both the Christian religion and the Muslim religion
    Lyle Upson April 4 7.53 pm , posted a very good reply to the stupidity of calling some one against a religion , a racist.
    This idiotic and extremely violent religion has no place in Australia , i just wish the foolishness of ALL religions were banned , then us grownups could get on with having an INTELLIGENT conversation on how to solve the worlds problems through logic .

  35. David Stephens

    Noticed that Reclaim Australia banners in at least Canberra and Newcastle included motif of Digger in Lest We Forget pose. Any others seen? Use of Anzac by bogan tattooed right was a feature of Cronulla riot also

  36. Lyle Upson.

    to pretend religion is a race and by extension then accuse any challenge against the stupidity of some of the religious behaviour as racism, is merely an attempt to shut down debate by way of a discussion ending cliché

    if a person declares himself a convert from one religion to another, does that suggest the convert has also changed race? Of course not. No one can change their biological/genetic racial origin by declaration. One can change one’s nationality, as i intend to do when i apply for citizenship. One can change one’s religion, by converting from one religious belief system to another. One cannot change one’s birth parents and biological/genetic makeup by application/declaration or any other method. Race and nationality are not religions, and religion is not a race or nationality

    i note that some of the remarks directed toward me above are actually nasty, albeit easily ignored, yet included a suggestion that my contribution should result in being banned and then went further with another discussion ending cliché that i am a troll … funny stuff for sure

    what all this amounts to is that i am a racist troll who should be banned because i object to the nonsense of God demanding religious adherents become mass murderers

    … however, it can be reasonably argued that punters using such a misguided premise are attempting to create a society within which it is acceptable for religious adherents to push science denial, sexual perversion and hatred … all leading to a deliberate blindness to the horror of mass murder

  37. Shannon Giles

    The Reclaim “movement” tried to attach themselves to the Anzac legacy on several occasions.
    They received a great deal of negativity from various organisations over this and had to pull down a lot of material that they had posted.
    Organisations such as the RSL tried to distance themselves completely.

  38. corvus boreus

    The RSL does not want to be seen as collegial with people who have swastikas tatooed on their heads.

  39. Lyle Upson.

    this is the issue i have raised, the blurring of lines … the RSL are so well respected that it is sad they are being drawn into the nonsense

  40. Annie B

    To John Lord –

    A very succinct and well covered article – pertaining to this subject … I am personally glad that I now know of the FB ( and/or other site ) … called Reclaim the REAL Australia. …I have looked at it all, and they seem to be very honest and upfront in their desires for a better Australia, for Australians – without it being inflamatory or confrontational. In fact, if anyone on that page, is abusive in anyway, they are turfed out.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Much of interest on this post … from commentators. .. Somewhat of an eye opener.

    @ stephentardrew April 4th – 11:43 pm … spot on, especially …. “There is always a small percentage of any society who overtly display their fascism while the devious ones infiltrate and deconstruct democracy through feigned political legitimacy.” … well said, and totally on the mark.

    and then at 8:40 am – the link you posted, also spells it out .. says it all.

  41. Annie B

    There is a problem. It is the sheeples that follow a potentially riot / disturbance driven activity that allows them to vent their own personal uproars on the world and many rally-ists do just that . …. they join in simply because they can. …. Many wouldn’t even know what it is they are protesting about – at the time. !!

    Rallies and marches are sometimes ( perhaps more often than we care to know about ) deliberately designed to appeal to the lost or marginalised in our society. A perfect example is the alleged “Reclaim Australia” anti-Muslim movement, which is gathering momentum .. and they promise more of the same. !!

    Add to these sadly misguided individuals, the agent provocateurs ( often paid to infiltrate and cast their influence ) … who await their opportunities, then poke their ghastly noses in, causing uproar, bellowing abuse and showing anti-law, and attempting to inflict injuries ( quite deliberately ) … on everything that is law and order and peaceful protest. …. These creeps take away nothing from it, except a sick satisfaction at having been able to make into a volatile situation, an originally organised peaceful march – and they also take away, most likely, pockets full of money.

    ” Agent provocateurs ” are for sale to anybody.

    By no means am I denigrating the objectives of those who start a protest march, in honour of something they ALL deem worthy, and try to do so respectfully / peacefully.

    There are some very decent people out there, who decide on this course of action, and are honest and honorable in their efforts to help change things for the better, by peacefully displaying their displeasure at some threat to their wages, life-styles, their safety, or to a political regime and / or proposed legislation.

    We have the right to protest – peacefully.

    The current situation ( anti-Muslim ) , unfortunately, is not going to get better …. rabble will have seen the effects they have, and the opportunity they are given to raise some kind of hell – including vicious assaults and unlawful acts. Rabble who will wear swastikas painted or tattooed, who burn our flag, or wear our flag in disprespect, who attack – anybody and anything because they want to – and think they can.

    Where is the Federal Government during all this ? …. Hiding, no doubt. … the cowardly scumbags.


    This is to Lyle. The only nonsense here is your attitude. For those of us that have seen the result of this hate, such as the Balkans, can tell you these haters are really dangerous because they are ignorant. And if anyone of our politicians are on their side than we have elected ignorance in place of modernity and education. This country is now looking like the 1950s with White Australia driving policy. When the haters take the agenda we are lost. allowed they will take us back centuries. I for one want Australia to move forward. and if the Labor Party can’t be the political force to help achieve this by modernity than it ‘s up to the people to create it.

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